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This is an actual unaltered photo of Richard Dorsey from a video cut in Court on the right. 
Richard Dorsey Worked for Riverside County Mental Health
and Now Works in Orange County

Warning for Community and Professionals


~Richard Dorsey M.D. is a Liar~

MOTHER JONES MAGAZINE Says Richard Dorsey Solution is "Sick." (see below for magazine clip)

New letters about Dorsey added at the bottom

Richard Dorsey denied a Patient many rights without good cause.
Chief Patient's Rights' Advocate  for Riverside County, Theresa Galvez testified that the in her 22 years as an advocate she has never seen so many rights violated. Ms. Galvez is extremely talented in her profession helping individuals requiring her services. 

A Superior Court Judge said the rights were denied 'without' good cause.

When the court ordered Richard Dorsey to return illegally seized items from a patient, Richard Dorsey disobeyed a Superior Court Judge to return items.

Riverside County spent over $100,000.00 to defend Richard Dorsey

Riverside County paid to settle this out of court.

Richard Dorsey wanted the patient to sign a confidentially agreement.
[Refused to Sign]

Richard Dorsey was manipulative.

Richard Dorsey was argumentative.

Richard Dorsey is a liar.   Please beware.

~ Below added 2013 ~

Patients Rights finding on a separate matter that Dorsey denied a patients rights without good cause.  See letters here:

Note: you can read about how Richard Dorsey abused a patient in the book titled:
"5150 - One Who Flew Into The Cuckoo''s Nest"  (Amazon Reviews)

Mother Jones Magazine states Richard Dorsey solution as, "Sick." Dorsey apparently doesn't want his patients to know the full impact drugs will have on his patients because they might not take them.  Click on news to the left to enlarge.

LETTERS ABOUT Richard Dorsey

I have saved letters from people that found this site. At the end of 2010, I decided to start publishing letters that are sent to me about him. I withheld some information that is sensitive to the client or writer:

2004 Letter
Hello, I Just saw him on Saturday. I knew he had some problems, so I am very happy that I found your website, before I continued to get treatment from him. He is now practicing in Newport Beach.

If you have information or comments about Richard Dorsey that you would like to share, I'd be happy to read them.  Contact Kathi

2006 Letter
Dear Kathi, I found your website and unfortunately live in community where Dorsey is now president of the association. Our experience as a community mirrors your website. He is a manipulative liar and has divided the community in ways I never thought possible. Lawsuits are being threatened from all corners of the community because of his behavior. Please email me or give me a call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. I'd like to more fully understand your website. Thank you, [name withheld]

2008 Letter
Hello, I am an attorney at the Public Defender's office in [location withheld] One of my clients is [location withheld] is a "patient" of Dr. Richard Dorsey by way of "telepsychiatry." My client has recent [dx conflict withheld to protect the client identity]. Anyway, I am curious as to what you might tell me about this doctor that could be of interest/assistance in handling my client's case. Sincerely, [name withheld]

If you have information or comments about Richard Dorsey that you would like to share, I'd be happy to read them.  Contact Kathi

2008 Letter

Hello, My friend let me read this on her computer and I couldn't believe it. I'm just worried now because he JUST became my Doctor. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, [name withheld]

2009 Letter
Your blog, Kathi, mentions Richard Dorsey. Is this Richard Dorsey a psychiatrist or psychologist who practices in Santa Ana, CA? If, so, please let me know because I am worried about some of the same treatment described in your blog. [name withheld]

2011 Letter
[Note, my view of Richard Dorsey is person that does not care about the client, more to the point, he cares about "winning," even as a hired gun, as the next letter exemplifies.]

Dear Kathi, I want to remain anonymous, but I read your site this morning, and thank God. I wanted you to know, if you didn't know already, that Dr. Richard Dorsey not only works in Orange County, but also is a contractor (QTC) for the Veterans Administration. His Nazi-Like-mental interrogations are ruining the lives of our Service Members coming home from Iraq & Afghanistan. You see, when a Veteran files a claim for PTSD they;
West Los Angeles Veterans Administration
Regional Office, Fifth Floor

knowingly send them to see Dr. Dorsey, because by doing so Dr. Dorsey has his way to ruin their claims in the interest of his twisted mind, and for his friends over at the VA's Regional Office!? Who hired him!? That's INSANE!? The VA's letting this MADMAN take advantage of these Veterans coming home from Combat!!? That's like trusting a Psycho to watch over your Kids!! They like doing this to our Brave Men, and Women to cut costs, and to deny these Veterans Claims. It really makes you wonder who's rubbing who's backs over in that office!!? I know this, because he/they did this to one of my friends girls!!? & God only knows who else!!?
Follow-up: Dear Kathi, Thank you for your reply. Yes go ahead, and post it. This person is very dangerous, and the public should know it. God Bless you, and have a great holiday. Sincerely, [name withheld]

7/16/2012 Letter  (added 2013)
I read some of the blogs online about this Dr and I have a few things I would like to add.

This Dr Richard Dorsey that I see is in Laguna Hills Ca, he has a brother John Dorsey that my attorney chose from a list of W/C approved Doctors.

I was referred to Dr Richard Dorsey, by his brother John. I was told by Dr Richard Dorsey to dump a doctor that I have been seeing for years prior to my work injury. He said, that he could get the W/C insurance company to pay for my mental health medicine. I was taken back a bit, because I am not perusing a legal action regarding my work injury as psychological. He says pain is caused by depression, but never once in all the years have I discussed chronic pain with my psychiatrist because before my work injury, I was never in chronic pain. Furthermore, he said " He could also get my diabetes medicine and BP meds paid for by W/C, I asked really, he said "why do you think my waiting room is full out there". I decided against his leading me to peruse depression issues with the insurance company, and kindly said I would stay with my own Psych, he said "the insurance company could subpoena my records, to prove my injury is depression related, I said I don't care, there is nothing there to show any insurance company that my back hurts from depression. He actually seemed frustrated with me at that point. I am appalled by the fact that this 3 ring circus of Doctors exists and want to protect others that may fall into their clutch's. I am motivated to filing a formal complaint against him, and his brother John Dorsey. John suffered a stroke, I cannot understand a word he says, and he does not take notes while I express my concerns during visits, he refers to other Doctors notes instead of doing his own tests. I am falling through the cracks, and I am going to stop seeing them. I see that they are W/C money hounds, and the good people of California that are injured, or Vets, don't need LIARS!!!

Thank you,

A concerned citizen.

Update 2013  Appears to be Dorsey's work address
Newport Beach Wellbeing Institute
400 Newport Center Drive - Suite 706 - Newport Beach, CA 92660-7661

Sorry to a different guy who's name is the same as Richard Dorsey:

Hi Kathi. My name is Richard Dorsey...but I'm not the lying Dr. in Riverside county. Every time someone Google's my name, though, they get, "Richard Dorsey is a Liar." There are very few Richard Dorsey's out there, and I was wondering if you could do me the favor of putting this web page to bed. I have applied for several jobs in which the HR managers have asked me if I was related to, or knew, the "lying Dr. Dorsey." It paints a very unflattering picture of a part of who I am. It's not like I'm a "John Smith." I know you don't have to help me, but it would be nice if you could do me the favor of pulling the "lying Dr. with a finger up his nose" web-page from your site.--------Thanks, Richard


If you have information or comments about Richard Dorsey that you would like to share, I'd be happy to read them.  Contact Kathi


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