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September 30,1998

Press release regarding MixxZine® and Smile™ addressed to MixxZine subscribers.

Hey Mixxers!

Welcome to the brand new MixxZine® and our new look.

There are many new changes in our magazine-changes we've implemented so we can grow into a sophisticated magazine offering a wide range of exciting content. In the process, we've made some adjustments that may take some time to get used to, however these adjustments will allow us to try new experiments and keep bringing top entertainment value for the lowest possible price. Here, we'd like to go over a few of the changes:

(1) Many of you have already probably noticed that Sailor Moon isn't in this issue of MixxZine®. Why? So that we can bring in a bit more edgy stories without compromising the direction of the magazine. For instance, you'll see MixxZine® take steps towards publishing editorial content and stories that are more for Mixxers in high-school, college or older. Since Sailor Moon is a younger story, we felt it prevented us from truly moving in this direction aggressively.

So, what will happen to Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon will begin serialization in our new magazine, Smile™, which will go on sale in October. The Sailor Moon storyline will be beginning at Sailor Moon SuperS, part of the Sailor Moon saga which has never appeared in North America to date. Smile™ Magazine is the first magazine for the Next-Gen Girl, focusing on the Internet, video games, technology, street fashion, and of course, girls' comics, starting with Sailor Moon SuperS. We think it's time that young girls today have a magazine that treats them with respect and addresses a range of issues that girls today care about-not just pimples and boys.

The continuation of the Sailor Moon story that has been published in MixxZine® until now is available as both a comic, published monthly starting next month, and as part of the Pocket Mixx (previously Pocket Manga) series of books. The Pocket Mixx collection of Sailor Moon stories will include the entire Sailor Moon series as it was originally published in Japan. If you want to collect the entire series, your best bet is to pick up the Pocket Mixx books. If you can't wait, take a trip over to your local comic book store and satisfy yourself with one of the monthly comics (average 48 pages, $2.95). Best of all, we begged and pleaded our accountants to let us lower the price of our Pocket Mixx books; the second Sailor Moon book will retail at $9.95, instead of the original $11.95 price of the first book.

After all these changes, everyone is bound to be a bit confused-it is quite a whirlwind. Even here at Mixx we've been running around to stay caught up on everything! However, the exciting content to offer everyone is flowing like Niagara Falls, and we want to make sure we can build the pipelines to deliver it fresh to all you Mixxers.

For those of you who subscribed to MixxZine® only to read Sailor Moon, you have a few options which we are providing to you (of course, we hope everyone is as excited with the new direction as we are and decides to continue subscribing to our ever-growing magazine). First, you are free to switch your subscription from MixxZine® to Smile™ for free. Your subscription will simply continue starting with the next issue of Smile™. Second, if you are a MixxZine® subscriber, you can keep subscribing to MixxZine® and add a subscription to Smile™ for only $9.95 extra. This is an affordable way to try both magazines without incurring a prohibitive cost (the normal subscription price for Smile™ is $19.95, and the cover price is $3.99 per issue). Finally, if you're not happy with either magazine, you are always free to cancel your subscription at either time for a full refund of the remaining issues in your subscription (but why would you want to do that?).

So, Bunny and the Scouts are on the move, but here come new stories and new exciting editorial content to keep you Mixx-4-Life!

(2) Beginning in this issue of MixxZine®, we're publishing the stories 2 on each page. This is a new look which may take a bit to get used to, but we think it's pretty funky and livens up the Mixx. More importantly, this allows us to publish more comics per issue than any other magazine on the market and still expand out our editorial content to provide you with fascinating and fresh news and info. In fact, wait until the NEXT issue of MixxZine® (2-3), when our trim size actually increases so you really get to see what's going on! The only thing is you need to get used to holding your magazine sideways every now and then (people around you might think that you're looking at centerfolds of hot-looking girls or guys:)). But, hey, changing old habits is a small price to pay for more manga, right?

This issue starts the saga of Gundam Blue Destiny, with everyone's favorite mobile suits taking center stage. We started out with a Gundam story that even Gundam fans haven't seen before to offer something new to the party. After this one, though, we plan to publish other stories from the ultimate mecha masterpiece.

(3) In the future, we'll be adding in new areas we think pertain to the Next-Gen Lifestyle, what we call "Entertainment for the New Millennium." There has never been a true lifestyle magazine for those of us who are into video games, comics, anime, music and other forms of entertainment. Once we have finished converting MixxZine® into the ultimate Next-Gen Lifestyle mag, we'll focus on the most important goal of all-turning monthly. So, everyone, enjoy this new issue and our new magazine, Smile™. We believe this is one small step for Mixxers; one great step for mankind.

Any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail us at info@mixxonline.com, call our office at (213) 743-2519 or send us snail mail at Mixx Entertainment, Inc., 746 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90089-7727. To switch your subscription or add Smile™, simply fill out the enclosed Smile™ subscription card and mail it in on our dime!

Best wishes and Mixx-4-Life,

Stu Levy
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, MixxZine®

Susan Jaget Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Smile™