Kathi Stringer

Paul Appelbaum, Elyn Saks, Susan Stefan and Kathi Stringer
USC|LAW November 2010

Paul Appelbaum, Elyn Saks, Susan Stefan and Kathi Stringer

Three nationally respected authorities on mental illness - hailing from academia, advocacy and the legal arena - spoke at the inaugural symposium of USC Law’s Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics. More here or here
and 2011 symposium here.
See video of Kathi Stringer presenting at CA-NAMI's Annual State Conference Leadership Day - Click Here

News!  2013 Edition of the book "5150" just released!

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  Picture left: Kathi Stringer Presenting at SAMHSA 2009. Topic: Using Quality Improvement to Reduce Seclusion and Restraint. 

Riverside County Psych Hospital wins award! More!

Pictures! 2009 Voice Awards by SAMHSA More

Welcome! A Message from Kathi Stringer:

This website has thousands of pages full of information. I write extensively about Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychology, Patient Rights, 5150, and host work on topics as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I've researched and published articles since 1996. (Many of my articles have been republished on other websites). I believe education is key toward a win-win between professionals and clients. Combined with experience and objectivity, I've walked the walk, and talked the talk. I've been there! God, have I ever been there!  Check out the free Mental Health (BPD) Newsletter.


READ MY BOOK: New Release! Originally published in 2007. Now updated to the 2013 Expanded Edition.  The new edition has over 60 new pages.  The ending is now even better with the inclusion of the events since 5150 was first published.  Also, the price is cut from $23.95 down to $14.45 on Amazon.  The old publisher was a rip off and I am passing the savings on to you.  And this new addition is professionally edited.

5150The Book, "5150 - The One Who Flew Into The Cuckoo's Nest"  written by Kathi Stringer  Click this link for more information.

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Sam Vaknin Ph.D. writes in his review of 5150: "I finished reading the book last night at 03:12 AM. I could not let go of it. I could not close my laptop. I went out to meet some friends but hurried back. This time it's a winner: taut, tense prose; a plot as captivating as any thriller's; a real-life story that reads like a nightmare and that ends in personal redemption. Couched in a lean and muscular text, all the important themes are here: self-discovery, one against the many, iconoclastic rebel faces down the system, justice for all, mental illness as a mechanism for social coercion. What a ride! What a treat! Brilliant."

Pat Risser writes in his review of 5150: "A true story about a woman caught in a life or death struggle with a psychiatrist whose ego feels he must defeat her at all costs. The psychiatrist forgets all about healing and enters into combat with the patient -- it's his will versus hers. The battle scenes are vividly captured through Kathi's eyes as well as through the chart notes that reveal the terrifying specter of the thoughts of the staff as they try to force their will upon Kathi.

Kathi sought healing and instead found a system corrupt with ego, force, coercion and just plain insanity. Cuckoo's Nest had Nurse Ratched and 5150 has it's Dr. Mason. Both are frightening but Ratched is fiction. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the oppression of the psychiatric system and the egos that drive that oppression. Thank god Kathi survived to tell the story."

"Psych 101 -
What You Didn't Learn In Nursing School"

By Kathi Stringer

After writing the book "5150," I published "Psych 101."  This book is a compilation of all the essays I've written over the years  I was treated so badly that I wondered what nursing staff was learning in school. I read everything the local college had to offer on psychiatric nursing, and I thought, “They sure didn’t treat me this way.” I decided to dive into a higher level of learning and studied books from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and from Aaronson Publishing. This book is a compilation of my essays over the years and was created from therapeutic models that resonate with actual experience. Also, this book is useful for individuals that want to learn about developmental psychology to understand human behavior. Much of my writings were extracted from the work of Glenn O. Gabbard, Margaret Mahler and Sam Vaknin. Building a therapeutic alliance is imperative to get treatment compliance. This book looks not only at etiology and symptoms in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but also treatment modalities.

"Psych 101" is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and on your computer with iTunes for only 9.99! More

Amazon: Click here for more on Psych 101 and how to order in print

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Paul Cumming Wins NAMI 2009 Consumer of the Year Award. Read about advocate Paul Cumming here.

Kathi's Mental Health Review & Paul Cumming at SAMHSA 2009

Riverside County Regional Medical Center wins NAMI California’s 2009 Zero Tolerance of Seclusion & Restraint Award - Click on picture for more details