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In the Garden

Astera, slowly and gracefully, walked toward Princess Kristana
(Krista) her long white gown swinging as she walked. At the sound of
footsteps Krista turned, her curly long red hair glistening in the
moonlight, swishing around her slender figure.
A look of pure disappointment was apparent in her green eyes. “Oh,
hello Astera; I was hoping you were Caleb. He has been gone so long…”
Krista’s eyes filled up with tears. “You still miss him? Even when he
told you he’ll be back?” inquired Astera. “I am worried, he said he
would only be gone a week. That was 2 months ago!” sobbed Krista.
“How about we go back to your room and see if there is any word”
suggested Astera. As they walk pass the roses in full bloom, Krista
trips and lands on her face: her eyes grow huge and tears shooting
from her eyes! “ooooooooohhhh, that hurt! Waaahhh!” Krista wails. She
stops abruptly when she notices a beautiful rose with a note attached. 
She reached to pick it up, but Astera beat her to it. As Astera picks it
up she pricks her finger and draw a dot of blood. “ What a pretty rose”
Astera said dreamily. Her eyes grow big and a funny smile appears on
her face. “Oh, you have a secret admirer!”
A huge sweat drop runs down the side of Krista’s face and she puffs
out a mushroom shaped sigh. “ I wonder who it could be?” Krista
“That’s the bell for supper” called Astera. After eating a hearty meal,
an emergency sailor soldier meeting was called. Andrea (sailor Triton)
stands up “ We have received a distress call from Mina (super Sailor
Venus) the other scouts are in trouble apparently people are
disappearing! Only Sailor Venus, moon, Pluto, and Saturn are still
around. A mysterious being is kidnapping and brainwashing the
people of Earth. “
“How are they accomplishing this?” Thundered Renee (Sailor Leda )
“Well no one knows except they found a rose and a note at the scene of
the kidnapping!” was the astounding answer. *GASP* “ I found a rose
and a note!” stated Krista. “ Perhaps its just a secret admirer?”
suggested Astera. Everyone fell to the floor dramatically with sweat
drops on their heads!
Suddenly Astera stood up and swayed for a second before fainting
and falling through a black hole! “ ASTERA!” screamed Krista then
fainted her self. Before Astera disappeared she whispered “......... the
flower.......don’t....... touch.........flower.......Krista.........”
The scouts rushed toward their Princesses side as she fainted “NOT
YOU TOO!” shouted Akima.


“I am fine…” whispered Krista, she started to sit up. “ What
happened?” asked Renee, her eyes full of concern.
“Just the shock of Astera’s disappearance.” 
“Maybe you should see a doctor” suggested Andrea.
“No, no I am fine,” Krista wailed “I’ll never see Astera or Caleb again!
“Quit your whinnying!” shouted Renee her eyes full of scorn.


Astera stirred, “wha....?” “Where am I?” “You’re in my kingdom” a
cold bone-chilling voice cackled.
Astera’s eyes grew huge like her mouth; wildly she turned her head
back and forth.
A female figure: Her skin is a light, furry gray. She is an animal you
know. Her eyes are burgundy. Her hair is about half way to her neck.
The color of her hair is dark rose; almost like the color of a rose or
burgundy. Her outfit is dark, dark pink. She has midnight black wings.
Her wings look almost like a dragon. She wears dark purple lipstick.
Her feet are dark purple and look like a wolf's foot. She has a long gray
tail with a dark purple at the end with four spikes sticking out in
different directions. Her hands are also of dark purple! Her nails on
both her toes and fingers are two inches long just to make her look
freaky. “ What a swanky-hoe-bag” Astera amused.
“wha-what do you want with me?” Her voice braking; Whoosh,
suddenly bright white lights circled around the lady. As she watched
transfixed, her blood turned to ice. Astera gasped.
ZZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPP! She felt her knee’s buckle. Beams of light
shot out and encircled her, and tightened until they loosely fitted her
slender figure.
The last thing she remembered before she black out was the witch’s
face. Her eyes grew wide as she felt herself giving into the darkness
that was closing in. NOOOOOOO! She thought just as she lost
TO BE CONTINUED!!!.......................


Super Sailor Venus gathered eternal Sailor moon in her arms ad
tried to comfort her, “ Serenity” tears flowed from her eyes.
“I’m...... okay.. I .. miss.......Darien..........” Serena stuttered. Mina’s
blond hair brushed against Serena’s face. Suddenly Serena’s face
turned all goofy; her eyes grew huge, her mouth widened. “More time
for new cute guys!” A huge sweat drop ran down Mina’s face and she
puffs out a mushroom. “Typical Serena” Mina thought. “I think we had
better join the sailor scouts from the other galaxy! Let’s call Trista, and
In the distance they saw Trista’s long hair swishing gracefully in the
soft breeze. Behind her they saw the small form of their friend and
fellow scout Hotaru trailing slightly behind.
Serena eyes grew huge and she sighed, “ I wish they would hurry up
those slow pokes!” Mina’s eyes grew too, “ hey you’re even slower so
what are you complaining about?!”
Serena had fire in her eyes and shouted, “What do you mean I am
slower, I am not slower just because Raye isn’t here to bug me doesn’t
mean it’s your job to take over!”
With the thought of their friend Raye, Serena burst into tears and it
was as if it was rain and a storm came from her wailing. “What’s
wrong Serena?” Trista asked. “Ahhhhhhh!!” Both Serena and Mina
jumped high in the air and screamed from surprise. while they were
teasing each other they failed to notice the approach of Trista and
Hotaru. “ I guess it’s time to get this over with,” Serena sighed.
“Darien........” she thought wistfully.
They each linked hands and combined their powers and
concentrated. Bright lights shot from the ground and a burst of energy
encircled the group and shock the ground with a sudden force. With a
final shout from the group, “TELEPORT!” They disappeared.


“Soon I can put my plan into action and take over the universe!
Conquer Time and Space!” An evil and chilling voice said to her newly
formed army consisting of the people of Earth and other planets.
“Conquering earth will be the ultimate challenge. Then I will go on to
harder targets!” The voice chuckled evilly.
“Soon I will have the most powerful crystals in anywhere.
TO BE CONTINUED.....................


Krista was softly crying in her enormous bedroom. A knock on her
door was heard yet ignored. Brenda ( Sailor Europa) poked her dark
black hair swishing inside the room.
“ May I come in?” Brenda inquired. “ If you must” Krista relented.
Gently Brenda laid her hand on Krista’s shoulder, and a huge smile
broke out. “hey look at it this way, there are even more guys we can
check out!” Then the smile disappeared as a bell sounded.
Krista gasped, “ to the battle room!” Batman theme song floated
overhead. “Daaaa-daaa-dooo-do!” SAILOR SCOUTS! (instead of
BAT-MAN) in the battle room, Krista and Brenda were surprised to
find Mina, Trista, Hotaru and Serena.
“Wow, its an honor to meet to finally meet you!” Akima gushed.
Serena just sniffled. “What is happening on Earth?” demanded Renee.
“I think I can make a guess,” Andrea stated, “princess Serenity, is
mourning over the disappearance of her loved one Darien/ Prince
Endymion. Also for her friends and her daughter. just like we are for
“That’s *sniffle* right!” Serena replied.


Astera’s eyes fluttered open; “ I am here Davina, I will obey!” Her
vacant eyes stared straight ahead as she struggled to stand. At first
Astera stumbled, her clothes had changed as her mind did. She saw
Davina, and behind her were rows and rows of people dressed exactly
like her. One man in particular stood out. he had dark hair along with
those familiar dark eyes. He is very muscular and very handsome, in
his hand was a black rose. 
Some of the females as well looked very familiar with dark hair
almost down to her knees, one with a brown hair tied in a pony tail by
green balls. And one with short blue hair and she looked very smart.
Another female with an athletic body, who had dirty blond hair, next
to her was a female with shoulder length greenish blue hair. “Why do I
have the feeling like I have seen these people before?”

TO BE CONTINUED............ 

The Return:

“ We know a rose tied with a ribbon attacked is a note, is usually
found,” stated Mina. Krista burst into tears, with Brenda comforting
her. “We need a plan” Trista declared. “ What is we purposely let
ourselves be captured? Then attack when we get there?” suggested
“We don’t know what will happen once they arrive; it’s too
dangerous,” Andrea said wisely. Steam rose out of Renee’s ears and her
mouth twisted in a frown. “ You know you remind me of my friend
Raye,” as the picture entered Serena’s mind she sobbed, “ I miss Raye!”


“It will be your job, Astera, to capture the rest of those silly sailor
scouts” informed Davina. “Yes, Davina” replied Astera in a monotone.
With that she tapped her heels together and bowed her head… and
walked away to device a plan to capture the scouts!


Princess Kristana (Krista) sat on her fluffy blue pillow looking into
her jewel incrusted gold mirror and a picture frame of her and her
boyfriend, Caleb. Sparkling tears rolled down her cheeks and she
sobbed. She looked back into the mirror and gasped, “Astera?” Kristana
spun around, blinking the tears out of her eyes. Tears were spilling out
like water fountains. “Wha..What happened? How did you escape?”
“I’ll tell you in good time, I must see Renee first, I have urgent
business to discuss with her. 
Astera grinned wickedly, and knocked on Renee’s door and opened it
“RENEE” she calls. “This will be easier than I excepted” Astera
chuckled devilishly.

TO BE CONTINUED........... 


Darien looked at Davina for orders. “I want you to personally bring
the Moon Princess, Serenity to me personally. Make no mistakes!”
ordered Davina. ‘Where have I heard the name, Serenity?’ wondered
Darien. Watched Darien with her sharp, hawk eyes, and saw his eyes
flicker. ‘Hmph, I am going to need to brainwash this guy.’
She walks over and touches Darien’s forehead. Darien’s eyes once
more take on the vacant look again. “hahahhahahaahaa” cackled
Davina. ‘My greatest triumph will be when I get my hands on those
crystals and those princesses!


Mina walked toward Renee’s room, as she was about to knock she
heard a bloodcurdling scream. She rushed and burst through Renee’s
room where the sound was coming from. “What is going on? Who
screamed? Were did you come from?” Mina gasped as thought she saw
a ghost but then the figure bending over Renee moved as she saw it
was Astera! Mina rushed towards Renee’s side and picked up her head
and gently placed Renee’s head on her lap. She saw a mixture of fear,
terror, pain, and disbelief.
Mina took out her communicator and called: Trista, Hotaru. “Guys
get to Renee’s room on the double don’t say anything to Serena, she
doesn’t need anymore worries! Hurry!” Two minuets later they were all
gathered in Renee’s room, talking.
“Where did you go?”
“How did you escape?”
“Did you see the other scouts?”
“What’s wrong with Renee?”
Astera simply answered, “I was taken by the evil Davina, and yes I
saw the others” tears spilled from her eyes right on cue. “They have
been brainwashed, Renee was so shocked she fainted, I guess. I came to
her room to have a happy reunion!”

While this was going on Mina ran to Krista’s room to find Krista. She
knocked on her door and told her the shocking news. Tears of relief and
joy rolled down Krista’s already tear stained face. “Wait a minuet,
something in Astera’s story doesn’t really make sense. I have a very
bad feeling. I have to get back to Renee’s room right now!


Serena sat in the guest bed, her blue eyes filling with tears, “Rini,
Darien, Lita, Ami.........” she cried out the names of her friends that
disappeared. She flopped herself on the bed. Crying she found the
reddest rose ever, “Tuxedo Mask, are you here?” Just saying that name
made her bawl harder.
“Serena” a familiar voice called softly. “Huh?” Serena, gasped.
“No matter what I’ll be on your side, never forget that.” The voice said
very softly. “Where are you?” there was no response.

“Why did I say that to her? What are all these images I keep seeing?
What’s wrong with me?” He asked himself silently.
A beautiful princess entered his mind saying “I’ll set you free my

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Return of Darien

Mina was mulling over the sudden turn of events. At the sound of a
creek she spun around to see a hysterical Serena running toward her. 
“I heard Darien, I know it was him!”
“What?” Mina was taken back.
Serena declared “ I was crying on my bed and I heard my name so I
turned, I could see none, but I heard Darien tell me he is always on my
side, now and forever!” 
“This is getting more complicated by the minuet! At that second
Hotaru ran in breathless. “I ran to get a wet cloth, and when I
returned Trista and Renee as well as Astera were gone!”
“Something is way wrong, stay here,” Mina ordered. “If I am not back
within five minuets, call the sailor scouts together.


“Davina, I have captured 2 more sailor scouts! I believe the keeper of
time will be an excellent addition to our army.” Astera stated. “Very
well done. We’ll turn all the scouts against their princesses!” Davina
“Um, where is Darien?”
“Why, I don’t know” Astera replied bewildered.
“Find him, I want those crystals and FIND DARIEN!” Davina


‘What is this emotion?’ wondered Darien. “I must find the princess,”
he ordered himself. He walked toward the palace. As he walked down
the street he saw kids playing Darien smiled. (Cutest smile, that makes
you melt) Guards rushed forward to him as he approached the castle. “I
must see Princess Serenity of Crystal Tokyo!” Darien insisted. One of the
guards told the request to Serena. “Who is it?” Serena inquired. “A man
with short dark hair, and he held a rose.” Replied the stocky guard.
“Let him in, let him in!!!”

Darien waited and waited and waited. After what seemed like an
eternity, finally the guards admitted him with their apologizes, “Sorry
Prince Endymion” ‘ Prince Endymion, why would they call me that?’
Darien wondered. ‘That name sounded familiar, but I can’t just place
The same girl he saw before ran up to him and threw her arms
around his neck and kissed him. ‘Why does this feel so right?’ Darien
asked silently. “Darien, I am so happy you have come back to me!”
Serena gushed breathlessly. “I am sorry but do I know you?” Darien
inquired. Tears welled up and she gasped, “What do you mean who...
am... I?” Shock overcame Serena and she fainted whispering “Darien I
love you” Darien caught the girl before she hit the floor.
“HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! PLEASE!” Darien cried out loud and
repeated that over and over!


Mina, while looking for Astera, Trista, and Renee she heard a cry for
help. Dashing toward the voice she was shocked to find a man holding
a limp Serena in his arms. It hit her like a ton of bricks, Darien!
“Serena!” Mina cried as she lounged forward. She saw a slight look of
confusing, recognition in Darien’s eyes. “Darien it’s me Mina,
remember me and Serena?” As if he was struck he fell back, swaying he
repeated,” Mina?”
Darien put his hands over his ears. “What are all these pictures?
What’s happening to me?!” He cried in agony. Then he too fainted from
nerves and slipped into a restless dream.
He saw his love, Serena calling to him. “Darien please remember and
come back to me. I am Princess Serenity and we are destined to be
together! Please don’t forget me.” She called.
Suddenly he felt like someone threw a bucket of water on him. Darien
woke with a start. “What....?” He saw a concerned Mina peering over
him with a cold compress in her hand. He turned his head and saw
Serena lying in another bed. Darien leaped from his bed and hurried
to her side, where he whispered, “This feels so right............Serena!”
Darien bent down and softly kissed Serena on her lips.
Mina watched as Serena opened her eyes, “Darien” she whispered, “I
love you so!” (Ohhhhhh)


Astera reported to Davina, “so far I have not been able to fin Darien,
maybe he is hiding?”
“I want him found and no more mistakes!” yelled Davina. “I will not
fail you again” assured Astera. With a bow of her head she was gone.
“Soon I’ll be able to overthrow those twits, and the sailor twits!”
Davina laughed evilly.

TO BE CONTINUED............. 

A Day of Destruction

Darien took Serena in his strong arms and silently tears slid down his
cheeks. “Darien?” a weak voice gasped.
“My love-” he chocked off.
“Ahh finally at last I have found you Darien!” A loud and obnoxious
voice pierced through the air. From the dark corner of the shadows, a
sinister figure moved about and finally stepped into the light. It was
Amber or was it? Darien turned around and transformed into



“Are you done yet?” Astera asked sarcastically. Sweat drops hung.
“Amber it’s me, Andrea, please try and remember me! Astera’s long
nails extend to scratch Sailor Titania, but then ‘Tuxedo Mask’s theme
song played over head’
A red rose hit Astera, stunning her. “Astera, remember your friends.
They are here for you!”
“Friends? I have no friends here. Move over cape boy, I’ll deal with
you later.” With a swift move of her arm, beams of black lightning
struck Tuxedo Mask. Then another tried to hit the Sailor Titan. As a
last resort the sailor scouts jumped protectively in front of her.
“Ahhhhhhh” They screamed as the powerful blast knocked them
down. They staggered for a minuet. “nooooooo” Sailor Titan screamed
as they fell. “Oh now you have done it!”
“I am sailor Titan and you will pay for hurting my friends you
scanky-hoe-bag!” She moved her arms as she spoke in a
sailor-moon-like-fashion, but different.
“Ohhh now little miss princess is going to fight me, I am so scarred.
Help, I need help, ohhh. I am shaking!” Astera taunted her. Sailor Titan
hangs her head sighs, “ Just wait Astera I will rescue you and set you
“Rescue me? Hahahahahaha, from what? I am with my master and I
need no one to rescue me unlike you!” A blinding white light encircled
Sailor Titan then shot out towards Amber after sailor Titan raised her
staff and shouted “ SABER LIGHT BLAST!” 
“you really thought that little ping was going to hurt me? That really
hurt, boohoo!” Astera said sarcastically. Her face turned a dark red
and she shouted’ “Try this!” Bolts of lightning flew towards Sailor Titan!
ZZZZZAAAPPPP! A rose absorbed the attack before it could hit her.
“Sailor Titan NOW!”
Sailor Titan with drew her staff once more and shouted “Saber pure
reflection!” A beam shot out and swirled into a mirror showing the
good times, then encircled Astera and relieved her of the dark
“AHHHHHHH” She screamed. Astera clamped her hands over her
eyes as if to shut out the images. “What are all these feelings? Ohhhhh”
Astera moaned!


Davina was watching the whole thing and saw her servant being
blasted and weakening. She gave Astera a blast of dark energy. With
another wave she hit Sailor Titan. “HAHHAHAHHA, no one will ever
defeat my warriors!”
“huh, wait what’s happening?” Davina said. “STOP!” she shrieked!

TO BE CONTINUED............


Serena opened her eyes to see Sailor Titan and Tuxedo Mask with the
sailor scouts fighting an evil looking Astera. She shook her head to clear
her jumbled thoughts. They need my help!
“Sailor Titan together we can win if we only do it together!” Eternal
Sailor Moon shouted.
“Okay here it goes... on my mark!” Only she never got to finish the
sentence because she was interrupted by a blast of electricity!
“OHHHHH that really hurt you traitor!”
With a nod Sailor Titan counted, “1..2..3.. STAR CRYSTAL
HEALING!” As the same time as Sailor Moon. Concentrating their
power, they closed their eyes and a brilliantly bright white light
exploded from their crystals and hit the unsuspecting Astera. A sheet
of stars glistened all around Astera. Each full of love and friendship.
“What’s happening to me?” Dark Astera shrieked, her crown on her
head shattered to the floor!
With a final grunt, she slumped to the floor, “oh.” 
“Astera? Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Sailor Titan asked
faintly. “Krista.........” Astera moaned. Her eyes closed and her body
went into convulsions. Her mind was in a fight against the weakening
evil. Faint with exhaustion, Sailor Titan and Eternal Sailor Moon
collapsed. Tuxedo Mask carefully set each Sailor scout on a soft smooth
pillows; even Amber. Then tied Astera up so she couldn’t escape.
The scouts were the first ones to wake up with the exception of
Krista and Serena; having used some much power they returned to
their normal selves. The scouts stumbled to their sides. While Tuxedo
Mask kept an eye on Astera.


“It’s time to launch the first attack” commanded Davina. She was
watching her first in command, a young teen named Raye. “Hmm, I
was lucky to get such a catch” Davina clucked gleefully. “Yes Davina!”
Raye responded. With a bow she and her army disappeared. “An easy
win, now that both Princesses are not able to fight.”



Dark Raye gave her orders to surround the kingdom. Waiting for the
order to attack, her head snapped around at the sound of a twig
snapping. “Raye begin your attack! And DO NOT FAIL ME!” “Yes
Davina” Raye responded in a monotone.
Raye raised her hand and gave the signal to attack. Power surged
through her veins. Her eyes glowed a fiery red, and vacant. In a
second a quarter of the kingdom was blown to pieces, and crumpled.
An evil cackle escaped her lips, “Hhahaahahaahaa!” The Sailor
Scouts rushed to meet their attacker. A figure in orange and yellow
sailor suit cried, “Raye, don’t do this we are your friends!” Her words
were cut short; with a burst of energy and power, Super Sailor Venus
was wrapped in a red rope like line. It shocked Sailor Venus so severely
she staggered and slumped to the floor.
“RAYE, NO!” a weak voice cried. Serena walked up in her regular
clothes. “Serena get back you are not well enough to fight!” begged the
weak Venus.”
Serena’s eyes were shinning with tears. “ MOON ETERNAL
“Raye I don’t want to hurt you, but if that what it takes to heal you,
I’m sorry.” “You hurt me? Ha-ha, that’s a good one. More like I’ll hurt
you!” A burst of red slammed into Eternal Sailor Moon. “You pack quite
a punch, MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!” Bright twinkling lights
shocked Raye.
“What are you trying to do? Tickle me?Hahaahhaa.” Raye chuckled.
She raised her hand and an even stronger shot out toward Sailor Moon
but was blocked by the Sailor Scouts.
Sailor Titan hurried out and talked with Sailor Moon briefly and it
was decided they would give it one more try. With an enormous
amount of concentration while being constantly blasted by an
infuriated Raye. “Shall we give it one more try? Not to late to back


“hmm, Raye is weakening, she needs more power. Well here it
comes!”Davina mused. “Wait, Davina if Raye gets anymore negative
energy she will be destroyed!” A female with short blue hair, said as she
continued to type on a small lack computer. Her fingers typing rapidly.
“Well, then you’ll be next in command. You had better not fail or
you’ll surfer for a long time!” Davina threatened.


The crystal combined produced a very powerful bright white light.
Raye shrieked and closed her eyes at the extreme brightness. “STOP!”
Only their power increased and as Raye thought they could not get
any brighter they did! Even with Raye’s increased power she could not
stop them!
Suddenly their suits changed forms from their sailor suits to their
princess dresses. An even brighter light linked the Princesses together!
There eyes glistened with sparkling tears. 
The lights encircled Raye and completely destroyed any and all evil
that had its grip on Raye. Also it cleansed Astera and Tuxedo Mask!
But Tuxedo Mask still couldn’t remember Serena, only that he must
protect the sailor scouts!
After a minuet both princesses collapsed from exhaustion, barely
hanging on to their lives! Raye also collapsed. Tuxedo Mask begged
Serena to wake up! “Why am I doing this? I don’t even remember or
even this girl do I?” “It just feels so right! Don’t leave me Serena!” Tears
flowed for a reason Tuxedo Mask didn’t know!


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