“…issa…Nerissa…Princess Nerissa!”

Nerissa opened her eyes. “Who is that, who awakens me.” She looked down at a little person, dressed in a scout outfit similar, but not the same, as her own.

“It’s Me.” the figure was closer now and Nerissa noticed the differences and similarities in their outfits. The sprite had more blue and silver. She had the same hair as Sailor Centuri, and the same red eyes.


“Yeah, I’m your watcher.”

“My what?”

“Watcher, the sleeping you.”

“Yeah, uh, whatever.”

“No, really, who you were ment to be.”

“Who are you?”

“I am the sprite of Ultra Centuri.”

“Would she be a relative of mine, perhaps the daughter?” (Sarcastically)

“Stop being like that, I have something important to tell you.”

“What?” the sprite waves her hand in the air three times and a long silver wand appear. Nerissa reaches out to touch it and when she does a Silver Star materialized on the end. “What’s this?”

“It’s you’re Silver Star Wand, it was made for Ultra Centuri.”

“Ultra Centuri? That’s you, right?”

“I’m just a sprite, you are Ultra Centuri.”


“When you wake up, you will know what to do.” And saying that, she disappeared.

‘Wake up?’

Nerissa sat straight up in bed, Sarah was gone. Next to her was a long, thin, silver wand. She reached out, and like before a star appeared on the end. Wake up! Holding it in front of her she yelled.

“Alpha Silver Star Make Up!” she held the star wand in front of her and focused her energy on it. Her eyes began to glow red.  Her two stars glow (her wand, and the Star Fly on the chain on her neck) two shoot beams of light all around then twist together. Then a point is made over head in the shape on a star with butterfly wings.  Niss does a quick back flip.  The starbursts and black and red butterflies swirl around her. She stands looking up with her arms strait down at her side.  Her hair blows straight up it gets longer and straight with bangs.  A white body suit appeared. She held out her arms on the side, a black butterfly lands on each one and became black gloves.  A red butterfly also lands on her chest becoming a red bow.  The Star Fly Crystal floats down from her necklace and rests on the bow. A flash of light and the rest of the outfit except the skirt appear.  She does another back flip and then stands holding the star wand above her head. The Silver Star Wand flashes again and all the butterflies gather on her waist to become a black and red skirt.  For a moment butterfly wings flash on her back but then they vanish.

Nerissa stood there looking at the mirror. Her large back bow was blue and red, silver platform shoes, blue back flap, black-net shoulder slices. The touched her ears. “Ow!” her ears were suddenly periced five times! The one earring weaves in and out of each hole. A bead was on each turn, red, green, purple, and pink. At the bottom was a Silver Star.

“Well, I guess I’m Ultra Centuri.”


Tyler unlocked her apartment and turned the light on. She placed a black duffel bag down on the table and sorted through it. ‘Hm, 60^ (a ^ is a unit of money in Crystal Tokyo, about 5^ equal a dollar) that should be enough to last be a day or two, I had better get to the store before it closes though.’ She locked up her apartment, climbed in to her black sports car, and drove off.


Ring, ring, ring! Kenly stared at the phone, almost afraid to pick it up.


“Kenly? This is Sarah, what’s up.”

“Oh, er, not much, how about you? Did you find Nerissa?”

“Yeah, and oh, what a story she had to tell. Something about passing out at her boyfriends place and that is why she was gone all day. She seemed pretty freaked out buy something though.”

“Hey, you know that thing we were talking about at lunch yesterday? Well you were right, we had met Nerissa before, she was that girl that we saw in the palace that day we went to visit the Queen.”

“I thought so, she was in a big hurry then and couldn’t talk, walked away in a hurry. Oh yeah, thanks for not mentioning that you knew me already.”

“Welcome, I don’t know why we did not, it just did not seem the right thing to say.”

“Sarah, you know that night, when we went to the palace? I called you at that place and you said this stuff about you’re dad or something. But now, you’re in the homeless shelter. If you don’t mind, what happened?”

“Kenly, I know you are curious but it is not something I can explain now. My family is dead, all of them. I can’t explain how or when and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t bring it up any more. It’s not something I can really talk about.”

“Sure, I understand.”

“Well thanks. Oh, I almost forgot, I am having som ultra trouble with my Moon History in school and since you are taking that class I was wondering if you could help me?”

“Sure, come by my house tomorrow.”

“Thanks Kenly gotta go, by.”



The Queen sat in the throne room with her advisors.

“The time has come, we will leave in three weeks. Serena, start planing for your coronation.”

“Mother, I was wondering, (Serena blushed) since we are having the coronation the day before you leave, may we have my wedding to?”

“The court looked at her in disbelief. Serena reached across to Helios. We want you to see us happily married before you leave.”

“Yes, I do think that is a good idea, start planning at once.” She turned to the others. “Have you all trained your sons and daughters to rule their planets peacefully?”

Princess Mercury and Zoisite stand up. “Our daughter, Shabon, is now eighteen and will be a perfect ruler for her planet.”

Princess Mars and Jadeite stand up. “Our daughter, Orecal, is ready.”

Princess Jupiter and Nephrite stand. “Our twins, Jurite (boy), and Nedel (girl) will be peaceful co-rulers.”

Princess Venus and Malachite stand. “Amaral is a very loving ruler already.”

“And what about the Outer Princesses? How are your children?”

Princess Neptune and Princess Uranus stood up. “My son Helesto, and Michiru daughter Mereil will be married soon and will join our two planets in peace.”

Princess Pluto stood up. “Cornel and her fiancee Nakita (from the Tony System) will guard the gates of time with their lives.”

Princess Saturn stood up. “Until my daughter Calamit can rein, I have a good and honest Regent.”

“Well it all seems settled, prepare you things. Three weeks from now we go to Zero-Star Sagittarius.”


Nerissa walked into the Café no Tuskino (café of the rabbit). Seeing Sarah sitting at a table she went over and sat down.

“Hey little one, how it going?”

Sarah looked up; her eyes had little bags under them like she had not been sleeping very much.

‘Yawn’ “not that well Nerissa, I’ve got this killer Moon History test coming up and I think I’m gonna bomb it. I just can’t learn it.”

“Well, have you asked Kenly to help you? She is real good at stuff like that.”

“Yeah, well, we were studying and I made a stupid remark about how pointless it all was. She totally wigged out. Never, and I mean never, offend Social Studies in front of Kenly, it’s like a way of life to her.”

“So then what happened?”

“She said that if I was going to be so flippant about it, and if I did not really care than I deserved a bad grade and that she would help me when I start caring about it. I had to ride my bike all the way back to the Palace.”

“Did she seem unusually, stressed?”

“I don’t know, (sigh) I can’t read emotions like you can.”

“Hey, I was going to ask you, how about we do dinner on Friday? Go somewhere real fancy?”

“Uh, sure. Why?”

“Well, it’s your Birthday September 13, right?”

“How did you know that?” Nerissa smiled mysteriously. ”Oh, I know better than to ask. What time?”

“I’ll call you later. Sayanara.”

“Bye, er, sayanara.” ‘Wow, a Birthday dinner, just for me! I haven’t had one of those in like forever!’


“Hey Kenly, what are you here for?”

“Oh, Tyler, I’m here at the Palace to by some textbooks for class, what about you?”

“Oh, I’m taking a few days vacation and going over to Mars.”

“Really? A little shopping spree?”

“No, actually I am going to visit the shrines and the especially the ‘Mars Sanctuary Citadel and Shrine’”

“Shrines? Are you seeking some sort of guidance?”

“You might say it is something like that. Hey I got to go but I should be back by the end of the week, probably Friday or Saturday.”

“Well have a good trip, and bring be back some love charms or something.”

“For you and that Professor dude? Sure thing. Bye.”

Tyler got in line for the Tele-Port Gate to go to Mars. In front of her she saw a man with long-ish brown hair, dressed in slacks and a loose shirt. Her was holding some books, scrolls, and info cartridges. ‘I wonder if he works at one of the temples? I think I’ll ask him.’ “Excuse me, sir? I noticed you are dressed in the modern priest attire, do you live on Mars?”


Xavier turned around. “Actually I help out at the shrines on Wednesdays. I am sort of a shoo-in.  I mostly tend the gardens and pets of the shrines. May I ask you’re name?”

“I’m Tyler Rubin, and you?”

“Xavier Ryan’s. What are you headed to Mars for?”

“Oh, sort of a retreat. You might say it’s one of those ‘finding the real me’ sort of things.”

Xavier was staring, ‘maybe there is something to Jeffrey’s constant woman watching after all.’ He thought. “Well, I may see you there, nice to meet you, good bye.” And he stepped through the portal.


‘Whew, cute guy! And intellectual to! I may need to ‘bump’ into him while I Mars.’ She stepped through the portal.



Thursday night. 

Ring ring ring

“Hello, this is Nerissa.”

“Hi, Nerissa, this is Jeffrey.”

“I’m not in right now but leave a message at the beep and I will call you back as soon as possible.”



“There you are!”

Nerissa turned around, “Huh? Oh, hey Jeffrey”

“I have been looking all over for you, what are you doing at the game center?”

“Oh, I played a lot of video and computer games when I was younger, but I am sort of out of practice.”

“What game is it?”

“Kamakeai, it’s like a fighting game were you use swords, whips, spears, etc. Against the opponent, the latest in virtual reality games, you put on this suit and choose your player and weapons, then you fight, want to try?”


They put the helmets over there and stepped into the suits. Jeffrey chose a long spear with an extra shield. He chose the name, ‘Noir Cikeal (Black Hole)’. Nerissa chose a long, well balanced broadsword and globe-armor. She chose the name ‘Star Flyer’

OK said the computer-generated voice, begin.

“Just so you know, you can’t really get hurt.”

“Thanks, that’s nice to know.”

They faced off


“Hey Kenly.”

“Oh! Hello Dr. Adonis. How are you?”

“Fine. I hope you enjoyed today’s class.”

“Oh, immensely, I never knew that there was such rivalry between persons who worked towards the same goals.”

“Yes, many nega-officers were killed by their subordinates, others were banished because there powers were felt to be to dangerous.”

“Fascinating, does this bracelet tell one of those stories?”

“Yes, remind me sometime and I will decipher it for you.”



Nerissa parried and thrust, while at the same time defending herself against Jeffrey’s attacks.

“Hey, you’re good at this!”

“You’re not so bad your self, were did you yearn to sword fight like that?”

“Uh, well, actually…it is a skill I, sort of…picked up when I was younger. Oh! Almost got you!”

“Good thing I got Thomas to teach me these spear techniques. Look.”

“Stay back. Ha ha, I’m armed! Ah!”

“Ouch! Wait why am I saying ouch? I did not feel a thing.”

“Getting tired?”

“We need to rest but I don’t want to start over. I will relax if you do.”


“This is so awesome. I haven’t played one of these VR games before. It’s like I can really se you except you look like a computer animation.”

“Ha! You don’t look so hot yourself. ‘Groan’”

“Nerissa, what’s wrong?”

“I haven’t eaten in a while, I think I need to go.”

“What? We just started! And you are hungry?”

“You don’t understand, if I don’t eat…”

“Are you diabetic or something?”

“No low metabolism, I have to leave.”

She reached up to take off her helmet and was gone. Jeffrey took off his helmet and stepped out of the suit. Nerissa was leaning on the chair, breathing hard. She pointed to her bag.

“Get me a candy bar out of there please.” Jeffrey passed her a chocolate bar and was astonished when she all but stuffed it in her face.

“Wow! You must be hungry!  You really are going to get sick if you scarf like that.”

“Yeah, well, If I don’t, you’ll have to catch me.”

“Wait! Stop eating!”


“Ha, ha. Hey Nerissa, how about a date tomorrow? We’ll catch a flick, then go and eat wherever.”

“Well…I guess it will be OK.” ‘Sarah will understand’


“Um, hey Sarah? I won’t be able to take you out to eat tomorrow, something came up and I have to stay at home and do some work.”

“Sure Nerissa, I understand. We’ll do it some other time.”

‘I hate lying but hey, what she don’t know won’t hurt her.’ “OK Sarah. Talk to you later. Bye.”



“I’ve only been here a day but I think I better leave, Mars just does not have what I a looking for.”

“Well, I will meet you at the Instant Portal at the Palace OK?”

“OK, see you their Kenly.”

Tyler spotted Xavier feeding the Fire Birds.

‘Now that’s what I am looking for.’

“Hey Tyler, are you leaving? You have only been here a day.”

“Yeah, I am going in a few hours, I wanted to stop by the citadel and look around once more, will you give me the tour?”

“Sure, I may even come back with you, they don’t need me here again till next month.”

“Cool, lets go.”


“Well, well, well, I guess it is my fate to continually bump into you.”

“Dr. Adonis! Hello, what bring you to the Palace?”

“Please, call me Amoracia, I prefer my best students to call me that. And I am here to meet an assistant of mine, coming back from Mars.”

“Really! Me to, I mean, I am bringing my friend her car.”

“You drive?”

“Not when I can help it. I rarely do things like this, I can’t stand driving.”

Tyler and Xavier step out of the portal together.

“Well, it appears that my assistant and you’re friend are quite good friends already.”

Kenly grinned slyly, “yes, we should double date.”

“Ah…yes, heh heh. Come Xavier, we have work to do.”

“Uh, bye Tyler, you said you knew Nerissa right?”

“Yeah, we are pretty good friends.”

“Well, ask her for Jeffrey’s address and that’s were I usually am.”


“Well, you did not find the real you but you found something even better.”

Tyler blushed (something she almost never did)


“That movie was so great, I have always wanted to see a movie made out of the war with the Nega-verse. The actors were great.”

“Sailor Venus played herself I heard.”

“Really? This restaurant is great to. I have not had real authentic Italian food for the longest time. Shrimp Fettachini with Alfredo sauce is like my favorite. It has been a great evening.”

“Well I’m glad you like it, done?”

“Yeah. Hey I was wondering, you really live at Mordacious Houses basement.”

“Naw, we each have our own pad, want to see mine?”

“Love to, lets go.”

They walked out with their arms around each other’s waist.


Ring, ring, ring.

“Hello, this is Nerissa.”

“Hi Nerissa, this is Sarah.”

“I’m not in right now but leave a message at the beep and I will call you back as soon as possible.”




“Cool place you got here!”

“You like it?”

“Yeah! It is so modern, you don’t see a place like this regularly with college age guys.”

“Well the others have a sort of different atmosphere. Thomas’s is mostly black with a lot of locks and gun cases, Andrew’s is pretty plain but it is comfortable, it is hard to explain Xavier’s pad but it is him.”

“Cool, you got a whole stereo system here.”

“Yeah, got a DVD player with my last paycheck, want to sit down and watch something real interesting?”

Nerissa giggled, “Sure, just put in any thing.”


“So Tyler, who’s the hottie?”

“Oh, just some priest I met on the way to Mars. He is cute isn’t he?”


“’Duh’? When have you started saying stuff like that?”

“Since I started hanging around Sarah.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Younger teenagers are so cute.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. They are also so overbearing. Don’t bother talking about science and history with them, it’s hopeless.”


The phone was ringing at Jeffrey’s apartment in the morning but he didn’t answer it. He and Nerissa had fallen asleep after the movie Friday night and were still asleep, cuddled up on the couch. (Still clothed in case you were wondering)


“Wake up hon.” Nerissa nudged Jeffrey in the ribs.

“Ow! Watch it. Hello? Uh, what time is it? Really! On Saturday? Do I have to? Ok, Ok, I’ll be over within the hour. The Prof. wants me to come over right away.”

“Ok, well, I’ll be going. Brrr! It’s cold out there.”

“Here, take my jacket.”


Nerissa pulled him down to give him a last, good, kiss. Then she walked out the door and up the street toward the Crystal Palace.  She changed her direction and headed toward the park.

“There you are!”

Nerissa stopped dead. ‘Uh Oh!’

“So, how was you’re nigh home, huh?” asked Sarah, her hands on her hips.

“Uh, it was ok, sort of boring though.”

“Ha! Got ya, I have been calling almost every hour, always got you’re answering machine.”

“Well, I went to sleep real early.”

“Yah, and got up real early to go to Jeffrey’s to get his coat so you would not be cold to day? Nice try, I know you ditched me for him!”

“Sarah, I couldn’t help it!”

“Could to.”

“But he’s so cute.” Nerissa drooled. (Been waiting to put that one in)

“Fine, be that way, don’t really care!”

Nerissa turned around. “Hey Andrew!”

“Uh, hi. Do I know you? Oh wait, you’re that girl we had all the trouble with? The one who spent the night at our place?”

Sarah starred at Nerissa.

“You were at Jeffrey’s place last night, and with ALL of them last week?”

“Sarah, I explained it all to, you know it was not like that at all.”

“Yea, this kid here, she walks in, shakes hands, and then passes out on the floor. We had to stay up almost all night trying to wake her up.”

“But I thought that was all a story to cover up you’re being with Jeffrey.”

“Sarah! I don’t lie all the time.”

“Hah! You admit you lie. Oh yea, I’m mad at you! Bye!”

Sarah stormed off almost tripping over a person walking out of the opposite ally.

“Sorry.” She mumbled then looked up. “Wow! It’s you! How’s you’re shin?”

Thomas looked at her and Sarah quickly backed away.

‘His eyes look like they could cut diamonds, wonder why he hates me so much?’

Suddenly Sarah felt very sad. Nerissa had ditched her for Jeffrey, Kenly was mad at her for dissing history; the guy from the street hated her for no reason. Nobody like her! She ran for a while more then ducked into a side street. Xavier was sitting on a bench reading. Tyler had introduced them that morning while going through the palace before she went home.

“Hello Sarah. What’s wrong?”

Sarah totally lost it. She sat down next to him, put her head on his shoulder, (actually on his arm, his shoulder was to high) and bawled her eyes out.

‘What the hell? She is crying on my arm.’

“They all hate me, all of them! Sniff sniff”


Sarah started talking very fast, all her words getting slurred.

“Well, for starters, Kenly hates me, Nerissa hates me, Pollex hates me, (but I hate him to) and my sisters hated me. I never asked to be who I am, just cause my mom was a Sailor Scout is not my fault!”

Xavier perked up.

“Your mother was a scout?”

“Yes, her name was Sailor Torrie, she died right after I was born. It’s not (sniff) my fault she passed my sisters and gave it to me.”

“Gave what Sarah? Gave what?”

Xavier had turned Sarah around and now held her at an arms length from him.

“Well, I am Sailor Torrie.” Sarah gasped


“You’re Sailor Torrie?”

“No, don’t say anything, please! I didn’t mean to tell! Please, if word gets out that I’m here Pollex may come!”

“Sarah, who’s Pollex?”

“No! I’ve said too much, please don’t tell. Good bye!’

Sarah ran toward the park, once there she sat down, her head in her hands. ‘Oh no! I’ve told him! No one was supposed to know! Now HE may find me!’


“What was wrong with your friend?”

“Oh, I made the mistake of sliting her last night. I really should have taken her to eat like I promised, know I feel bad.”

“So what did you and Jeffrey do last night?”

“Not you to!”

“ha ha ha”

“You can like, leave now!”

Andrew walked off laughing.

‘Now were did Sarah go, I think she was headed toward the park.’


‘Hmm, free fencing classes, mother’s choice weapon was the sword, I think I will try it even though I am better at shooting a handgun. I may be a beginner but hey, I’m quick!’

The students all seemed a lot older than Sarah, more of Tyler’s age. Sarah went up to the man who appeared to be the teacher of the free-for all class.

“Sure, I’ll show you some moves. Hey, you learn quick, how bout you par off with Junel here, she’s middle of the class.”

Sarah beat Junal and then Kamara, Leose, Takini, Nakita, and Cerial. She was now about to par against the assistant. She was almost ready, and then she realized who it was.

“Face off!”

‘Before I fight him I want to introduce my self’

“Hello, I am Sarah O-Ryan, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Thomas Andrews. Shut up and fence.”

Sarah knew that she was to in love with Thomas to care that her was being rude to her. She didn’t know if she should play the weak little girl, or the strong woman, to impress him.

‘I’ll play the innocent child,” she thought to herself.


She fought about 30 sec. and, played the fool, and fell.

 “Get up and fight me like you really can, don’t play a ninny!” Thomas said.

‘So you want a real fight?’ Sarah said to herself “I’m giving you the chace to run know”

They both thought at the same time.


They were at it, for about 20 min. Then they both got each other, right in the arm, first Sarah got him, and then he came back, and blew Sarah away.

She fell down, and said

“You win, this time...” She got up, and walked away.


“Hello, this is Nerissa.”

“Nerissa, this is Jen Jun, secretary to Selenity. You are required at the Palace.”

“Ok, be there soon.”


“Kenly’s place.”

“Kenly, this is Jen Jun, secretary to Selenity. You are required at the Palace.”



“Tyler here,”

“Tyler, this is Jen Jun, secretary to Selenity. You are required at the Palace.”


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