My Mom!

Photo taken while 2 months pregnant with Kathi

Dots mom, Margaret Mary Minnich born 1904 came over to America in 1909 from Hungary and was naturalized as a US citizen in 1923. Dot was born in 1931 in Hamalton Ohio and lived with three brothers and two sisters. 

Dot is a deep thinker searching for truth about self. Expressing thoughts, she would write papers and poetry. Some of them are quite sad as she is able to convey the human element. One poem, The Lonely Lion won notoriety and was asked to be published. She remembers it....

My name is Lonely Lion,
I live here in the zoo by the bay,
       brought here by great white hunters
       who captured me one day...
I was the king of the jungle,
to all my friends around,
leader of all the animals,
that in a jungle's found'
Now people come to gaze at me,
Caged securely in my den,
as I pace back and forth,
wanting my freedom again.
Here, I am just a lonely lion, 
who lives from day to day,
a very lonely, lonely lion,
who came to the zoo to stay.

Dot childhood's dream was to grow up wealthy and help the poor and needy, making sure they have enough food and a warm safe place to live.

When asked about her most gratifying experience she said, "Accepting Jesus Christ in my heart and baptized on April 12, 1972."

Dot married at the tender age 17 1/2 years and had a baby girl. The marriage lasted 3 1/2 years and broke off because of problems. She remarried at twenty-two and was pregnant with me (Kathi) at 24. Soon after Dot brought my two brothers and a sister into the world. It wasnt easy for her trying to parent her babies with so much violence in the household. With the threat on her life, Dot escaped the marriage and remarried. Later Dot had two baby girls and was able to raise them in a safe, loving environment.

This reporter (me, <smile>) asked her to describe her children and she responded, "They are all great kids!"

Cheri.....bright, caring, sensitive, lot of feeling, lot of personality, got a lot of wisdom for her years, likes truthfulness and glad she is my daughter.

Kathi....<smile> judge me for yourself by my site!

Jim.....lovable, doesnt place labels on others, good kid, doesnt talk anyone down, artistic, beautiful spiritual man, patience of a saint and looks for the good in everyone.

Judy.....lot of fun, talented, very pretty, tenderness, sensitive and puts up with no nonsense. loving person, handsome, caring, loving and family means a lot to him. I am very proud of him.

Angel.....very caring, sensitive, tells it like it is, loving, pretty, very good mother, lot of patience, sweetness, care about people, no phoniness about her and she is one of my kids, what can I say?

Lindi.....funny person comes out, caring, loving, patient, sensitive, good mommy, easy to love, good teacher and a sweet spirit.

As you can see, my mom is a remarkable lady! I love her dearly. She accepts me for who I am and with an unconditional love that only a mother could have.  I love my mom!

Dot's parting words....

I am a baby elephant

and Jumbo is my name,

my mommy thinks I'm pretty cute,

my daddy thinks the same.

I love to walk in the sunshine,

I love to walk in the shade,

But the thing I love most of all,

Is to walk in the BIG parade!!!!


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