Security Blankets for Adults

March 25, 2002

Source: Kyodo News

In the rest of the world, security blankets are the sole preserve of children. But in Japan, it has long been acceptable for adults to have them too.

For many Japanese people, everyday items from teacups to computer screen-savers, adorned with popular Japanese cartoon characters, such as Pokemon bath mats or Hello Kitty cell phones, have become similar to security blankets.

A psychologist, Miss Kayama, suggests that people in Japan have become tired of verbal communication and are seeking comfort in a fantasy world of silent articles. The ordinary Japanese are increasingly tolerant of adults slipping into regression, because of the stress that they are under.

More and more people in Japan are apparently becoming less and less sure of themselves. They are increasingly afraid of one-to-one communication, despite the widespread use of communication tools such as cell phones.

The majority of those in trouble said they sought solace in some kind of item or product. The more stressed out they were, the more strongly they are attached to their "security blankets."