Sailor Moon In Love (Anime Compilation) [IMPORT] [SOUNDTRACK]

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Audio CD (January 9, 1998)

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Track Listings

1. Sailor Moon (The Original
2. Wonderland Of Dreams
3. Look At The Stars
4. Asleep
5. Every Second Counts
6. I'd Do Anything
7. Back To Where We Started
8. Wonderful Tonight
9. What Is Love (Radio Versi
10. Horizont (Space Ballad Mi
11. Gib Mir Noch Zeit
12. You're The One I Love
13. Ohne Dich (Radio Mix)
14. Romeo & Juliet (Original
15. Love Is Forever (Radio Ed
16. Mirror Mirror (Radio Edit
17. Tamagotchi (Video/Radio V
18. Sailor Moon (Deutscher So
19. Sailor Moon (Deutsches Pl


5 out of 5 stars Sailor Moon rates fantastic!
Reviewer: Serena Bell from Wisconsin      December 5, 1999

I have 2 of those cds and their great! Lunarocks is a great cd to dance to. The Sailor Moon the series is sad and wonderful! I'm hopeing to get the Sailor Moon in Love soon! Ja-Nee! Contact me if you want at Thankx!

5 out of 5 stars This soundtrack is great.
Reviewer: Kim My Che from Westminster,California      October 31, 1999

The favorite and lovely song I will take it as a 5 stars because the sweet song I hear were: The Starry night, The rainy days, And a whole lot more that you guys might like.I vote as 5 stars it has more music and great to hear it in the car if you have cd player in it. This will make you dance sing and have fun with it. Buy other like Pokemon the 2BA-Master it has great songs. If you hear that this will be 2nd place and the Pokemon will be 1st place because it is famous and popular to it.

5 out of 5 stars Wicked Cool
Reviewer: from USA      September 18, 1999

I had just bought this cd and it is sooo wicked cool. I don't have a favoret song because they are all my favoret. I think that this cd is a gatta get for any sailor moon fan.

4 out of 5 stars This cd had really cool songs.
Reviewer: from USA      August 3, 1999

My favorite song is Tamagotchi. Some of the songs were a little weird but this cd was still really cool.