Come sit, stay awhile and read.  For here is where you will find things that our members have either written themselves from their very hearts and souls or read somewhere and the writings touched their hearts and souls. If something that you read here touches your heart and soul and you want to take a copy with you when you leave, we only ask that you give credit where credit is due.   If you have something you would like to share here with us, a poem, some words of wisdom, an inspirational story or anything that will help a survivor who may pass this way but once and be touched, please email it to Kathi

Please come again whenever you are always welcome here!

Oh and on your way out, pick up a hug or a few hugs.  There are lots of them on the table by the door and each one gives the receiver something.......some give warmth, some understanding, some empathy, some joy, some peace and some are filled with all these things.  And don't worry, the stock is kept replenished by your..........

CirclingLIGHTS Family and Friends


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