Written by 

of Missouri. 15 years old.

It's what I hoped 
would happen after Comic #6

(but it's kinda short)


The Pillar of Prayer

"I Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, with the power of the Moon, shall
seal you away!"

These words were spoken from Sailor Moon just before the defeat
of Queen Metallia, the Goddess of Evil. After the dreadful event,
Sailor Moon dies, and the blind Prince Endymion finds his way to her and is
suprised to find her cold, stiff, dead. Endymion gives her a kiss, and she
awakens, happy to see her love, while he regains his sight. Luna tells
Serenity to return to the Moon, and as Serenity concentrates on her scepter, she
and Endymion are transported to the Moon. Serenity is astonished to find
the Moon Castle, as well as Silver Millennium, reborn. Thus, our story

Serenity: Luna, is this...

Luna: Yes, Bunny. Your power has reawakined Silver Millennium. You
are now the new ruler of Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity.

Serenity: My power revived the Moon Kingdom? Oh, I remember it all
so well. I remember...I must go back and look at it one more time.

Luna: As you wish, Serenity.

Here we find Serenity, Endymion, Luna and Artemis walking
through the entrance to the Moon Castle. As Serenity and Endymion enter, they
both glow with a soft white light. When the light fades, Serenity is wearing
the dress she wore so long ago when she was the princess. Endymion is wearing
his suit he wore when he was the Prince of Earth.

Serenity: Luna, I've missed this place so much!

As Serenity admires her dress and her surroundings, the others look
at a dark figure standing at the base of the elegand Grand Staircase.
Realizing who the person is, they bow to her. Catching a glimpse of Endymionbowing 
low, Serenity looks up, staring into the shadows. As teh figurecomes forward, Serenity feels tears flowing through her eyes, and does awonderful curtsey.

Person: Please don't Serenity...

Serenity: Oh, mother!

Serenity rushes forward to Queen Serenity's open arms. They cry as
they embrace. Then Luna, Artemis, and Endymion draw closer and share the
joy. Then Princess Serenity looks up, and wonders how her mother could be
standing in flesh and blood, when she had lost her body.

Serenity: Mother, I thought your will was left in the castle'scomputer. 
What is going on?

Queen Serenity: For a time, I was part of the computer, but when you
defeated Metallia, my spirit was finally joined with the Pillar ofPrayer, 
and granted a wish that I have had for so long.

Serenity: What wish was that?

Queen Serenity: To see you one more time in my living form.

Queen Serenity explains that every soul of every Queen Serenity
will join into the Pillar of Prayer to watch and help protect the ones
they love as well as the Earth, and someday, the entire galaxy.

Serenity: But what about Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars? What
will happen 
to them?

Queen Serenity: That's different. Hopefully, they will be reborn. If
not, then they will most likely become part of the Silver Imperium Crystal.

Queen Serenity smiles lovingly at her daughter as she gets a
concerned look on her face.

Queen Serenity: Yes, Serenity. You will have contact with them. Do
you remember? The Silver Imperium Crystal will always follow your heart.

Princess Serenity is over-joyed and gives Endymion a quick,unexpected 
hug as all of them have a small laugh. Then Queen Serenity takes
Princess Serenity's hand and places a niw brooch in it. It is then that
Princess Serenity knows that she should say good-bye.

Serenity: One more question, Mother.

Queen Serenity: Yes, Serenity?

Serenity: If my soul is joined with the pillar, can I bring Endymion?

Queen Serenity: I would be suprised if you didn't.

As the tears begin once more between the Serenities, they say good-bye. 
Soon after, Queen Serenity's body fades, leaving only her sparkling,
pure soul. Princess Serenity whispers one final good-bye as she,
Endymion, Artemis and Luna watch the spirit join once again with the power of
the Pillar of Prayer:

Serenity: May you find eternal happiness, mother.