"Treasured Letters"

Written by Kathi Stringer

Today is such a peaceful day,
    I thought, as I went for an afternoon drive.
When I passed an old country cemetery,
    which brought something else to mind.

The letter, it was all that was left for me long ago,
    his special gift so I am told.

I have only ink and paper,
    it's all that remains.
You left before I met you,
    but I love you just the same.

I have read you letter, time and again,
    the only words left for me.
Giving me guidance and love,
    telling me that you are my friend.

My steps in trails behind me,
    still, different directions that I may go,
Yet, the one that I choose,
    will make you proud, my greatest hope.

So the things that I do,
    must be from the heart.
Because if it were for another reason,
    it would be a lie from the start.

Sometimes people can be like the shearing wind,
    dark, cold and harsh.
        Numbing my soul end the end.

I know your sprit is with me always,
    this I understand.
But there are times when I stumble and fall,
    that I desperately need the touch of your hand.

All my triumphs and failures,
    the feelings, the emotions,
        are connected to my inner soul,
It reflects in part the love of your letter
    known to almost all, the Holy Bible