Taiyoo Mugen

(Sun (Solar) Infinity)


Andrew King, Rebecca Holland, Sarah Frankel, Tonya Houser, Tamsin Isles





Sailor Alpha Saturn stands before Queen Serendipity in the throne room of the Moon Palace during the Silver Millennium.

“Alpha Saturn, I have something here which demands you’re special care.”  From behind her, the Queen drew forth a magnificent rod.  At the bottom it was deep purple, then slowly went into blue, then pink then red. On the top was a claw like sculpture, facing up, suspended between the ‘claws’ but not touching them, was a clear crystal, shapes like a sun, light swirled around it, making it difficult to see to clear gem in the center.

“This is the Universes most prized possession.  The mighty ’Sun Key’ it needs to be hidden away until it is most needed.  Now this is considered only a myth, it must remain that way.   Please get the other Alpha Sensei to help set up a security system around it so that it cannot be recovered without the opening of different levels of locks.  I will relay to you more information on how these things need to be set up.”

  Sailor Alpha Saturn bowed and then picking up the Sun Key, walked away.


Tyler was sleeping, she stirred, her face tensed up, then she sat up, eyes wide open.  “No way! Not her again!”


Sarah was walking down the street, looking for Tyler.  In the dim light she saw Tyler coming out of a shop ahead of her.

“Tyler! Wait up!”  Tyler kept going.  Sarah ran up and grabbed her arm.  She turned around and Sarah saw, not Tyler.  The woman looked very much like Tyler, except she had dark maroon hair and very dark eyes tinted with red, in contrast with Tyler’s purple/black hair and dark purple eyes.   Otherwise they looked almost exactly the same.  “oops!  Sorry, I thought you were someone else!”  the lady smiled.

“Thought I was who?”

“Oh, my friend, Tyler Rubin.”

“Really, you know her?”

“Yeah, uh, how do you?”

“Oh, you may say that we are old friends.  Tell her hi for me.”

Sarah digged in her purse to find a piece of paper to write down the name.  “What’s your name?” but the lady had disappeared.

“Um, O-K! Whatever!”


“So, we are just going to walk in?”

“hey, you have a key, right?”


“And Sarah said that you could go through the stuff to get mementos, right?”

“well, yeah.”

“So what is the problem?”

“well, seeing this all again, I don’t need this.”

“Dang Jeffrey! It’s just a girl! She’s gone, get over it!”

Thomas unlocked the door to Nerissa’s apartment.

“Whoa! What a mess!”

“That’s strange, It seems she left in a hurry, I was there the night before she left, and it was not this much of a mess.”

“Look at all the stuff she left behind.  Hey, is this an office?”

“I have not been in there, come on.”

Jeffrey and Thomas entered the room.  On one side was a desk piled high with stuff. This included a computer complete with all the addends such as web cams, microphones, scanner, printer, fax, and a lot more. , And a stack of papers almost a foot high.

“Looks like somebody has been doing some research.”

Thomas was going through the papers. “Whoa! They are mostly on Moon Kingdom myths.  Look at this.”

“Hmmm, hey, there are the Solar Knights.  But they got the facts all wrong, hey, what’s this?”

Thomas held up the paper.  “we need to get this to Mordacia right away, this may hold the clues we need.” They left the apartment; Thomas carrying under his arm a file marked Sun Key.


The Queen of Cosmos stood stirring the Galaxy Cauldron.  Around her stood the Planet Senshi.

“Pluto, you have nothing to worry about.  Since you are no longer to Guardian of time, it is not the law for you to be disciplined. And besides, if I commanded you to do something and you obeyed, then I certainly cannot punish you.”

 “yes, but, stopping time.”

“Don’t worry.  Any one else have any thing to report?”

Mars stepped up.  “I met with some Bounty Hunters today, apparently a criminal has broken loose from a high security detention center on the Elfwood System.  It is a woman who has been convicted of several crimes.  These include sabotage of the current rulers.  She uses powers in a fashion similar to Wicked Lady, except 100 times more powerful.”

“Well, if she is like Wicked Lady, then perhaps she can be concurred like Wicked Lady was.  Any ideas of were she might be?”

“we have reasons to expect that she is on Earth or somewhere near it.”

“Alright, contact the Ultras to be on look out for her.”


“Tyler Rubin?”


“You have an off-system transmission coming in, please come to the Palace to receive it.”



“Tyler, I need you and the other Ultras to be on the look out for a possible threat to the throne.  This woman calls herself the Empress of Evil.  Her true intent has not yet been found out, but locating her would be, uh, real good.”

Tyler tried to control her voice as she replied.  “Yes, we will find her.”  Inside she was shacking.

“Good, have a nice day, bye.”


Sarah is sitting on a bed in Kenly’s house, crying.  A song comes on the radio and Sarah lies back as memories flood.  The song played is Wonderful by Everclear. 

…Oh my mom and oh my dad, they say bad things and they get so mad.  They start to scream and the start to fight, I cover my eyes cause it makes me Want to cry…I close my door and I shut my eyes.  I make believe I have a new life.  I feel better when I hear them say, every thing will be wonderful some day.  But promises mean everything, when you’re little, and the worlds so big.  I cant understand how, you can smile with all those tears in you’re eyes, tell me every thing is wonderful now…  (A song like that but the words are not all right)

Memories of her father and sisters are flashing.  Also of finding out about her sister’s death, and the last time she saw her father.


(Flash) On a far off planet, a girl, looking the age of thirteen, stands at an airport place.  She is dressed in dark blue robes, and wears a tiny golden circlet on her long, curly light blue hair.  Around her are attendants and courtiers.  She looks excited but as time passes her smile fades and her blue green eyes lose their twinkle. She looks disappointed and sad.  An official approaches her.

“Princess, I don’t think we should wait any longer, we need to open up the lines for a transmission.”

“Yes, I see.”  The group turned away but the girl turned for one last glance.  “Wait! There!”

“It is a ship, but not the one we were expecting, this has the Cosmos seal on it, not the Earth seal.  Maybe we should take cover?”

“Don’t be silly, since when has a ship bearing the Cosmos seal pose a need for hiding.”  The ship landed, and the door slowly opened…


Dr. Mordacia Adonis stood at the front of the classroom, gazing at his students who were working diligently on their exam papers.  A slight buzzing and in his earpiece he heard his secretary say.

“Andrew King is here.  He says he needs to give you those files, shall I end him to your office?”  Dr. Adonis tapped the earpiece once.  And then headed for the back room that served as his private office.

“Andrew, did you find the information we need?”

“Some of it, it really is a lot of help, though not entirely what we are looking for.  Here, it says that there has never been a recording of someone seeing the actual talisman.  Only vague rumors.”

“Rumors are enough.  Have you found out about the way to acquire it?”

“Yes, part of it.  There are the Seven Star Dimensions these can be opened by the finding of the Seven Planet Keys after the Dimensions are opened we must somehow find the Seven Sun Centers, there is one in each dimension.”

“Star Planet Sun, sounds simple.”

“No, I don’t know were to start, we don’t even know if the Planet Keys are in people or objects or places.”

“You must gather more information.”

“bye.”  Andrew walked out the door and through the secretary’s office.

“Good bye Andrew.”

“Bye Kenly, see you later.”  Kenly was real glad o get a job as Dr. Adonis secretary. ‘Since graduating last year, cash has been slow, but with this great job, I don’t have to worry about it.’


Jeffrey walked into a bar.  Sitting on a stool he absently glanced around.  Then he spun around and almost fell off his chair, there, in the far corner at a small booth, was Nerissa! Jeffrey raced over, swept her up and hugged her tight.  She screamed.  “LET ME DOWN!”

Jeffrey let go in astonishment.

“Nerissa, what’s wrong? Where were you?”

“Nerissa? I’m not Nerissa you fresh freak!”

“What! Your not?  I’m so sorry, you looked exactly like her for just a sec. and I thought…”

“You can go away now.” Said the girl to the people who had gathered when she screamed, “So, you think I’m a Nerissa huh?  Well, I don’t know the chick, sorry.”

She had calmed down and was looking with interest and pity on Jeffrey.  Jeffrey, looking up thought. ‘Man, that was strange, I thought…’  The girl reaching down to help him up did not look like her at all.

“Not Nerissa?”

“Ok hon. lets get one thing straight here, I’m not Nerissa, and some of my friends call me Larassa though.”

“I’m Jeffrey, you?”

“The names Day, Kaori Larassa Day, nice to meet you.”

“I’m really sorry about that.  This girl, I thought she was dead…I guess she still is.”

“Awww, poor thing, I suppose seeing someone who resembled her could freak you out, sorry I’m not her.”

“Ya, well…hey, I’m sorry for that happening, let me make it up to you.”

“Alright, how?”

“Have dinner with me tonight?”


“I’m harmless, I swear.”



“Ya know, she did not look very much like Nerissa at all.”


“Kaori Day.  She had long, straight, red hair and dark blue eyes.  It was strange; I looked, and just saw someone else.

“Jeffrey, you’re scaring me.  You see this girl everywhere.  Just forget her.” Xavier’s voce dropped to a whisper, “She’s not coming back.”

Jeffrey looked distressed, he turned and walked out.

Pollex walked in tossing a crystal into the air and catching it.”

“Any luck with working it?”

“No, it need some sort of activation energy, can you use your mental powers to get it going.” Pollex handed Xavier the crystal.

“Hmmm, it seems dead, it may not be able to be used without the Star Light Crystal.  After all, it is only a Gemini SHARD!  Now, if you were to find the whole Gemini Crystal, that would be something.”

“Yes, but to get the complete crystal s impossible.”


“Well, the complete crystal is not a crystal at all.  It is something called a Sun Center, its powers are completely different than any thing I need.”

Xavier tried not to show his delight. “Uh, Sun Center? What would that be?” he carefully asked.

Pollex snorted, “Something I don’t need.”


Thomas walked to the target area, after the Mansion had been destroyed; a new and bigger house was built in the country.  Besides being bigger, it also contained full facilities.  This included a new swimming pool, target area, work out building, meditating area, a bigger lab, and a rec room.  Dr. Adonis had not wanted to bother with every thing, but they had insisted.

The target area was on the roof, a part had been mad flat with targets and a storage room for Thomas’s different guns and ammunition.  He stopped as he heard shots.  ‘Who else could be practicing?” he thought as he stealthy crept up to the back of the shooting area.  Looking around the corner, he saw Sarah taking aim again.  Thomas relaxed and resumed his cold and distant manner.  Even if he was required to keep Sarah’s trust, he still despised the girl for being a famed, Sailor Scout.  Coldness turned to amazement as he watched he shoot again and again, hitting the bulls eye every time.  It did not really surprise him that she was using their facilities; Dr. Mordacia always made the girls welcome. 

“Thomas, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Thomas started, Sarah had not turned around.

“How did you know it was me?”

“I can feel eyes on me, and I don’t know of any one else who comes up here, besides.” She tossed the used cartridges on the ground and turned, “I saw you coming up the stairs.”

“Ah, I see.”  Taking his own gun out of the closet, Thomas set up a target and began practicing, when he turned, Sarah had left.”


“Off! Ah! Ouch! Bam! Pow!”  these were the sound coming from the work out room, then they stopped.  Tyler was standing there in her work out suit, sweating all over; she took a swig of her water bottle and got ready to start up again. The door opened.

“My, my, my, if it isn’t Little-miss-exile herself.  How’s it going honey?”  the woman’s voice was sugary sweet with a hard taunting edge.  Tyler turned slowly.

“So, you’ve finally come.”

“Yes, well, Ultimate Confinement was getting so old.  I was looking for a new scene.”

“So, what are you calling yourself now?”

 “Athena Jade.  Same as always.”

“You know what I mean, your ‘power’ name.”

“I’m not telling.”

“You always were like that, but I can guess.  Empress of Evil.”

“Do you always do you’re homework?”

“Only when it involves creeps like you.”

“Tsk, tsk, do I sense hostility from you?”

“What do you want? Or are you just here to torture me with your presence again?”

Athena stepped real close to Tyler, directly in her face.  Her expression turned from faked pity to anger.  “Listen, hon!  Don’t cross me, I have friends in places that you would never expect.”

“Friends? Oh, you mean ‘paid friends’”

Athena raised her arm to slap her but Tyler blocked it.  Regaining her composure, Athena raised her hand again.  Tyler expected another attempted blow, but instead was thrown against the wall by an invisible force.  Athena walked up and stood over her.

“You really should be careful Tyler babe, to much exercise can be bad for you.”  Laughing she walked out of the room.  Tyler sat for a moment, calming herself.  Then also stood, gathered her things, and went home.


Sarah sat on her bed, thinking.

‘Hmm, I know he may be somehow related to the Solar Knights, like, helping them fight.  But how can I find the Solar Knights?  I wonder if the professor could help me?  No, I would be to embarrass to go to him.  Oh! I know! Jeffrey.  He won’t think I am funny, and I know him the best.’  So thinking, Sarah happily bounded out the door.


Jeffrey liked Kaori Day, he liked her a lot.  Not that he had forgotten others… but Kaori, or Larassa, as she allowed him to call her, reminded him on Nerissa so much, and he needed a girl at the moment, life was losing it’s zing.

That night they had eaten out was wonderful.  She was smart, pretty, and funny.  The only strange thing Jeffrey could find was that her teeth was a little mudded up, two were lower than others. Other that that… she had gotten a little, uh, mad a few times when he had sort of zoned out, thinking of other things.  But most girls would.


Pollex sat on a meditating carpet, the Gemini Shard suspended between two braziers in front of him. His face contorted in concentration.  He gasped in frustration and opened his eyes.  He appeared to think a moment, and then taking down a book of spells he looked through it excitedly.


Kenly was sitting in Dr. Adonis’s library curled up on one of the couches reading a book. Dr. Adonis walked in.

“Good evening Kenly.”

“Oh! Mordacia, I did not expect any one to be using the library at the moment, if you need to be alone I can leave.”

“Oh! No, no, no!  I would not even think of it.  May I sit?”

“Certainly.” Mordacia sat on the edge of the couch were Kenly was curled up. “I never did decipher that band for you, did I? Here, give it to me.”  Kenly handed him the band and he gazed at it thoughtfully.  In a deep and pensive voice, he began to tell the story.

Many years ago, directly after the reign of Neo Queen Tranquility ended, her daughter, the new Neo Queen Serendipity found something in the royal treasury.  It was a talisman, a very powerful talisman that was more powerful than the Mystical Silver Imperial Crystal or the Golden Crystal.  It was called the Solar Magic Crystal.  Caring this a person would be second in power only to Sailor Cosmos herself. The heart powers the Silver Crystal but this crystal has its own power.  so, seeing the danger of this crystal, Queen Serendipity called the masters of building these things, the Alpha Scouts, and the Alpha Kamen’s,  to make it into a glorious staff.  Sailor Alpha Venus contributed her knowledge of gold and silver, Sailor Alpha Jupiter made it incredibly strong, Alpha Mercury Kamen inserted a will chip, Alpha Pluto Kamen fashioned it in to a key shape, one by one the Alpha Scouts and Alpha Kamen added their gifts to the wondrous rod.  all added but Alpha Saturn.  When the Staff was complete Queen Serendipity named it The Legendary Sun Key, then she had Sailor Alpha Saturn hide it far away from every thing.  No one was allowed to talk about, many, many persona have set out on quests to find it, guided only by faint trails and myths.  But still it remains hidden, waiting to be released by the person strong enough to break the spell set by Alpha Saturn herself.

Mordacia’s voice had dropped to a hypnotic whisper as he studied Kenly’s face.  She was staring off, in to nothing, as if seeing the actual thing-taking place somewhere in the past.  She sighed contentedly. 

“That is beautiful.  Amazing.  Just…wonderful.”  Slowly she seemed to come out of her trance like state. Her eyes focused as she gazed at Mordacia.  “You tell storied amazingly, I felt like I was there.” She smiled dreamily.

Mordacia was thinking, ‘Maybe there is something in this after all…”

Kenly leaned forward and kissed Mordacia.

“What was that for?” he looked very astonished.

“For being so perfect.”


Sarah was at the target range again.

‘I’ve never been able to shoot this well before,’ she mused, ‘I wonder what is moving me like this?  It is certainly not Thomas, he has been to indifferent.  I think I know, Pollex.’  Sarah glowered, her brown eyes turned darker than normal.  Raising her arm she shot and continued shooting till the target was all but destroyed.  Sarah relaxed and smiled at the thought of it being someone’s head. Turning on her heel she jumped.

“Yikes! I did not see you this time.”

Thomas was watching with admiration hidden under his stony countenance.  Nodding in what could be called approval, he walked off.  Sarah gazed wistfully after him.  She smiled again.

‘ya know, maybe he is one of those that if you hit them hard enough on the head, there attitude will totally flip. Hmmm.’


The three girls were sitting at Kenly’s house, helping Sarah study for a mid-term test.  The ground rumbled and Sarah jumped.

“What’s that? What’s that?”

“nothing much, just some building going on in the back pasture of the farm next to us.”


they went back to studying till another blast shook the room.

“Hey, Kenly, Tyler, isn’t that the Adonis farm?”

“Yeah, his house, or, I should say mansion, is on the outer edge.  They keep the rest of the farm for experiments, and privacy.”

Tyler looked up with interest.  “I wonder what they are building?”

“Hey! Lets go check it out!”

“But my test!” Sarah wined.

“Did I just hear what I thought I heard?  You have a chance to go over and see the guys, and you want to study?  Me no comprende’ what’s with you?”

Sarah looked down.  “I just don’t want to go.” She said sullenly.

“ok, fine, stay here and mope, but me and Kenly are going.”

Kenly and Tyler watched her for a second, than glancing at each other, they raced out the door.


“Hello!” Tyler yelled. “were coming up!”

“why did you just yell to them like that?”

“So they would not blast when we are like, right there.”

“Oh yeah.”

Andrew King and Jeffrey Daniels turned and watched their approach.

“Poor Jeffrey, he has been taking this whole thing so hard.”

Tyler glanced up and her voice hardened.  “I suppose he got over it.”

Kenly looked at her and then up at Jeffrey.  Another girl had come up to stand next to him.  “Whoa! Who is that? With that blond hair and green eyes she looks exactly like. Wait! She has red hair and blue eyes, but,” Kenly looked very confused.

“I know, for a sec I saw that too, but when I looked again it was that girl.  What is Jeff doing? Is his memory span that short?” arriving at the peak of the hill Kenly and Tyler sat for a while to catch their breath.

“Hey Jeff, who is you’re friend?”

“This is Larassa, she is new here.  I thought I’d show her around.”

“Oh.” Tyler’s answer was curt and clipped.  Both she and Kenly turned away from Jeffrey and preceded on to the Professor and his other assistants.  Jeffrey looked hurt.  Larassa turned to him.

“What’s wrong? Who are they?”

“Uh, ya know that girl?  The one I was telling you about?”


“Those were some of her best friends.”

“Oh, I can see why I may be offensive.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Silly, of course not.  If they were fine with me then I might think that something is wrong.”


Tyler looked back darkly.  Besides being fiercely protective, she was also very loyal.  It bothered her to see Jeff go off with another girl so quickly like that. but Tyler had her own problems to worry about so with a sigh she turned away.  Kenly leaned over and whispered.

“Just wait till Sarah sees that Jeff is going to get a real chewing.”

“I know it.”

 “Hello Tyler, Kenly.”

“Oh, hello Xavier, I have not seen you for a while, at least a week.  Where have you been keeping you’re self?”

”Where?” Xavier looked confused. “Tyler, can we talk a moment please, alone?”

“Certainly.” They walked a little off on the side.

“Tyler, I talked to you on Wednesday, don’t you remember?”

“No, I have not heard a word all week, are you sure it was me?”

“Yes, don’t you remember what you said?”

“No, because I do not remember talking to you.”

“You said you did not want to see me any more.”  Tyler stood there, stunned.

“Xavier, I, I never did.  I do want us to be together, that was not me who called.” Now Xavier looked troubled.

“She sounded exactly like you, and she looked like you to.  I talked to her on the halo-screen.  Exactly like you, except there was a faint red light on her I think.  She looked a little red.”

“That was not me!” Tyler was getting very worried. And also trying to keep her voice from becoming to frantic.

“Who was it?” Tyler wondered how much to tell Xavier about the person she suspected.

“I don’t know, but not me.”

“Oh, I’m glad.”  Tyler looked up.  Was Xavier blushing?

‘He must like me more than I thought.’


Sarah looked up as a beeping sound was emitted from her computer. ‘Hmmm, an e-mail, with Nerissa’s name on it? What the…’


Dear Sarah, I am righting this the day before I leave for Charis Aqual.  I have set it to come exactly two weeks later.  I just wanted to tell you some things that I could not say in person.  First, you need to know about Thomas; I think something very strange is going on with him and the others in Professor Adonis’ staff.  You are going to the party to night, I am going to try to go swimming or something at the pool, and perhaps I saw you there. But back to Thomas, I don’t know what it is but I can sense some sort of bad vibes from him.  By now you may or may not have felt them to.  I would feel real bad if any thing happened to you, Tyler, or Kenly when I am gone.  Tell all of them hi for me, and that I will think of you every day.  And make sure Jeffrey is not being a player or any thing like that.  Someday I will come back.

Nerissa Faery Centim


Sarah just sat there, stunned.  Kenly walked in.

“Hey Sar-Bear, how are you?”

Sarah did not respond.  Kenly walked over next to her. “What’s wrong?”

Sarah, till not talking, barely inclined her head toward the screen.  Kenly read it.  “Oh my God! Sarah, I am so sorry!  Common, you need cheering, lets go to the circus.”

Sarah slowly shook her head. No.

“No way babe, I am as shook up about this as you are, but you are going to waist away just sitting here. Now, you are going, do you understand me?”

Sarah managed a faint nod and a sad little smile.  “Good, get you’re coat, it is real cold out there.”


It was cold were Jeffrey was to, but he did not notice it.  Cuddled up with hot coco and Larassa near the fire, Jeffrey was not noticing much. 

Larassa ran her hands through his long blond hair. “What’s wrong?”

“Hmmm? Oh, nothing, just thinking.”

“Really, about what?”


“Nothing to bad I hope.”



Jeffrey turned facing her, again, as when her always turned to look at her to quick, it seemed that Nerissa flashed before him, but then was gone.  “Just thinking how beautiful you are.”

Larassa laughed, a light, airy laugh.  Jeffrey liked the sound, but it almost seemed, there was an underling current in it, he was not sure what that was.  Larassa watched him, as he seemed to zone again.  Then reaching over she playfully bit his neck.

“What was that for?”

“That was to get you to wake up. What’s with you?  I come over, and you just sit there.”

“I’m sorry.” He said, looking a little guilty. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Really? How?” she sounded skeptical.

“Like this.” Jeffrey reached over and kissed her.

“Mmmm, maybe I should get mad at you some more.”

“Don’t bother.” He said, leaning in again.

There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Jeffrey yelled.


“Oh Damn!  Um, Sarah, I am sort of busy now, can you come back later?”

“Aw, do I have to?”

“Uh, yah, sorry.”

“Ok, bye.”

“who was that?”

“Sarah, Nerissa’s friend.”

“I wish I could have met this Nerissa who every body knows.”

“yes, well, it is better that you did not. Say, you had better go, I really do need to get to work.”

“Ok.” Larassa stood up and stretched, then grabbed her purse and walked out the door, a strange smile playing on her face.


Ultra Draco, Ultra Andromeda, and Sailor Torrie stood in the field behind Kenly Sekuri’s house.

“Are we ready?”

“Yes, I am, Torrie?”

“Yes, I’m ready, but you don’t have to go to all this trouble for me, I let him take it, I should get it alone.”

”Sarah, you talk crazy, no way could you find the Pollex guy and the crystal alone and with out help.”

“So I’m incompetent?”

“No, no, I do not think any one can do it.  We need to work together.”


“Draco, do you have that tracker set up?”

“All ready Andromeda lets go first to the site of the old mansion.”

Orange Star Macro Movement! 

They winked out.


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