"A Girl's Night Out" 

Written by Kathi Stringer

To move about and glide freely on the floor,
    It won't be long and I'll be out the door.

Picking out my clothes, oh what will I wear,
    cause god only knows every boy I know will be there.
Oh no, I almost forgot -- my hair!

Here we are, I just can't wait to get in
    Cause tonight I'll have so much fun,
You'll have to notify my next of kin.

Hi jerry! Hi randy! Hi Michael! Hi Sam!
    I'm sorry you'll have to wait your turn,
For right now I'm dancing with Dan.

Hey, you didn't warn me --
    Now I've got to hang on tight.
He's got me over his head
    So be careful, cause I just might bite.

The music is great, what a fantastic band,
    And through the night the boys could not keep their eyes
Off my incredible Hawaiian sun tan.
    But of course that was my plan!

I'm really sorry girls, if my skirts are too high.
    How was I supposed to know it would cause trouble
Between you and the guys?

Certainly, I'll have one
    Thank you for buying that for me.
But I must be careful. who knows? I might get tipsy.

Slow down. I thought I could fly,
    Must be all these drinks, my! my!

What the heck, its not every night a girl
    Can have this much fun.
Which reminds me; I have to go over to lance,
    He's got such cute buns.

Sure mike, I'll be glad to dance again.
    But that was a mistake because after ten songs,
I had to explain we still were only friends.
    Oh god, these men.

Now Dane is a different sort than the rest.
    He's got so many moves, everyone says that he's the best.
Well, I must admit there are a few I haven't tried before.
    But Dane knows how to please a girl,
and for that I'll give him a perfect score.
    Oh, by the way, this last paragraph you read,
I wasn't talking about dancing but something else instead!

The night's nearly over, I have to get home to bed,
    Oh my gosh! in the morning when I wake up,
I'll probably wish I were dead!

Whirling, twirling, forever in a spin,
    I wish I could do it all over again!