Reactive Attachment Disorder

Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children 
by Daniel A. Hughes

Reader comment: -- "Wow! A GREAT book that is an easy, engaging read yet is informative and realistic about how totally messed up kids can be when they get into the foster care system. I know several Katies and, believe me, there is no exaggeration in the behaviors Hughes describes. I've recommended Building the Bonds of Attachment to many people around my office and have handed it to foster parents when i talk to them about working with some of our attachment disordered kiddos. It has opened many eyes to what these kids go through and why they act in the bizarre ways they sometimes do. The skills of the foster parents and therapist described here are unfortunately not the norm--but there are lots of us out here who are learning all that we can and doing all that we can to provide appropriate treatment to these tortured souls. This book was educational, an encouragement, and a source of inspiration to me."

Help for the Hopeless Child: A Guide for Families 
by Ronald S. Federici, et al 

Reader comment: -- "The Most Straightforward and Helpful Book We've Read! Being the parent of two very difficult children from Eastern Europe, we went around and around before we found this book. We also spent a lot of time in denial of the seriousness of the problems and hoped that everything would get better on its own. We spent countless dollars on non-productive therapies and listen to so many people with their contrary opinions that we were totally confused. The professionals we saw never offered solid solutions, just a lot of "wait and see" or "it will be OK soon". Dr. Federici's book was the best we have read. We finally felt that someone understood the serious nature of the problems we were having and provided hope and compassion in his very tough (but helpful) treatment model. We recommend this book HIGHLY for any family having a tough time, especially with an internationally-adopted child. We hope he writes more detailed books in the future."

Attachment, Trauma, and Healing: Understanding and Treating Attachment Disorder in Children and Families
by Terry M. Levy, Michael Orlans, Kathryn Brohl

Reader comment: -- "This book will save you time, money, and headaches! I learned more from this book about Attachment disorder than from all the therapists my adopted children have seen combined! This book is a must for parents who have adopted children, foster children, or for those even thinking about it! It is a wealth of information on understanding what happens when the parent-child bond is interupted or not fostered, and the many ill effects of this, from ADD to oppositional defiance disorder. I finally understand why my children are the way they are and why conventional therapies have not and will not work!

When Love is Not Enough : A Guide to Parenting Children with RAD - Reactive Attachment Disorder
by Nancy L. Thomas

Reader comment: -- Jorge L. Figueroa, Ph.D. This book is an excellent resource for anyone dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorders. As a psychologist, parent and foster parent, I found this book to be the most practical and helpful resource available. The author has an obvious wealth of experience and direct knowledge which seperates this book from the many "theroretical" books available. She has walked the walk as well as talking the talk, and her love of children is obvious as you read her book. This is a life saving book for children with emotional problems and their parents. If you have to have just one book on the subject of parenting RAD kids - this is the one. If you want a good overview of RAD and what it really means - this book is for you; and if you are struggling with how to parent a child with emotional problems and are looking for help - this book is for you. I heartily recommend this book for parent and professional alike.