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Los Angeles, July 28, 1999 -- In publication for less than a year, Mixx Entertainment’s monthly Sailor Moon comic books have become hot backlisted titles in comic stores and are heavily traded on the web. According to the September 1999’s issue of Wizard magazine (the authority publication on comic books and collectors), Sailor Moon #1 is the second hottest selling backlisted comic book among comic book venders. In fact, Mixx’s commemorative San Diego Comic-Con edition of Sailor Moon #1 has increased in value from its $2.99 cover price to over $30 in under
a year.

The growing popularity and value of Sailor Moon comics are not just limited to back issues. Current editions of Sailor Moon comics are being sold on eBay for 3 times their cover price. The success of the comic has spawned two equally successful graphic novel series —Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon SuperS. Both series have been among Diamond Comics’ top 3 highest selling graphic novels for the past 3 months and are in Amazon’s top 5 percentile of sales.

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Mixx Entertainment, Inc. is an Internet and digital media company that is on the forefront of the latest technology in digital and print entertainment. With successful ventures in e-commerce and publishing, Mixx is paving the way for digital pop culture in an increasingly smaller world. Mixx's Tokyo Pop™ e-commerce site is a digital playground filled with the latest imported comics (manga), cartoons (anime), music, and technology from Japan. Mixx also holds the exclusive English license to some of Japan's hottest entertainment properties including the worldwide phenomenon, Sailor Moon. Mixx has merged the success of their Tokyo Pop™ website (www.tokyopop.com) into the pages of its trend setting Tokyo Pop™ magazine (formerly MixxZine®) and is creating a similar venture for its cyber-girl teen magazine SMILE™ with SMILEgear (www.smilegear.com), creating a dynamic synergy between print and digital entertainment.