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Chapter 21
Going home?

This one is kind of boring!
“Hey look we’re almost home!” Sailor Moon shouted as they
continued to travel. Suddenly they were knocked out and floated in
between dimensions, unconscious. “Good work we have them right
where we want them. Bring them to our castle!” A voice ordered.
“As you wish” Another voice answered.


“They have been gone far too long,” Ami declared. She whipped out
her own computer and tried to get a fix on them. “What? How can this
be?” Ami said out loud.
“What is it Ami?” Renee demanded.
“The dimension they were at has blown up and I can’t find any trace
of Sailor Moon or anyone else!” Ami said, her eyes shinning with tears
of sadness. “NO It can’t BE!” Raye cried. “they have to be somewhere,
all they had to do was bring everyone back! No way could they
be..be...” Raye trailed off.
“Serena, Krista...... Come on, come back to me,” Caleb pleaded. His
eyes filling up with tears too. Everyone’s bowed their head at the sight
of Caleb about to lose his love once again.
“Wait...... YES! I gotta a fix on .......Sailor Titan! Great news Caleb!
Okay she isn’t moving so I am thinking she was side tracked and fell
asleep somehow and her is where she is at!” Ami showed Caleb the
“Is there some way I can go alone? So you guys can still protect the
castle?” Caleb inquired.
“hm, we’ll we have never tried it but... there was a thing Luna once
told me about it was called, “ STAR TELEPORTATION ” It takes lots of
concentration by the person making the journey, but if you really
concentrate, and focus on your destination then you might be able to
pull it off. It will require that we give you some of our powers, for extra
luck so you won’t pass out in the process. First you must be in you
Tuxedo Star outfit. Then concentrate on your destination and your love
and will your self to go there.” Ami informed Caleb.
“Wow, has it ever been done before?” He asked. Ami looked down at
the ground, “Successfully , no”
“Well I have to take that chance, once I do it a couple of time it will be
easier, right?
“Like I said, no one has really done it right!”
“Okay here it goes,” Caleb said as he transformed into Tuxedo Star.
“Now concentrate.” Ami directed him. The other scouts focused some of
there energy on him and in a flash he was gone, “I hope he makes it
okay” Lita said, sorrowfully.


A man bowed before a woman in a black long robe that glittered with
the stars she has already conquered. “What shall I do with the scouts?”
The man in the tight pants asked.
“I want you to get each of their powers and give them to me. Start
with the least powerful and work you way up.” The lady said.
“As soon as I get those crystals I will own 2 more galaxies to my
collection! Ha-ha” The lady called, Scorpiana. She wore tight bright
pink pants with a very short tube top. Her hair was in a long braid
that was turned up like a scorpion. Her name fitted her perfectly. She
looked down at her servant, Drakua. 
He is an ugly pale faced, man who wears tight black pants with a
black cape that was very long. When forced to he can turn into a bat to
escape his enemies. His powers are very strong and can do some real
damage. He can even suck the life out of some one so they are just a
After Scorpiana had conquer other galaxies, she made Drakua suck
the lives out of the inhabitants that lived there. He was one of her best

“Drakua I want you to suck the life out of the holders of the crystals
and make them my slaves!” Scorpiana ordered. “Aasss you wishh”
Drakua said with a hiss.


Serena opened her eyes and tried to move her hand to rub her sore
neck, but was stopped when she found she couldn’t move! “Hey what’s
going on?” She shouted. Serena looked through a door and saw Darien
tied up like her not to far away! “Darien! HELP!” He didn’t even move!
What is going on here? She wondered. 
Suddenly her eye caught movement. Darien was able to saw through
his binds that was holding him. She called out to him, “Darien, over
here, HELP ME!” 
He looked over at her, a smile broke out on his haggard face. He
rushed through the door and said, “Wow, I am glad I found you! Where
are the others?” He asked.
“Why I don’t know!” Serena answered. “If you hand me your crystal,
Andrea showed me how we can track the others. Just like how she
tracked the other scouts.


Chapter 22
One crystal down!

Serena looked at Darien, something was different about him. “Tell
me how to do it and after you take off these ropes then we’ll see if we
can get it to work.”
Darien hesitated, now Serena knew. “Okay here, I am sorry how silly
of me to forget those!” Quickly he untied the ropes and helped Serena
down. “Now let’s find them” Darien suggested.

“What are you doing? Why did you transform?” Darien asked looking
confused. “Because I don’t trust you” With that Sailor Moon rushed
from the room and hurried to find a way out.

Behind her Darien turned into a bat! He was coming closer to her. He
returned to his real form of Drakua and took out a whip and threw it.
It extended it and wrapped up Sailor Moon. “Oof” Sailor Moon went
down with a grunt! ZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPPPP. A yellow rose cut
the binding on the whip.
“How dare you tie up my friend’s girlfriend and impersonate him!
You’ll pay for that you ugly beast!”| Tuxedo Star yelled. Then he
slumped a little. “ohh,” Sailor Moon cried to him, “What’s wrong? Are
you okay?”
“Just tired, now get him!” Tuxedo Star shouted. Sailor Moon raised her
staff to begin her long attack, in the meantime Drakua turned into a
bat and flew toward her! Sailor Moon had her back to him as she
continued her attack, Tuxedo Star jumped and pushed Sailor Moon.
The bat’s fangs sank deep into Tuxedo Star and started to drain him.
BAM! Sailor Moon whacked the bat off Tuxedo Star, with a groan he
slumped and fell to the floor in a faint. “NOOO!” Sailor Moon screamed.
She laid Tuxedo Star on his back, his mouth was slightly parted and his
breathing grew raspy. 
She dragged him in a corner and tried a new power. Concentrating,
she whispered, “Moon Conceal!” A wall blocked Tuxedo Star from any
harm. His face grew hot and he broke out into a fever. “Oh what to
do?” Sailor Moon started to bite her nails. Carefully she went into each
room search for her friends that might be captive.


Darien groaned and found he was tied to a table with a very heavy
steel rope thing. “What happened? *Gasp* Serena, where is she?” He
tried to fight the ropes but they bit into his flesh. He shook his head
trying to clear his thoughts. Darien looked around at his confinement
and gasped slumped in a chair was Sailor Moon, her face, paler than
normal. NO! Darien thought.
He whipped out a rose which was as sharp as diamonds and tried
cutting through the ropes. After a half an hour, he managed to cut off
the ropes and quickly went to sailor moon’s side. “Serena can you hear
me? Please speak to me!” Darien pleaded.
Serena mumbled something. Darien untied her and held her close to
hear what she was trying to say. “Crystal......your power crystal can
save me only.........I.....feel......so....weak.! With that she stopped speaking
and fainted. “NO!” Darien yelled.


Sailor Moon having heard Darien’s yell she ran toward the voice…
and was horrified to see.......

Darien removed his power crystal which was the only way he could
transform and put it in a girl’s hand that looked exactly like her!
“NOO!” Sailor Moon shouted. Darien turned, his back to Serena. Sailor
Moon ran toward Darien and saw him getting vicious bit by the girl
who looked like her. Shock and disbelief was clearly written on Darien’s
face as he slumped to the floor. 
Drakua grinned and licked his fangs, “mm, I want more!” he lounged
at Sailor Moon but she shut the door in his face and he hit the door and
he was knocked unconscious momentarily.


Chapter 23
Drakua’s Time

Tuxedo Star shook his head and sat back down, he was feeling very
dizzy. “Ow!” He gently rubbed his neck and cried out as he found a soft
spot. “Hey where is Sailor Moon? Oh, man where am I?” He thought as
he tried to get back up he fell back down unconscious, from dizziness.


Sailor Moon, out of breath, gasped for air. She had been running for
10 minuets straight. She came to a door, “hm, I’ll just take a peek” She
thought. Sailor moon opened the door a little and gasped, Krista was
tied to the wall, she was sagging against her ropes, that bound her. 
Sailor Moon ran to her side and gently called her name, “Sailor Titan”
Krista stirred and moaned, “oh my head, Sailor Moon?” Krista said
perplexed. As soon as Sailor moon was sure this was the real Krista she
untied her, and helped her stand. Krista’s knees gave way and she
slumped to the floor, “Man I feel so weak, I have been tied up far too
long!” She groaned.

“FFinallly, I founndd youuu!” A voice hissed. Together they spun
around to see Drakua walk toward them and he grinned. “ewww, that
guy needs to brush his teeth,” Krista said wrinkling her nose.

With an effort Krista transformed to Sailor Titan. Drakua rushed
forward his nails extending longer like daggers. “Whoa you need to clip
those, here let me help you!” Sailor Titan withdrew her staff and with
the end of her staff she sliced off half of the nails, that had shot
towards Sailor Moon. “Whew, that’s Titan.” Sailor Moon said
Drakua shouted, “Fang BITE!” This was an attack that sharp teeth
like shaped daggers would shoot out toward the victim, and slash the
victim. “Ahh,” Sailor Titan screamed as she was slashed on her
shoulder. Her eyes were blazing with fire now. “OH SO YOU THINK
yelled. She looked smug as the powerful beam shot out and hit Drakua.
He fell to his knee’s in pain. He bowed his head, then lifted it grinning,
“CAPE BIND!” His cape flew and wrapped up Sailor Moon so she
couldn’t move, and barely able to breathe. “NO!” Sailor Titan cried she
tried to cut through the cape with her staff but was shocked instead.
“If you wan to see your friend alive, then hand over your power
crystal and I’ll let her and you live.” Drakua threatened.
Sailor Titan looked desperately at Sailor Moon for an answer as to
what might she do. For a second she saw the cape part and she saw
agony on Sailor Moon’s face. Looking defeated Sailor Titan prepared
to do what she didn’t want to do most of all. *Sigh*


Chapter 24
Darn those Sailor Scouts!

Sailor Titan started to remove her power crystal and was about to
hand it over, out of nowhere a stream of ice cut through the cords
which were crushing Sailor Moon. *Whew* Sailor Titan signed,
thankfully. Sailor Triton rushed to Sailor Moon and helped her up,
Drakua who was not about to give up, he grab Sailor Triton around the
neck and pulled her to him and drew his fangs and started to sink them
in her neck.


Still weak from his draining Tuxedo Star tried to budge through the
wall which was protecting him. He gritted his teeth, “I have to help
Krista and Serena.” With all the strength he could muster, he crouched
low and jumped with everything he had. Tuxedo Star sailed over the
wall. he landed gasping for breath. Waiting a second, he continued and
ran checking all the rooms. He heard a terrified scream and sprinted
toward the scream.
As he neared it he thought, “hey that sounds like Andrea! Nothing
have better have happened to her!” She is like a sister to me! He ran
faster. He withdrew a yellow rose, his symbol, and threw it as hard as
he could. “I hope this works!” He cried.


“AHHHHHHH” Drakua shouted as his face was slashed in the face
by a yellow rose. Sailor Titan shouted to Sailor Moon, “Use your staff!”
“He needs to be weakened even more!” Sailor Moon shouted back.
“Here it goes, “ Saber light BLAST!” A very bright and powerful light
shot out towards Drakua, but nimbly he jumps and turns into a bat
and flies off toward the door, and shouts back at the Sailor Scouts, “You
have not seen the last of me!” 
Tuxedo Star falls to the floor exhausted, Sailor Titan rushes to him,
cradling his head in her arms. “No! Caleb, please stay with me” Sailor
Titan pleads, “I am afraid, I won’t be able to help you any more.”
Tuxedo Star says before he faints. “NO!” sailor Titan screams. “There
has to be a way to send him back to our home world!” She says to Sailor
In the meantime sailor Triton was typing into her computer and ,
shouts, “YES! I believe I have found a way to send him back. With the
combined powers of me, you and Sailor Moon we should have enough
for just him.’
Sailor Titan smiles. “Now concentrate all your powers on sending
home back. “
They concentrated as hard as they could, a pink glow circled around
Caleb and finally they saw him disappear. They fell down, in a faint.


Tuxedo Star was just starting off when, he was thrown off course,
unknowingly to the scouts. he drifted for awhile and finally a hand
broke the protective shield created by the scouts and pulled Tuxedo
Star through a black hole and disappeared.

TO BE CONTINUED...........


Serena opened her eyes and saw Trista standing over her, “Wow,
Trista, how did you get here?” She looks around ," Hey where is
everybody else?”
Trista looked confuse, “nobody else was here when I came in!”
“WHAT!” Serena cried. Serena sat up and surveyed the room around
her. With the help of Trista she walked out the door of the spacious
room. “We have to find the other scouts and find a way out of this
place!” Serena declared. “We might as well transform and use our
powers to help find them” Trista suggested.


Serena shouted and took out her brooch, but as she held it up, Trista
grabbed it from her hand. “Ha-ha” Trista laughed, but in a deep
throaty laugh. “Oh no” Serena gasped as the realization, hit her. That’s
not Trista that’s Drakua! 
“NO!” Serena screamed and reached to take her brooch back, but
Drakua nimbly stepped aside and as Serena fell down, Drakua
grabbed her by the neck and drained her of just about all her life
energy making her a zombie like servant. “Ha-Ha!” Serena laughed.
Drakua took her to Scorpiana. “I have turned Eternal sailor Moon to
our side finally!” Drakua boasted. 


Andrea woozy sat up, and gasped all around her were men and
women who eyes were vacant and their skin was very pale. “They need
to get out in the sun more,”Andrea said out load. “This is no time for
joking!” Andrea turned her head to see Serena standing near her.
“Thank goodness you are here. What’s are all these people doing here?
And why do they look so dead?”
Serena said nothing instead she fell to the floor and behind Serena
Drakua stepped out of the shadows. He grinned, a toothy grin, and
saw the horror in Andrea ’s eyes. “You have something I want, give me
your power crystal or you’ll never see Serena again!” Drakua
threatened. Andrea hung her head in despair, and slowly took out a
crystal that was glowing brightly. She started to hand it over when a
voice stopped her dead in her tracks. “DON’T DO IT!” Sailor Titan
emerged from the shadows. She brandished her staff bravely and
looked at Drakua with hatred. “You Stop right where you are you,
vampire!” She raised her staff and started her attack by shouting,
“SABER Light SHOCK!” Drakua calmly blocked and yelled, “Stop if you
ever want to see your beloved again!”
Sailor Titan stood rigid, taking the opportunity Andrea shouted,


She too stopped as she heard the announcement of the capture of
Caleb. “NO WAY, he is in my kingdom as we speak, you liar!” Sailor
Titan shouted tears betraying her real emotions. “See for yourself”
Drakua challenged as he opened a door showing Caleb in a case.
Protectively surrounded by beams. “If I remove the shield he will die!
Do you want that? NO? Then all of you give me your power crystals,
and I will let him live.” Drakua proposed.
Sailor Titan slumped to the floor, near a faint. Sailor Triton protested,
“think of your kingdom, they depend on you! Don’t let him manipulate
you!” “But I have no choice, I love him” Sailor Titan started to cry.


Chapter 26
Will They be Saved?

“what are we going to do?” Moaned Sailor Titan. Suddenly a light
bulb went off in Sailor Titania’s head. I know what to do now, she


Scorpiana was watching her servant Tuxedo Mask very carefully,
“he better succeed in capturing the other power crystals. That one is of
real interest, it has more powers than all of them with the exception of
one. I had better find that necklace, but it is said only one can handle
the extreme power, it is 1 of the most powerful necklaces of all! I must
get my hands on it!” She thought.

Tuxedo Mask (zombie) was talking to the restrained Sailor Moon. “I
can’t seem to get these ropes off, it’s useless!” He said somberly. Sailor
Moon narrowed her eyes, “Tuxedo Mask usually tries everything, and
would cut these with his roses if he had to. I better be careful”
Tuxedo Mask faced her, “I don’t know what else to try” Sailor Moon
nodded her head sorrowfully. “Maybe if I give you my power crystal
that would undo it.” She suggested, watching his reaction. Tuxedo
Mask grinned “that just might work” He said jubilantly. He reached
out for the crystal, Sailor Moon kicked him in the stomach, “Sorry
Tuxie.” With a neat twist she was able to get out of the ropes. She took
out her staff and shouted,
“Moon Healing Activation!”

Using great power she was able to heal Tuxedo Mask! Scorpiana
jumped from her throne anger and outrage blazed in her eyes. “Fine I’ll
just have to get rid of both of them.

“Come on we have to find the other scouts!” Sailor Moon urged Tuxedo
Mask, “Yeah, let’s hurry, but let me catch my breath. It seems to have
run away from me!”
After a second they ran out of the room.


Preparing to hand over the crystal, Sailor Titan sighed and looked
longingly at Caleb who was resting peacefully. Or so she hoped. Before
Sailor Titan handed over her crystal Sailor Triton shouted,

“Tsunami Submerge!”

Water gushed and kicked Drakua’s legs from out beneath him and
he fell hard to the floor. “YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR LOVED ONE
AGAIN!” Drakua shouted. Sailor Titan was horror stricken, “Why did
you do that?” She half screamed at Sailor Titania. She looked calmly
back at her because there is no need for worrying, Caleb is safe.” She
announced. Sailor Titan looked at her dumbfounded. “Wha-what do
you mean?”
“As you can see, Caleb is safe with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. As
you were talking I saw them trying to rescue him, so I had to create a
diversion.” She simply explained.
“Where are they?” Sailor Titan demanded. “Why- they were here a
second ago--- you don’t think I was wrong do you?” Sailor Triton face
turned a greyish-white. 



part 1

“NO were right here.” Sailor Moon called. She and Tuxedo Mask
were sitting against the far wall with Caleb laying beside them. “He’ll
be all right in a few days.” Tuxedo Mask assured Sailor Titan. “Whew”

Drakua fumed in his casket. “Next time Sailor BRATS!” 

Scorpiana regarded Drakua with cold eyes, “you have failed me
many times, I will give you one last chance to get the last of the crystals
. We only need 5 more and the universe will be mine!”

Drakua asked Scorpiana if he could have control over the scouts he
already captured and turned to their side. “All right”

With his army ready, Drakua turned into a bat and flew toward the
sailor scouts. With their backs to him he threw ropes which caught and
bound everyone. 
Horror and Terror were plain spotted on Sailor Moon and Titan’s
face. “NO!” Sailor Moon shouted. But her voice was muffled as Drakua
stuffed her mouth with cloth. He walked over to Tuxedo Mask and
grinned as he reached down and pulled out his power crystal. He
de-morphed to Darien. Tears stung Sailor Titan’s eyes as next Drakua
sunk his fangs into Darien’s neck, draining him of all his life energy
killing him.
Sailor Moon struggled to get free bawling for her loved one. Slowly
Drakua made his way to Sailor Triton. Fear was evident in her eyes,
but she tried to be brave.


Caleb was walking through mist so thick he couldn’t see an inch in
front of him. He heard his name called softly, “Caleb!” He stun around,
lost. Suddenly the mist cleared and he saw Princess Kristana standing
on a cliff, fear in her eyes. Tears streamed down her face as she saw
Caleb approaching. “HELP ME!” she cried her voice muffled by her
gag. She was bound hand and foot. Princess Kristana turned her head
suddenly and screamed, “NO!” Another figure emerged out of the mist.
A most vile creature, who looked like a bat. He grinned wickedly at
Caleb and advanced toward Princess Kristana, she froze in terror.
Caleb lounged forward to save her, but as he reached her Drakua, the
bat looking man, pushed her over. She screamed, very high pitched.
Drakua turned into a bat and flew off. Caleb barely managed to catch
Princess Kristana’s wrist. OH NO! She was slowly slipping from his


Chapter 28
Drakua’s Doom Day

part 2

Princess Kristana chocked out, “Please wake up and help me!” A
tunnel of light flashed by him. He was blinded. He heard a shrill
scream, that’s Krista! Caleb sat up and looked around. Drakua the man
from his nightmare just sunk his fangs into Andrea’s neck. Sailor Moon
was next. Caleb transformed into Tuxedo Star. Slowly he regained his
strength. “I must save them.” He gasped out.

He withdrew a yellow rose and hurled it at Drakua hitting him
straight in the chest. Drakua screamed, “NO! YOU LITTLE......” His
voice trailed off as he slumped to the floor. Tuxedo Star hurried to
Sailor Titan’s side. He untied her and then Sailor Moon. He embraced
Sailor Titan tightly murmuring into her hair. 
To their side they heard Sailor Moon sobbing for Darien, she was
cradling his pale face in her hands. “NO!” Sailor Moon screamed. Tears
streamed down her face and one landed on Darien.
“There must be some way to wake him up!” Sailor Titan said staring
at Sailor moon remorsefully. She thought of something, “Sailor Moon let
me try something.” Concentrating Sailor Titan shouted, 
“Saber pure REFLECTION!”
Glowing brightly Sailor Titan shot a beam of light and it encircled
Darien . She tried to hold on, but finally collapsed. Tuxedo Star caught
her, and kissed her tenderly. “You did it!’ He praised her.
Darien sat up looking bewildered, “is everything all right?” He asked
as he saw Sailor Moon’s tear streaked face.

“Don’t forget about me NOW!” A voice called. Drakua started
toward them. He grinned. Summoning his powers he turned into a
huge BAT! 
“Gross” Sailor Titan said disdainfully . 

Drakua picked up Darien now helpless without his power crystal and
was about to drop him in his mouth with Sailor Moon screamed, 

Darien fell down as Drakua let go of him, Tuxedo Star ran and
caught him neatly, “thought you might need some help” Tuxedo Star
said as Darien jumped down. “Thanks” Darien said gratefully. 
Electric beams shot out and hit the girls and they screamed,
“Ahhhhhhh!” Tuxedo Star threw a dozen yellow roses that hit Drakua
in his eyes. “ha-ha! NOW Sailor Scouts!”

The power crystals that were once in the dark hands of Scorpiana
joined together with Sailor Titan and sailor Moon and they saved up
their energy. Now that Drakua was wounded they could defeat him
more easily. They yelled, “STAR LOVE REAWAKENING!” Huge
energy blasts destroyed Drakua, once and for all. They slumped into
the arms of their loved ones. “Oh” They moaned, exhausted. “We have
to get out of here!” Darien declared, “And soon”

A voice laughed, “You’ll never make it out of here alive!”

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 29
What Necklace?

Darien and Tuxedo Star turned around to find the voice. Sailor Moon
now Serena trembled, she was getting spooked. “How are we going to
get out of here?” Sailor Titan now Krista whimpered.
“YOU CAN’T!” The voice informed her. “Who are you?” Darien
“Why, I am Spiderana!” A fat figure appeared from out of the
shadows. She had a very big butt and looked like a very fat spider. “I
guess she eats one to many flies.” Serena muttered. Krista giggled.
Spiderana’s eyes narrowed she saw how Serena held onto Darien. She
grinned and a sticky line shot out from her and wrapped around
Darien and dragged him up to an unnoticed spider web. “Ha! I got
your boyfriend, now if you don’t give me the necklace, I will suck him
“necklace, what necklace?” Serena asked bewildered. 
“NO! And you know which one I am talking about.”
“Why don’t you tell us about it.” Krista suggested.
Spiderana looked suspicious then deciding it was okay began, “A long
time ago a powerful queen made a necklace out of gold and precious
stones. She died and her spirit went into the body of the chosen one,
who could use the necklace for the good. Since only the queen could use
it she had to be reborn and her spirit went into the chosen one. We
believe one of you have it!” She declared.
Spiderana took out a weird looking object and held it on each of them.
The object was sliver and it had a large ball on top like one of those
crystal balls which the fake fortunetellers use. It was only 8 inches long.
“Darn” she muttered. The scouts looked at each other, what was going
to happen now?
With a wave of her hand she let Darien go. She left the room! “Wow
that was weird.” Serena shuddered and untied Darien and hugged him
“We better find that necklace before they do, who knows what they’ll
do with it.” Serena took out her brooch and transformed, so did Krista.
With the help of their crystals they were able to find the scouts quickly.
Luckily they hadn’t been harmed. They transformed and using looks of
power they were able to safely return home.

Only when they turned and saw the scouts gathered around them,
they threw themselves into their arms hugging and welcoming them
back. Trista looked into the sun that was now setting. She looked back
at Sailor Moon. “A great battle is approaching. And we might not
survive it.” Trista said sadly.
Serena looked confused for a second then her eyes grew wide and she
looked scared. “You don’t mean ..... mean........”

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 30
Who is that Girl?

Krista turned and said let’s have a party in light of the occasion.
Serena looked very happy, she had visions of food dancing in her head.
“Hmmm.” Ami shook her head, “Serena I am afraid not, we have to get
back and defend the people of Earth.” Ami turned to Krista and bowed
respectfully. “If you ever need help just call us.” Ami called. Serena
looked mournfully at Krista, “oohhhh, all the sweets. HM!” She puffed.
“Wait,” Darien said, “We can’t leave with out getting my power
crystal back, or else I can’t transform into Tuxedo Mask!” “Hey, that’s
right, so maybe only two should stay and the rest of you go back. I
think me and Darien should stay!” Serena declared.
They all looked at each other and finally nodded, “Okay but you have
to promise to call us if you need help.” Ami said.
“Scouts honor” Serena held up two fingers, “Whoops” Then changed it
to three. She giggled nervously.
The rest of the scouts from Earth transformed and left. Krista turned
to them and said, “Well Serena it looks like you’ll get to attend the
party!” Serena whooped and jumped up and down. Darien shook his
head, and sighed good naturally. Krista took them up to the guest
rooms and they were greeted graciously. They dressed up for the
party. “I have invited a few other people as well, don’t worry I’ll
introduce you!” Krista assured her.
Serena dressed in a beautiful blue satin dress with a fake diamond
necklace on, looked very beautiful. Darien looked very handsome in his
tuxedo. Girls swarmed over to him, he tried to slip a way but it was
impossible. Serena was crestfallen. She walked up and down the rows of
food, “These look delicious.” She noticed a girl with shiny hair sitting by
herself at a table. With a plate of food in hand she walked over to
introduce herself. As she made her way she was distracted for a
second, then turned back and the girl was gone! “Strange, I wonder who
that girl was.”
Serena walked over toward Krista and inquired of who the girl was,
Krista looked surprised, “I don not know, no one I know fits that
Serena lost in thought sat at a table and saw an oddly dress woman
in black, she was holding a staff that was similar to the on Spiderana
used, “I better follow her!” The woman walked around and held it up to
all the girls, suddenly bright lights flashed and Serena was blinded
momentarily, she squinted her eyes, and saw the woman had turned
the room all misty so no one could see! What is going on here? I better
transform. She hurried to another room and transformed, “I am Sailor
Moon and you just crashed a very nice party, in the name of the moon,
and all party fan-a-tics, I will punish you!” Sailor Moon shouted. 
The rest of the scouts including Krista appeared. The woman turned
into Spiderana! “I knew it!” Sailor Moon shouted. She turned to Sailor
Europa, “Get everyone out of here!” Sailor Europa took off getting
everyone out. Sailor Io shouted, 
With her blinded Sailor Moon made a grab for the staff but
Spiderana hit her away. She flew across the room and hit the wall
hard. Tuxedo Star came and helped her up, “Come on she needs to be
taught a lesson!” He encouraged. “Just like Tuxedo Mask” Sailor Moon
thought wistfully. “Hm, he is kinda cute!” stop it she ordered herself.
Sailor Leda began her attack, but was stopped in mid sentence. She was
wrapped up in the same sticky stuff Darien was once held in! “NO!”
Sailor Moon screamed.


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