There were the four Ultras standing at one end of the rubble of what used to be Dr. Adonis’s house.  A little away from them stood the Solar Knights, dusting them selves off.  Andromeda and Centuri were a little apart from the group, talking in hushed tones, and then they motioned for the others.  The talked earnestly for a while and the Centuri said.

“It has to be done, there is no other way.  Anything else would blow the whole thing open.  Make sure everybody sticks to there part.”

The others looked at each other and gave a sad sort of nod.



“So, if it isn’t the Merry Little Band of Woodsmen.” Demon taunted.

Orion shook her fist at him.  “In case you haven’t noticed, we are girls, as if the clothes haven’t clued you in!”

Centuri pulled her back.  “That’s not what he meant.”

“Opps.” (Turning red)

“Again you have foiled my, err, our plan again.  Personally, I would not think that very good businesses move.  You are about to get fired!  Supernova!”

“Supernova Scorched Earth!”

Centuri pushed the girls behind her.  “Stay back, fighting fire with fire is what I do! (Well, sort of).  Ultimate Fire Minataur Blast!”  The fires canceled each other out.”

Nebula thought. ‘Hmmm, mystical beasts.’  “Guardian of the Golden Fleece, Dragon Argo! Flame!”  A dragon stepped out and shot more fire.

“Centuri! What are you going to do?”

“Uh, well, I can only use that attack once in a chapter, but don’t worry, it is only fire.” And she ran to the dragon, reaching up to its both she stood there, engulfed in flames, she touched it and it disappeared.

Andromeda came forward. “From the System Elfwood, I am Andromeda!  -Super Star Shards!”

Nebula fell down, his armor pierced at the shoulder were there was a gap. Supernova dragged him to the back.

Demon raised his hand again and Orion fell down and started screaming.  “NOOOOOOOOOO! STAY BACK! GO AWAY, ITS NOT MY FAULT, I DID NOT KILL HER! ITS NOT MY FAULT!”

“I’m not sure if you realize this, Ultras, but Orion, or shall I say, Sarah, has been blamed on her planet for the death of her mother.”

Orion was now gasping on the ground.  “it’s not…true…I…did not…do it!”

Kamikaze Blow Away (Divine Wind Blow Away!) demon was blown back a little. He made a motion to the other Knights then disappeared.

Centuri whispered to Andromeda, “Cover for me, I am going to try to get behind.”


As Sarah was struggling to get up a figure appeared in front of her.

“Hello Princess Sarah, I think you have something I need.”

“Pollex! You again!”

“Come now, give me the Gemini Crystal.”

“No, I won’t!”

“Fine then, I will take it! Consider yourself lucky that it is not in my power to take you’re whole crystal, only the Gemini Shard.”  With that he grabbed her brooch and popped the shard out.  Orion turned into Sailor Torrie. (Slightly different outfit, 2 layer skirt and some other stuff is diff.) then he disappeared.

Then Draco stepped up. Taking the dragon tooth off her necklace she twirled the rope it around her head and it became long like a lariet.  She threw it and it found Black Hole’s neck were it tightened.  But he was to strong and broke it with little effort.  His gem on his head began to glow as he rose into the air.  With him and the others facing the Ultras only the girls saw that Centuri had risen in the air behind him and was powering up. Nebula, still on the ground noticed also however.

“Black Hole! Behind you!”

Black Hole swiftly turned and Star rose next to him to protect him from attacks from behind.  They hung in the air, facing both ways, back to back.

“Ah, Ultra Centuri, I am almost sorry I have to kill you, you really are a cute thing.”

“Thing is you all right, and any one not human has no absolute need to live, so you must go!”  She spun her wand and it became a long sword.  “I am going to give you an advantage, you most likely know how to sword fight better than I can, but, I have seen you fight. So, FACE OFF!”

The rest of the Knights rose also along with the Ultras.  They each made a half circle in the air, silently watching a duel to the death.


Black Hole thought, ‘hmmm, she certainly can fight, her techniques seem familiar, like I fought her before.’  Centuri was thinking the exact same thing.  Counter attacking and blocking in perfect unison, neither giving any room.  Then they both drew back to there respective sides for a sort of ‘time out’ conference.

Demon appeared.  “Black Hole, you must use your powers, she wont suspect a thing.”

Supernova, “but that is cheating, he can beat her without magic.  I may be better with the sword, but he’s not bad.”

Star, “But don’t you see, they are of equal skill, this can go on for weeks.”

Demon lightly touched the crown on his head.  “We must finish it now.”

Black Hole bowed.


On the other side the girls were mostly silent.

“Centuri, are you sure you know what you are doing? I mean, isn’t there another way?”

“I’m afraid not Sarah, err, Sailor Torrie.  I have to do this, it will be ok, it always is.  We are the good guys, um, girls, evil won’t always prevail.  Think back to all of Sailor Moon’s adventures.  Even when all was lost, she still believed.  (Flashes of Sailor Moon and times when she was the only one alive and still fighting.)  And you know, whatever happens, I will always be with you, here.” Placing her hand over her heart.


Centuri and Black Hole continued to fight, then at a moment of rest, Black Hole shot a beam out of his sword.  The ultras, standing behind Centuri saw it and yelled, the last thing they saw before it hit was Centuri facing them, her lips moving.  Then they dived and it exploded.

The Knights still looked defensive, as if something could have survived the explosion and come bounding out of the smoke.   As it cleared, all they saw was a long, silver wand with a star on it, falling toward the ground.  The Ultras and Sailor Torrie also followed it’s movements.  It landed, then the star disappeared, leaving the silver wand, then that also vaporized.  Every body was silent, still staring at the place were the wand had vanished.  The three Ultras joined hands, and when the Knights looked up, they had disappeared.  Looking around they surveyed the damage done to Mordacia’s house.  The explosion had totally leveled it, there would have been a fire, but the water from the pool had put that out.  They lowered and walked across to the rubble strewn about.


Jeffrey heaved a big rock up and tossed it to one side, he had been working for an hour, trying to salvage anything possible from the destroyed house.  Locking down he saw something yellow-ish, at first her thought nothing of it, then bent down to get a closer look.  It continued around a rock. Jeffrey slowly looked around it. there was two flat rocks and a rock over them, making sort of a space, a short cave.  Carefully he lifted the top rock.  Sunlight pored in on the ground under the rock.  And there, lying curled up on the ground, was Nerissa.  Her face and body were covered in dirt, and there was brick dust in her hair, but she was breathing normally, asleep.

‘Dang, this girl can sleep through anything!”  Jeffrey picked her up and looked at her.  ‘Every time I see this girl asleep, I wonder, how can such a person cause so much trouble, and be the cause of so much chaos?’  She gave a little sneeze from the dust, but remained sleeping.


Nerissa was dreaming,

all was dark, then a faint flicker and the dark turned a reddish hue.  More light began to pour in.  Directly in front of her was the source of the light, it was fuzzy and indistinct.  She reached out…

and touched a candle.  She stared at the candle for a moment, held in front of her face, then, at the form behind the candle.

“Konbanwa Nissako.” good evening Nerissa

“Konbanwa Jeffy-chan.” good evening Jeffrey

“Genki desu ka?” how are you?

“O-genki des, arigatto.” very well, thank you

“So, you do speak Outer Realm.”

“So do you.”

“Listen, Nissako, please, we have both done a lot of wrong things in our past, and to each other.  But,”

Nerissa stopped him.  “Hey, what’s done is done, and no one can change that, but we can change the future, always.”

Jeffrey leaned forward. “I love you Nerissa Gamin Centim Maboroshi, and I always want to be with you.” They started kissing and Nerissa leaded back on to the couch. “I was thinking, the exact same thing.”


Kenly, Tyler, and Sarah sat in Kenly’s house.  Nobody talked, nobody moved except to glance at the clock frequently.


Light years away, Sailor Cosmos stood at the foot of the Galaxy Cauldron, stirring life in to the stars.  Reaching down she picked up a crystal ball and gazed into its depths.  In it she saw a ship, a inter space ship, being readied for lift off.  Directing her attention to a corner of the ship she saw a lab technician fastening something to the side of the ship.  The man had black hair, and icy blue eyes.  

Then her ball clouded over and she could see no more.

A man in a lavender cape came up behind the Silver Queen and put his arms around her waist.

“Don’t worry, remember, you are only allowed to help to a certain degree, there are something’s you can do in this situation, but not many.  Be prepared to choose.”

“I know, but sometimes, I am so worried about Selenity.  With a baby on the way, she has few ways of defending herself.”

“And the Ultras?”

the Queen showed him the ball and the scene of the battle at the building played.  “Already they seem to be weakening.  One has lost her ability to turn Ultra, and another is, for some reason, playing dead.  That is what worries me, is one going to desert?  I mean, to stage that she was blown up.”

“Hush, hush,” said the king, kissing her cheek.  “All will turn out how it was meant to turn out.  Look, you are stirring the cauldron to hard, the stars are fighting.”

“Oh!” she slowed her stirring down.

“come, there is an ambassador from the Fie’r Wata’er system.”

“Charis Aqual? Coming.”

Nerissa and Jeffrey were sleeping on the couch.  Jeffrey’s wrist watch blinked. – 8:15 –


The girls in the room stirred.

“Maybe we should go home, she won’t come.”

“Wait Tyler, she promised she would be here.”

“Hey, this is Nerissa we are talking about. Since when does a promise mean anything to her?”

“Hey! Stop, ok? Just stop! We don’t need to argue now.”

“Sorry Sarah.”

They looked at the clock.

- 8:30 -


Nerissa lay there, watching Jeffrey.  She nudged him.  “Yo, wake up.”

“Huh? Wha…?” he yawned groggily.

“Here, sit up, I need to tell you something.” The tone of Nerissa’s voice made Jeffrey came awake fast.

“What is it?”

“Jeffrey, don’t hate me, but…”


“I’m, well, I’m leaving Jeffrey.”


“oh, this is so hard, I should have just  gone.  You see, my home, Charis Aqual, well, we are having another war.  I would not have card all that much, but you see.”

“No, you can’t go!”

“You don’t understand.  They are my people.  And, it is said that my mother had another child, a girl, which I did not know about.  She was sent into time before I found out about her.  She is at the present Charis Aqual now!”

“Let me get this right.  You just found out that a sister you did not now you had was sent to the present and is now in Charis Aqual?”

“Yes, along with some counselors that disappeared long ago.  I would be happy to leave the ruling to Meriel, that’s her name, but they are demanding me back.”

Jeffrey looked away. And said bitterly,  “So, that’s what you will do? Go off to some system that has lived without you for the last three or four thousand years?  And leave behind you’re life, your friends, me?”

“I will return to you, you will return to me.  But first I have to go.”

Jeffrey just sat there, his head turned away.

“the shuttle leaves at10:00 from Crystal Star, right outside of Crystal Tokyo.”


“Sorry, I’m late.’


“Nerissa, you have some explaining to do, Tyler would not tell us what was going on.  And it looked so realistic, we, we thought you might not have survived it.”

Nerissa told them what she had told Jeffrey.

“But I don’t understand, why did you play dead?”

“well, if I had survived or something, then had left today.  Both Nerissa and Sailor Centuri would have been gone at the same time.  The Solar’s would have figured it out.  Then they would link Kenly and Tyler with me and Sarah, then the whole operation would have been gone, kappesh?”

“Oh, I see.  So, you are leaving? I mean, really leaving?”


All the girls stood there for a moment then started hugging each other.  Every body was crying.

“(Sniff, sniff) common gals, (sniff) I have to go.”

“K.  We will see you off from Control.”


Nerissa stood outside the terminal, holding her bag.  She was dressed in a red jump suit.  The wind was blowing hard and her hair was blowing around her face.  Slowly she began to walk forward to the ship.  The door behind her swung open.

“Nerissa, wait!”  she turned to see Jeffrey running up to her.  “before you leave, I wanted to give you something. Here.”  He took a shining pendant out of his pocket.  It was a long gold chain, on the end was a large green jewel, it was surrounded by small diamonds.  Nerissa’s eyes widened hen she saw it.  “This is Alexandrite, in natural light it is green, in artificial light it is red.”

“Jeffrey! This is my favorite gem, how did you know?  I mean, of all things.  This is my birthstone, and I always loved it because my eyes responded the same way.  I love it!”

“I thought you would, I got it on Venus, my home planet. Now, go.”


Tyler, Kenly, Sarah, and Jeffrey sat in the main room. Nerissa voice was hard over the count down intercom.

“Ok, all systems go, we are on-belay.”

“Read you pilot, proceed.”  The sleek craft took off down the runway, a little gray box with numbers blinked on the side, increasing its speed with jet engines firing.  It rose into the air.  Tyler noticed that it seemed to wobble slightly.

“Systems check.”

“Ok, something is weird here, it seems that the ship is draining, or, I’ not sure, but something is not right.”

Jeffrey glanced at the clock, - 9:57 –

“Do you want to come back down?”

“Yes, I think so, I need to get higher and circle for a better landing.”

“Negative, you need to descend now.”

But Nerissa continued to ascend.  She turned and began to circle.

“Wait! The glitch seems gone. I am going to go.”

“Negative, we need a new systems check.”

“Sorry, no time.  Tell the girls and Jeffrey that I lov…”

With that the communicator became static.  Every one jumped to there feet, trying to reestablish a connection.

Suddenly the night sky lit up with a tremendous explosion and every body dove under tables as pieces of metal came flying at super speeds from all directions.  The glass shattered and equipment sparked as wires were cut.  Then everything was quite.  Looking off into the distance all that could be seen was smoke and a hulking scrap of what used to be a transport burning in the middle.  The greater part of the ship lay in three places, the rest was scattered over the runway, and also parts of the ship were in the control room. It was obvious there were no survivors.

Sarah’s mouth was open in a silent scream, the other joined her.

A small, shadowed group was watching from the side f the building.  One of them grinned evilly as medical personal hurried out.

Nobody could find any trace of Nerissa in the ship or any were near it.  Slowly everyone drifted away from the charred wreckage and moved slowly home.  A fire crew came out and hosed down the place.


the last scene in Bishoujo Senshi Saa Ultras is of a funeral.  Then there are scenes of every day life, the mansion getting rebuild, Tyler and Kenly going on dates, Sarah eating ice cream.  Life sort of goes back to normal.  One thing that does not change is Jeffrey, he dos not flirt that much any more, and is generally very depressed looking.  He tries to have fun sometimes.  So ends Sailor Ultras.  But just this story, not the whole story, ends her.  Read Teiyoo Mugen (Sun or Solar Infinity) to hear, the rest of the story.   Rebecca Holland

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