by Adult Children Anonymous

You Have A Right To:

Put yourself first.
Make mistakes.
Accept all your feelings as valid.
Your opinions and convictions.
Change your mind or behavior.
Protest unfair treatment.
Negotiate for change.
Express yourself.
Ask for help or emotional support.
Ignore advice.
Say "No"
Be alone, even if others prefer your company.
Not take responsibility for another's problem

It Is Not Your Responsibility To:

Give what you can't or don't wish to give.
Sacrifice your integrity to any cause or person.
Drain yourself in caring for others.
Put up with unfair treatment.
Conform to unreasonable demands.
Be perfect.
Follow the crowd.
Feel guilty for inner desires.
Bear the burden of another's misbehavior.
Meekly let life pass you by.
Be anyone but exactly who you are.