Proper Hug Etiquette & Techniques



  1. Always respect another person's space.
  2. Ask permission when you need or want to share a hug.
  3. There is a difference between a warm, friendly hug and a passionate embrace- please hug accordingly.
  4. A hug is a gentle embrace- not the Heimlich.


Some huggers pat while hugging. Others simply hold and embrace. Gently rub the back of your huggee and they'll be back for more!


A great way to start the day and whenever you need or want a hug. Warm-up your hugging muscles with a real good stretch by wrapping your arms around yourself!

Hand-Hug (aka the Reserved Hugger's Hug)

This is the most common and frequently shared hug... a simple handshake.

Side-to-side Hug (aka the Buddy Hug)

Huggers stand or sit next to one another, embracing around the waist or shoulders.

A-frame Hug

Huggers stand about a foot and a half a part, bend at the waist.... only the shoulders touch as you embrace!

Back-to-front Hug

Gently wrap your arms around huggee's waist and embrace. Always let your huggee know you are behind them.

Cheek-to-cheek Hug

This hug requires no arms. Simply face your huggee and press your cheeks together. Face the same way for the Kodak Moment Hug.

Custom-tailored Hug

To insure a high-quality hug, whenever a taller hugger hugs a smaller huggee. The taller hugger should bend at the knees to come eye level with the huggee and embrace.

Bear Hug

This is a full body hug. Hugger and huggee are toe-to-toe and belly-to-belly.