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What's Wrong with the Rorschach? Science Confronts the Controversial Inkblot Test
Book Description
"In this brilliant, powerful book, four experts on clinical assessment expose the fatal flaws of the famous inkblot test. Casting their penetrating critique in gripping narrative form, Wood, Nezworski, Lilienfeld, and Garb have composed a requiem for the Rorschach that will fascinate anyone interested in how clinical psychology is now transcending its prescientific past."
Richard J. McNally, Ph.D., professor, Harvard University, and author of Remembering Trauma

"By demolishing the misconceptions and exposing the weaknesses of the Rorschach as it is currently used today, the authors have paved the way for this infamous psychological phoenix to rise again from the ashes."
Edwin E. Wagner, Ph.D., psychologist and author, The Hand Test and The Logical Rorschach

"A much-needed rigorous analysis of the Rorschach, a must-read for anyone who cares about validity issues in clinical assessment."
Gerald C. Davison, Ph.D., professor and chair, Department of Psychology, University of Southern California

"A thorough, scholarly, and devastating critique of the Rorschach inkblot test. Attorneys will no doubt find the book invaluable as an aid to prepare for cross-examination of psychologists who use the Rorschach in their work."
Solomon M. Fulero, Ph.D., J.D., psychologist and attorney, professor of psychology, Sinclair College, Dayton, Ohio


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