The Rotter 
Incomplete Sentence Test


The Rotter Incomplete Sentence Test

The Rotter Incomplete Sentence test is a projective test where you are given a series of incomplete sentences that you are supposed to finish.

By grouping and evaluating the responses an evaluator can make some judgments about your psychological state of mind. This test, originally developed in 1950, is widely used in a variety of evaluations. There are many variations on this kind of test, with some tests specifically geared toward testing sex offenders and other behaviorally dysfunctional persons.

The Rotter Incomplete Sentence test typically has 40 questions that you are required to complete. The first 25 questions of the standard Rotter test are shown below, with some sample responses following the sentence "stems".

Keep in mind that the sample responses shown are just examples, no claim is made that these are the "best possible" (read: "healthy") responses. The responses shown were not scored, so their ranking and acceptability are unknown. Nonetheless, they should be able to serve as an example of the kind of responses that could reasonably be expected.

Generally, you want to give neutral or slightly positive completion sentences, but not overly positive or optimistic responses and certainly no clearly "negative" responses, either.

It is considered acceptable to allude to current stresses in your life, but not to the point of excluding positive responses to all of the sentences.


Example....To get custody of your children

Sentence Completion Stems:

1. I feel . . .hopeful about most things.
2. I regret . . .not being able to communicate with my ex-wife
3. Other people . . .are usually fair and honest.
4. I am best when . . .I'm at home with my family.
5. What bothers me is . . .the thought of losing contact with my children.
6. The happiest time . . .is when I'm spending time with my children.
7. I am afraid of . . .being separated from my children.
8. My father . . .is (or was) someone I can always talk to about things.
9. I dislike to . . .argue with my wife.
10. I failed . . .to understand my wife's needs.
11. At home . . .is one of the places I like best.
12. Boys . . .can be a challenge to keep up with!
13. My mother . . .always took care of her family.
14. I suffer . . .from trying too hard sometimes.
15. The future . . .seems uncertain right now.
16. Other kids . . .were my best friends when I was young.
17. My nerves are . . .somewhat unsettled lately.
18. Girls . . .were a mystery to me in High School.
19. My greatest worry is . . .not being able to see my kids.
20. School . . .was mostly fun for me.
21. I need . . .to see my children grow and succeed in life.
22. What pains me is . . .the failure of my marriage.
23. I hate . . .having this all conflict with my ex-wife.
24. I wish . . .that things had worked out in my marriage.
25. Whenever I have to study, I . . .like to find a quiet place.

Hopefully, you get the idea. Keep your responses "'middle of the road", don't express any intense hate or dislike.


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