Forgotten Child

<written by Trish Warren on March 28, 2001>

How lonely your child years are.. 
Wondering with big eyes why no one loves you,
Hoping and yearning for some one 
Who will reach out and call you their own.
Who will care if you smile or cry,
Who will stay with you in your fears
and hold your handů 

How brave you stand in your pretend
Forgotten child.. 

Where is the magic of a seeing eye
That notices you standing on your own
So alone.. 
They stare and look right through you 
Maybe you aren't there? 
You know that if you were,
Someone would surely see you.

Ah forgotten child.. 
Life leaves you to brave the harsh winds
All alone.. to meet the challenges of life.
Crippled without the substance of being. 
Or faith in sense of visible self, 
Can you hope to win
Against such odds?
And find any happiness?

Forgotten child..

I see you.. in the depths of my aloneness 
Through the misery of tears
And know how you feel.. 
For I was forgotten too ,
And I still hide in the shadows of those 
Who are Rememberedů 
While I am Forgotten..

The forgotten children 

Who aren't granted a place in childhood.
Who need a stout heart and strong will 
to survive ..
Lost as they are in the dark phantomed places.. 
of the forgotten.

Kathi -->  That was a poem Trish wrote for my birthday.  Very deep...and sad the child was forgotten, don't you think?  Try and give your inner child a hug right now :-)  
Let's try another pathway  ^_^