About an hour later they reappeared in the pasture.

“That was surprisingly easy.”

“Yes, almost as if he wanted me to have it.”

They had found Pollex at the abandoned mine shaft.  In his attempt to get away he tripped and the crystal around his neck had gone flying off.  The Ultras had grabbed it and disappeared.

“Yes, to easy.”


A woman sat silently in the office of Dr. Mordacia Adonis.  She wore a full cloche of a deep purple-red color.  A hood covered her face, leaving it in shadow.  Her long fingernail tapped to side of the chair impatiently.  She raises her head slightly as the room grows dark.

Dr. Adonis is sitting on his office chair. “So, it is true.”

“Of course, if it were not it would be impossible for me to be here.”

“We had hoped for as much.  I can depend on your help?”

“As always, anything to posthumously change the future.”

“How is Phase Alpha going?”

 “Perfect.”  The woman leaned forward, a long piece of red hair falling forward.  “I must be going.”

“Yes.”  Mordacia extended her hand as she disappeared into the darkness, before she was completely out of focus she smiled.  Her side teeth, lower than the others, flashed in the dimmed light.


“Sarah, need help studding?”

“Um, I don’t think so, but I found the most interesting thing today.”


“Well, it’s this uh, ‘creature’ they are called the Reflections, also the Mirror or Shadow people.  They have had many names through the ages.  You might recall reading about them in many fantasy books.  They are shown as the people on the other side of the mirror.  They are usually opposite the person they mirror, most likely evil.  In books every one has one.  But they are actually real.”

“Ah, I have come across that.  Fascinating.  Though, contrary to popular belief, they are much more different that they are made out to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, not every body has one.  Only a few people.  Also, they usually appear when their significant other is either dead or in another system.  They are not completely opposite.  Hey, I think there is a Scan Disk at the Palace on them.”

“Lets get it!”


“Hmmm, listen to this;

About: A Reflection is a being who is the opposite to a natural human.   Though the myth has been circulated that every person posses one this is not true.  Reflections are in approximately every 1 in 50,000 people.  There is no way of knowing how these people are chosen but it happens before birth.   In ancient times, if a child was moody, depressed, or had a wild mood swing it was said that their Reflection was trying to break through.

Recognizing Reflections: A Reflection can only become real on this plane when their opposite is either dead or very far away.  When a Reflection looks into a mirror or a reflective surface they will see them selves.  But if passing by one of those listed above and not looking directly into the reflection the person they reflect will be seen

“Wow! This is confusing!”

“Read on.”

Appearance: A Reflection both has many similarities and dissimilarities to their host.  Height and age are the same.  Eye and hair color are usually the opposite.  Ex. Green/Blue, Blond/Red.

Dangerous Reflections: A Reflection usually embodies what ever their host fears the most.  An example of this would be, if a host is terrified of shape shifters, then their Reflection will most likely have that ability.  Most interestingly, the host usually realizes the presence of a Reflection.  Also Reflections are most interestingly intent on ruining the host’s life.  Posthumously they will disrupt the host’s friends, seduce their husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend and generally mess things up.   They are usually considered evil and employ them selves in the jobs of chief nega officers.  Some dangerous Reflections through history and their hosts.  Also the lists of known Reflections at this time.

Queen Serenity/ Queen Nerphieria (this is one of the cases were a Reflection and their host existed on the same plane.

Prince Endymion of Earth, Helios System/ Evil Prince Darien  (Evil Prince Darien was not a total Reflection since he was partially altered.)

Princess Nerissa Centim of Tallis, Charis Aqual System/ Name unknown

Celes Dalon/ Angelia Miswa

“Wait! Stop there!”



 Princess Nerissa Centim of Tallis, Charis Aqual System/ Name unknown

“Nerissa has, err, had a Reflection?”


“So, since she’s…(Sarah choked) dead now the Reflection must have appeared, who could it be?”

“I can only think of Larassa, but it can’t be her.”

“Who is Larassa?”

‘uh oh!’ “Um, some girl Jeffrey knows.”

“WHAT!” (Sarah went ballistic) “Bye Kenly! See you later!” and Sarah stormed out the door.

BAM! BAM! BAM!  Sarah slammed the door with her fists at Jeffrey’s place.  Jeffrey swung it open and stepped out, his hair was wet, and he looked ready to kill.  Sarah stepped back, rather embarrassed to see Jeffrey in a towel.


“Opps! Damn right ‘opps’ what the hell are you doing? SOME people have things to do besides have people knocking, or BANGING! On doors! What do you want?”  Jeffrey calmed a little.  Sarah thought.

‘This is a little like that Sailor Stars episode were Taiki comes out in a towel…’   “um, I can wait.”

“Come in, sit there, and don’t move!”

“Um, ok.”

 Jeffrey went into the next room and shortly returned, dry and clothed.

“now, what do you want?”  in remembering her original task Sarah sat um straight and let fire show in her eyes.  “Who is this Larassa every body is talking about?  Who is she!”

Jeffrey stared at her a moment then a bemused smile played on his lips, then he leaned back and laughed.

“Hahaha. Larassa?  This is what your pissed about? Hahaha!”

“I don’t think it is very funny!”

“No, that’s not it, (between laughter) you see, Larassa and I…”


“She works with me, for Dr. Adonis, we have the same ‘skills’ and so we are assigned to many of the same tasks.  That is why we are almost always together.”

“Really? Sarah looked very skeptical. “Are you sure?”

“Well, we do work together and have a very formal relationship, at work.”

“Wait a second! I heard that! ‘at work’ you said!  What about elsewhere? Huh? What are you saying?”

Jeffrey’s eyes turned from a light and easy green color to that color of a snakes eye, hard green.  “Listen up, Sarah, (he spit the word out) you, and your friends need to stay away, I no longer have any attachment to you.  You can go and bother Xavier, Andrew, Thomas, and even Dr. Mordacia himself, but keep away from me.  I don’t want to see you any more any were around me.  Do you understand?!” Jeffrey was almost shouting now. Sarah backed up to the door, when she felt the handle under her hand she grasped it, turned and fled slamming the door after her. Larassa came out of the work room.

“What was that all about?”



“What?”  Larassa reached up and slowly kissed Jeffrey

“Feel better?”  Jeffrey nodded, his eyes again changing, not back to the neutral green, but to a blank green.”

“Yes, all better.”


Sarah was hurrying away when she bumped into someone, sending her sprawling on the street.

“oh! Excuse me!”  Sarah looked up, the face was a little shaded by the setting sun and the sky made the hair seem red, but the boots and outfit proved who it was.

“Hi Tyler.”

“hello, Sarah?”

“Ya, it’s me, what are you doing out here now?”

“Me? Oh, um, I’m just getting some work done.”

“Ok, see you at home.”

“Good Bye.”

Athena Jade watched as Sarah hurried away.

‘It is so easy to fool these puny humans, I should have tried this a long time ago.’  Chuckling she continued on her course.


Kenly sat straight up in bed, suddenly aware of all sounds.  It seemed so peaceful, the crickets chirping happily, the wind rustling through the trees, small animals scurrying through the tall grass out side. She knew that none of these sounds had awakened her; it was something else, something more, sinister.  It had not even been a sound, just, a presence.  Kenly leaped out of bed and shook Tyler who was on a bed near hers.

“Get up!” Tyler was instantly awake.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure, do you feel that?”

“Yes, strange.”

“Common!”  they peeked out the window to see a orange glow on the North horizon.

“Oh, its just the sun.”

“Tyler! That’s not the sun! Since when does the sun come up in the North?”

“Oh yeah, I must be real tired to think that, should we investigate?”

“Yes, lets get Sarah and go.”

Five minutes later three forms hurried out of Kenly’s house toward the light, their ribbons trailing after them, their shadows stretching long behind them.


A lone structure stood on the hill, it did not seem to be any thing man made or human.  It had tall spires of a molded metal, Andromeda tapped it.

“Does not seem to be any know substance, there is no sound, little energy, and a little vibration coming from it .”

The spotted an entrance into a courtyard sort of place and stood before it.

“Should we go in?”

“I think so, but carefully, I’ll go first, than Draco, then Orion.”

“Awww, why am I always last.”

The three girls slowly walked through the passage.

“Wow!  Orion, you need to see this!”

“WOW! Your right! That is so cool!  And so beautiful!”

“We have to be careful, this is not totally on this plane!”

“Plane?  It’s a castle like thing, not a plane.”

“No, a plane is a time space thing, I mean that this thing is not entirely in this world.”

“Well, what should we do?”

Tyler started to reply but all three girl were flung into the wall by an invisible force.



a lone figure stepped out from behind a curved side of the building.  A figure dressed in Black and Yellow armor stepped out of the shadows.  It was a man, his hands raised in front of him, advanced slowly.

* Gasp *

“It’s Nebula!”  Andromeda tried to jump up and attack, but it was as if invisible hands held her and the others down.  “What is this?!”   They all looked up as a sound was heard from above.  A form leaped off the tower and fell smoothly to the ground, landing on his feet and absorbing the impact graciously.


“So, were are the others?  You have a lot nerve, trapping us here, doesn’t take a real guy to capture some little girls does it!”  Orion shouted out.

Stars eyes blazed.  “The others aren’t coming. And you will have your chance to defend your self.” Nodded to Nebula and Sarah felt the hands lifting.  She look around but she was the only one free.

Star mocked her.  “Come Orion, oh most puny of the Ultra’s, I know that even you must be more powerful than I, in fact, I’m going to let you have a chance at hurting me. Common, try.”

Orion was enraged.  “Oh!  You’re going to eat those word, you, you big bully!”

“Hahaha Hahaha.”

The two circled.  Star kept a lazy stance, but Orion was alert.  Orion lowered her staff to keep between her and Star.  The metallic pink star glinted as she slowly spun it.  The points looked very sharp.  Star seemed ready too take out a gun but the grinning, thru it away from him and stood, unarmed and un-weaponed, before her.  

“Common, take your best shot.”

Orion still did not fire.

“Common!  Are you scared?  Don’t be, death isn’t really all that bad.”

“I don’t want to find out from you!”  Orion shot a beam of clear yellow light out of her staff. 


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