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Aaron Fechter's

The Amazing Classic Rock-afire Explosion!

This is the show that entertained millions of families at Showbiz Pizza Place in the 80's! and is still considered the greatest animatronic rock show ever created!



  • This show was originally sold at $137,500!
  • Characters from left to right: Rolfe de Wolfe and puppet Earle Schmerle, Dook Larue (drummer), Baby Bear Choo Choo (in tree stump), Fatz (gorilla), Beach Bear (guitarist on surf board), Mitzi (cheerleader, singer), Billybob (guitarist and master of ceremonies), Looney Bird (in barrel), Antioch the spider and the spider mechanism, Traverse Rods, motors and controls for drapes (cloth curtains not included), Extensive light accessories, Applause Sign, Gas Pump, Real drum set, Back Drops and Props, Rain Curtains, Lamps, Cables, Rainbow set, Service Station sign, Sun and Moon and lots, lots more!
  • Show requires 40 feet in width if installed as shown.
  • aaron.fechter@gte.net