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Los Angeles, CA, May 3, 1999 -- Mixx Entertainment, Inc. unveiled the first in its series of Sailor Moon novels this weekend at the Book Expo America (BEA). Sailor Moon the Novel 1: A Scout is Born is the first of its kind in the Sailor Moon universe. Inspired by the success of the Babysitter's Club novels, the SM novel is the first Sailor Moon book to tell the story in an intriguing story format and not in comic, animation, or audio form.

Each novel is based on the original stories by creator Naoko Takouchi. In this first exciting novel, we are introduced to Serena, an immature 14 year-old who hates school and loves sleeping, boys, and video games. Serena's simplistic life is about to change when she learns that she has a duty to fight evil as Champion of Justice, Sailor Moon-now that's going to cut into her mall time! Read along as the Sailor Moon adventure unfolds on each exciting page. Wizard Magazine has already chosen Sailor Moon the Novel 1: A Scout is Born one of it's "Manga Picks." Find out why as the novel hits your local bookstores and comic book outlets now.

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Mixx Entertainment, Inc. is an Internet and digital media company that is on the forefront of the latest technology in digital and print entertainment. With successful ventures in e-commerce and publishing, Mixx is paving the way for digital pop culture in an increasingly smaller world. Mixx's Tokyo Pop™ e-commerce site is a digital playground filled with the latest imported comics (manga), cartoons (anime), music, and technology from Japan. Mixx also holds the exclusive English license to some of Japan's hottest entertainment properties including the worldwide phenomenon, Sailor Moon. Mixx has merged the success of their Tokyo Pop™ website (www.tokyopop.com) into the pages of its trend setting Tokyo Pop™ magazine (formerly MixxZine®) and is creating a similar venture for its cyber-girl teen magazine SMILE™ with SMILEgear (www.smilegear.com), creating a dynamic synergy between print and digital entertainment.