§ 71005 - Title 22


§ 71005 Acute Psychiatric Hospital


(a) Acute psychiatric hospital means a hospital having a duly
constituted governing body with overall administrative and
professional responsibility and an organized medical staff which
provides 24–hour inpatient care for mentally disordered, incompetent
or other patients referred to in Division 5 (commencing with section
5000) or Division 6 (commencing with section 6000) of the Welfare
and Institutions Code, including the following basic services:
medical, nursing, rehabilitative, pharmacy and dietary services.

(b) An acute psychiatric hospital shall not include separate
buildings which are used exclusively to house personnel or provide
activities not related to hospital patients.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 1250.1(e), Health and Safety Code.
Reference: Section 1250(b), Health and Safety Code.

Extracted April 2007  Source