I have asked you three here today because I think it are important that you join together in a greater thing than being friends.  You may not like what I am about to ask of you but it must be done if the earth can be protected.” She nodded. “Nerissa, you first.”

Nerissa stepped forward.

“I am Princess Nerissa Faery Centim, only child to their majesties King Ealian and Queen Sailor Tallis of the Charis Aqual System during the time of the Silver Millennium. I am the past heir to the throne.”

Nerissa spun her hand and a long silver wand appeared. When she touched the end a star appeared.

“Alpha Silver Star Make Up!”

She held the star wand in front of her and focused her energy on it. Her eyes began to glow red.  Her two stars glow (her wand, and the Star Fly on the chain on her neck) two shoot beams of light all around then twist together. Then a point is made over head in the shape on a star with butterfly wings.  Niss does a quick back flip.  The starbursts and black and red butterflies swirl around her. She stands looking up with her arms strait down at her side.  Her hair blows straight up it gets longer and straight with bangs.  A white body suit appeared. She held out her arms on the side, a black butterfly lands on each one and became black gloves.  A red butterfly also lands on her chest becoming a red bow.  The Star Fly Crystal floats down from her necklace and rests on the bow. A flash of light and the rest of the outfit except the skirt appear.  She does another back flip and then stands holding the star wand above her head. The Silver Star Wand flashes again and all the butterflies gather on her waist to become a black and red skirt.  For a moment butterfly wings flash on her back but then they vanished.


“Nice to meet you, I am Ultra Centuri.”

Kenly and Tyler just stared.

“Kenly, now you.”

“My name is Princess Kenly Tista Sekuri and I was the heir to the Ka-Tanine System which is no longer in existence. My sun, Draco still exists thought. This is were I get my power.”

“Mystic Dragon Summons!”

 Kenly again felt the strange power moving thru her, like the most pure of blue fire. She crossed her arms and legs and bended in to a ball (Jupiter supreme thunder start pose). A sailor collar appeared baby blue. Then a rolled belt appeared with a star at he front bottom; white cowgirl boots with blue tassels were on her feet.  She popped up out of her ball and began to spin with her arms above her head. A white dragon with blue tinted scales appeared and breathed bright green fire on Kenly as she spun in the midst of the flames.  Some of the flames stuck to her and became a large light green bow in the back, black tasseled gloves, and a small bow on the front. The crystal migrated to the front of the small bow.   Five dragon scales fell off the dragon. One became her chain tiara, one her earrings. The other three fixed themselves in a triangle around her waist and became a baby blue skirt with black lining.  Her spin slowly slowed to a stop.

“Nice to re-meet you, I am Ultra Draco.”

“Wait a sec, if I am Ultra Centuri, and Kenly is Ultra Draco then Tyler must be…”

“My name is Tyler Rubin and I am from the Andromeda System. It is rather large with a few large planets, Makel is mine. I am not a princess or past queen, like some here. I am from the present. I still have many powers.”

“Andromeda Eclipse Make Up!”

She leaped into the air and curled into a fetal position. Then she popped out of it and putts her arms and hands together in front of her. A long silver ribbon shoots out. This wraps around her arms and becomes violet gloves that went almost up to her soldiers.  A second ribbon becomes high, chunky purple boots. She wraps her arms around herself and spins. There is a glow and her body suit appears. She does an aerial walkover and her collar appears. She puts her hands above her, palms up. Purple ribbons come out of each hand. They twirled around her and in a flash they disappeared and she had a purple bow in front and silver bow in back. Her Lilac Eclipse Crystal migrated to her small bow. She spun real fast one more time and her purple skirt appeared with a black edging.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Ultra Andromeda.”

“Double wow!”


Sarah decided to go swimming. When she was back home she had found out that she could hold her breath for longer than normal amounts of time, like 5 to 10 minutes! She changed and then rode he bike down to the City Club and went to the pool. She was the only one there. She dived in and went to the bottom of the pool. She lay down. She had learned that if she emptied her air out of her lungs she would sink and lay there. It was weird that she could do it. Sarah lay there for a while and then went up for air. She went down again and closed her eyes.

‘Lets see how long I can stay down.’

Sarah opened her eyes and jumped up to the service in fright. She scrambled out of the water.

‘Hmm, I wonder what that was.’

She swam back down. On the bottom sat two little girls about six inched long each. They had little water wings and spiky cyan-colored hair. One had on light pink accents and criss-cross boots. The other had blue accents and oval boots.

“Who are you?” said Sarah, forgetting to be surprised that she could talk under water.

Both girls replied in unison. “We are the Gemini.”

“The Gemini? Why is that familiar?”

“Remember us? Think about when you were little.”

“Oh yeah! I know, when I was little my nurse, Salesa, told me about the Gemini. I thought you were just imaginary?”

“He he he he.” They giggled. “Of coarse were not! We are here aren’t we!”


“Silly, to fix you’re crystal?”

Sarah went up for a breath then came back down.

“My crystal is right here.” She tapped her star necklace.

“We are giving you piece to add to it. It was something you’re mother wanted you to have.”

“You knew my mother?”

“Yes, when you were born she sent for us and told us that if you ever needed help to give you this crystal, it clips into you’re Star Light Crystal. Her, let me see it.”

The blue Gemini tapped the necklace and a crystal popped out of it. The Gemini placed the little piece of crystal in it. Here is your Star Light Crystal. Go to the surface and call out ‘Hope Light Crystal Make Up!’”


Hope Light Crystal Make Up! Nothing happened for a moment then a little yellow light burst into flame at her feet. It covered her and she blew it away. She was wearing a white body suit. A gust of wind came a swirled around her, it twisted through her legs and became yellow boots with black and pink ribbons criss-crossing them. She did a slow, perfect cartwheel and when her hands touched the ground pink gloves appeared that went to her elbows. She jumped up into the air and did a front flip. When she came down she had a yellow rolled belt, a pink sailor collar. She turned around a big pink bow burst on to her back. There was a flash and she had a little silver anklet on. She bent down to tough it and the rest of her outfit appeared except the skirt. (Yellow front bow) her Star Light Crystal migrated to her small front bow.  She toughed the star on her chain tiara and a long black stick appeared in front of her. She grabbed it. It had a big pink star on the top with two black ellipses going around it. She spun it around he waist and her skirt appeared.

Clap, clap, clap. “Well done. We knew that you’re mother had chosen right when she gave you her powers.”

“Am I still Sailor Tori?”

“No, you are now, Ultra Orion.”

A silent figure, dressed in black, hurried away from the Aquatic center.


“So, you’re highness, are there any more Ultras? On earth I mean.”

“We think there may be one more. Considering the past, when a scout team met they were usual good friends before hand. Possibly, the next Ultra is someone very close to you.”

The three Ultras looked at each other. ‘Could it be?’ they all said



Ultra Orion’s star pulsed. ‘Weird, it is like someone is trying to tell me something.’

The three scouts burst in.

“Sarah? Is that you?”

“Who’s asking?”

“It’s us.” Draco and Andromeda un-transformed.

“Kenly? Tyler? Yawl is a scout?” Sarah un-transformed.

All four joined hands. There was a big, bright light. When it went back down they were all again standing in their Sailor Outfits. Now each had a little black star on the side of there suit skirts.

Centuri said. “The group has been made complete. Now we are one.”


“Yeah, it’s me. Yawls have a spell so that you are not recognized normally when you are transformed. I don’t. If I were to look the same way I did as a human then I would be recognized. You guys are lucky. I hate this hair!”

“Yep, it’s Nerissa.”

They hugged. ‘This is so cool!’


“You’re suspicions were confirmed, the girl is a scout.”

“Well done Thomas, you to Xavier.”

“Well, we found one of them, are their others?”

Mordacia spoke up. “It is well know tat on earth, were there is one scout, there must be another. On different systems there is usually only on scout. There is a diff power from these, a power of the stars. She (and possibly others) are legendary Ultra Scouts.”

“Thomas, is Sarah that one that keeps running into you?”

“Yes, that stupid girl! She almost beat me today at fencing.”


“Yeah, what a pest.”

“You may not like this, but you may need to pretend to be her friend.”

“WHAT! You know how I feel bout these things. I don’t want to have to worry about some silly girl!”

“Yeah, what does she see in Thomas? I’ll be her friend.”

“Yeah Jeffrey, and what about Nerissa?”



“Thomas, sometimes we all must make sacrifices for the greater goal.”

“Andrew, what about Jeffrey? He doesn’t have to do any were as much work, all he has to do is meet girls.”

“You want to meet girls?”


“Hahahaahahaha. Actually, I think I am going to give up my constant girl scoping. I am very happy (wink) with Nerissa now.”

“Jeffrey, don’t get to attached, anything can change any time.”

“Yea, well…”


“Hey, was someone else here with you?”

“No, why?”

“Cause I saw someone runny from here before we came in.”


“I just thought of something, who is the enemy?”

“the Recherché center on Mercury has thought that possibly there is a force left form the ancient nega-verse. The problems that some of those nega warriors had a mind access. We will have to make it so that if we are captured, we won’t reveal each other’s identities. I think they already know Sarah though.”

“How are we going to block that information Nerissa?”

“Oh, leave that to me. Please UN transform.”

Draco, Andromeda, and Orion un-transformed. Nerissa place her star wand on each of their heads in turn and each time said.

“Baruke, Jakute, Nemal, Sorieses. Alantie!

“There, anyone reading your mind wont be able to tell you’re real identities.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, we are taught at a very early age on Tallis to resist mind-access. We had so many wars that it was something you are almost born with.”

“What if the person is real powerful?”

Nerissa shrugged. “I’ll worry bout that later. Common, this is draining, let’s go. I have to go look at houses. Any one want to come with me?”


“Ok Sarah, let’s go.”

Nerissa snapped and twirled her wand, it disappeared.


The next two weeks went by quietly. There were no major arguments or fights.  Nerissa ans Sarah had a belated birthday dinner. Thomas apologized a little grudgingly to Sarah, Mordacia and Xavier double dated and took Kenly and Tyler to dinner. Nerissa and Jeffrey went out almost every night. Sarah moved in with Nerissa at her new apartment. The city of Crystal Tokyo was very busy getting ready for the Princesses coronation and wedding.


“We will strike during the coronation. The Queen will have just left and the new queen will be off guard.”



Hey, every one meet at Tyler’s place and we will all go together.”



The princess was corrugated and married, Neo-Queen Serenity and her court were about to leave. She stood on a raised dais. Next to her was King Endymion. Behind her were princesses Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The moved to stand in a circle and joined hands around the King and Queen. The Queen raised her Moon Rod.

“Eternal Cosmos Magic!”

The other princess called out together.

“Eternal Star Magic!”

King Endymion called out.

“Eternal Earth Magic.”

In a flash everyone was transformed. The scouts outfits looked like Eternal Sailor Moon, their wings all overlapped each others, forming a wall of feathers around Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos smiled at her friends. She and Eterna’ Mask rose in the air above everyone else. A silver glow surrounded the group, they started to fad then.

FLASH! They were gone. The crowed clapped. Suddenly there was an explosion. People ran screaming everywhere. Were the Sailors had stood there was now a crater.

Sarah, Nerissa, Kenly, and Tyler dived under some plants.”

“What do you think? Should we transform?”


Andromeda Eclipse Make Up!

Mystic Dragon Summons!

Alpha Silver Star Make Up!

Hope Light Crystal Make Up!

Some people peeked out from hiding places.

‘Who’s that?”

The people were not the only watching. On top of a building behind the court stood five persons, dressed in armor that shined in the sun.

“I am Ultra Centuri

And in the name of the new Queen

 I will Eternally

Fight for what’s right”


“I am Ultra Draco

And in the name of the new Queen

 I will be ever Watchful of

 The innocent”


“I am Ultra Andromeda

And in the name of the new Queen

 I will forever protect

The stars.”


“I am Ultra Orion

And in the name of the new Queen

I will give Hope

To the Hopeless.”


Show you’re selves!


Four of the men jumped down from the building and ran toward the Ultras who were not facing them. The girls turned and ducked out of the way just in time.

Orion shouted. “Hey! Don’t you know it’s not nice to try to run over people like that? You are hopeless, I was sent to give hope to freaks like you! Who are you?”

We are the Ultras

The keepers of Stars

In the name of the new Queen

We demand to know who you are!


The four men now stood away from the Solars. Each had a suit of armor on. The one in Black and Red stepped forward. He wore a mask over his face and carries a sword in his hand.

“So, you must be the powerful Ultras we have heard about. Let me have the honor of introducing you to you’re match. I myself am Solar Knight Supernova, the leader of the Solar Knights. Black Hole!”

A knight dressed in silver and black armor. He had blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and green eyes.

“I am Solar Knight Black Hole. Hello, Goodbye.”


Star wore blue and black armor. He had a visor similar to Mercury’s.

“You puny girls think you are a match for us? Ha! We will crush you like bugs!”


Nebulae wore a mask like Supernova.

“The stars tell me that this is the beginning of you’re end.”


A black cloud shimmered and Demon stepped out dress in all black armor. He raised his arm and sent out an explosion right in front of the ultras. And disappeared again.

“He is not much for words.”

Supernova stepped forward again and raided his arm.

“Dark Flare!”

All the people fell to the ground as dark negative waves filtered through the air. The people suddenly looked very anger and hateful and they rose to advance toward the ultras. The ultras looked over to the queen but her four guardians were shielding her.

“That’s so dirty! I will clear this hate dirt!

“Deep Ocean Cancer Crush!”

She raised her arms up as two gushes of water broke out from the ground. The spun together and crashed onto the people.

Black Hole stepped forward.

“Is that the best you can do?

Silence Smash!”

The four girls were thrown back against the wall.


“Hey! Picking on girls smaller than you is mean!

Poison Dragon Bite!”

Draco toughed her necklace and raided her hand like she was throwing something. A small ball of liquid hurtled towards the knights and then burst, covering them in acid.

Nebulae stood up.

“Cleansing Phoenix Storm!”

A big red bird appeared and burst into flames. When the smoke had cleared the knight’s poison had disappeared.

“Star Snipe!”

“Don’t let that hit you girls!” cried Andromeda. “Andromeda Star Shards!”

The crystal knives met in air and canceled each other out.

“Well, now that you have passed our little test, we can leave. Thanks for playing. We will be watching you.”

With that, the Knights vanished.

“Wow, that was strange! Look at all these people. They are drenched and drained.”

“Let me fix it.” Said Sarah.

“Healing Hope Wind.”

A careful wind swirled around everything.


That night at Nerissa’s house.

“They were testing us? Why?”

“To see what they were up against. I noticed we all used our middle attacks. If they don’t have powers stronger than this we are ok.”

“No, I think that they were holding back to. Yawn, good nigh every one.”

“Good night Nerissa, night every one.”

“Hey Tyler, can I talk to you before you leave?”

“Sure Nerissa, g’night everyone. So, what?”

“Tomorrow night…”


“Come on Tyler! We have to hurry!”

“I’m ready.” Tyler came out of the room. “Nerissa! You are the only person I know that would wear a short black dress for a espionage attack.”

“Hey, it’s cool and I can fun fast in it.”

“Are you going to wear shoes?”

“No, I never do if I can help it. I like heels though. It is easier for me to run and climb barefoot. They are quieter to.”

Tyler looked down at her combat boots. “I have learned to go quietly. Give me shoes any day. These have retractable spikes to help climb to.”

“Well, lets go.”

“Remind me again why we are doing this?”

“Cause, the Queen is getting major negative energy readings from the computers. Not only that but these particular readings have not been viewed since the Negaverse wars. It is Nega-Kingdom energy, they think.”


“Wellllll, I wonder if Jeffrey talks about me when I’m not there. And they weren’t at the coronation. We need to make sure nothings wrong.”

“So we are going to Dr. Mordacia place to scout for clues? You know Kenly likes him, right?”

“Yeah, that’s why I asked you, not her. Besides you have more experience with this sort of thing.”

“I don’t know were you find these things out but you better be careful. Lets go.”

They got into Tyler’s red sports car and zoomed off the Adonis Mansion.

"Common, I found out that there is a back entrance here. We can go through there and go up the dumb waiter.”

“Uh, dumb waiter?”

“It is like a mini elevator to bring up food.”

The went in the back.

“Wait, before we do this I should transform.”

“Why? You will be able to be seen better, and those shoes will be loud.”

“I found out then as a scout I have my sympath powers back. I will be able to better sense if any ones coming.”


Nerissa twirled her fingers and a Silver Star wand appeared.

Alpha Silver Star Make Up!


“Andrew, someone is here! I sense it.”


“Am not sure, it appears to be a sailor scout! And possibly someone else.”

“Great, that’s all we need! Thomas, you and Jeffrey go find out who that is.”



Nerissa was transformed.

“Is any one coming?”

“Not that I can tell. I am sort of out of practice so I can’t tell as quick.”

“Oh! That’s just fine. You are now wearing a bright outfit, loud shoes. You’re more visible, and you won’t know whose coming till they are here.”

“Uh, Oh!”

“You sense something?”

“No I hear something. Quick, run. I will be right behind you, I got un-transform.”

She snapped and was soon running a few yards behind Tyler. They were almost to the window.

“Hurry, hurry!”

“But it’s three stories high.”

“I thought you were used to this stuff.”

“Girl, get out of my head.”

Tyler climbed out the window.

“Hurry up, what are you doing up there?”

“I dropped my necklace, I have to find it!”

“I’ll wait for you.”

“No! Go on, are you wearing that band/”


“Then I have my earring, I will tell you what’s happening if I don’t get out.”

“Bye, be careful.”

Nerissa spotted the silver chain on the ground.

‘Got yaw!’

As she stood up the window slammed shut and locked

‘This can’t be happening’ she heard footsteps. Nerissa ran down the long hall trying to find an unlocked window. She saw a shadow looming over her.


She spun around and hit at the thing behind her. Here hand struck blue metal. Nerissa screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh what is this thing!!!!”

She saw an open window but just as she was about to jump out powerful arms grabbed her from behind.

“No no no!”

She kicked but could not get loose.

‘This is getting to tiring, I better relax and see what’s going to happen.’

“That’s better. So Nerissa, what brings you here?’

‘Dammit!’ Nerissa twisted around to get a better look at her holder. The face looked very familiar but the eyes were vibrant green and looked real dangerous.

“Uh, hey Jeffrey?”

“Hey Nerissa, what’s up?”

' Uh oh! He sound different, sort of evil.”

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