Written by Kathi Stringer

In a forgotten kingdom,    
    A king has his queen.
But her heart belong to another,
    From childhood dreams.

It was not her choice to merry,
    But tradition has it's way.
An angry man with power
    Ordered the death of her love that day.

Instructions from secret chambers,
    Her aids freed him from chains.
And replaced him with another,
    One to die in his place.

Walking to death without a struggle,
    Threats, their must have been.
Dressed in robes and hood,
    Another one to die that way again.

The head upon the block,
    The blade ready to fall.
Silence among the people,
    A last tear drop, that was all.

So the queen had succeed,
    Her love had been saved.
It was her tears that had fallen,
    She had walked in his place.

Many years thereafter,
    Her love a dying man.
Darkness came about him,
    He spoke these words again.

Honey, I'll think of you forever,
    Until my dying day,
You took my heart with you,
    When you walked in my place.