Here is a tune that I set the words of Bram's lal-la-bye.  I hope you like it. It was for a very 'lil person.  Some of my friends have used it for their children too.  Enjoy!

"Angel Baby"

Written by Kathi Stringer

Close your eyes and go to sleep,
    you are tucked in so warmly.
And in your arms, a teddy bear,
    who will keep you safe when I'm not there.

The silver moon and twinkling stars,
    don't be afraid, I won't be far.
And if you see the monster creep,
    I'll hold you till you are fast asleep.

Special and different from the rest,
    lies my little one in the nest.
Outward reach, sometimes stumble and fall,
    see, you are my baby, my doll.

Hold on there, please don't cry.
    yes I love you, you are mine.
Now there's the smile I want to see.
    that's my precious little baby.

Night lights shine, the door is cracked.
    should you cry, I'll be back.
Fast asleep and magic dreams,
    I love you, good night.