“Thomas, brother, you look angry.”

“It’s this whole mission thing, I want to know, why are we taking so much time? Mordacia, you saw them fight, they are powerless. We could crush them like bugs. Why do we wait to slowly trap them? It would be so easy to eliminate instantly.”

“I think you’re reason is the same as mine. You ask, why let such an annoying bunch live longer? Simple, so our defeat of them will be so much sweeter. How can someone suffer if there demise is so short? First you nibble away at their confidence, then later, when we know their identities, there friends.”

“Well then, it would make more sense to strike at Ultra Orion’s friends, then at Ultra Orion herself.”

Mordacia gazed at Thomas thoughtfully.

“The years have taught you many things. I may be able to arrange that. Now what is you’re main reason for the demise of the Ultras.”

“Ok, I guessed those memories of the past have driven me on. All traitors must die, Sanesha and her kind.”

“Who was Sanesha?”

“Back when the good Moon Kingdom was around, before we were betrayed, there was a girl who helped on sending out mission plans. Her name was Sanesha. We could never figure out how our cover was blown at each target. On that last day, I met Sanesha at an old factory on Mercury. I found out that she was a traitor. After that we had the main battle in which all four of us were trapped and thrown into space. You found us 3,000 years later. Ever since I have wanted revenge on those who help the new, traitors Moon Kingdom.”

“Yes, you have been trained well. Hold on to those feelings. Burn with hate for the Ultras and their kind. Then, and only then. Will you have enough power for revenge.” 

“Yes Mordacia, our thoughts are alike in this.”

Thomas turned away as his Gem necklace glowed darkly.

Mordacia stood there for a moment rubbing his own necklace thoughtfully. Then he turned away and walked down the hall.


“Dinner? Tonight? Sur, she would love it too. See you tonight. ‘CLICK’ guess who that was Tyler.”


“Dr. Mordacia. Want to double tonight?”

“Hello! What do you think?”

Giggle, “I should not have asked.”

“So, how are you and ‘Mordacia’ getting along?”

“Ok I guess. It does not seem to be as serious relationship. I really like him though. Hmmm…what about Xavier?”

“Oh lord! He is just perfect! He’s into nature, and the unity of life. I love it! He likes my accent to, and understands it! You don’t find many people in Crystal Tokyo that can understand an accent for a person from the country E.”

“He he, I know what you mean. It is not a hard dialect though, and it sounds so formal. It suits you. Wild, but still formal. Good mix.”

“Hahaha, I am glad you don’t find it annoying like some do.’


“Yeah, if I hang out with Nerissa or Sarah to long then either Sarah will have me repeating my self cause she can’t understand it or Nerissa will accidentally start picking up the accent. They makes me so self-conscious.”

“You?  Self-conscious about that? How unlike you. Giggle.”

“Well, change does that to you.”

“Yeah, you bet!”


A strange looking man walked into town. He had black hair and green eyes. He was well dressed and an experienced eye could tell he was not from earth. After you have lived on earth a while you can tell about these people. Something about their eyes or walk that show you they are not used to this sort of gravity. So this man appeared and checked into a hotel. The name he gave, Xellop.


“Star, come here!”
“Yes Supernova?”
Supernova turned around to face Star, his eyes were unusually cold.
Star looked at Supernova, analyzing him with his cybernetic eye.
“I have an assignment which requires your special skills.”
Solar Demon Knight wants us to begin striking at the friends and families of the Ultras. He believes this will drastically lower their morale. “
“Really? So who am I to assassinate?”
“Actually no one, unless of course…well, desperate times call for desperate measures. But I have noticed your, animosity for the human known as Nerissa. Over the past week I have been looking at the past events and have discovered some interesting things. First, directly before Nerissa fainted that first time, Nebulae caught a glimpse of a dream in which the ultras were fighting us. Secondly, the day we were going to blow up the museum, four girls appeared, one of which was Sarah, a.k.a. Ultra Orion. Ultra Andromeda, Draco, and Orion stopped us that day. The four girls who have so carefully integrated themselves into our lives must be one of the keys to the mystery of the Sun Key. I also believe that they hold vital information as to the identities of the three un-known Ultras.”
“So what do you propose we do?”
“Covert-ops, Star.”
"An undercover operation?"
"Exactly, we'll turn them against each other."
“Supernova, I would jump at the chance. But we have one problem.”
“And what would that be?”
“Well, the leader happens to be Nerissa.”
“Star, why would that be a problem?"
"Well, Jeffery happens to be rather fond of the girl. He will more than likely complicate matters.”
Supernova looked directly into Star’s remaining eye and smiled.
“Let me worry about Jeffery. I'll ensure that he will not interfere. Supernova said with steel in his voice.”
Star thought to himself, "Hmm, how very un-like Supernova, he was always so concerned about being honorable. He would never authorize a covert-op. Still, if it means my revenge…’
“Don't worry, I'll take care of It.”
"Very good. And Star, keep an eye on Black Hole. Keep me informed, let me know if he does anything.
"Sure thing."
Supernova turned and walked away, his gem giving off an eerie light.
Star looked on and began to formulate his plans.


The man, Xellop, stood in front of Mordancies mansion, surveying it with a critical eye. He walked up to the front door and knocked. The door slowly opened and he could almost make out a wizened face of an old man in the shadows behind the door. The old man extended a claw like hand and motioned him in. he stepped inside and there was a swirl of darkness. Out of the dark cloud stepped Mordacia. He tossed Xellop’s stuff on a chair and led him to an upstairs room.


“Jeffrey, you need to see this.”

Jeffrey walked over to were Xavier sat in front of a console, a glowing screen in front of him.

“This page contains all the information we have gathered on Sarah, Kenly, Tyler, Nerissa, Ultra Centuri, Andromeda, and Draco. This contains almost every conversation that we have had with them. Also recent news articles. Look at this.” He pointed to a line, “we should have noticed this before.”

Jeffrey leaned in to get a better look. A look of realization swept across his face. The article Jeffrey was looking at was from the Net-Paper. It had been taken the day that Nerissa had landed with her small army of survivors. The caption said. ‘Lost Princess from Charis Aqual Found’ the story read. ‘Directly after the demise of the Silver Millennium, the heir to the throne of Charis Aqual was lost in space with her entire fleet of 50 Deep Space Fire Birds. Today a group of 23 ships landed on the outskirts of Crystal Tokyo in the old Juuban district. The story goes that the leader, Princess Nerissa Faery Centim and her fleet set off on a Time-Space test. They became trapped in a time current and have now appeared in the present. The Princess remarks that she has no reason to return to Charis Aqual because her family will have been dead for around 3,000 plus years.  She was excepted into the palace and appears to be known by the queen. Her crew has comfortably integrated themselves into society.’

“Wow, that’s heavy. Why did she say that stuff about Sayatora though?”

Xavier scrolled to the conversation that Nerissa had said about Sayatora.

“It seems that you were not thinking at that time, she told you she was an escape from the Tally wars. I guess being an history assistant has not helped much”


“The Tally wars happened the same time as the Silver Millennium. I was reading an old document telling of the lost princess. It says that she actually did fight in those wars, as a fighter pilot and spy. She was trapped on Sayatora numerous times.”

“So, even after all this time, she was lying!”

“It appears so, you can’t really blame her though.”

Jeffrey turned, his eyes glittered like emeralds.

“What this? Are you becoming a softie Xavier? Has that girl, Tyler, made you forget past wrongs? Cause, while you’re at it, why don’t you just forget about the fact that we were betrayed by a person just like Nerissa!”

Jeffrey was shouting now. He calmed.

“Ok, I know what to do. Do me a favor, don’t spread this around. All I need know is Thomas rubbing this in my face.”

“Yes, I might also suggest that do a reverse charm and question her.”

“Fine by me.”


Nerissa was lying on her couch, half asleep, watching TV. She did not like work, and tried to exert as little energy as she had to when she could help it.  She reached over to the coffee table and picked up a large box of matches. Striking one she held it close to her face, sleepily watching it burn lower and lower. It came to the end and started to burn her finger. Instead of tossing it away, Nerissa gave a slow smile before snuffing it out with her fingers. She then lit ten more matches and placed them, burning, in her palm. Suddenly Sarah burst in.

“Nerissa! What are you doing! You are going to burn yourself!” she grabbed a cup of water and doused Nerissa’s hand. Nerissa sort of stared at the smoldering remains in he hand. Then her eyes snapped open completely. She leaped off the couch, grabbed Sarah by the shoulders, and began to shake her.


Sarah was silently crying now.

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to do any thing wrong. I did not want you to get burned, that is all. Sniff. Sorry.”

Nerissa stood there, looking at the crying girl she held by the shoulders.

Her arms slumped; she bowed her head and sat dejectedly on the couch again.

“Oh no. I’ve done it again. Why can’t I stop?” she wailed.

Sarah stopped crying, mostly because she was so curios at what Nerissa was talking about.

“Gosh, I’m sorry Sarah, I get like that sometimes. I should not have shaken you. Forgive me? Listen, I know it sound funny, but don’t ever put out any flame near me unless I tell you to.”

Sarah said meekly. “Sure, I am sorry to, for startling you. I have to go now; I was stopping on the way back from school. I am going shopping with Kenly, want to come?”

“Uh, no. I am not really in the mood. Have fun.”

Sarah left and Nerissa made herself some peppermint tea and burned some more matches.  Then she lay back down on the couch and after drinking a little tea, fell asleep.


“Sarah, what do you think about vampires?”

“Uh, I don’t know Kenly. They aren’t real, are they?”

“Well, some people are not sure. There have been instances of vampires thought to ages, but never any in Crystal Tokyo.”

“Well, why do you ask?”

“Well, I was thinking that since blood is were we get the most energy, then why weren’t the old energy-seekers after blood instead of energy-energy?”

“Uh, this is to advanced for little me. They don’t call me Little Usagi in school for nothing, except, I do wonder, who was Usagi?”

“You don’t know?”


“Hahaha, Usagi is used for a girl who is really out of it and ditzy.”

“Uh! So, I am being insulted!”

“Hey, it is not that bad, not an insult, at true statement.”


“Hahaha. Now, lets look for those new outfits you wanted.”


Tyler stood against the back wall of Kenly’s house smoking a cigarette. She watched the smoke as it curled up in rings as if searching for something in its swirls. She knew she should kick it but, she reasoned, ‘I only do it on really nervous days, and, it relaxes me.’ Hearing a sound on the other side of the house she extinguished the light and popped a peppermint in to her mouth. She quickly walked to the front.

“Wait just a second!” a stern voice commanded her. Tyler spun guiltily around.

“Hey Kenly, how was shopping?”

“Don’t ‘Hi Kenly’ me, you were smoking!” she accused.

“Well, I, “

“No way hun! I saw the smoke, don’t tell me it was just you breathing hard.” She huffed and steam formed.

“That is not fair! I don’t do it in side; I barely do it any more, just once in a while! Besides, it is cold out here, inside it is cold to! How can you stand it?”

“I adapt! For now on, if you want to be a roomy her then if you must smoke, do it in town or somewhere I don’t smell it or see it. Next thing you know, Sarah will be doing it to!”

“No way! I would never let her!”

“One of those, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ sort of people?”

“Uh! That makes me look like some sort of criminal, promoting smoking to a under age child!”

“Look, chill, I’m cool, just don’t do it around here, Ok?”

“Humph! Fine!”


Xavier sat in front of the fireplace in his meditating room, his eyes closed. In his vision he sees all dark.

There is a flickering in the dark, as if a light is passed before it. He opens his eyes, instead of the fireplace, all he sees is a match in front of him he reaches out for it but it is no longer there. Her turns and sees a baby girl reaching for the match, instead her clumsy fingers tip it over and a ring of flames surround her. Instead of screams, Xavier hears contented laughter. Through the flames he sees the baby sleeping in the middle of the flames, unburned. The flames are blown away and as the smoke clears he sees an older girl of about five, she is flinging dirt at som other children for stamping out her bundle of lighted sticks which sit in a little pile on the ground. The smorlding coals catch, igniting the nearby dry grass. The grass grows and Xavier sees as if a bird’s eye view. An even older girl is dancing through a field. In the center she stops and takes out a glass vial from which she pores powder in a large circle around her in the grass.  The then bends to strike a match and the grass with in the circle flames up. The girl lies down and falls asleep as the flames swarm around her. Burning her clothes, but not her. Xavier gets farther and farther away until the burning circle is just a flame on a match in front of him. Again he reaches out to grab it. He burns his finger and jerks his hand back in pain. His eyes pop open.

‘What was that? Some sort of flashback? An omen? A girl who is not harmed by fire?’


Sarah was sleeping. Suddenly she sat straight up in bed then fell back again.

‘Oh no! Not again.’

Music blared from the next room and a TV could be heard.


Nerissa popped her head in the door, looking very much awake.

“Hey Sarah! What is keeping you up? Don’t you want to sleep?”

“I WOULD LOVE TO SLEEP!” Sarah yelled over the noise.

“Just a sec.” Nerissa went into the other room and turned off the music. “Now, what gives?”

“What gives? What gives! Nerissa, this is the third day, er, night you have been up at night. Not all of us are nocturnal! This has happened long enough! I am leaving!”

“What? You can’t, were will you stay?”

“FYI! Kenly invited me to live with her and Tyler if this happened again.” Sarah reached for the phone and dialed.

Kenly answered sounding very sleepy. “Wha? Hello, yawn!”

“Hey Kenly, I am sorry to bother you, but it happened again.”

“Yeah, yawn, I understand, Tyler is still up. She will come by soon.”

“But Sarah! That’s not fair! I can’t help it if I sleep all day!”

“Gosh Nerissa! What is it with sleeping all the time? Did you get bit by a vampire or something?”

Nerissa started.

“Why did you say that?”


“About vampires, why did you say that?”

“Umm, no reason, me and Kenly were talking about them last week. Oh, there’s Tyler, bye. I will get all my stuff tomorrow. See ya!” and Sarah walked out of the apartment.

Nerissa down on the couch and sighed. Then she turned back on her music and resumed dancing around the room.


“Andrew, all ready for the party?”

“Yes, it’s going to be cool. Is Tyler coming?”

“Oh yeah, defiantly. We may have one little problem though.”

“Really? What?”

“Well, I don’t know if Jeffrey is going to go to the other party with Nerissa since he is mad at her still.”

“Hmmm, I think I can get Thomas to take care of that.”


Nerissa was siting on the side of the community pool, watching Sarah swim.

“Wow! You swim really good Sarah!”


“Yeah, you’re strokes are very graceful. Were di you learn to swim like that?”

“Oh, on Torrie, my planet, we are almost born in the water.”

“Really? Me to! Well actually I was born,” Nerissa looked around and lowered her voice. “In fire.”


“Well, like I said. Se I am from Charis Aqual. Charis ‘the burning’ or fire, Aqual means ‘immersion’, or water. Every one from there can either stay under a long time with out any breath (they have gill like things) or they can stand fire. I was born with fire, and a some water.”


“Not really. You can swim good and hold you’re breath, Kenly can see perfectly in the dark. Tyler has an almost cat like sense of her surroundings, and I play with fire. It’s what we are.”

“Hmm…hey, have you seen Dr. Adonis’s pool?”

“No, I didn’t know he had one.”

“Oh yeah! It is nice. It is shaped like a bowl, in a circle. It is deepest right in the middle and goes down about twenty feet. You could bust you’re ears going that low. The sides of the pool are covered in mirrors so it looks really cool. And,” Sarah winked, “I am to inform you, Kenly, and Tyler, that we are welcome to use it whenever we please!”

“Sarah! And you didn’t tell us right away! Coolness! I will go tonight. Now, I want to go back up to my room and sleep. Is Tyler picking you up?”


“Good, bye, it is to sunny out here.”

“Good night at noon!”


“So she sleeps all day now?”

“Yes, it is so annoying. I can never get any thing done cause she has to sleep. And I can’t sleep at night cause she is bouncing off the walls. That is why I moved in with you and Kenly.”

“Hummmm, that is very interesting. In fact I remember…. oh well.”

“Hey, the party is tomorrow, ready?

“Yeah! Let’s party baby! Uh huh!”


‘Whoa! This is some pool! I hope that Sarah was right about them not minding us going swimming whenever. Here goes!’

Nerissa dived in to the pool with a splash, and lay there, floating on her back.

“Hey! Who’s in here!”

Nerissa fell off the float.

“What…? Who’s there?”

Jeffrey stepped out of the shadows.

“Oh, it’s just you. What are you doing here at, uh, 11:30? Don’t you sleep?”

“Huh! Nice to see you to Jeffrey. FYI, Sarah says that there is an open invitation for us girls to come whenever we want. Besides, what were you doing in here?”

“Just about to lock up to pool, the top closes over.”

“Well gosh, I sure am glad you didn’t close it after me! Problem not much air under there!”

“Well, you’ll have to leave now!”

Nerissa scrabbled out of the pool and ran up to Jeffrey.

“Hey, what gives Jeffrey? Are you mad at me for something? Cause if you are, then you better spit cause I am not going to go around trying to second guess you forever. What’s you’re problem!”

 “My problem! My problem? You are my problem! Always interfering in my stuff, getting in the way, lying about youre past, not once, but twice! God! I thought we had something, but not if you keep acting like this. I suppose you will apoligise, and then I will say how sorry I am for doubting you, then we will kiss and make up, and then go to the dance tomarow night and have a great time! Well, it isn’t gonna happen, unless you got a damn good excuse, this is it! Well? What will you say to that?”

Nerissa stood there, looking up at Jeffrey in disbelief.

“Oh my gosh! You’re right, I did lie. What else can I say? Sorry? No, you already said that is the wrong line…there does not seem to be anything else…I am going now, but tell me…if there is any thing I can do…to make it right.”

Nerissa turned around, grabbed her stuff and headed out the door. Without a second look back. Jeffrey stood watching her. He scratched his head.

‘hmmm, that did not seem to go right.’


“Hey Kenly and Sarah! We gotta go! We already have dresses for tonight, but now we need to get the Halloween costumes before they are sold out.”

“yeah, I’m coming. Kenly is putting on her necklace.”

“ok, I’m done. Before we leave, is everyone all agreed on what costumes we are getting?”


“uh, I think so but, I am still not sure what it is, a knight?”

“(sigh) Sarah, Tyler and I will show you. I swear, it is perfect for the three of us.”

“ok, lets go.”


“so, she won’t be at the party? Huh, we all knew this would happen eventually. I personally am glad to be rid of her.”

Jeffrey spun around.

“ok Thomas, listen up! This is hard enough without you getting up in my face with all you’re ‘I told you so’ crap! Lay off! It is not a problem for you, she still won’t be there. You’re job is to take care of Sarah, my problem is Nerissa. Get off my back!”

“Another one of the many reasons to stay single.”

Seeing the look on Jeffrey’s face, Thomas quickly went out of the room. Jeffrey grabbed his head.

“Grrrr! Why did I ever get mixed up with her?”


‘hmmm, tonight is the party. I wish I could go. I think I will stop by, just to see Tyler, Kenly, and Sarah’s super cute dresses. Then I will go swimming again. Jeffrey won’t be around. He probely found someone else to go to his party with him. (sigh) guys can be so wacko sometimes. I told him not to go pocking around. Gosh, I sure glad that he did not poke further, or I would be in some major dukey!’


“Sarah! Kenly! They are here!”

“Be right down!”

Mordacia, Thomas, and Xavier stood in the door-way. Mordacia looked very proffesional, Xavier looked shy, and Thomas looked down right like a person who is very miserable, but trying to look sort of happy.

“Tyler, you look really nice tonight.” Xavier said quietly.

Tyler gave a giggle and did a little twirl. “really? I don’t dress up quite as much as I would like to, but when I do, I go all out.” Tyler knew she was acting a little out of character. ‘But hey, I gotta loosen up a little tonight, time to have some fun!’

Tyler was dressed in a strapless black and silver dress. It was straight down and had slits on the side. The dress was almost all back with glitterly silver swirls scattered randomly on the dress. She had donned a pair of high silver shoes. They looked up as Kenly and Sarah descended the stairs.

Mordacia murmed a complement in Kenly’s ear which made her blush.  Thomas was also grudgingly able to say something nice to Sarah.

Kenly was dresses in a high cut dress of dark green velvet. It came up in a halter top and was looser at the bottom, not as tight as Tyler’s. being tall already, she wore low pumps. Sarah was wearing what looked looked like a ball gown. It was a black, off the shoulders dress with little pink roses on the collar, waist, and seam. The dress was a little puffed so that if she spun it would fly out around her.

When Thomas said that the black looked good, she almost fell down in surprise. The escorts took there arms and led them out to separate limos.

As Sarah and Thomas got into there’s Sarah caught a glimpse of the chauffeur, she turned away and then her head snapped back as she looked at him again. The man had black hair and green eyes. He looked into Sarah’s eyes and gave a curt little nod. Then he climed into the drivers seat and off they went.


Nerissa crept silenty around the corner. ‘I know it is funny, making such a big deal about sneaking into Mordacious pool, but I think I will have more satisfaction knowing that I am somewhere I am not wanted.’ She suppressed a giggle and crept on.


Jeffrey wandered aimlessly through the long passageways of the mansion. He could hear the sounds of the party going on below him. he knew that he could probly have a good enough time, but he did not feel like being all that happy at the moment. ‘I think I will close up everything on the recreation floor.’ He thought, and headed for the swimming area.


Nerissa hid her stuff behind a chair and silently slid into the water. She paddled around for a while, being careful not to be so loud or splash to much. She stopped as she heard a door open and foot stepps approach. ‘Ahhhh! What am I gonna do? I can’t dive under cause it will cause to much noise. I have to…ok, here goes.’ Nerissa slowly sank under the water, slowly letting her air out so that she began to sink without exerting and effort herself. Her head started to feel funny so she stopped letting out air, knowing that she was going to far under. She floated, suspended under the water. Suddenly everything in the pool began to go dark and she looked up and started swimming up as fast as she could. The pool top was closing!


Jeffrey cracked open the door and let his eyes adjust to the light before stepping in. he flicked open the switch-box, which controlled the pool, top. Something caught his eye. ‘Hmmm, behind that chair, clothes? It looks like someone is, or was here. Could it be?’ He looked toward the pool but saw no one. Picking up the stuff he flicked on the close button and watched as the pool closed. Was it his imagination? Or were those slight ripples forming in the center? ‘Must be my mind.’ Still, as he was walking out her took one last look at the pool cover. Inspiration struck and he hurried to a lower, hidden room under the pool.


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