In life, there are all kinds of walls. Sometimes when the wall comes down, it has taken so long to do so, that whatever was on the other side of it is gone. Walls can separate friends and family. Walls can keep us from feeling love and tenderness. Walls can keep us from living life to the fullest.

My wall has kept me from my child alter, but I hope I can find her when her world is safe. This poem is about that loss, but like I said, walls can apply to everything. I do hope that you like the message.

Lost Friend

Written by Kathi Stringer

There they are together,
    their laughter, their clatter.
Enjoying each others spirit,
    nothing seem to matter.
Life for them is at the moment.

Then suddenly the earth shook.
    clouds gathering out of nowhere
        moved violently across the darkening sky;
and from the ground between them,
    sprang a wall towering beyond their sight.

Then soon as it had started, it had stopped,
    but the enormous object remained.

Now their voices cried out for one another,
    but the other could not hear.
The thing now between them 
    brought them many tears.
They each thought to do something,
    to fix this terrible day,
        so they went about trying in different ways.

They could not our run the wall,
    nor could they climb it.
And after many, many, many days,
    their sprit started wither.

Although the sun still shined
    around each of them.
And birds sang perched
    upon their limbs.
Neither of them seemed to notice,
    because that terrible thing had a part of them.

Now day by day, one by one,
    from out there, new ones came.
To live on either side of the wall,
    never fearing it could fall.

Somewhere a mist, the many new ones,
    each of them now lived.
And time went on forever, 
    almost to the end.

Then one early morning day.
    The new ones awoke and so did each of them,
        to find the wall gone,
            as if it had never been.

Each side had not known of the other,
    except for the certain two.
And in moments the new ones,
    were all together now,
        and lost among them - apart - the two.