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Chapter 11
Raye’s Destiny

Sailor Venus’ eyes fluttered open and was shocked to see Tuxedo
Mask holding a limp Serena. Krista was laying beside her. Sailor Venus
returned to Mina, and ran to Krista. She dropped to her knee’s and
gently placed Krista’s head on her lap. “Princess Kristana, please, it’s
me Mina, PLEASE WAKE UP! PLEASE!” Mina begged. After Tuxedo
Mask changed back to Darien he carried Serena into a very large
room, where the other scouts were resting. Next Darien picked up
Krista and gingerly placed Krista beside Serena on a different bed.
Soon the Sailor Scouts woke up and everyone was crowded in the room.
The room was full of misty eyed people! Darien didn’t know why but he
felt drawn to Serena. Slowly and hesitantly kissed Serena tenderly on
the lips and once again the POWER OF LOVE prevailed.
A short time later, Serena opened her eyes, a dreamy look was
plaster on her face. “Oh, Darien that was just like old times!” Serena
squealed. Then her face became alarmed “Is Astera, Renee and Krista


Davina’s eyes had a fiery gleam, hatred was boiling inside of her
body. “Davina I have a report for you. Princess Kristana is still
unconscious and so are Astera and Raye! But they are on the
Princesses side!
“I want you to complete Raye’s mission, I’ll deal with her when the
time comes. You are now first in command!”
“Thank you Davina, it is an honor! When shall I begin?” Ami inquired.
“I will send you word . I want both Princesses to be present when you
take over and crush them!” Ami bowed her head and backed away.


“Um, they are resting still. Can you tell me out myself, I still don’t
remember you, but little bits and pieces.”
Serena looked like she was about to cry, “Okay, but first is Krista any
better?” Sadly Darien looked at the floor, his eyes brimming with tears.
“She hasn’t awaken yet and I don’t think she will for awhile. I have no
idea what to do.”
Serena turned to Brenda and asked, “ Is there anyone special in
Krista’s life? A boyfriend maybe?” Brenda looked down too at the floor,
“Um, there is Caleb but he was taken by Davina I fear. It was a month
ago we last saw him and he was only suppose to be gone for a week!”
“I don’t know how we are going to wake her. Or if she will ever wake
up with out her lover / beloved.” Serena grabbed Krista’s shoulders
and gently shook her and cried, “Come ON KRISTA! PLEASE!” But
there was no response. Dejectedly she slumped, and cried softly, “We
must find this Caleb!” 


A young man was standing at attention. A flash of memories flitted
across his mind. They cut threw his thoughts, a picture of a beautiful
princess with red curly hair that sparkling gold highlights, shone
brightly in the sunset. The handsome man shook his head. “That is such
a pity, that is the person I am suppose to destroy after taking her
crystal.” He thought to himself.
Davina was standing in front of him. “I want you to accompany Ami,
if she messes up I want you to take over! You must finish the job, no
matter what!”
“Yes Davina!” He bowed and as Ami did.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 12

Serena and her friends took turns watching over Krista, Astera, and
Raye; for any sign of recovery. Serena felt a tap on her shoulder and
spun around and was dumbstruck to see a very handsome man
standing behind her, “May I see the girl?” he inquired. 
“Who are you?” Serena asked. “I am Caleb” he replied. His smile was
warm but his eyes were cold. Even Serena had to shiver. “I am afraid
that is not possible she is recovering and we can’t seem to wake her!”
Serena’s voice shook with emotion.
“No!” he cried and ran up to the beautiful girl he had seen in his
dream. He knelt down beside her and grabbed her hand and silently
wept. Why am I weeping over a girl I hardly know and a girl I am
suppose to take the crystal from? Caleb wondered. Why am I even
here? What are all these feelings? For a reason he did not know he
carefully knelt close to Krista and bestowed a quick kiss. A pink light
briefly encircled Krista.
“Caleb? Have you really come back to me? Is that really you?” Krista
cried as her thoughts cleared and she saw his face.
Serena having heard Krista’s cry, hurried into the room where the
young man, Caleb was staggering and fell into nowhere!
“CALEB, CALEB NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Krista screamed. Her sobs
rocked her slender body. Mina, Brenda, Darien, and Akima were the
first ones to arrive, “What happened? what’s wrong? why is she
crying?” Questions were flying everywhere.
Finally after calming everyone down, except the still sobbing Krista
Serena told her story. “Well this guy appeared out of nowhere and
asked to see Krista, so I asked to he was and he said.......CALEB!” That
got a gasp from everyone. She continued, “ I believe he kissed Krista
which is why she is now awake, thanks to Caleb. Then Krista screamed
and ran in there to see Caleb fall and disappear!”


Davina was watching very carefully. Caleb has just kissed Krista!
That traitor! Now Kristana is awake! She slammed down her skull
staff. The skull had eyes that were quartz. They glowed and with a
swift gesture she waved it over her head. She sat on her skull throne
until Caleb appeared. 
Caleb was on his knees, and bowing, “Please forgive me I know not
what I do! Now that she is awakened can we start with the plan?”
“Very good thinking! AMI!” Davina called.
“Yes, Davina?”
“I wan you to start with phase! I warn you, do not fail me or you
shall have the worst punishment!” Davina threatened.
“I will not fail you.” With that Ami was gone.
Davina’s eyes flickered, with a single chocked cry. Caleb was now
imprisoned in her staff, in one of the quartz’s eye. “Hahahahahaha! I’ll
reserve the other eye for Tuxedo Mask!”


Chapter 13 
Ami’s Flaw

“I have came up with a foolproof plan!”Ami clucked devilishly. Her
fingers typing rapidly. “Ami, the time has come for you to execute
phase 1” An evil glint in Ami’s eye sparkled for a moment. Ami typed
in the code for that sent the order for destruction at her request.
“Before any sailor scout could do anything, they’ll be seized by my
men!” Ami boasted. She disappeared into the room where the scouts
were. “You know this place isn’t very well guarded” Ami chided.
“SCOUT POWER!” They shouted. “We’re the sailor scouts and in the
name of love and justice, we will punish you!” Sailor Europa landed a
swift kick to the nearest man. Her arm shot out and threw another guy
over her shoulder.
“Black Lightning Shock!” Men started dropping like flies. Sailor
Titania also joined her fellow scout and shouted, “Snowstorm Wipeout!”
Half of the remaining army of men were frozen. “Good Job Sailor
Titania!” Sailor Leda cheered.
Ami shot a giant wave of water and lightning and it knocked the
scouts down.


Davina was looking at her skull staff where Caleb was trapped. “Soon
I’ll have Tuxedo Mask as well, then the crystals!” Davina gloated. Soon
all the galaxies will be mine! And with no one to stop
me!Hahahahahaha!!” Davina grinned. She waved her staff and
created a mirror where she saw Ami getting the upper hand on those
annoying scouts.
“Hm, it looks like Sailor Titan and Sailor Moon are getting ready to
join the fight as well. Now’s the time to collect Tuxedo Mask back! I’ll
leave Astera to her fate. The scouts won’t trust her and I won’t have to
do the dirty work!”
Davina twirled her staff and stepped threw a black hole, and was
sucked in. As she disappeared her shrill laugh pierced the air.


“Oh my head, wha.. what? Where’s Krista, what happened?” Astera
opened her eyes to see Tuxedo Mask peering concerned at her. “Why
am I tied up? Is there something going on? Who are you? Are you
dating anyone?” She giggled.
Tuxedo Mask hesitated, “I… am... Tuxedo Mask, sworn protector of
the Princess Serenity. I am formally know as Prince Endymion/
Darien! Yes and my love is out there fighting! They need help! Don’t
you remember what you did?” Tuxedo Mask inquired.
Astera shook her head, “If they need help untie me!” Convinced
Tuxedo Mask untied Amber and took her to where the vicious battle
was taking place. Sailor Moon and Sailor Titan has just joined the fight.
“Oh no they really need help and fast!” Tuxedo Mask said alarmed.
Sailor Io turned toward Tuxedo Mask and started to thank him,
“Thank you for all y-------” she gasped and pushed Tuxedo Mask as a
beam shot out toward his back. “Ahhhhhhh!” Sailor Io screamed.
Tuxedo Mask caught her. “I’m okay, WATCH OUT!” Again she pushed
him out of harm’s way. “Oh now you have done it, it’s war now!
AURORA STAR SHOWER!” Sailor Io cried.
This time Tuxedo Mask jumped in front of her as Davina blasted a
more powerful blast. He groaned in pain.


sailor Moon turned and was horrified to see Tuxedo Mask slam into
Sailor Io at the force of the blast from Davina; who appeared out of
nowhere! “NOOOOOOOOOO!!” Sailor Moon screamed, she ran toward
the heap. As she just reached them, another beam shot out and
encircled the limp Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Io groggily grabbed Tuxedo
Mask and held on. Sailor Moon grabbed her and together they grunted
as they played 
“Tuxedo wake UP!” Sailor Moon cried.
“Ahh” Sailor Moon and Io screamed as they were hit with power
electric blasts!


Chapter 14
Their Loss

Sailor Moon and Io slumped to the ground, and Tuxedo Mask was
ripped from their grasp. An ugly evil grinning face appeared with a
staff that had a skull on it! Tuxedo Mask was placed in one of the
quartz’s eye! “Ami finish them!” Davina bellowed. Shakily Sailor Moon
and Io went to help the falling scouts. “STARLIGHT FLASH!” Shouted
Sailor Io “MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!” Sailor Moon yelled and
they combined their attacks. They managed to stun the evil Ami. Ami
shot out bubbles catching all the scouts except Sailor Moon, Io, Titan
and Europa. Ami shrunk the bubbles and shocked all who was trapped
in them. “Owww, ahh!” they cried. Sailor Io screamed “NO!” as the
scouts turned back into their regular clothes.
It’s all up the sailor Moon and the remaining scouts! Concentrate
scouts and lend me and Sailor Titan your powers!” black bubbles
zoomed in toward Sailor Moon but Sailor Io jumped in front and
pushed Sailor Moon out of the way. Sailor Io was caught instead. As
bubbles were hurled at Sailor Titan, but Sailor Europa saved her, as
well as got caught herself!
“Fools jumping in front of the weaklings! You’ll pay!” Ami vowed “Like
this” She thrust out her hand and blast the scouts inside the bubbles.
“STOP!” Sailor moon and Sailor Titan screamed in unison .


They concentrated their powers on sailor Moon and Titan, then
passed out. Before Sailor Venus passed out she wrapped Ami in her
love chain and tied her up!Stars and lights encircled them and beams
of light shot out protecting them. With their staffs in hand they
simultaneously twirled them in their hands and shouted,
They generated more power than ever before! Pink lights swirled
generating more love energy. Finally they blasted the paralyzed Ami.
“Yahhhhhhhhhhh, oooooowwww!” Ami screamed before she as well as
Sailor Moon and Titan passed out. Sailor Moon and Titan smiled as
they lost consciousness, they had seen Ami’s black evil crown break.
They had never noticed it before with Astera, or Raye, but they saw
that as the key!


“Now is the perfect time to capture the scouts, all of them!” Davina
chuckled. “Lita it’s time for you to take over!” Lita stepped into the
light. “Don’t worry, I’ll get all those pathetic scouts for you.” Lita
promised, an evil smile appeared on her face.
“Again, they have foiled my plans, but not for long.” Davina
declared, banging her staff down, jerking Caleb and Tuxedo Star to the
floor of their prison.

TO BE CONTINUED!..........

Chapter 15
The Rescue

Hotaru, who was attending to Raye was completely unaware of the
battle going on in the protected room. “They’ve been out there for
awhile, I better go check on them. “She walked out to the garden and
was spellbound to see the horrible scene before her. All the sailor Scouts
were unconscious and a limp Raye lay nearby.


“I hope I am not too late!” Sweat glistened on her forehead as she
concentrated her power on a newly acquired power. “SATURN
STRENGTH” Saturn was able to grow a little taller and stronger with
this new power. Groaning she struggled to carry everyone she could to
the protected room, however she was unable to carry Krista too so she
ran to place each scout inside the room and ran back for Krista.
Sailor Saturn gasped, Krista was nowhere in sight! Sailor Saturn
returned to Hotaru. She began yelling “Krista! Can you hear me?” Wait
what am I doing? I am talking to an unconscious girl? Stupid me!
Frantically, she ran to Mina and shook her. “MINA, come on WAKE


Davina’s eyes gleamed, “You have done very well Lita.” Thank you!
Lita bowed. “Finally Princess Kristana is mine and soon her crystal
will be too!” Davina boasted, while looking at the deathly still figure of
Krista who was laying in a cage.


Caleb looked at the unconscious Krista. I know her from somewhere,
but from where and why? “HEY!” A voice called from nowhere.
“What? Who said that?” Caleb called. “My name is Darien and I am
next to you in the other eye! Are you Caleb?” The voice asked.
“Yes, how do you know my name?” Caleb asked. “A girl named Serena
told me about you and Krista. You see like you I am having problems
with my memory, bits and pieces are missing. That girl on the table
you know her, but you may not recognize her! I think and I am
convinced that the evil Davina has erased our memories!” Darien
“How can you confirm that?” Caleb asked.
“Well look at her ‘army’ their eyes, they are so vacant. You can see no
soul in them. If you had a mirror you could see your eyes changing!
Mine I think are almost normal because I am beginning to remember
things. Although I still have my doubts!”
“I believe you for some reason, it feels so right. So I am in love with
this girl who is sleeping? Cool she’s cute! I must have very good taste!”
Caleb grinned.
A huge sweat drop formed on Darien’s head, “Oh brother”

“QUITE TALKING!” Davina commanded.


Mina’s eyes fluttered open, she squinted under the bright and intense
light. “What? Oh hi Hotaru, what’s going on?”
“I am afraid Princess Kristana has been captured with Darien!”
Hotaru reported.
“I guess we have a very powerful enemy on our hands.” Her eye
narrowing. Quickly as Mina and Hotaru could they aroused the sailor
scouts! Except Serena. “She needs her sleep.” Mina decided.

to Serena’s room and peeked in.
*Yawn* “Boy what a great dream I had” Serena gushed, “Me and
Darien were having a picnic and we kissed.” Serena’s eyebrow
furrowed “then something weird happened, a voice yelled ‘HELP ME!’
It sounded just like Darien but muffled! What do you make out of it
Mina pondered the question, “Since Darien was captured, maybe he’s
calling to you from his prison. Did you see anything?” Mina inquired.
“Well no - wait! Yes I thought I saw a skull with two quartz’s for eyes!”
Serena exclaimed. “Great, that’s a good clue!’ Mina cried. Serena
turned to squarely face Mina, “Where’s Krista?” She asked.
Mina’s eyes dropped and looked at the ground. “Um, I believe she too
was taken by Davina.” Serena gasped, tears welling up “NOT HER
“I thought you knew!” Mina exclaimed.
“Maybe I forgot.”


Krista stirred, then opened her eyes. “Where am I?” She gasped bars
enclosed her in a square room. “Serena, Mina? What’s going on?”
Krista yelled. “Well, well, well the princess has finally awaken. You are
now my prisoner!” A voice chuckled. A shiver ran up and down her
spine, she shivered. “Who are you?” Krista demanded. “well your in
no position to make any demands, but I’ll tell you, I am Davina. Oh and
if you look to your left you’ll see your boyfriend, Caleb.”
Krista was thunderstruck, Caleb, here? Slowly Krista turned and saw
a man who looked exactly like Caleb. She gasped, “No way” It is Caleb,
it has to be! “Caleb, oh, Caleb!” Krista sobbed. Davina grinned, “now
give me the crystal which you posses. The Imperium Star Crystal or
Caleb will suffer!” Davina threatened.
Krista shouted defiantly, “NO!” Davina’s eyes narrowed, “Fine have
it your way!” Caleb screamed in agony, and pain as bolts of electric
came from a girl whose hair was in a pony tail! “I know her! That’s it
Lita! Sailor Jupiter!” Krista realized. Caleb, in pain shouted,”Please
give her the crystal!” 


Caleb watched as the girl he was told he loved, had tears streaming
down her face as she cried out his name. “No don’t be tricked that’s not
me!” Caleb shouted and banged on the eye. 

Hmm, Caleb would never say that. Krista faked a frown in defeat,
then grinned, “That’s not Caleb So go ahead shock that impostor all you
want!” Krista quipped.
Davina gave a start, “you’re right Caleb is trapped in my staff!”
Davina revealed. Krista gasped, and gaped at her. “No! Caleb”
“Yes and so is Darien! Now give me that crystal, if you ever wan to
see them again.” Dejectedly, Krista pulled out a bright glowing crystal
and handed it over!

Both Caleb and Darien screamed, “NO! DON’T DO IT!”

“I am sorry guys.” Krista whispered. 
“hahahaah, foolish girl! Now you’ll see Caleb is in my staff and you’ll
be there forever in my staff!


Chapter 16
Where is Krista?

Mina and Serena burst through the battle room doors. “Davina is
getting Stronger!” Mina stated. “We know and I think I have found
where Krista is” Andrea spoke up, “I have been trying to track her and
I think I know where she is now.” Andrea’s fingers typing very rapidly
on her computer. “I believe she is in a vortex in between dimensions!”
“Can we find and get her out?” Brenda asked. “we’ll have to use the
Sailor TELEPORT, but I think we can.” Andrea replied.

Hotaru rushed at that moment, “Ami and Raye are both awake” She
reported breathless. As if to back her up, they walked in. “Hey guys I
heard we did you guys some awful damage! We’re really sorry” Raye
said sorrowfully. “Also what is this about the Princess and Tuxedo
Mask gone?”


“It’s time to go to the final phase. Lita get together all our troops, we’ll
put an end to those scouts!” Lita reported, “Yes, we are awaiting for
the command and all is ready”
“Now we can go and destroy them once and for all!” Krista screamed,
“NO!” Tears streamed down her face, she sobbed. Davina raised her
staff and black rings encircled Krista pulling her into her staff in the
same eye as Caleb. Now she again raised her staff and her army and
Lita disappeared in a black hole!


“Oh my......” Andrea voice trailed off.
“What?” Akima asked.
“We don’t have to teleport anymore, she is coming and she is not
alone!” Andrea’s face was deathly white. “She is coming with someone
who is very dark!” Andrea reported.


Chapter 17
Davina’s Last Battle

Krista banged on the quartz’s eye, that held Caleb and her captive.
Quickly Krista summarized their relationship, sometimes sparkles of
recognition burned brightly in Caleb’s eyes. Other times there was no
“I remember most of it but other pieces are a total blank” Caleb said.
“Oh no, that must be horrible and tough not remembering certain
things. Boy I am gonna get that Davina and make her pay for all this.”
Anger blazed in Krista’s spirited eyes.
“Hel-lo, Remember me the guy trapped next to you?” Darien called.
“Oh yes, I am sorry I was just talking about the past that has been
forgot--” Krista stopped in mid section as she was hurled against the
wall of the eye. “We must be moving” Caleb suggested as he tried to
regain his balance, but ended up on top of Krista. “Oww” Darien groan
from his prison.
“How are we ever gonna get out of here?” Caleb wondered.

“what.. what.. do you mean?” Astera asked. 
“according to my computer...... she is coming....closer...in...fact..she is
in this room!” Andrea stated.

That’s right, you are a smart scout!” a cold voice said.

They whipped around, surprised. They each searched for the origin of
the voice. An ugly face appeared from the shadows. “Euuwwwww!
What an ugly face!” Serena shrieked.

Help!” A small voice cried. Andrea calmly tapped on her computer
and gasped. “Guys Krista and 2 guys are trapped in her staff, in the
quartz’s eyes!
“it’s me Krista, Caleb and Darien” the voice called out. “transform!”
Krista ordered.

“You’ll let them go, one way or another, or my name isn’t Eternal
Sailor Moon!” Davina looked at her nails, bored, then looked at sailor
moon,”Are you done yet?”
Sailor moon puffed out a sigh. The scouts rushed out to the garden to
draw Davina in the open. “You’ll pay for trapping my friends and
future family!” Sailor Moon vowed.
Darien’s face glowed a bright red.

Flames charred Davina. “You little twit, you burned me!” Davina
roared.” Hand over the Sliver Imperium Crystal or you’ll never see
Darien or your friends ever again!” Davina threatened. “Don’t do it---”
Darien cried as Davina shocked him. Tears welled up in Sailor Moon’s
eyes,”I don’t want to but I have no choice” Sailor moon sighed defeated.
“I have had enough of this, Stop Sailor moon, and just Wait!” Krista
cried. “Sliver Star Crystal TELEPORT!” A bright light glowed from
both of Davina’s skull eyes and grew bigger and bigger, until the ball
was the normal size.


“Actually, I gave you the crystal Caleb gave me, “Krista grinned and
looked at Caleb who was blushing a deep pink.

“Davina you are a cold and evil person,”Sailor Titan started, “In the
name of the planet Titan, I will punish you!”
“hey, I always say that, you took my saying” Sailor Moon sobbed. They
sighed and sweat drops down their heads.
“Come on, let’s combine our powers and teach this devil a lesson in the
name of love and friendship!” Sailor Titan exclaimed.


They waited as their powers grew for a minuet and then they

Davina dropped to her knee’s, then quickly healed. She spread her
wings wide and flapped until she was high in the air. “Lita get them!”
She commanded.
“Lita?” sailor moon wondered. Lita raised her hand and strong bolts of
lightning shook the scouts.
“HEY! Owww, my skirt,ohh” Sailor Moon danced around until they
put out the little flames burning her skirt! 
“Comet Ice Block!” Sailor Leda shouted, a blast of ice prevented Lita
from hitting them. She kick and kicked the ice with her very powerful
kicks. “That’s not going to last very long.” Sailor Leda warned.

They turned their attention back to look for Davina. “Ahhhhhhh-”
Sailor Moon cried as Davina pulled her in the air by her neck. A sharp
dagger pressed tightly against her throat. “Sailor Titan you better give
me the real crystal or Sailor Moon will die!” Davina pulled Sailor
Moon’s locket and she returned to Serena.
*Gasp* “NO!” Tuxedo Mask and a guy who looked almost identical in
clothing appeared. ZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP! A red rose
scratched Davina’s face causing her to let Sailor Moon go.
“AHHHHHHH!” Serena screamed as she fell to the ground. Tuxedo
Mask jumped and caught her. Serena looked into his eye’s, her face
turned crimson. “ohh- Tuxedo Mask ----HEY, my locket!” 
Davina triumphantly held the locket! “One down one to go! NOW
GIVE ME THAT CRYSTAL” She stormed Sailor Titan screamed and
closed her eyes. WHOOSH! “Oh tux” She gasped! Davina twisted and
tried to attack her.
“HI-JA!” Sailor Titan and Tuxedo Star (Caleb) rolled on the ground.
Tuxedo Star groaned in pain. “Hahah” Lita laughed. Lita was pressing
her heel into his back! “NOW I AM REALLY MAD, IT’S NOT BAD
SABER LIGHT BLAST!” Sailor Titan screamed!
Lita slumped without a sound. “Moon Healing Activation!” Sailor
Moon cried. Lita screamed and went into convulsions and returned to
normal. “Whoa what a rush, my head, oww!” Lita groaned, “What kind
of clothes are these?”she mumbled. Sailor Venus hugged her, “Welcome
back, now transform!”

“Hey sorry Tuxedo Star, I hope no hard feelings? Okay?” Sailor
Jupiter asked embarrassed.
“No prob,” He grimaced.
Davina taunted Serena with her locket. Serena’s face was red with
“Oooooooofff” Davina grunted as sailor Jupiter elbowed her,”That’s
what you get for turning me into one of you!”
The locket fell towards the floor and crashed into the ground. It was
shattered! “OH NO!” Serena screamed and tears welled up in her eyes.
“Hey don’t worry Serena,” Sailor Mercury said calmly. “DON’T
WORRY? I CAN’T TRANSFORM!” She half screamed. “Yes, you can
once we get your locket back.” Sailor Mercury stated.
“That wasn’t your locket” Sailor Mercury declared.

“Right as usual sailor Mercury, I have the real one, hahaha!” Davina
laughed, making Serena eye’s burn holes through her mentally!

TO BE CONTINUED!...........

Chapter 18

“It looks like Davina might just get rid of those pesky scouts, that’s not
good, then she’ll move up ahead of us!” A cold, hard voice said.
“Perhaps, but maybe not. Let’s make it harder and steer the scouts in
the right path. I don’t like that Davina she’s to cantankerous !”
Another voice declare.
“Oops, did I do that? Darn!” The voice said sarcastically.


“Hey what the..... what’s going on? No the locket!” Davina cried as she
dropped the locket.
“Yes I got it back! MOON ETERNAL POWER!! For my friends and
loved ones!” Serena yelled.
“I’m back I’m bold and maybe even beautiful. I’m in your face and
you’ll just have to deal with it!” Eternal Sailor Moon shouted.
Quickly the scouts including Jupiter and Saturn shouted:

Power surged through Sailor Titan and Sailor Moon. Oddly enough
they felt extra power coming from a different source. “Who is helping
us...Pluto? Neptune? Uranus? Is it possible? 
Together Princess Serenity and Princess Kristana , grew more and
more powerful; and finally turned into their princess forms. One by
one the scouts began dropping like flies from exhaustion. They fell
unconscious. Background music played to the tune of “SHE’S GOT THE
POWER!” In unison they opened their eyes, wind blowing their own
princess dresses whipping around in the breeze , like their hair in
back of them. They held their staffs up high. Color swirled around
them, stars twinkled blindly. Suddenly two shooting stars shot over
Slowly they lowered their staffs slightly and shouted together, 

Beams of love, tranquility and goodness shot. They hit Davina, she
started to try and block the attack but to no avail.
Davina screamed a high- pitched shriek, “THIS ISN’T THE END!” She
was neutralized into a pillar of salt, since she was so sour, and blew
Weakly they collapsed into their strong armed Princes arms. Darien
and Caleb looked at each other and decided to let them rest for a while
before waking them up.
After a few hours, “MY ONLY LOVE!” played overhead, and floated
down to the ears of the people who were awake. The other Scouts now
in their regular forms waited for Darien and Caleb to awake their
friends, Serena and Krista.
“I think it’s time.” Caleb said looking at the peaceful Krista. Together
they awakened their sleeping beauties.
“Oh what a great -----” Serena started to say as Andrea burst through
the door.
“I have found where the other’s are hidden.!” Andrea stated. “We
must save them now!”


Chapter 19

The scouts assembled into the battle room. “Okay only a few need to go
on this mission. Sailor Venus, Moon, Titania and me; because I know
where we need to go and they are very important. The rest of you will
stay here and protect the kingdom got it?” Andrea explained.
“Darien, Caleb you two should stay here with the scouts.....wait one
should come with us. “Andrea said. “Who will it be?”
Caleb shook his head and said to Darien, “You should go and find your
daughter, I’ll stay” Darien looked relieved and thanked him. Serena
jumped up and down in the background hearts in her eyes. “Come on
guys let go to it!” She called cheerfully.


“I have received word that the sailor twits are coming here to take
over! Let’s welcome them!” A cold voice called, the voice was ice cold.
Quietly they whispered and came up with the perfect plan.


The scouts transformed, at least the ones making the journey, they
linked hands and with Tuxedo Mask in the middle they concentrated.
Bright lights burst upward and they disappeared and traveled
through dimensions. Finally they reached their destination and were
horrified at the scene before them, hundreds of bodies were laying
around! In the middle a huge column stood, black energy emitted from
Sailor Triton typed into her small computer and finally declared,
“That column in the middle is the source of all the negativity!” 
“right, first let’s check on Trista, Michelle, and Amara and find Rini!”
Sailor Moon ordered. Sailor Titan ran to Trista’s side and each of the
scouts hurried to their friends side.
“TRISTA! CAN YOU HEAR ME?Trista?” Sailor Titan asked and
gently shook her. “Huh? Who.......what? Sailor Titan? Thank goodness
you guys came.” Trista said weakly, but something in her voice made
VERY-----” Sailor Titan started to shout. Suddenly Trista jumped up and
had Titan in a choke hold!
Like wise the scouts were pinned down.
Tuxedo Mask was circling the mysterious column, something caught
his eye. “hmm, what could this be?” He walked to the far corner.
A chair stood up against the ‘wall.’ Tuxedo Mask gasped, “No
way…how could it...be..is that really......you?” His voice trailed off.


“Hey get off me.” Sailor Titan gasped, running out of air. She elbowed
Trista in the ribs. “Sorry” she muttered. Sailor Titan tried to help the
other scouts, but she was blocked by hundreds of people, who have been
turned against them. “Sailor moon, we have to regroup and fast. Hit
who ever is attacking you and get over here!” Sailor Titan yelled.

“WHITE LIGHT FLASH!” Sailor Titan yelled. A very bright light
blinded them enough for the scouts to get together. As soon as they
were together Sailor Venus shouted, “ VENUS LOVE CHAIN
ENCIRCLE!” Binding the people together. Suddenly Tuxedo Mask was
running toward them, his face ash white, “Sailor moon I found-----” he
never finished his sentence they all saw what he was talking about!
“OH my gosh!”
“I NEVER EVER would have expected the events to change so

TO BE CONTINUED.......... 

Chapter 20
Will they ever be free?

“It’s RINI!” They shouted together. Completely shocked and amazed.
Tuxedo Mask took two steps toward Rini. He froze unsure, then step,
step, pause then continued.
“AHHH!” He cried. Tuxedo Mask was thrown back against the wall.
Sailor Moon ran to his aid. “Tuxedo can you hear me?”
“Oooowww” He groaned, “I think I walked straight into some kind of
force field “, he grimaced.
“He’s right, she is completely protected, well maybe not...” sailor
Titania confirmed then frowned, she walked even closer.
“Ah-ha-ahhhhhhhhh!” Sailor Triton screamed.
“No revealing my secret” Rini said tonelessly.
“How dare you, as your future mother I demand that you stop this
right now!” Sailor Moon declared.
“Oh really?” Rini taunted. As an answer she threw a beams of dark
energy at Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus screamed in pain. “SAILOR
VENUS!” Sailor Moon shouted tears welling up. One by one a sailor
scout would save her. Soon only Sailor Moon was still standing. “You
little brat!” Sailor moon cried exasperated.
Sailor Moon withdrew her crystal and changed into Neo~ Queen
Serenity. “Rini, honey it’s me. Come back home with me.”
“Yes Rini come back to us.” Tuxedo Mask now King Endymion urged.
Suddenly they were distracted by Sailor Titan who was starting to stir
awake. Rini’s eyes narrowed and were vacant. “you’re not my
parents!” Rini blasted Neo ~Queen Serenity,Sailor Titan, and King
Endymion. “Ahhhhhhh” they cried. “Rini, please STOP!” King
Endymion pleaded.
Rini looked confused for a moment, “Daddy?”
“Yes it’s me Rini!’ King Endymion encouraged. 
“STOP IT! STOP IT!”Rini cried.
“Rini please try and remember us” Neo~Queen Serenity said, she
pulled out her crystal so she could cleanse Rini. “momma? help me” Rini
“Neo~queen serenity, the column, destroy that and she’ll be free!’
Sailor Titan called quietly. The scouts struggled to their feet. Sailor
Titan whispered the plan to them. Rini’s eyes snapped, “Don’t even
think about it!” she shocked the scouts. Sailor Venus shouted, “my love
chain won’t hold much longer, we have to hurry!” The scouts grabbed
each other’s hand and yelled, “SAILOR PLANET POWER!” A very
powerful blast, blew up the black column. A Shrill shriek was heard, “I
will be back and get my revenge on you!”
Neo~Queen Serenity grabbed Rini and held her close so no harm
would come to her. Flying debris hit King Endymion as he protected
Neo~Queen Serenity and Rini. He grimaced and bared the pain.
Everyone including Rini and Neo~Queen Serenity were thrown against
the wall at the impact of the explosion. In Serenity’s arms Rini
whimpered, “Mommy, you saved me. Please wake up! *Gasp* Serena!”
Neo~queen Serenity changed back to Serena. She lay against the wall
unconscious. “Mommy!” Rini cried. Darien sat up and rubbed his neck
and groaned. He looked over at Rini who was sobbing over the still
form of Serena. “No Serena!” He crawled over to her and took her in his
arms as well as Rini. After a minuet or two; what seemed like an
eternity for Darien, Serena slowly opened one eye and peeked out at
Darien and Rini, “ohhhh” she groaned dramatically.
“Serena!” Darien and Rini both shouted gleefully, they hugged and
kissed her (or at least Darien did ;). Suddenly Sailor Triton sat up and
yelled, “WE have to get out of here or we’ll die! It’s gonna blow!” The
only people who were left were the sailor scouts, including: Michelle,
Amara, and Trista.
“I guess the blast sent everyone home!” Sailor Venus declared. “Well
let’s go home too!” Serena cried. They transformed, the ones who were
in regular form, “Tuxedo Mask stay in the middle!” Sailor Triton
cautioned. They concentrated hard and yelled, “TELEPORT!”

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