They say that the greatest love of all is when a person will lay down his life for another. Sometimes the choice is not that simple...this is about two attempting to save his brothers life but his older brother must make even a harder I write....

"The American Ten" 

Written by Kathi Stringer

There was this certain foreign hill,
    Where gunshots echoed,
        Casting their bullets through the bloody fields.

It wasn't long before a cease fire occurred.
    Then from the smoke appeared the men,
And if you counted them,
    They were the "American Ten"

They were now the prisoners of the enemy,
    And what they knew,
        Could save or destroy the lives of many.

Silence fell upon them after they all agreed,
    Not a word shall pass through their lips,
        Even if they should die before they were freed.

Now the enemy took them one by one,
    Racking their bodies with torture,
        Leaving them half dead before they were done.

The "American Ten" said not a word.
    But enemy had not yet finished,
        The worst was still to be heard.

Dawn, the next morning,
    The enemy raided the cell.
And grabbed the commanding officer,
    Screaming that he would be killed.

Then left them all to decide the fate,
    When one spoke up, "It's not too late."
"Sir, I can not let them kill you too,
    I could not stand the thought of losing you."

As the tears parted from his eyes,
    The commanding officer struck him,
        And took his life.

Suddenly, from no where, American forces rushed in,
    The threat of the enemy was now away from them.

But the screams of the commanding officer,
    Can still be heard,
The were not aware,
    But soon they learned,
The man that died and breathed no more,
    Was his little brother,
That loved him more.

So the tale of the "American Ten",
    Saved many lives,
        But one was lost in the end.