“Wow! Some party!”

“Hehe, I know it! Have you danced yet?”

Sarah gave a little pout. “Aww Kenly! Thomas is just hanging around. I have danced once with Dr. Adonis and Xavier, but Thomas is my escort, he should get his rear on the dance floor!”

“I noticed, I have been dancing with a lot of people. Mordacia has been sweet, but a little detached. Like he had something on his mind. I don’t think I am supposed to notice it though, must be personal so I think I will keep out of it.”

“yeah, well, guys are like that sometimes. Look, Thomas is talking to him now, must be important.”

“Well, Tyler looks like she is having fun.”

“ya know, I don’t think that I would have guessed he going with Xavier. I guess the oppisite sttract rule is true.”

“hey! Mordacia and I are not opposites!”

“well, alike people attract to! Sorry!”

“hey, Thomas is coming this way! Do you think…?”

Thomas looked grim. “Sarah, will you dance?”

“Wow! Of corse!”

she took his arm as he led her out onto the dance floor as a waltz began.

‘well, I would not have thought it, but Thomas is a really good dancer!’

“hey, were is Andrew? I thought he would be here.”

“Andrew is sick. He is at his apartment now, most likely sleeping.”

“Ah.” They slipped into uncomfortable silence. “Um, is Jeffrey here somewhere?”

“do you always talk this much!”

“well, I’m just trying to make some conversation. Sheesh!”

“For youre information, Jeffrey is doing reasearch in one of the labritories upstairs. He has been so depress latley.”

“really? I thought that he was ok, at lest, hmmmm, have he and Nerissa broke up?”

“humph, they should.” The dance finished and Thomas went to talk with another student from the university.

“Common Sarah! It’s time to eat!”

“Coming Kenly!”


A dark figure peered out of the curtains on one of the balconies. Looking out over the colorful array of decorations and gowns spread out on the floor below him he raided his visor and studied each table. He then spotted his target. Shutting his visor again he stepped back and raised his left arm. In a barley audible voice he said.

“Nova Transpore” he vanished.


They three girls were having a great time, eating and talking.

Sarah felt a little funny, like she was getting a little dizzy. Suddenly the table filled with smoke. Sarah looked up, standing on the table, looking down at her was, her father! He looked a little fuzzy, but that was him, the same way she remembered him. he reached his hand down to her and she raised hers to grasp it. Before she could however, Tyler tackled her!

“What are you doing? That’s my dad! Stay away!”

Tyler’s lips moved and she shook her head as she pointed to the man standing on the table. “What are you saying? I can’t hear you!” Sarah struggled to reach up to the man but Tyler, and now Kenly were pulling her back. Sarah was frantic now. She screamed and lunged toward him. as she reached out he grabbed his hand. There was a flash of light, and Sarah was no more.


 The three girls were having a great time, eating and talking.

Kenly and Tyler kept looking at Sarah. Kenly thought.

‘Hmmm, maybe she is really to young for that wine.”

There was a flash of light and Kenly and Tyler jumped back from the table. On it, glaring down at them, was Supernova! Sarah also jumped up, but not in fright. A smile formed on herface and she reached out for Supernova’s gloved hand.

“No! Sarah stay away!” Tyler lunged at her. Sarah yelled at her and then pushed her away with amazing streanth. “Help me Kenly!”

Kenly helped but somehow Sarah lunged away. She flung herself toward Supernova. As there hands touched there was another flash of light and they had dissapeared. Tyler and Kenly stood staring at the place they had stood moments before.


‘Ahhh!’ Nerissa let out a mental scream as the cover closed over her. ‘ok, ok, stay calm, I will not freak! Big breath! (SIGH) ok, there is some room between were the tope starts and the pool tops. That means that, for a while, I will have some air if I float on my back. But when is it gonna be opened? This is terrible. Why do I do so many major stupid things? Well, if I am going to be here for a while I could…” she looked down at her hands. On the back of each hand were three thin, but long, scars. ‘well, I don’t have to worry about that now. I will try this for as long as I can.


“Ahhhhh! What just happened here! Was it my imagination, or did a guy in armor just appear and kidnap Sarah! (notice that it is not revieled that we know the guy is Supernova.) “

Thomas, Mordacia, and Xavier we half rose out of there seat. But the attack had happened so fast that they did not have a chance to do any thing. They glanced at each other but the girls were to distraught to notice there careful glances.

“I had nothing to do with it!” Mordacia’s wrist beeped. “Just a second, I have a call” “Hello?”

“Mordacia? This is Jeffrey, you had better get down to the Mirror Level fast!”

“What’s happening?”

“Can’t really say, but I am sure you will want to see it!”

“Ok, Sarah was just taken, I will end the party early.”

“ok, hurry.” (click)

Mordacia stood up on the dias.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to some unforseen circumstances, the party will end now. Please clear out.”

There was a general mummer around the room. Did this have to do with the flashing lights at his table? The dispersed till only the two girls and the men were left in the large room.

“Tyler, I would like to escort you home. But my help is needed in investigating this. Also some other things have come up. The limos will take you and Kenly back.”

“Ok, please, please, try to find her! Bye” Tyler kissed Xavier quickley on the cheek and she and Kenly walked out.”


Nerissa’s face went under water and she woke up. ‘Oh darn! I knew this would not work! Every time I try to rest to pass the time I go under. If I am going to be here for a while then…there is only one thing I can do.’ she pulled out a small contraption that was strapped to her ankle. It was about an inch long. ‘Always have a handy-dandy mini tool! Don’t leave home without it!’ pressing a minuscule button on the side a small knife popped out. Holding it Nerissa let out air and sank a few feet. She slowly brought the knife up to her hand.


“What is it?”

“Look! Up there!” Jeffrey was in a tall circular room. In the center was a clear bow shaped orb? It was the bottom of the pool! The mirrors on the side of the pool were really two ways! He pointed to a figure at the top.

“A person is in there? But the control says that the pool is looked up.”

“I know it, I locked it myself. I even found some stuff.”

“Who is it?”

“I’ll magnify it. I think Thomas will be very, uh, sort of glad.” He pressed a button and, it was Nerissa! Thomas started laughing, not a nice laugh.

“Are you telling me, that, Hahaha, Nerissa is trapped in our pool! That is just too great! But how is she breathing?”

“Well, it appears that there is some air room at the top that she is using, it will be running out soon though.”

“Hey, what’s happening now?” Nerissa started to sink.

Jeffrey jumped up, serious now. “My god, is she drowning now?”

Nerissa was slowly sinking in a spiral, her eyes were closed and the water swirling her hair around. A thin trail of red tinted water trailed after her as she sank to the bottom level.


Sarah once again became aware of her surroundings. She tried to figure out were she was without opening her eyes. A soon as she had touched her dads hand it seemed like she was floating through a wormhole. Around her were flashes of color and flashes of life. She remembered the last time she talked to her sisters, her father. She saw Pollex and her first fight on the earth. Strangely she was not scared at all. She felt very at peace actually. With her eyes still closed she tried to sit up. She could not move! Opening her eyes she stranded to look on the side. ‘I know what this is! A restraining field! They used those on the medical wards on Torrie. I did not think they used those on Earth, if I am on Earth.’ A door opened and footsteps approached. A face came into view above her. It was a guy with black hair and green eyes. Sarah yelped.



Nerissa slid the very sharp and very small knife across the scars on the top of her hands. Then she relaxed and slowly let out the rest of her air. In the mirrors she watched with half closed eyes and saw herself slowly spinning down. Her air was almost out. She could feel the pressure squeezing her head a little, but more and more the lower she went. He hands had stopped bleeding as the water rushed into her veins.


Nerissa was now lying on the bottom.

“I can handle this.” Said Mordacia, pushing a lever forward.  A larg bubble thing formed over Nerissa.  The bubble went down and detracted itswlf from the pool.  The guys stood around it.

“Hahaha, it is like Nerissa is in a fish bowl!”

“Shut up!”

“Look at her hands!” the cuts had turned into gill-like things and were pumping water in and out. 

“Is she a fish?” Jeffrey grimaced at the idea of kissing fish lips.

“No, part mermaid I would think.  Hmmm, Charis Aqual…”

“What Xavier?”

“Well, those from Charis Aqual are rumered to have some extra normal abilities.  Like breathing under water and…”


Xavier remembered his vision and looked ammazed as he said slowly.  “Fire power.”


“what do you mean we are just going home to wait? Our friend has just been kidnapped, (and I do emphasize kid) and you want to go home and wait!”

“Tyler, calm down, it’s not like that. It’s just, uh!  Well, what do you propose we do?”

“Well, first I would suggest we get Nerissa so that we could all search together, but her communicator is giving off static.  Lets transform and go back.”


Mystic Dragon Summons!

Andromeda Eclipse Make Up!

Two scouts rose in the air.

Lets Go!

“Orange Star Micro Movement!”

They disappeared.


Nerissa opened her eyes.

‘Where am I?’ she was still in water, but not in the pool.  ‘what is this? A mirror bubble?’  Again she could only see her reflection on the walls. She looked at her hands.  ‘I had hoped I would never have to do that again.  Should I transform?  No, I don’t know what is around me.’  She reached up to the top of the bubble.  ‘Oh good! There is some air up here!’ she raided her left hand so that it was above the water, in the small amount of air at the top.  The gills slowly started to close back up again.  She brought her hand down again and inspected it.  ‘Well, one set of gills should last me a while, I am not deep so I can survive.’  The globe she was in suddenly turned and her face was above in the air for a moment before it went to the top.  She sank back into the water, gasping.  ‘Air! Can a fish live out of water? Neither can I till this gill has closed.  I wonder how that happened.  Well, I am getting tired, must be morning.’

Thinking that Nerissa floated back to the bottom and closed her eyes.


“Ok, now!”  The bubble elongated into a clear glass-like bed.  All the air and water was sucked out of it, Nerissa’s right hand was incased in a special bag of fluid. 

“She looks like she is in a coffin.” Said Jeffrey.

“I wish.” Said Thomas.

Mordacia added a little green powder to the bubble.

“A charm from Xavier.” He explained.


Sarah’s limbs jerked involuntarily as the restraining field was released.  Slowly she sat up and looked around.  She seemed to be in a medical room.  To the left was a table with a lot of scientific stuff on it on the right was…

‘Nerissa?’ Nerissa was lying on a bed on her back, her eyes closed.  Over her was a glass covering.  Her right hand was connected to fluid.  She did not look like she was breathing.  She turned to Pollex.

“What did you do to her!” she demanded.

“Nothing, she did it to her self, in a way.”

“Is she alive?”

“Oh, very much.  Now, about you, I think you have something that belongs to me?” his stare was cold and threatening.  A flash of light was seen under the door and Solar Knight Nebula walked in followed by the others.

“Who are you?”

“Oh come now Sarah, of should I say, Sailor Torrie!  You know my friends.”

“She is not Sailor Torrie any more Pollex, but Ultra Orion.”

“Ah, that means she has found the ‘Gemini Crystal’ only buy the use of it could she power up to an Ultra.”

“What do you want?”

Star leaned forward.  “Simple, the names of the other Ultras.”

Sarah’s mind went blank and she would not have been able to give the names even if she had wanted to, which she did not.

“I…I don’t know.”

“You will not get any were buy just asking questions like that. Move back!” Xavier swept his hand over Sarah’s face and she fell back. He started firing questions.

“Now, who are the Ultras?”


Sarah felt like she was in a dream.  She saw a set of eyes looking down on her, she could hear questions being asked but they swirled around her.  She felt like she would drown in the onslaught but it seemed something was holding her up.  She slowly turned her head to be Nerissa was.  Nerissa had awakened and was watching her, her eyes seemed to understand what Sarah was going through.  Even if she had talked Sarah would not have been able to hear but a soothing message flooded Sarah’s brain.

-It will be all right, hold on-

Then Nerissa turned back and maintained her original position but Sarah could still tell that she was there.


“It is not working!”

“It seems like someone is blocking for her.”

“But who?” they looked around. Nerissa was still prone.

“Perhaps she has been pre-blocked.  I am getting some information but the identities of the Ultras are simply not there, like they have been erased.  We will leave her for now but come back later.”

Black Hole went over to look at Nerissa.  Her eyes fluttered.


Nerissa opened her eyes a little and saw two green eyes peering down at her.

Jeffrey? She mouthed.  She opened her eyes further and realized that a mask covered those eyes.  Her eyes flew open completely and she shrank back. 

She though bitterly.  ‘So, while I have been off goofing around, Sarah has been captured.  It is strange.  I have my sympath powers back, but I am not transformed.  What happened?’  She could feel Sarah’s mind struggling against a wave of psi combat.  She also realized that there was no air in her glass cage.  ‘How am I alive?’ she wiggled her fingers and realized they were in a fluid bag.  She had not been able to think of this a moment ago when she had to exert most of her strength to keep Sarah up.


Black Hole was a little startled when Nerissa first took him for Jeffrey.

“Why is she in an air lock?” he asked Thomas.

“Because, fire cannot survive in a place of no air.”



“ok, I am dectecting readings from the ground.” Said Ultra Draco, standing in front of Dr. Adonis’s mansion.

“Well, we need to get in first ans then find a way to get down there.”

“right, lets de-transform.”


Tyler rang the bell.


Demon Knight looked up.  An unpoken word seemed to pass through all the Knights and they filed out of the room.


“Dr. Adonis, Kenly and I want to know if, you have found Sarah?”

“Unfortunatly not, but we have traced the energy streak to the Pole’s, the same place, he nodded at Kenly, were Queen Beryl’s fortress once stood.”

“well…thank you all the same…bye.”

Tyler and Kenly walked sadly down the steps.  At the bottom Tyler stopped and looked at the top windows of the house.

“come ion Tyler, we have to figure how to get to the Pole’s.”

“you know, I cantr get over the feeluing that she isa here somewere.  It is like, a mental nudge.  I was thinking, I can get in the same way that Nerissa and I got in before.”

“and even if she is there, how do we get from the second story to the basement with out being noticed?”

Tyler grinned mischievously. “Well, I have this little item that I have had for a while.  She pulled out a small package and shakerd it open.  And held it up.

“What is it?” Kenly could see something, but mostly just an outline of a large cloak.  Only because there was a fait wavering of the objects behind it.

“A ‘Maboroshi Cloak’”


“Illusion, it is an invisibility cloak.” Tyler said gleefully.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Lets go!”


Nerissa was cold, being in a glass cage in a bathing suit, still wet, had certain disadvantages she decided.

‘I really thought that was Jeffrey for a moment, the eyes were the same, and his mental image was familiar.  But something was majorly different.  Like if I took Jeffrey and changed his DNA, I might get Black Hole.  But that is impossible, Jeffrey and Black Hole, the same? No way!’

She sat up a little, because there was not much room above her, and examined the contraption her hand was in.  Then taking out her knife, she tested it on the glass wall.  It cut easily.

‘Diamond rimmed knife, don’t leave home with out it!’

‘How am I going to disconnect my hand to heal, if I cannot breath till it is sealed?’  She had had this problem before.  ‘Hmmmm…’

She worked at it for a moment, and don’t ask me how she did it, but after cutting the glass she stepped out and walked over to Sarah.

“Brrrr! It’s cold!” taking a detour from Sarah she spotted her bag and quickly put on a jacket and pants.


Sarah was lying there thinking, since the restraining field prohibited her from moving at all, she could only see things above her.  Nerissa’s smiling face appeared.

“Hey Sarah. Hold on, I will get you out of there, buy the way,” she winked, “cute dress.”

“Nerissa, what happened?”

“Oh, you will find out later.  Now, Kenly and Tyler are upstairs, just open the door, turn the corner, and go up the stairs.  They will be right there.”

“But what about you?”

She smiled.  “Oh, I have some unfinished business, I will be ok.”

“I can’t leave you here!”

“Silly, I am voluntarily staying, I always get out, now go on, no one will see you.”

Sarah hurried out.  Nerissa stood there for a moment, and then she reached into her bag and pulled out a small solid black box that appeared to be seamless.  Lightly touching the corners she twisted and the box came apart in two halves.  Inside was a small, dark object.  She went and stood behind the door. In a while Jeffrey and Thomas walked in the door.  They instantly realized that Sarah was gone and Jeffrey noticed the absence of Nerissa to.  The quickly turned back but stopped.  Nerissa was standing in front of them, a small black gun in her hand, pointed in there faces.


Thomas instantly recognized the weapon, ‘A Black Cobalt 3.20, just off the market, looks like Nerissa has been spending her money on more than helicopters.’

Jeffrey said, “Nerissa, we were looking for you, Sarah disappeared at the banquet, we traced the energy to here, why are you here?”

“Oh shut up! All you’re talk about me lying and hiding things, but now the tables have turned, now you are the one who has been caught.”

Thomas shifted a little.

“Thomas, you of all people should know the capacity of this weapon.  I would very highly suggest you don’t move.”

Thomas watched her coolly, looking at ease with having a powerful weapon pointed at him.  Jeffrey looked nervous.

“Now, I do not exactly think you are a bad guy, not in that sense, but I know something evil is afoot, I fully intend to find out what it is.’


Sarah threw open the door and tumbled into the arms of Tyler and Kenly.


“I will explain it all later, lets go!”

The girls threw the Illusion Cloak over themselves and raced out.


Jeffrey said to Thomas in Outer Realm, “Ok, I see you’re point, she is dangerous, what do we do now?” then to Nerissa in Inner Realm, “What are we waiting for?  Are you just going to stand there all day (for it was day now) till we get so tired that we spill all info?”

But Nerissa seemed to have her mind elsewhere, her head cocked to one side as if listening to something that only she could hear.

Thomas replied, (Outer), “let me take care of it, when I signal, you get a back up,” he evilly grinned, “though I don’t think I will need it.”

Nerissa seemed to be done doing whatever she had been doing and returned her attention to the two men in front of her.

“What was that?” she appeared confused.

Thomas carefully fingered a Razor Circle, it was like those used by Ninjas in the Samurai period. 

With a quick flick of the wrist he sent it flying, ducking at the same time the bullet that would be headed his way.  Sure enough, an explosion followed as a large portion of the wall behind him was ripped away.  The gun went flying.  It had only contained one powerful burst and would be no use to anyone now.  Thomas saw Jeffrey racing out the door.  Nerissa now looked very confused and was hesitating at weather to stay or run.  Thomas pressed a control panel, the door slammed shut.

Thomas swung a powerful blow with his right fist.

Quickly Nerissa ducked and swung her leg out, he didn’t trip, but was off balance for a moment.  She thrust an arm out to push him over.

Thomas took this chance as she was off balance to grab the arm and pull, quickly spinning her arm into a position that would break it.  He pressed down but Nerissa turned in circles, which made it impossible to keep the arm down.  Twisting her arm free, her leg went up in a crescent kick. 

Thomas stepped back a touched his face, her kick had cut him a little, but instead of blood under the cut, a thin layer of shiny, metal like material was visible. His eyes flashed, and they began to seriously fight. Nerissa’s eyes had turned red as she blocked and punched.  Thomas was to fast for her and soon she was pinned against the wall, a hand at her thoat.

She chocked

“I yield, I yield!” but Thomas did not hear her. And pressed harder.  Nerissa was seeing black.

‘Oh! I can’t faint again! I have been asleep almost the whole day!’ but the air was being cut off.  Through a haze she heard.

“Thomas stop!” but Thomas did not stop.  She saw strong arms pull his hand away and she collapsed on her knees, gasping for breath.


Looking up she saw Thomas being held back by Solar Knight Black Hole.  Nebula raised his hand.  Nerissa’s thoughts spun, her arrival at the palace, her meetings of the three others.  She realized what was happening.

‘Mind reading!’ she closed her eyes and concentrated on a blocking technique.

Nebula looked surprised.  He knelt down eye level to Nerissa.

“Well, it seems we have a blocker here.  I am sorry for you, that will mean that gathering the information we need will be very hard, on you.”

‘I’ve got to warn Sarah about Thomas, he must be a cohort to the Solar Knights.  I wonder if I should transform now?  No, I wont, that would blow all my cover and most likely my friends also.  Though, they seem to already found out Sarah.’

Demon said. (Outer) “Kill her, she is only trouble, there is no use for her.”

Black Hole stepped up, (having put Thomas in the charge of Supernova) (also in Outer) “wait, do you really think we have to do that? I mean, there are other ways.”

“like we tried to before? No, she will only escape and ruin our plans.” He lifted his arm. 

Nerissa scrambled up and began talking quickly in Outer Realm, this of coarse, makes all the Knights and Thomas stop and stare.

“Wait, wait, wait, I KNOW you don’t want to do this! You are going way to fast on this.  Why would you want to kill me? I can’t hurt any one.  All I want in life is friends, Jeffrey, and a normal life. Let me go, and I swear, I wont bother you again. Pleeeeeeese!”

Demon considers kicking Nerissa cause people begging bugs him.

Black Hole was touched about Nerissa’s remark about Jeffrey.

Neblua did not care either way.

Supernova believed in punishing a person for their crimes.

And Thomas was sulking that he did not get to kill Nerissa when he had a chance.

No one was able to think another thing however because the underground lab blew up at that moment. Everyone went flying in different directions.  All was still for a moment as the dust clears.

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