Sailor Ultras


Rebecca Holland


Co-wrote By:

Andrew King, Tonya Houser, Sarah Frankel, and Tamsin Isles.


Copyright © 2000. By Ultra Outer Etc.  All rights reserved.

Nerissa yawned, having just awakened from a sleep that had lasted a thousand years, she still remembered almost every thing and what she did not remember the computers data banks told her.  She set her landing gear and prepared to land over a beautiful star shaped city that was covered by a protective crystal dome, the city was sitting were Tokyo used to be.  She called out instructions to the remaining members of her fleet, all which was left of her Old World.  23, including her own, of the 50 ships was still intact. Many had been lost and/or destroyed on the long journey throughout time/space.  She had not caught the time current while others had been smashed to bits by astroids as they lay helplessly in time sleep.  She was glad they died without pain.

The fleet landed in an old burnt down town just a little north of the crystal city.  Nissa could see armed men and women come out to meet them. Nissa told her story and though they were not sure what to think so they brought her guarded to the throne room.  There she saw the queen and king and realized were she was. 

The queen was tall with a flowing white gown, and an odango atama hairstyle, her hair was blond. Next to her was a man that was certainly the king; he was also tall and stately with a shock of black hair, a long cape, and mask.  Sitting on a small throne near the king and queen was a girl that looked about 20, her hair was pink and was also odango but shaped in cones instead of balls; she had on a dress similar to the queen.  The queen’s face alighted when she saw Nissa; she jumped off the throne and hugged her tight.


Nerissa hugged the queen back before the full realization hit her; this was the Princess Selenity herself!  The younger girl that Nissa herself had only seen in pictures.  Now the former moon princess was older than Nissa in human terms, she had ruled for 17 years.  Nissa explained her story and was taken to fine quarters immediately; she was to be given another session with the queen at dinner.  For dinner Nissa dressed in one of her princess robes that she had not worn for 1,000 plus years, it felt good to have the dress on again.  Nerissa's dress was light purple on the top half and then in the middle she wore a gold belly chain with a sunburst hanging down the front.  The dress was sleeveless with a halter-top tie.  The back had crystal chains strung in different directions.  All over the dress where small glitter that looked like stars on a lite purple background. The dress was tight and at the bottom flowed out all around her in mermaid skirt style.  A delicate cape of misty black was attached to her neckline.  She wore no gloves but had black slippers.  Her hair was down to the middle of her back with a headband of 17 gold flowers.  The group was astonished as she stepped through the doorway.  She was pleased to see most of the older guys staring at her with mouths open.

She sat down next to Lady Selenity and was introduced to the Inner and Outer Princesses, and Helios, the priest that was rumored to be Lady Selenity first choice for a husband.  Small talk commenced over dinner but as they were waiting for desert Neo-Queen Selenity began to fill Princess Nissa in on a new kind of enemy that had been discovered just weeks before Nissa had arrived.

“A strange new enemy has descend upon us in this time of peace and prosperity.  It seems to be a….



Suddenly a soldier burst in, “Were under attack!” he said, “Prepare to defend your selves.

Niss knew she was a Senshi but she had not yet gained enough power to transform.  She helped care for the wounded every day with the princess helping her.  “Why doesn’t Queen Selenity turn into Eternal Sailor Moon and blast them?” she asked Princess Lady Selenity.

“Because she believes that if she did then we would never learn how to fight for our selves, it is very hard to explain but it is right.”

“Well I don’t think it is, I am going to fight!”  Niss ran out of the hospital and into a Melody, a slim, fast inter space jet.  At first she watched from afar but while studding the tactics of the enemy she realized why they looked so familiar, they were the ways that the people on her planet fought! These were her own people!  Suddenly she recognized one of the leaders, Lord Telli Mitusu.  Lord Mitusu was the leader of the civil war on her planet.  Her father had died from wounds soon after the war had ended and her mother had died giving the last of her Sailor power to blast the traitors into space!  Since they could not destroy to moon Kingdom of the past they must have decided to destroy the on of the future!  Such rage boiled thru her, these people had killed her parents and were after her friends.  Suddenly she felt power surging thru her, like fire.  She saw that the people from Crystal Tokyo had retreated and that the ground was clear.  She set the Melody on AutoPilot and leaped out into the cool, crisp air.  As she fell she took off her ring and yelled.

“Alpha Start Star Make Up!”

The ring turned into the Greek Alpha sign and spun around her while she transformed.  She spun like a ballerina real fast then bent over backward with one toe in the air.  When the body suit is on the Alpha sign became her skirt.

Lord Mitusu looked up with surprise clearly showing on his face. He regained his composure.

“Princess Nerissa” he said bowing low to the ground in mock formality.

“Telli you killed my parents and you almost killed me.  In the name on my father King Elenian and my mother, Sailor Scout Tallis, I give you.

Double Elenian Smash!” a spinning glass rod appeared in her hands and she threw it as a javelin at Lord Mitusu.  He fell back; his army retreated when they saw he was down.  Before they could get clear however.

“Beta Beta Blastoid!” A cobalt blue beam shot out of the star on her fore head and as she spun grounded out the rest of the army.  The Tokyo people stared.  Why hadn’t their scouts been able to conquer so quickly? 

Niss stood in the middle of a large field, the Enemy on the ground in front and the Tokens behind.

“Any on wishing to swear allegiance to Tallis and Queen Selenity know step forward, all others will be punished.  Almost everyone but the nobles approached and guards rushed forward to take them. Not one of the traitor’s nobles came.

“OK,” said Niss, “if that’s how it’s going to be…”



“Omega End Encircle!”  A black chain with black stars shot out of her hand.  It wrapped around the remaining nobles and began to tighten. Soon nothing was left but red dust.

Sailor Centuri put her had in the air and snapped.  The ring appeared above her head.  Butterflies covered her for about 3 seconds then they disappeared and she was in her normal clothes.  The ring fell in to her hand and she put it on.  She turned and walked thru the crowd who parted as fast as they could making a wide path for her tho walk back to the palace. 


In a large room the Queen sat with her advisors, and the King.

“A new enemy has arisen, a power that survived the Negaverse has come back with full force.  Our sources have told us that it was banished from the Negaverse my Queen Metallica years ago but has most recently come back with power that is unheard of in the Negaverse.”

“What can we do?” asked a woman with long blond hair.

“I have had Princess Mercury work on the problem and she has discovered that only a star power can over come this foe.  Eternal Sailor Moon could do it but I am leaving soon for Zero Star Sagittarius.”

“Can the Rabbit handle it?” asked the one with red flashing eyes.

“I think so, and she has her Quartet to help her.  But I am worried. The Quartet was never as strong as we had hoped.  We need to find a group to help us out.  Also these must hale from the stars, not planets.”

“What info do we have on the newest arrival?”

“I think, if we can convince her, she will do nicely.”


 “Congratulations” said the Queen, “I knew you could do it!”

“You mean, you knew all along?”

“Yes, I knew you just needed the right motivation to get started.”

“That’s ridicules, I don’t need any help from you!  I can get along fine on my own!

“Nerissa, calm down.  I am aware of your talents and I know how you feel.  But I must ask you, can you do something for me?”


 Niss went to her room and changed into a short red and black plaid dress.  Opening the window of her seventh story suet, she took off her necklace, muttered an incantation over it and tossed one end out the window.  It became a lightweight rope ladder. 

She climbed down, muttering curses in Outer Realm, as she walked down the crowed street she felt a feather touch at her side and turned to see a girl in black clothes staring at her.  She had long blackish/purple hair and violet eyes.  Her hand was frozen were it was at Nissa left pocket.  Niss swore at her in Outer Realm and was very surprised when the girl smirked and replied in that language.  She spoke it slowly and un-fluently but Nissa understood.  The girl had said, 

“Chibi Maboroshi (short illusion)”

Then she turned and vanished in to the crowed.



we see the back of a girl sitting in a lawn chair; her hair is black with blue and green highlights.  A long, thin, green thing that looks like a snake sways in the grass behind her.  She is looking at a brooch; it is two gold snakes intertwined with a green and black crystal in the middle.  The girl turns; her eyes are lite green with black slits in the middle instead of pupils, like a snake…


Nerissa gave her head a little shake and stopped a passerby to ask were the nearest poolroom was.  The man gave her directions and she entered the dimly lit pool hall.  For a while she watched the other men play and studied their tact’s, there was not a woman in the place playing pool.  There was one guy that caught her attention.  A guy just a few inches taller than her (5’10”) and seemly was winning every round.  After a while there were no more challengers and the man, whose name was Jeffrey (as the others called him) was leaning up against the table with his cue stick.

“Any takers?”

Nerissa slowly walked to the wall were the cue sticks were mounted.  Chose one and deliberately walked up to the table.

“You got a taker right here, if your up to it?” she said with a smile playing on her lips and a challenge in her voice.


What Jeff saw was a tall young girl with wavy blond hair, green eyes, and a definite challenge in her voice?  He was a little annoyed. Did she think she could beat him? But still he considered himself a lady’s man, so smiling demurely he put out his hand.

“Of course Miss, Miss?”

“Maboroshi, Gamin Maboroshi.”

Jeff tried not to let surprise show on his face but he knew that Maboroshi meant Illusion in Outer Realm, and Gamin meant cheater.  But how would she know Outer Realm? Still I must watch her carefully he thought.  Of course watching girls was a hobby for Jeff so he was okay with that.


Niss touched the end of the cue stick and whispered another incantation.  She did not especially think that any one in the room knew Outer Realm but in case someone did it would make him or her very curious.  Nissa liked keeping secretes.  She specifically chose the name Gamin Maboroshi; a name that translated meant Cheaters Illusion.   She wondered if she should have given that name, if any one knew the meaning they would watch her carefully. She also liked to win and because she was not very good at pool she decided she deserved an advantage.





Small Lady Selenity walked in to the Queens throne room.  “Mommy, tell me a story.”

“Aren’t you a little to old for that dear?” said the queen with a smile.

“No, I’m only seven.  Tell be a story of when you were a girl.  Please?”

“I will tell you of the beginning of the war with the Negaverse.  Before the war started, my grandmother had in her command a group called the Legendary Solar Knights.  Their names were Solar Knight Supernova, Black Hole, Nebula, and Star.  They were before there were any of the scouts, Pluto being the only exception because she was almost immortal and has most always been around.  My Grandmother Queen Serendipity used them as her way of tying up loose ends so to speak 3000 years ago. The Negaverse had not yet revealed its true colors yet; the Moon Kingdom and the Negaverse were allies. But when she learned of a plot to overthrow her from the Moon Kingdom, she sent the Solar Knights to destroy the betrayers. It was there that Queen Metallia revealed her true intentions and imprisoned the Solar Knights in their respective crystals. Supernova was trapped in the Supernova crystal, Nebula was trapped in the Nebula crystal, Star was trapped in the Star crystal, and Black Hole was trapped in the Black Hole crystal. (A piece of each crystal is in each inner transformation pen.) “

          “Mommy, why didn’t you ever release the Knights?”

          “Only a power left from the Negaverse can release them.  Ever if I did have that power, the Crystals from the Inner Transformation Pens are long gone.  Disappeared years ago during the building of the new school on the Moon.”

          “Mommy, wouldn’t it be great if we had the Solar Knights on our side again?”

          “Sure would Honey, Good Night.”


          “Well I sure would like to stick around and beat you in another three rounds but I really must be going.” Said Nerissa, pocketing a fistful of cash.” better luck next time perhaps?”

          “Gamin, you know I let you win.” Said Jeff with a teasing smile.

          “No, I let you lose.”  She tossed him the stick and gave him a flirty smile, then walked out the door.  Nearly everyone looked after her.

          “Hey! Tomorrow, same time, OK?”

          “I wouldn’t bother if I were you, but I’ll be here.” Said Nissa.  And left.

          “Talk about playing hard to get!”


          Walking toward the palace she thought she saw someone walking down an ally.  It was the girl she had met in the street!  She started that way but then stopped as she felt a mental warning.  Forgetting the girl she walked calmly toward the Crystal Palace.  When she got in she waved to the Guard who was in the patrol room, then got into the Ela-Shoot and shot up to her floor.

Jeff rounded the corner just a few moments after Nerissa had left.

“Hey man, what can you tell me ‘bout that girl that just walked through here?” he asked the Guard.

“Well,” said the guard, (he was eager to talk to someone) “she just arrived a week ago.  Came in a small ship she did.  She has been staying here as a guest of the Queen, but,” he leaned in to whisper this, “some say she is a spy or something.  At least, that was what she was back on her old planet, Sayatora.  She speaks Outer Realm fluently, I’ve heard her, but of course I don’t understand a word.  She acts nice enough though, but watch out if her eyes ever flash red, then you’ll be in trouble.  I'll bet she’s a sympath!”

“Hey, thanks for warning man, bye.”

“No problem.” Said the guard and watched him out of site. The he took off his hat and coat, laid them on the chair pushed a button and left.


A girl with long dark hair is standing in a large room; there are old looking books all over the walls.  She hears steps behind her and turns to see a man in a white lab coat walking toward her. 

“Oh! Dr. Adonis, I’ve been studying the records, they’re fascinating!  Are the stories of the old wars really true?”

 “Yes, most of the now-existing court fought in them.  The King and Queen, of course and the Inner Planet Princesses were in all the wars.  The Outer Planet Princesses and Her Highness Lady Selenity fought in the later wars.  The Princesses guardians fought in the last battle, and the Priest, Helios helped against the battle against the Dead Moon.  Also the Legendary Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask were there”

“Which do you think was the most crushing defeat?”

Dr. Mordici Adonis looked at her with piercing eyes “The battle against the Negaverse.  In almost all the other wars at least one person turned good and was allowed to lose their powers to become normal people.  The legendary Sailor Moon totally eliminated the Negaverse without even suggesting a compromise.  I think that after all the years of being allies, the Queen should have tried to work things out, instead of eliminating everything!” Dr. Adonis’s eyes flashed a little when he said this and his voice had an edge.

“You feel very strongly about this?”

“Yes, well, I have my reasons.  Pardon if I change the subject, but were did you get those contacts you wear?  You like snakes?”

“Well,” she said, dropping her eyes,” I like dragons, I collect dragon and snake figurines in fact.”

“That must be quite a collection, I must stop by and see it some time.”

“Maybe, excuse me Dr. I have to go now. Thank you for the help, my report is almost done. Bye. “

“Bye Kenly, have a, nice day.”



“Hey Xavier, what's happening my man?” said Jeff walking into a dimly lit meditating room.

Xavier looked up from his meditating mat with a decidedly annoyed expression on his face.  “Hello Jeffrey, you’re back early, get tired of winning all the money at pool?”

“Actually though I lost three games and most of my money tonight.  They were the most amazing games I’ve ever played; it was if the balls were enchanted.  It was a girl that beat me too!  I didn’t mind the as much as if were a man though.” At this he gave a smile.  “It was strange, her name was Gamin Maboroshi.”

This caught Xavier's attention.  “Gamin Maboroshi?  That means Cheaters Illusion in Outer Realm! You said the balls looked enchanted?”

“Yeah!  I followed her back and she is staying at the Palace, a guest of the Queen herself!”

“What else did you find out and who told you?”

“Well, I talked to the guard and he says she’s from Sayatora, you know, that old slave planet in the Charis Aqual Solar System. That’s the one with the Alpha Centuri sun.  He also said that she speaks Outer Realm and may be a spy and a sympath.”

“You need to find out more.  Can you trail her for a while and find out info?”

“Yeah, well, I can do that.  She seems to like me already.”

“Jeffrey, you think every girl will fall in love with you on sight.”

“And I have yet to be proven wrong. By the way where’s Tommy?”

“You know he hates being called that, one of these days he’ll take one of those guns and shoot you.  He’s out on patrol.”

“And Mordici?”

“At the library with one of his more promising students. “

“Still recruiting, huh?”

“Well we ears in many places doesn’t hurt to have a good brain washed slave to do our bidding.  By the way after you find out about “Gamin” mebey she can join too.  Living inside the Palace she can give us a lot of info.”

“Great idea, there are rumors that the Queen is leaving soon anyway and Princess Lady Selenity is inexperienced.  Well got to go, if I am going to have to live in this place for a while I may as well move most of my stuff down to Earth.  I’ll see if I can find Gamin when I go to the Palace Tele-port. Later!”

“Good bye” said Xavier and turning back to the fire that sat in front of him, he began to meditate again.



Nerissa and Lady Selenity were walking in the Royal public gardens, both wearing civilian clothes.  Nerissa thought that with the style and color of the princesses hair she would be recognizable to almost anyone but apparently no one seemed to notice that a princess, in fact two princesses walked in there midst.  Selenity was strangely quite and Nerissa supposed it was because of the near departure of he mother, the Queen.

“Hey, you look sad, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’m not sad, I just have a lot of things on my mind.”

“Your mom leaving?”

“No, not that.  I met this girl yesterday and there is something odd about her.  Not odd strange but like something is familiar about her. There is just something that I can’t put my finger on.”

“Well, tell me what happened.”

“Well, I was walking thru the palace gardens, just like we are now.  I decided to go out into the street to the vendors and by some moon-pies to snack on.  I went thru an ally to take a short cut and there was this girl there, leaning against the wall.  She was shorter, at least five inches shorter than you are Nerissa.  She was not crying but she had this sad expression on her face, like she had lost every one she loved.  She did not look especially poor or any thing but her clothes were wrinkled.  She had a little dirt smudge on her nose and some grass in her hair. She actually brought to mind what Sailor Moon would look like when she un-transformed after a long, hard fight with Rubeus or something.  She had longish brown hair, about shoulder length, and big brown eyes.”

“She sounds adorable.  How old was she?”

“She could not have been older than 15”

“So what happened?”

“Well we talked about trivial things for a while then I asked about her parents.  She got real uptight and said that she was an orphan.  I told her the Palace offered temporary quarters for homeless children.  She looked at me for a long time and then said that she might come by.  Would you like to meet her?”

“Love to but not right now, I have a rather special person to meet with.” Nerissa smiled mysteriously.

“Special Person? Do I detect romance in your voice Princess?”

“Well, perhaps, but it is too early to know yet.  He said he had to talk to me about something important though.”

“Well sayonara.”




Nerissa walked in to the pool hall and sat down at a table in the back, on the side.  She ordered a coke and faced the door.  Soon Jeffrey came in and looked around, she motioned him over to her table.

“So you came after all, when you said you had thing to do today I wasn’t sure you would show.”  Said Jeffrey.

“Work let out early you might say.  So, what's up?  What is this incredibly important thing you had to talk to me about today?  Want another rematch in pool?”

“Actually pool is part of it but for now can we go somewhere and talk?”

“How about the park?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Nerissa and Jeffrey took the tram to Kodansha Park.  Walking down the trail Nerissa stopped and turned to Jeffrey; “common what’s the matter?”

“Gamin, are you a sympath?” he asked directly.  Nerissa was stunned for a moment then quickly regained her composure.

“Why do you ask?” she said lightly.

“ Common, I know you are, and I know you are a lot of other things too.”

“Tsk tsk Jeff, you’ve been spying”, she said, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“Well I need to know the truth Gamin, because if you don’t tell me, we have ways of finding out.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Jeffrey turned so that he was standing right in front of her.  She was tall but not as tall as he was.  He looked down at her and then repeated, “We have ways of finding out?”

We?’  Nerissa wondered.  She shifted nervously from one foot to the other.  “Ok, ok, you got me, my name is really Nerissa, I come from the Charis Aqual system, I fled because I did not want the rulers to find out that I had taken the wrong side during the Tally wars.”

“So you’re from a refuge from Sayatora?” 

“If you knew so much, why are you asking me?” she said, carefully skirting the answer.

“You stay at the Palace and are rumored to be under the Queens care.”

“Oh, that.  Well Charis Aqual is so far away and they couldn’t find every single informer.”  She lowered her voice; “I had papers made up that certified me as a Lady in waiting to the Late Queen, Taglitha.  The Queen Selenity bought my story about wanting a new life for my self, except that parts not a story.  She accepted me in to the Royal Court as an emissary from Charis Aqual

“Do you speak Outer Realm?”

“All I know is my name.  You see I was with the Tally Alliance near the end of the war, I was told to give Gamin Maboroshi as my name, it was sort of a pass word, whenever I gave that name I gained admittance to the secret levels of intelligence.”

“So you were a spy?”

“Ah, IC ‘Intelligence Conveyer’ is how I prefer to put it.”  Suddenly she stepped close to Jeffrey and looked up at him.  “I fled Charis Aqual, and came here, to Earth hopping I could make a new start.  Please don’t hold my past against me?”

Jeffrey looked down at her for so long that she bit her lip and glanced away, “One condition”.


“That you stop cheating at pool.”

Nerissa laughed, “in that you have my word.  Now, I believe we had a soda to finish?”

“I’ll have to take a rain check on that one.  See you later Nerissa”

“Uh, bye?” said Nerissa watching Jeffrey walk the opposite direction toward the University.  ‘Hmm, watch out Jeffrey, I may have to find out a few things about you too.’  She thought.  She turned and walked back to the Palace.