The brown haired girl walked up to the front desk at the homeless center. 

“My name is Sarah O-Ryan, and the Princess Selenity invited me to stay here until I find a home.”  She told the girl who was sitting at the computer; she had long brown hair up in a ponytail and tied with a ribbon.

“Oh, yes, Selenity said you might be dropping in.  You’re new here, right?  My name is Makoto and I am from Jupiter, were you from? 

“Oh, ah, I’m from the Alpha Omicron System.”

“That’s nice, why are you here?”

“Actually, I would rather not talk about if now, if you don’t mind.  Bad memories you see.”

“Oh sure, I understand.  I hope you find it comfortable in here and if you need any help just push this button and an attendant will be right with you.” She smiled and walked off.  Sarah looked around the room then sat down on the bed.  She started to cry and as she wiped them furiously she whispered “I’ll get you for this Pollex, I swear it!” their was a nock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“Sarah?  Its Selenity, I want you to meet someone, Nerissa, come in.”

As soon as Nerissa entered the room she felt a strange force coming from the girl sitting on the bed.  It was as if she and this girl had something in common, a common mission perhaps.  “Hi Sarah, I’m Nerissa, what’s up?”


On the other side of the city, about a kilometer into the country was a little house.  A girl was walking up the lane to the house; despite the heat she had on black pants, silver tank top, and her long black/purple hair was down swishing around her back.  “Kenly!” she cried, “Kenly!  Are you home?”  A girl appeared at the door of the house and waved.

“Hey Tyler, you look hot, come in and get some lemonade.”

“Best steal I’ve had all day.”  Said Tyler, laughing.  She walked into the cool house.  “So Kenly, tell me, any recent “Close Encounters” with the mysterious Dr. Adonis?”

“Oh yeah!  At the University the other day I was in the library researching information on the Negawars and he showed up.  We had a short discussion (flash back to Library discussion) a he feel very strongly that the war against the Negaverse was a mistake”

“Did he say any thing else?”

Kenly barely contained her smile, “he asked about my eyes.”

“And I bet you told him they were contacts, didn’t you?  Kenly, you should just tell him the truth!  A lot of people from off-planet have eyes like yours.  The only reason you have not seen any of them is because you problem came from such a distant planet that not many of your kind are around any more.”

“I still have those dreams sometimes.”

“You mean the one were you see yourself as a Sailor Scout and fighting those guys?”

“Yeah, it must be some sort of omen, but me, a Sailor Scout?  I mean I can see you as a Scout but not me!”

Tyler smiled inwardly.  Kenly was like her best friend but she still did not know everything about Tyler.  Like the most important thing about her being …

Her thought were interrupted buy Kenly “I learned that in each war there was some sort of talisman, Heart Crystals, Star Seeds, Dream Mirrors, and just plain energy but did you know there is something else?”

“Like what?”

“It is called the ‘Hope Rod’ it is the power that keeps everyone hoping, if someone takes the Hope Rod the person is like the walking dead, they are always sad and in control of the person who holds the Hope Rod.  They go around and don’t like anything, don’t love anything, and are totally despondent and melancholy.  Taking the Hope Rod does not kill a person but how would like to go around the rest of your life with no feelings?”

“What if the rod breaks?”

“Impossible, they can only take the Hope Rod away but can never break it.  What’s really scary is that if someone has his or her Rod taken away, you cannot always tell. So you can be walking in the street or with your friends and you won’t know if they have it or not.”

“You should ask Dr. Adonis about it, I bet he would be impressed that you care.”

“I think we should go to the Palace and check through those records.”

“Yeah, we may even bump into that girl you met in the street last week.”

“Ha ha, you should have seen the look on her face when I said Chibi Maboroshi, must have been really surprised when she realized I could understand her.”

“Tyler, were did you learn Outer Realm?”

“Aw Kenly, don’t worry about it, don’t forget, you’re not the only one around here that is Off-System.”


Sarah and Nerissa were walking out of the library when suddenly they walked right into two girls about to enter


“Hey, are you all right? Let me help you up.” Sarah was surprised to find herself suddenly standing back up ‘wow! Strong girl!’ she thinks.

“Sorry about that, guess we weren’t watching I’m Sarah and this is Nerissa.”

The two girls turned to greet Nerissa ‘it’s her!’ thinks Tyler.

“Huh? Tyler, do you two know each other?”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nerissa.  We knocked you down, I’m sorry. How bout I treat yawl to an ice cream to make up for it?”

‘Wow! Friendly, I wonder why?’ thinks Tyler.

“Uh, ice cream? I’d love to. What about you Ty? Want some ice cream?”

“Yeah!” as Tyler and Kenly were walking behind Sarah and Nerissa Tyler whispered, “it’s her! The girl from the street!”

“Really, are you sure?”

“Almost, she was wearing a dress then and now she is wearing a skirt but I am positive it is the same person.”

“I wonder if she remembers you?”

“I guess we will find out.”


“Well I think I found a solution, but I am not very happy about it.” Xavier walks into a room holding a book on Zen Mind Control.

“Well what’s the problem?” asked Jeffrey? He sat at a table with three other men. One was Dr. Adonis and the other two had name tags identifying them as his assistants, Andrew and Thomas.

“Well yes, I can block all of her abilities such as being a sympath and doing spells but unfortunately our powers will cancel out.”

“And what exactly does that mean?” said Thomas, staring at Xavier with icy blue eyes.

“Well, while she cannot detect anything from us or any body else, and can’t use magic, I’m afraid I won’t be able to detect anything from her. At least not with the normal amount of power I usually use.”

“So in human language you are saying that she cannot use her powers to find out about us but you can’t read her mind and find out about her?”

“I just said that.” (Looking very annoyed)

“You should not have gotten mixed up with her in the first place Jeffrey! You and your attitude about this whole thing are going to cause a lot of trouble! You and you’re girls! Bah! Women, who needs them,” said Thomas, rubbing his shin. 

“Calm down Thomas, it’s not the end of the world. Now, Xavier, can the charm be reversed, can you give her powers back any time?”

“I see what you’re getting at Andrew, yes I can give them back, and when I do I will have mine back also.”

“Will it hurt her?”

“Getting a little to attached, don’t you think?”

“Well, uh, if she is hurt, how can that help us?”

“Mordici, what do you think?”

“Excellent idea, prepare the charm immediately. As soon as it is done… Jeffrey you know what to do.”


“Oh! Now I know why you look so familiar Tyler! You were that girl on the street, right?”

Tyler and Kenly exchanged looks. “Yeah that was me.”

“You certainly went off in a hurry, where were you going?”

“Um, no were, just around.”

“I see. Sarah and I live in the Palace, what about you?”

“Well, I own a house.”

“Really? How neat! I’d love to see it sometime.”

“Uh, perhaps.” Kenly looks at her watch, “oh no! Tyler, we are late. Thanks for the ice cream, gotta go!”

“Um, bye?”


“So, Sarah, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Well, no, but I did meet a guy yesterday.”

“Oh, do tell!”

(Sarah blushes) “Well I was walking yesterday and a guy literally tripped over me. I was weird cause it wasn’t like I stopped suddenly or any thing; he must have really not been paying attention at all. He fell and said something strange but I did not catch it.  He stood up and I realized he hurt his leg. He looked down at me with the most ice blue eyes ever; they really were icy, like cold! He looked like he was going to say something but then he turned a corner and disappeared.”

“Was he kawaii?”


“Uh, cute?”

(Sarah sighs) “You have no idea!”


“The charm is ready, here.”


Phone rings at Nerissa's room. “Hello?”

“Nerissa, its Jeffrey”

“Oh, hey Jeffrey, what’s up?”

“There is a dance tonight at the club, will you be my date?”

“Jeffrey, I’d love to! What time?”

“Seven-ish. Um, I don’t really have transportation for both of us, can you meet me there?”

“Sure, see you tonight.” (Hangs up) a dance huh? What am I going to wear?


Nerissa walks into the club in a short black dress and looks around for a while. She is standing there searching the crowed when she feels someone behind her. Some one puts their hand over her eyes.

“Guess who?

Nerissa looked relieved, “oh Jeffrey, it’s you, your late.”

“Maybe, but I have a good excuse.” He takes his hand off her eye and presents her with a single, long-stemmed red rose.

“Oh wow! A rose! How pretty! Thanks Jeffrey!” she gives him a hug and Jeffrey looks a little disappointed but smiles. He puts the rose down at the table were they will be sitting and asks Nerissa to dance.

“Just a sec. I want to smell it first.” She smells the rose “I’ve never smelled a rose that smelled that good” she said as she and Jeffrey begin to dance.


After the dance “Nerissa, would you like to meet my some of my friends?”

“I’d love to but I am like, really tired for some reason. It got so hot in there. This is strange, I don’t usually get tired like this.”

“Common Nerissa, it is just around the corner, at the University.”

“You live at the University?”

“Well, you see, me and my friends are assistants to Professor Adonis and he got us permission to live in the basement at the school.”


“Oh, it’s got lots of room and light down there so everyone has enough space. Dr. Adonis’s lab is down there too, it’s very connivent.”

“Well, sure, why not, I can stay awake a while longer.” ‘But my head feel funny and it is getting hard to since things. Problem just being tired’

Jeffrey pushes in a code at the door and Thomas answers it.

‘Ice blue eyes, why is that familiar?’ thinks Nerissa.

“Guys, I want you to meet Nerissa.” He introduces them “Thomas, Andrew, Dr. Mordici Adonis, she shakes their hands. And Xavier.  As Nerissa shakes his hand she feels a little electricity or something from him.  The room spins, ‘what’s happening, why can’t I feel anything? Jeffrey?’ she falls in a heap. The five men look at her in dismay.


The intercom in Sarah’s room buzzes, “Sarah O-Ryan, you have a call”


“Hey Sarah? This is Kenly, Tyler and I want to know if you and Nerissa can join us for lunch?”

“I can but I don’t know about Nerissa, she went out last night and I have not seen her since, probably still sleeping.”

“Must have had a wild night. What kind of food do you like?”


“I prefer American food, french fries and hamburgers.”

“We’ll go to the International Restaurant.”

“But I don’t have any money.”

“Money? You don’t need money. It’s on me.”

“Were do you want to meet?”


“You said she wouldn’t get hurt!”

“Calm down Jeffrey, just a minor fainting.”

“Minor! She’s been out for almost half a day, can’t you wake her up?”

Xavier and Mordici looked uncomfortable. “Well, it’s not that she’s in acomia, at least we don’t think so. It’s like she’s not there, but she is.”


“I can’t explain it but she will be fine. Its strange, she should not have had such a reaction to the charm.”

“Thomas are you almost done?”

Thomas, sitting at the computer, grumbles at Andrew, “stupid girl, haven’t I bumped into enough of them this week?” (He rubs his sore shin) “I don’t see why you’re wasting your time on her.”

“Right before she passed out I got a clear vision from her. It must have been from a dream she had. Four girls were standing in a field; they were all dressed in outfits that looked like Scout uniforms.  We were facing them on the other side of the field.”

“I think she is definitely important to the goal, and as you know nothing must stand in our way.” Said Andrew.


“That was great! We have to go there again sometime.”

“Common Sarah, Tyler has a car, we’ll drop you off.”

“Thanks.” They drive to the Palace and walk in together.

“Hey Endo (the guard at the door) has a Nerissa Centim come by here yet?”

“No, and Selenity has been looking for her to.”

“Thanks.” She turns to Tyler and Kenly and shrugs. “Maybe she went out again?” they say by and drive off. 


“She has been laying there motionless for almost thirteen hours, can you try waking her again?”

“Usually I would be able to wake her up with a mind nudge but the whole point of this was that I can’t do that any more. No amount of shaking is going to do it either.”

“Hey guys, I think she back.” Said Thomas who was sitting next to Nerissa monitoring life signs.  He looked very disappointed.

Nerissa was lying in a bed in the corner of the room; there was a lot of strange science stuff all around her. One of the machines started beeping softly. Jeffrey sat down in Thomas’s place. “Nissa, Nissa, can you here me.”

“Nissa?” Nerissa mumbles, “Daddy used to call me Nissa. Before…” She sighs and turns over.

“Hm? It is the thirteenth hour? I wonder if that has anything to do with it?” says Mordici.

“Mordici, Thomas, Xavier, lets go into the next room and let Jeffrey wake her up.”

“Yeah, she’ll probably freak if she wakes up to find you all gathered around her.”

“Jeffrey, give her a reasonable explanation, OK.”

“No problem Andrew, I’ll bring her out soon.”


“Uh Tyler, can you drop me off at my house? I have some rather urgent things to do.”

“Sure Kenly, need help?”

“Well, actually, no. It is sort of personal.”

“OK, bye.” Tyler drives off and Kenly runs to the back of the house, into the backyard. She sits down on the lawn chair, panting. A green snake like thing waves in the grass behind her.


Jeffrey watched Nerissa as she slept. Her breathing was light and her hair had fallen into her face. ‘She looks so innocent, like a child. How could one like her cause so much trouble?’ he lifts her back up to were she is half sitting up, leaning against him.

“Daddy?”  She mumbles, half awake.

Jeffrey watches her face then gives her a little nudge. She opens her eyes and looks around. Not at him because her she can’t see his face in her current position. She closes them or a moment then opens them and looks up.

“Hi Jeffrey.” She says cheerfully. “What’s up?”

“Hey Nerissa, how do you feel?”

“Like I just took a wonderfully long nap. Wait, I’m in a bed, have I been sleeping?” she looks at Jeffrey suspiciously.

Jeffrey laughs “yes Nerissa, you have been sleeping, for exactly thirteen hours.”

“Was I?” she said this as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“You probably got to tired at the dance, when we got here, you passed out.”

“Where am I?”

“Were me and my friends live, the University basement.”


“Haven’t we had this conversation already?”


The other four men walk in. “hello” says Nerissa, “who are you?”

“My friends, I introduced you already. We all live down here.”

“Oh yes, you were about to explain that basement thing to me.”

Suddenly she sat straight up in the bed, very strange look on her face. She looked at each of the guys in turn then put her hand on the side of her head.

“I remember, but…it’s gone.”

“What’s gone Nerissa?”

“Uh, nothing, nothing. Jeffrey, can you take me home?”

“Sure Nerissa, lets go.


Ring, ring ring ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, may I talk to Kenly?”


“Kenly my name is Jun Jun, personal secretary to Princess Selenity,”


“The Princess requests your presence for a personal conference tomorrow at nine.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Her Highness does not tell me why, just what.”

“I understand. Thank you, I’ll be their, bye.” (Click)


BANG! BANG! BANG! “Nerissa, are you in there?”

“Yes I’m here! What are you doing, banging around, people may be trying to sleep, you know!” Nerissa yelled. She opened the door looking very tired and sick. She leaned against the doorway with one hand on her head.

Sarah stepped back. “Uh, Nerissa? Are you OK? You don’t look so good.”

Nerissa stood there breathing heavily. “Why don’t you come in Sarah.” She made way into the room.

“Were have you been? I haven’t seen you since yesterday afternoon. Are you sick? Why didn’t you come back last night?”

“Slow down can’t answer them all at once!”

‘Touch’e’ thought Sarah.

“Were have I been? I have been sleeping.”

“Sleeping? Were?”

“At Jeffrey’s place.”

Sarah raises her eyebrow in question.

“Not with Jeffrey! After the dance last night he showed me his home. He bunks with four other guys. I think one of them is that guy that fell for you.  Any way I passed out and woke up like thirteen hours later. It was weird. I got home and still felt really tired.”

“Tired? Didn’t you just sleep for half a day?”

“They said that they don’t think I was actually sleeping.”

“Oh, so you just lay there for thirteen hours with your eyes closed.” (Sarcastically)

“No, really! They tried to wake me up but Jeffrey said it was like I wasn’t there. At exactly thirteen hours since I passed out, I woke up. For a while I couldn’t remember. But then I did and…it’s gone.”

“What’s gone Nerissa, what?”

“It. It’s always been there. When I was little I went to sleep at night cause I knew it was safe. And when I was older I knew whom to trust. But now, now… it’s gone.”



“Thank you for agreeing to come today Kenly.”

“Oh, you’re Highness, it was not a problem.” The Princess dismissed all others from the throne room except Kenly.

“Kenly, who are you?”

Kenly was, to say the least, stunned. “I’m me.”

“Kenly, I think you know what I mean, who are you?”

‘The Princess looks like she can see everything. She may even know more about me than I do. This is a chance I have to take’ my name is Kenly and personally, I don’t know who I am. Well actually that not entirely true. I remember some things. Like a war, and my parents, and sleeping in an egg for a real long time. The main key to my pat is this. (She takes out the snake brooch and holds it out to Selenity). I had this when I woke up. I was inside a little ship of some kind. As soon as I got out, the ship disintegrated.”

“Do you know what’s in the middle of this brooch?”

“Uh, some sort of crystal?”

“Kenly, were did you get this?”

“I was wearing it when I woke up.”


“PICKPOCKET! PICKPOCKET! Somebody grab that girl! She stole my wallet!”

A girl ran nimbly thru the streets at night, her face hidden in the moonlight. She ran, dodging cars, and people who reached out to grab her. Finally she reached a big, corporate building.  Taking a contraption from her belt she shot a cord out of it. The cord hooked on to the top of the roof. She pushed a button and shot up. She climbed over the ledge and sat, panting, then as her heart rate slowed she started to laugh. Not an evil laugh but the laugh of someone who just had the greatest time of her life. She stood up still laughing and her face came in to the light, it was Tyler.


“I have never seen this brooch, only heard of it and seen a few pictures. This is the Snake Eye Crystal and it was the crystal which sustained life in a system called the Ka-Taine System. The Ka-Taine System had five planets with the star Draco as its sun; it is one of the most distant systems. The System was ruled buy the central government on the planet Cassandra. About 1,680 years ago there was a Great War and the bloodline of rulers was broken. At the same time the Snake Eye Crystal disappeared. The Ka-Taine slowly went to ruin without it’s guiding crystal. One hundred years ago, the Draco star went supernova and all planets were destroyed. But amazingly the supernova reversed and the star went back to its original form, but without any planets.”

“So, I’m from the Ka-Taine? And the life forms on five planets were destroyed because I had this crystal?”

“No, the star exploded. The actual explosion had nothing to do with the crystal. It’s not your fault.”

“So how did I get it?”

“There was a rumor that directly following the Great War there was a huge massacre of possible heirs to the throne.  The story goes that the true heir was looked away in a Dragon Egg (a kind of transport ship) and sent on a voyage to find a new home on the most loving planet. Her parents were the sacred guardians of the Snake Eye Crystal.”

“So, you’re saying I’m the heir to a no-existing planet?”


“That sucks”



Nerissa started crying.  Sarah was very surprised, she had never thought of Nerissa as a very crying sort.

“It’s OK, it’s OK, you’re going to be fine, you just need some sleep.”

“That’s it (angrily) I CAN’T sleep!  Not without “it”!”

“Nerissa! You have to tell me, what is “it” you have to tell me.”

(Gasp) “I don’t know how to explain it.  Most people call it being a sympath except I was born with it. Sympathise aren’t born that way, they have to train to become like that.”

“And you were born with it?”

“Yes, and now it’s gone. It’s like being blind. I can’t sense anything!” (Started crying again)

Sarah sat there for moment thinking. Then she reached down to her ankle and undid the clasp of a delicate chain anklet. There was a small crystal attached to it. She held it in her hand looking at it.  Then she turned to Nerissa.

“My mother put this chain on me before she died giving birth to me.  My father said that she believed it would guard me against evil and give me peace during trouble. I think it may work on you, lay down.” Nerissa lay down and closed her eyes; Sarah touched the crystal to both temples and her eyelids. For a while there seemed to be no effect.  Then Nerissa sighed deeply with a smile coming over face, and then she turned over and went to sleep. Sarah kissed the crystal and put it back around her ankle, ‘thank you mother’


“Hm, I know, take the crystal, hold it up and say ‘Mystic Dragon Summons’”


“Just a hunch.”


“Mystic Dragon Summons!”  Kenly felt a strange power moving thru her, like the most pure of blue fire. She crossed her arms and legs and bended in to a ball (Jupiter supreme thunder start pose). A sailor collar appeared baby blue. Then a rolled belt appeared with a star at he front bottom; white cowgirl boots with blue tassels were on her feet.  She popped up out of her ball and began to spin with her arms above her head. A white dragon with blue tinted scales appeared and breathed bright green fire on Kenly as she spun in the midst of the flames.  Some of the flames stuck to her and became a large light green bow in the back, black tasseled gloves, and a small bow on the front. The crystal migrated to the front of the small bow.   Five dragon scales fell off the dragon. One became her chain tiara, one her earrings. The other three fixed themselves in a triangle around her waist and became a baby blue skirt with black lining.  Her spin slowly slowed to a stop and she knelt down before the Princess.

“Get up, and take a look at your self.”

Kenly stood up and walked over to the large mirror on the wall. She had no tiara but her usual star necklace had turned into a dragon tooth, her hair was bulled back in a triple topsy-tail instead of the usual low ponytail, she decided she liked the tipsy-tail better.

“Wow! That’s me?”

“I like it, it suits you.”

“I suppose, I am Sailor Cassandra?”


“The min ruling planet you told me of, the one I supposedly came from.”

“No, you are not a sailor planet, you are a sailor sun or a sailor star.  You posses the power of the stars.  Now we call scouts like you Ultras.”

“So I would be Ultra…”

“Draco, you’re name is Ultra Draco.”

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