Tyler crouched on a ledge just below the window she had only seconds ago escaped out of.  She hated feeling helpless like this, but she knew there was no way that she could get back inside without making things worse for Nerissa, and further arousing people’s suspicions. She had heard Nerissa’s frightened yelp, and she felt intense anger well up inside her. She clenched her fist. Nothing could be heard from inside the building. She just knew that if Nerissa ended up hurt, then someone would really be in for it. Tyler was cool and calculated for the most part, but she was fiercely possessive and protective. She should never have let Nerissa go back for her necklace. They could have turned up to collect it the following morning. Jeffrey spent so much time with Nerissa anyway that it would be perfectly plausible for her to have left her necklace there.

              The thief inhales deeply and started to think. She briefly contemplated the fact that these sorts of breaking and entering shindigs were usually best when attempted by one person, because then you didn’t have to worry about leaving anyone behind. Nerissa’s instructions in such a situation had been to stay near by, but not attempt a rescue without the other scouts, as it was too risky. But there was no time to contact the other scouts. She also thought about the fact that there might be some sort of radar to detect intruders.

‘If Nerissa puts up as much of a fight that she usually does, they won’t be paying attention.’

Tyler grabbed a brick above her with her finger ends, and then heaved herself up. She swung deftly and catlike onto the window ledge, landing silently, poised for action. She was prepared to swing through the window if anyone saw her, because at least she’d have the element of surprise. But the corridor was deserted. Tyler reached into one of her pockets with a gloved hand, and produced a little pouch full of a myriad of different shaped lock picks and knives. Smirking to herself in the half-light she mused

‘Being a street urchin has its advantages after all.’

 Tyler chose a knife, prised a small section of windowpane from its frame, reached her arm inside and picked the lock. She pushed and the window slid upwards silently. She jumped in, gave her eyes a second or two to adjust to the diminished light in the hall, and closed the window behind her, replacing the frame she had removed gently – the perfect break in. However, she didn’t take time to admire her handy work: she had more important matters to attend to.

Spying an air vent up above her, Tyler leapt up and grabbed the edge, unscrewed it quickly and pulled herself in. She replaced the cover, but didn’t screw it back in, in case she needed a quick exit, and began to crawl along inside the duct silently. She stopped to listen.

‘I must be right over Nerissa!’


(Talking very fast) “Uh, Jeffrey, hi, how are you? Hope you had a good night. Um, I was coming cause I wanted to surprise you, yea, but that thing startled me. Yep, yep.”

Nerissa half saw the blue metal thing behind Jeffrey it advanced toward them in shadow.

“Jjjjje-ffrey? Lo..oo..k behind you.”

“Jeffrey swung himself and Nerissa around and faced the ting which was till in shadow. Nerissa buried her face in Jeffrey’s shirt. Jeffrey spoke to the thing in Outer Realm.

“Go away, she doesn’t need that.”

The thing answered.

“Demon thought it would be for the best.” It held out its hand.

Nerissa turned to look. The thing held a syringe.

“NONONONONNO! Not a needle! I HATE needles! No! No! No!”

She came alive and fought very hard to get Jeffrey to let go. He was very strong and had no problem holding on to her. Suddenly Nerissa went limp again.

“Look, I will quiet down and do whatever, just don’t stick that thing in me!”



Jeffrey relaxed his grip a little. Nerissa suddenly slid down through his arms and ran down the hall.


In Outer Realm the thing said.

“Get that annoying girl!”


Tyler listened hard. She knew a little Outer Real but not quite enough to make out the conversation. When Nerissa yelled about the needle she understood. Tranquilizer or something likes that. She moved back up onto the roof and listened again. She could feel the vibration of Nerissa running, she moved in that direction.


“Hey, right above you, jump out the next window.”

“Are you crazy?!?!?! It is three stories high! Remember?”

“It’s be ok, trust me!”

Nerissa was almost to the window when a small, powerful object slammed into her back, she cried out, but staggered closer to the window. She climbed up and leaned out. Whatever was in her back was almost digging the life out of her. She heard Jeffrey cry out.

“Nerissa, don’t!”

She leaned forward, spread her arms and began to fall. The Tyler caught her. They swung down from Tyler’s rope and began to run across the yard, her hand on Nerissa’s back to keep her moving.

When they were far enough away Tyler withdrew her hand,

‘So, what happened in there?”

 And looked at it. It was covered in blood.


Nerissa was slumped against the tree; her face had gone very white. Tyler twisted her ring.

“Kenly? Can you here me? Get a med crew out here now!”


“What were you thinking? You did not have to come like that! Now the whole operation is probably out in the open!” yelled Jeffrey.

“Hey, just doing my job, she shouldn’t have been snooping around were she was not wanted.”

“Do you realize what this means? Now she may have us linked together! She is close to the Queen, this whole place may be swamped by morning!”

“Ah, I would not expect so.”

“Why? When Nerissa tells them what happened, we will have to get a new hideout.”

“She wont is telling them anything.”

“Uh, Hello! She is alive! Why wouldn’t she?”

“Oh, only because she had a ‘Memo-Ball’ slammed right between her shoulder blades. Not a bad through, even if I do say so myself.”

Jeffrey sputtered. “What? A ‘Memo-Ball’? Those have barely been tested yet. The whole purpose of those is to alter the memory, but right now all they do is disinigrate sections of flesh.”

“Well, I have been experimenting on it at the Mercury Recherché Center and Laboratory. It still disintegrates small amounts of flesh, but also alters memory to some degree.”

“Still, was that really needed? I could have smoothed things over if you hadn’t appeared out of the shadows with a giant needle in you’re hands.”

“Hey, the Professor knows best.”

“Let me put it this way, if you ever try anything like that again while I’m around, you won’t be going planet side again.” Jeffrey’s voice held a major edge to it.

“And let me tell you something, you had better not get attached to this,” he spat, “child. As Andrew has said, nothing, and he means nothing, will get in the way of our quest. Not even you’re snoopy girlfriend!” he turned on his heel and stalked down the hall.

For once in his life, Jeffrey was speechless.


“What were you thinking! Dr. Adonis is a well-respected professor. You can’t just barge into his house like that and snoop around! What happened in there?” Kenly spoke fiercely, just above a whisper.

“I don’t know, someone attacked her in there. Jeffrey was there, and he almost seemed to be trying to stop it. I could not make out everything but Nerissa went wild. She was able to get free and run. She jumped out the window and I caught her. When we got to the park I found out that her upper back was bleeding real bad, like it had acid on it. Right after that she went into shock, to much blood loss.”

‘Hey, they said that she is stable now, lets go see. Nerissa? Hey, how are you feeling?”

“Huh? Oh, hi Tyler, Kenly.”

“Uh Nerissa, what happened in there?”

“Well, me and Tyler heard someone following us, we ran, she jumped out. I dropped my necklace so I was looking for it and then I found it. There was something after me then, it was blue. I ran into Jeffrey and he was trying to get the thing to go away. It hit him or something and I ran. I heard Tyler and was going to jump out the window when it through like, a baseball at me, it felt like that. I jumped out and Tyler caught me. Then we were running, then I am here. ‘Sigh’ I am sooo tired. Excuse me I need to sleep.”

A nurse came in.

“I need to give you this shot first.”

Nerissa obediently stuck out her arm. Tyler got a strange look on her face.

“Nerissa, I though you hated needles.”

“Needles? I don’t know.”

“Turn over, let me se you’re back.”

Nerissa turned over; there was not a scratch.

‘Hmmm, strange…”


Nerissa was still in the med center when Jeffrey came to visit the next day.

“Hey babe, how are you feeling?”

“Fine, are you ok? Did that thing get you?”

“No, I just got a little burse. Do you remember what happened?”

Nerissa told him. Jeffrey nodded.

“That’s what I remember to.”


“Andrew, come here. I have found part of the answer to the unlocking of the Sun Key.”

“Sun Key, that’s that special talisman that will give us the total dominion, right?”

“Right, we may as well give up the idea of killing Sailor Cosmos, but with the Sun Key, we can save the Moon.”

“What do we need to do?”

“We need to find the seven ‘Sun Locks’ these will open the doors to the seven star dimensions. When all seven star dimensions are opened, the ‘Sun Key’ will appear.”

“What is exactly the purpose of the ‘Sun Key’?”

“I’m not positive yet, but it is, pardon the pun, the key to the new moon kingdom.”

“Were do we start?”

“I am not sure yet, in the mean time, lets destroy as much of the ancient Silver Millennium as possible.”

“Lets start with the museum. I will inform the others.”


The next day the Solar Knights were on the Moon. Solar Knight Star rigged up some very powerful shard explosives.

“Ok Supernova, we are ready.”

“Make sure there is nobody in there, we don’t need innocent live taken.”

Mordacia was there.

“I am going inside to make sure it is cleared out.”

“And make sure the shuttle is blocked off, we don’t need people now.”

“To late, look.” Black Hole pointed to a small group of people walking toward the museum.

“As soon as they get in, check the cameras so we can find out who they are.”

The group entered the museum. The camera flickered. Four shapes appeared. The light was turned on and the figures were reveled.

“Damn! We can’t blow them up!”

“Huh? Why not Black Hole?”

‘Duh it’s our girlfriends. Lest see, that is, Tyler, Kenly, and Sarah. How are we going to get them out of there?”

“Why should we? They are just trouble. The one you call Sarah, she gets on my nerves by following me around everywhere. And about Nerissa, nothing but trouble, half you’re time is spent with her, and she is always snooping around. Were is she any way?

“She is still at the hospital, they won’t let her out till she gains enough blood. You have tried to ‘accidentally’ kill Nerissa one time to many. First time you wanted to disconnect the monitoring machine when she was at the basement, then you beamed her with an unstable Memo-Ball. Why do you hate her so much?”

The other two are all right except that I think Tyler is somebody to watch out for. We could easily wipe them out right now.”

 “She reminds me of Sanesha.”

“Oh…that explains it.” Black Hole looked very uncomfortable.

“Look! They are coming out and going to the gardens.”


“Common, the scanner says that it may be over here.’

“Kenly, were do you find things like that?”

“Oh Sarah, I bought it when I went to Pluto last weekend, great for picking up possible negative energy readings.”

“Find any thing yet?”

“Uh oh, looks like there is going to be trouble! The museum likes rigged. Lets transform!”

“Mystic Dragon Summons!”

“Andromeda Eclipse Make Up!”

“Hope Light Crystal Make Up!”

They all held hands together.

“Orange Star Micro Movement!”

The vanished.


“Hmm, we can’t get a reading, must have left by the back shoot.”

“What was that energy wave that just passed over us?”

“I don’t know it landed over there.”

The knights turned around to see three women, silhouetted against the setting sun.

“Oh, it’s them!” Star said angrily.

Suddenly a large red ball of energy appeared over the scout with long dark hair and chunky boots.

“Undo those explosives! It is not right for you to destroy one of the most ancient relics of the past. Retreat or I, Ultra Andromeda, will stop you!”

“Hah! You think that a girl like you can harm us? We have survived 3,000 years and are still going strong. Common, try to hit us.” Star responded.

“Well girls, is that a challenge? Let's let them have it!”

“Wait Andromeda, if we blast them, the museum may still be destroyed! We can’t do it here, we must go to the dark side!”

“Right!” the energy ball above her disappeared.

“Orange Star Macro Movement!”

They winked out in a flash.

“Were did they go?”

“Common, we have to go after them and finish this nonsense.”

The Solar Knights all placed their left hand on a curious circlet on their foreheads. The raised their right hands.

They also winked out.

On the dark side of the moon, the two groups faced each other. The Ultras bows streamed out behind them, making a rainbow on the horizon.  The knight’s armor was dull in the twilight.

 “I am Ultra Orion, I am on behalf of the Ringed Moon.”

We are the Ultras,

Keepers of Stars.

In the name of the Stars,

We won’t let you ruin the ancient history of this kingdom.

“I am Ultra Andromeda, I am the ambassador of the Eclipsed Moon. So,” said Andromeda, the energy ball appearing again.” you have come back, didn’t you’re ‘test’ teach you any thing at all?”

“Only that this will be an easy victory.”

“That’s it! We won’t take any more of this crap.”

She raided her arm to send the energy ball but the Star was quicker.

“Star Single Shard!” a long, thin crystal arrow was shooting toward Andromeda, she tried to move out of the way but it hit her are were it was exposed. The energy ball vanished and she fell forward, holding her arm. Ultra Orion ran toward her.

“Oh! She can’t move!’

“How dare you hurt my friend? I am Ultra Draco, ambassador of the Winged Moon. In the name of my friend, I will liberate you!”

“Dragon Tail Slash!” Draco’s tail slashed back and forth like a whip, then a high power beam shot out exploding in Stars face. Unfortunately it did little to affect him.  Nebulae stepped up, and raised his hand to the sky.

“Leviathan Fire!”

Draco slumped on the other side of Orion, her clothes and hair singed.

“No!” screamed Orion. She knew that she did not have enough power to hurt even one of the knights.

‘Why were we blown away like that? It must be because the dark side of the moon gives more negative power, which is why we are weak. I have enough power to get us back to the earth, but it may take to long to gather that power. I know!’

She took Draco’s necklace and places it on the top of her staff. The staff she put in the middle of her friends and herself.

“Draco Star Shield!”

A blue bubble surrounded them.

‘Good, now I have protection.’

“Chibi Sun Derangement Move!”

They flickered for a moment then Orion took the staff and raised it above her head. The bubble with its occupants lifted up off the ground and flashed out.

“Dang, we should have struck then! They got away!”

“Hey Supernova, what is the purpose of destroying the museum?”

“Demon though of it, I though it was a good idea then but now it seems pointless. Lets go back to earth.”


Orion landed in the field behind Kenly’s house. First she gave Draco back her necklace. She rested then for a moment, then.

“Healing Hope Wind!”


“Hey Sarah, I heard that you were the big hero yesterday! I am sorry I was not there to help out.”

“Oh Nerissa, how could I have been a hero? We were creamed!”

“Yes, but you had the presents of mind to figure out the right mix of power to get you off that moon. Using Draco’s dragon tooth was smart.”

Sarah blushed. “Oh, it was Ok.”

“Sarah, you may think that you are the smallest and the weakest of the team but remember, even little Sailor Saturn has the power to make the earth reborn. You are special, even if it is in you’re own small way.  As the only Senshi among us with the power of healing, we would be so hurt that all of us would be here while the Solar Knights wreaked havoc on the Solar System. I remember something that Queen Serenity told me when I first came here.”

‘Nerissa, remember, when you are at you’re at you’re lowest, and it seems that there is no way out. Then, then will you’re full power is attached to the stars for which you stand guard. Then will you’re full power be reviled.’

“Well, they said I could go today. Hey, I was shopping on-line yesterday and I bought something, want to see it?”

“Yeah! What is it?”

“It should be delivered any time now. Let me get dressed and we will go on the roof to wait for it.”



“Hey Kenly!”

“Oh, hi Tyler, what’s up? Are those neighbors of yours complaining again?”

“Well actually, since you’re birthday is coming up, I wanted you to chose a present.” Tyler pulled her jacket back to revel a collection of gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, armbands, and generally any kind of jewelry you could chose from. “Take your pick.”

“Wow! Tyler, they are beautiful!” Kenly reached out for one then drew her hand back. “But were did you get these?”

“Oh, I bought some of them. The others I got from careless people.”

“Careless people?”

“Yeah.” Tyler giggled, “they were so careless to leave them by the window and in plain view in their homes.”

“These are stolen?” Kenly took a step back. Tyler frowned.

“Well, borrowed for and indefinite period of time you might say.”

“Tyler, that wrong!”

“Hey, I was very careful not to take from any one who might have needed it. Only people who had more than enough were taken from. Think of it as their donation to society.”


‘Hey, what’s you’re problem Kenly? You have always had enough money. You live in a cute little house in the country. You have enough to easily buy a car. Me, I have little. What I have I work very hard to get.”

“Ok, calm down. I won’t berate you anymore about it, but I will make sure that you know that I don’t approve of it. I don’t want any part of it either. Now, if you want to live with me, that’s cool.” Kenly smiled, “I need someone to drive me around any way. About my birthday, don’t worry about it yet, it’s not till October 29, that’s almost a month.”

“Ok, I accept your offer. Nice to meet you roomy.”

They laughed as they shook hands.


“We need to confront the Ultras again, this time we must choose the battle ground.”

“Do you suppose that they know were the Sun Locks are?”

“Mebey, how are we going to send them a message?”

“Wait, how about this idea. The only one we know is that little shrimp, Sarah, lets grab her. Then we can find out who the others are.”

“Good idea Thomas. Haha, isn’t she the one who follows you around every were?”

“Yes, it is so aggravating.”

“You know, scouts usually look the same when they are transformed as in normal state. We could get a picture of one of the Ultras and match it to a person.”

“Hmmm, the ting is, the only one who I can remember is Centuri.”

“Yeah, Xavier is right, the others are only indistinct forms.”

Andrew drew Centuri on a paper. “Well, know any one with red eyes, long straight hair, and bangs that is also real tall?”

“No, but I just though of something. That first time, when I met Nerissa, the dude at the gate told me that sometimes her eyes flash red. Actually, it has happened before when she was trying to get away from here. It was a complete transformation.”

“We can’t worry about that now. Thomas, you will have to get Sarah.” 

“Do we have to, this sucks!" Thomas yelled.

"Your acting like a baby"
"This is a dumb thing, can't I just kill her?"
"Can't you just like girls, Like Jeffrey?"
"He is foolish..."
”we have to have her alive so the others will come.”

“Ok, I’ll do it on one condition.”


“That Jeffrey keeps Nerissa away so she can’t mess up any thing like she always does.”

“Hahaha, no problem, she will be very busy.”


“Wow! This is what you bought? Must have cost a fortune!”

Nerissa walked around to the other side of a red and gold helicopter.

“Well, we did not have these sort of fun things 3,000 years ago. When I 

First saw that some of the Outer princesses had them, I wanted one to. I think I can fly it, want to go for a spin?”

Nerissa’s excitement was contagious so Sarah climbed in.

“Here we go.”

“Hey, it is sort of a strange idea, but can we buzz Kenly’s house?”

Giggle “yeah, sure.”


"Hey guys, want to do something?" Sarah asked, annoyed at sitting and doing nothing. "I want to get my mind off something, let's go!"
"Sure, want to eat something...."
"ICE-CREAM!" Sarah shouted. 

"Is that all you and Nerissa think about? FOOD! " Kenly said yawning. "We have to plan our attack plans."

Just then Tyler runs in. 

“Hey, did you here? There is going to be a big party at Mordacia house! All students are from the collage are welcome.”

“Oh poohy, I finished collage a few thousand years ago. I want to go to the party!” said Nerissa, pouting.

“Haha, Nerissa, did I mention that Mordancies assistants are going?”


“You silly girl! Jeffrey is an assistant.”

“Ah! And as I am his girl, I get to go! Yippee!”

“That is great for you, but what about me? Thomas probably won’t invite me, and I am not in collage.” (Gloom)

“Hmmm, that is a predicament. I will se what I ca do, maybe Jeffrey can pull some strings? Well, gotta go, lots of shopping to do before now and the party.”

“But Nerissa…gosh, I didn’t even tell her when the party is!”


“Now, what is the purpose of this party brother Mordacia?”

“Well, I am still unsure about the articles needed to find the Sun Key. In the mean time we can place ourselves to the cause which so many before us have failed at.”

“What is that?”

“Energy Andrew, just pure energy. So many before us have attempted to gain enough energy to fulfill their purposes. With Thomas’s great ability at science, Xavier’s psychic ability, Jeffrey’s perseveres, and you’re leader ship, how can we lose?”

“You’re right. I don’t know what would have happened if you, our long lost brother, had not retrieved us from the void which those of the corrupt Moon Kingdom had sent us to. Together, we will save the Moon Kingdom and return it to its former glory. We will reign the Universe, united as one.”


“Jeffrey! There you are! Hey I heard all about the big party!”

Jeffrey looked down at Nerissa and smiled.

“Did you? And I suppose you were planing on going with me?”


“Well, you may be a little disappointed, I’m not going.”

“WHAT! How could you not go! It is going to be like, the party of the year! You love parties! This is so disappointing.” She pouted again.

“Nerissa, I have som good news to. The reason I am not going is because I was going to invite you to a different party. A University party is to boring. The stand around and talk about science and math and crap like that.”

“Another party! Really! How cool, were is it?”

“It is a surprise, but it is very formal, black tie, evening dress, the works.”

“OOOO! I can se you in a tux! When is it?”

“Same night of the other party.”

“When is that?”

“You don’t know? Next Saturday.”

“Well, that is not much time. Bye.” Nerissa kissed Jeffrey then ran off.

‘Silly girl, I hope she gets to stay around. It is sort of sad about her friend though, she is just a little kid.’ Suddenly Jeffrey’s eyes turned dark. ‘But she stand in our way and so she must go.’

The necklace he always wore glowed with a strange light.


Sarah sews Nerissa running down the street.

“Hey Nerissa, did you find out if I could go?”

Nerissa stopped so suddenly she almost fell over.

“Opps, I forgot! Sorry!”

Just then Andrew ran up.

“Hey, Sarah, I wanted to make sure that you knew that, you’re invited along with you’re friends.”

“Really? Coolness!”

“Yes, not only that but we have persuaded Sta… ah, Thomas, to be you’re escort.”

Sarah got big hearts in her eyes and sort of fell over.

“Sarah?” Nerissa helped her up.

“Sigh, wow, Thomas. Sigh.”

“Are you all right now?”

“Yes! I am calm, no boggy! Just…”

She fell again and was helped up.

“Thomas escorting me.”

“Sarah, maybe you should go home for a while to get used to this idea.”

“He he, yeah, bye all.” Sarah left.

“Well, considering, she took that rather well.”

They hear a thump and Sarah yells.

“It’s alright, I can walk!”

“Maybe I should help her. Bye Andrew.”

“Haha, bye.”

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