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Chapter 31
Need Some Help?

One by one her friends were tied up. Soon only Sailor Titan and
Tuxedo Star remained. Sailor Titan looked frantically for a solution.
There was no way out! “ What are we going to do?What are we going to
do?What are we going to do?’ She repeated over and over. Tuxedo’s
Star face was grim. Suddenly Sailor Titan was flying through the air. 
“Ow” She slammed into the ground. Tuxedo Star pushed her out of
harm’s way. Instead he was tied up and put on the deadly web. “I am
the only one left.” Tears spilled over her dirty face.
“Need any help?” A voice question from somewhere above. “Yes,
please help me.” Sailor Titan cried.
Flames shot out from the opposite corner and released the helpless
sailor scouts. “I help those who fight for love & justice.........” The
stranger said, “United we stand, but divided we fall. You must stay
together!” She disappeared. “Wow that was weird.” Sailor Titan said.
She saw her opportunity .

A bright light shot through Spiderana. A hole could be seen.
“Together guys come on. SAILOR PLANET POWER!” Together they
used their powers and almost totally destroyed her. BAM! With a blast
of dust she was gone! “What in the ......” Sailor Leda voice trailed off.


“Who do you think that girl was, and why did she help us?” Astera
demanded. “Hm, I am just about as confused as you are.” Renee said.
“One thing I am sure of is she is a sailor scout who has come to help
us, but the question is why?” Krista declared. “I will gather all the data
I can as we continue to see her.” Andrea stated.
“You know this sounds exactly like Sailor Uranus and Neptune. They
were very mysterious and they helped but it turned out they were
trying to prevent a great evil from taking over!” Serena said

“I will reveal myself when the time comes” A voice echoed from the
hall. They spread out, each searching a room to try and find where the
voice came from.
“ When the time comes, I will show myself, but no sooner.” The voice

“That voice it kinda freaking me out.” Serena said nervously.


Chapter 32
Return of Spiderana!

“ Don’t tell me you thought get rid of me that soon!” A voice said
Preparing for a battle they transformed. Each assuming a battle
position “We are the sailor scouts and in the name of love and justice,
we shall punish you!”
“Like you did before?” Spiderana asked with a fake innocence. Their
faces turned red. “Yeah, well now we are more prepared!” Sailor Io
“We’ll see, we’ll see...............Ha!” She wrapped sticky string around
their necks, and slowly squeezed them. “help *gasp*” PING! Sailor
Titan fell to the floor gasping for breath, “Thanks” She gasped out.
Tuxedo Star walked from out of the shadows, “ A spider is usually
helpful to man kind, You on the other hand, deserve to be squashed!”
With a thrust of several yellow rose the Sailor scouts were cut free.
They slumped to the floor. “LIGHT BEAM SHOCK!” Sailor Titan
shouted, after regaining her breath. Spiderana dodged the blast by
climbing up on her web.
Sailor Moon furious for having been caught yelled, 
Spiderana screamed in pain it was a direct hit! “HA!” Sailor Moon
taunted. Not too bright, for Spiderana furious spit out more sticky stuff
out toward Sailor Moon, Darien not able to see his beloved tied up
again jumped in front of her. “NO!” She screamed as Darien was
caught and dragged up to the web. He was unconscious. “Hm, now I
have your pretty boy. Mmm he looks delicious” Spiderana said licking
her teeth.
Sailor Moon was torn, what am I going to do? She looked at Darien
then at Spiderana. “Um,” Spiderana looked at her shrewdly, “I want
your power crystal, NOW!” Hesitantly Sailor Moon started to take it
out, when Spiderana screamed and held her face. Sailor Moon looked
up, there was that mysterious girl again, “Have you come to help us?”
Sailor Moon called.
The girl ignored the question and turned her sights on Spiderana who
was getting ready to shoot her with her webbing. In a lightning fast
move she jumped away. And landed safely, on the other side. For a
moment the girl turned her back, and that’s when Spiderana attacked,
webbing shot out to encircle her. With a cry Sailor Moon ran and was
webbed instead.
“You saved me...” The girl said shocked and moved. Fire burned in
her eyes, she spun to face Spiderana, “This has gone way to far!” She
yelled. After untying Sailor Moon, she looked at her, Sailor Titan and
nodded, they combined their powers,

They let their powers grow as Spiderana prepared to deflect it. 

With their powers combined, they were able to blast Spiderana.
“Ahhhhhhh” She screamed in agony. Her wail was very high pitch.
They had to cover their eyes. She finally dissolved and blew away.
Darien fell from his captive web. The girl in a sailor scout outfit
jumped and neatly caught him. She grunted, and set him down. Sailor
Moon had tears in her eyes, she thanked her profusely. She nodded and
disappeared. “Oh, Darien.......”

Scorpiana appeared from nowhere, she scowled , “How could you
defeat me again!?” She screamed. In fury she threw a big ball of black
energy at the scouts. It was so huge, if it exploded it would destroy
everything near it. “This is the end...” Sailor Moon thought and
squeezed her eyes shut. Waiting for the end to come.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 33
Scorpiana Finally Gets What is Coming to Her!

Sailor Moon panics, Sailor Titan is calmly standing her ground. She
calls to Scorpiana, “You do know that if you through that, you too will
blow up.” Scorpiana stops, thinks and dissolves it. She turns her back as
to leave, but with the quickness of a cheetah she grabs the unconscious
Darien and Tuxedo Star! And without so much as a word she
disappeared, leaving the scouts speechless. When it finally sinks in
what has happened Sailor Moon and Sailor Titan break down crying. 
They return to their regular clothes and mull over the turn of events,
“Should we get the scouts over here?” Serena asked. Referring to of
course the scouts on Earth. Andrea was typing on her computer, Renee
was fuming and Brenda was sitting there quietly, thinking. Astera was
softly crying, Akima was trying to think of a strategy. Both Serena
and Krista were sobbing.
Finally they were startled to hear Andrea exclaim, “Yes, it might just
work! Wait no.......” Dejectedly they sat in silence again. Serena looked
at her watch/communicator. She exclaimed, “Hey it’s time to eat!”
They all groaned. “We can’t fight them without energy, come on!”
Slowly they made their way to the dinner table and ate
absentmindedly. No one really caring what they were eating.
Finally at midnight they turned in to sleep. Krista sat up extra late
with Serena trying to discover a way to beat Scorpiana. Serena
excitedly whispered something into Krista’s ear. She grinned, and
looked up at the stars. She saw a shooting star. Krista closed her eyes
and silently made a wish. “We shall see, Serena.” Serena went to her
room and went to sleep.
She had a restless dream she could see: Darien was tied to a pole, his
head sagged, his chin resting on his muscular chest. Serena was
struggling to see him through the dense fog that had settled in. ‘Darien’
she called out to him. He didn’t respond. Serena carefully made her
way to him. She lifted his head up in her hands and softly kissed him,
to her horror he grinned as he looked up. Darien transformed into a
hideous creature and attacked Serena. She tried to transform but her
brooch wasn’t working. Frantically she tried to get away! ‘I can’t
breathe’ she realized. ‘Somebody help me’ she screamed. From out of
the fog, Scorpiana appeared and grinned as she tried to unsuccessfully
get away. Any second she would stop breathing. Her body began to go
limp, her attacker caught off guard dropped her. Serena rolled away
gasping for air.’ Free’ the word echoed through her mind. She ran as
fast as she could but the monster kept gaining on her. There was no
way to escape! She soon realized!

Krista was going through much of the same dream. She was being
chased by who she thought was Caleb. Suddenly she tripped and fell
headlong in the mist. A hand grabbed her ankle and started to pull her
through the mist toward the monster. Frantically she kicked a the
hand, that was holding her. She screamed as the hand squeezed
harder. She gritted her teeth, ‘ how am I ever going to get out of this’




Serena woke up screaming, like Krista. They were drenched in
sweat, they each gasped for air. Sun was pouring in through the
windows. Quickly in their own rooms they got dressed. All the scouts
were dressed as they came to breakfast . They were already eating,
and looked up from their bowls, “Good morning” they said dully. Serena
and Krista sat at another table, not wanting to be with the others.
Serena looked Krista in the eye. “Did you have a scary dream like I
did?”She demanded
Krista nodded her head. “Yeah, it was really bad.” Serena also
nodded, then her eyes widened, “Hey look there is a note here address
to us!” Serena exclaimed. Krista grabbed it out of her hands, and
opened it. She gasped and threw it towards Serena as if it was on fire.
Her face was chalk white and her hands trembled with fright. “How
d-did th-this g-get here-e?” She demanded. Serena picked it up and read
it. “NO Way!” She shouted. Everyone turned to look at her. Her face
turned red. “Uh just kidding!” Her face looked like it was on fire.
Krista put a finger to her lips and said,” Sssssshhhhhhh”
The note said, “If you want to see your boyfriends again, meet me at
Shadows Claw! Only you two! At midnight!” Serena looked scarred and
looked into Krista eyes, “are we going to do it?”
Krista looked away and had a faraway look in her eyes, finally she
turned back and replied sorrowfully, “I guess so.” Serena didn’t look
happy either, “Are we going to tell the scouts?” She whispered. Krista
looked at them then at Serena and sadly shook her head. 
“Tomorrow morning meet me at the front entrance, very early say, 6
am?” Serena looked horrified, “So early?” Krista sighed, “can’t you be
serious?” “I was only kidding. 6 am it is”
Serena looked at her plate of food, “I just lost my appetite, see ya
later.” she said gloomily. 
Serena went back to her room and drifted off to sleep again. She
tossed and turned.........
Serena ran through the fog in search of Darien, she suddenly
stopped, ‘why am I in my princess dress’ she wondered out load. Then
continued, behind her she heard a horrible, scratchy voice call her
name, ‘Serena, you can’t escape’ For some unknown reason she stopped
abruptly. I can’t move she thought wildly. She tried to will herself to
move but it didn’t work. ‘Who ever I am running away from, is going to
catch me any second.’
Out of the mist a girl in in a sailor suit came running through the fog,
she looked behind her, although her face was partially hidden , fear
was clearly written on her very pretty, smooth skin. Without watching
where she was going, she collided in a full tilt run with Serena...........


Krista also being in no mood to eat went to her spacious room and
collapsed on her bed, crying softly. She cried herself to sleep........

‘Whoa not again’ Krista groaned as she saw it was the same dream
she had before... only this time she was running then like before she fell.
OUCH she cried, her ankle had been twisted in the fall. She tried to
stand up but it was no use she collapsed from the pain. Again she tried
and finally succeeding she hobbled over to a chair that was in the
middle of the mist.. ‘strange what is a chair doing in the middle of
Krista eased herself on to the chair, and gasped as pain shot up her
right ankle. She grimaced, a thud sounded somewhere behind her, she
twisted to see what it was. From the mist a voice taunted her, ‘ come
out come out my pretty, you can never escape. never’ The horrible
voice laughed high and shrill. A hand reached out to her..... Krista


Serena grunted as she tried to move. The girl sat up, ‘ oh I am so
sorry’ Then she gasped. ‘ How did you get here?’ Serena was confused,
‘get where? Where is here’ The girl frowned, ‘Don’t you know?’
Serena shook her head. The girl said ‘you can call me, Shreena.’ ‘Hey
that is close to my name, Serena’ Shreena said, ‘ I know, I have been
watching you guys’ That made Serena’s skin crawl. From out of
nowhere a scream spilt the air. Serena wrinkled her nose, ‘ That
sounded awful familiar.’ Shreena stood up and yanked Serena to her
feet. ‘We have to move, the monster will be here any second.’...............


Chapter 35
Stand Off 

part 2

Krista frantically stood up, she held her hand to shad her eyes, two
figures were talking. They kept coming nearer and nearer. One had
funning hair. ‘oh my gosh’ she gasped. ‘SERENA’ She yelled. ‘It has to
be no one else has that hair style, but who is the other person’?

Serena was shocked to hear someone call out to her. In the distance
she could see a girl in a chair attempting to sit up. ‘HEY KRISTA,’ in a
lower voice she said to Shreena, ‘ I think that is Krista.’ at least she
hoped it was her. The girl started waving wildly to her and pointing.
Serena blinked her eyes, what is she doing? Behind her Shreena
shrieked. Serena turned around and gasped and fell on her rear, before
her stood an ugly monster, a mixture of Spiderana, and the other
monster she fought. Since she couldn’t transform for some reason,
Shreena and Krista would have to fight! Serena groaned inwardly.
‘How am I going to rescue Darien if I can’t transform?’She kicked at
the ground, furious. The thing whipped an arm out attacking Serena
and Shreena. Shreena leaped into the air pushing Serena away, but
was unable to save herself. ‘AHHHHHHH’ She screamed in pain,
Serena’s eyes welled up with tears, Krista came hobbling to them,
panting she asked, ‘Are you okay- Oh no, what happen to that girl?
What’s her name?’ Serena replied, “that is Shreena and she saved her
from that witch! It seems like I can’t transform’ Krista gasped, ‘ maybe
if I give you some of my powers you could, see I hurt my ankle and
can’t fight well with a hurt ankle.’ Taking out her crystal, she willed it
to share with Serena’s.
Serena transformed,’ It worked thank you!’ Now she turned to the
witch, ‘ I have had enough of this dream! Moonlight therapy kiss!’ A
rush of light swept past them, they all screamed. 


Darien stirred and opened his eyes slowly, “Whoa where am I?” he
wondered out loud, and looked all around him. He was in some kind of
a round glass ball. “Weird, where am I?” From across the room it
seemed like a voice answered, “We are in two small glass balls, we have
been shrunk, like with Davina!” Darien groaned, “is that you Caleb?”
“Yea, it seems as though we are stuck!”
Darien looked out to faintly see Caleb sitting down his head slumped
forward. “Hey don’t worry, Sailor Moon and the other scouts will
rescue us!” Caleb shook his head, “If they do come for us they will be in
terrible danger! Might not even live.” Darien shuddered. 


Serena suddenly sat up, she was soaking wet, from the other room she
heard Krista shriek. She stumbled out of bed and hurried to Krista’s
room. Krista was weeping, “Hey it’s okay, we’re still here!” Serena’s
face grew funny, “Hey don’t tell me, you thought you had a frog on
you?” Krista face grew angry, “What kind of a question is that, you
really are a meatball head!” Serena’s face turned bright red and she
Suddenly her face crumpled and she wailed, “Darien used to call me
that!” Krista was very sorry she had said that. By now the scouts were
all crowded in Krista’s room. Serena looked up and faked a smile, “Hey
don’t worry Krista just had a bad dream, everything is okay.”
Krista looked embarrassed, “Hey sorry to worry you all.” As soon as
they left Serena turned back to Krista and they began whispering,
they were interrupted by a cold, yet familiar voice, “You better show
up or you’ll never see your boyfriends again.” They spun around,
looking for the voice, as it continued to instruct him as to where to go.


A girl tossed and turned in her bed as she slept, and had a
frightening dream. She awoke with a whimper. She quickly looked
around for danger seeing none she heaved a sigh of relief. “These
nightmares keep getting worse” She shook her head to try and rid her
mind of the horrible images. She looked at her clock it read 12:00 am.
Midnight! The girl paced up and down in her room. Finally slipped
back into bed and fell asleep, a peaceful dream. 
In the morning she awoke early, she got dressed and looked around to
make sure no one was watching and tip toed out the door. She hopped
on a bike and sped to go see Serena and Krista. After 20 minuets she
reached where they were staying. She was admitted, she was shown to
Krista’s room at Serena request. Once inside Serena cried, “Shreena!”
The girl looked surprised, but not really, “That’s right I already told you
my name.” Serena said suspiciously , “You had the same dream we did
right?” Shreena nodded her head. Krista heaved a sigh of relief and
glanced at Serena, who nodded, “We’re glad you came, okay we need
your help........” Hurriedly she told Shreena of the eventful day they
had yesterday. Shreena looked scared, “No one has ever beaten
Scorpiana! I have heard many tales of valiant people who have tried
but all died or enslaved them.” Serena and Krista shuddered. They had
been whispering for a long time. They grew quiet, suddenly Shreena
looked sharply at the door. Quiet as a cat she threw open the door and
in tumbled the scouts. They groaned in, as they tried to untangle them
selves. “Why didn’t you tell us? And who is she?” Renee demanded, her
hot head already hot was now purple with rage. Serena sighed, “You
remind me so much of Raye, its scary.”
Hesitatingly Krista told them everything. They gaped at them.
Serena looked at her watch and shriek, “We gotta go, it’s time for the
showdown NOW!”


Chapter 36
Stand Off 
part 3

Shreena, Krista and Serena hurried out of the room. Serena turned to
Shreena, “Are you very powerful?” Shreena looked surprised, “Well
compared to you I am a more powerful than you.” Serena looked mad,
“darn, everyone is more powerful than me,” Serena huffed. Serena and
Krista turned and held each other’s hands, Shreena looked
uncomfortable. “Oh duh, we have to transform first.” Serena smacked
her palm on her forehead. Serena turned serious, and nodded to them
Eternal Sailor Moon looked at Sailor Calypso, “you said, ‘light power’
is that more advanced than Sailor Titan transformation?” Sailor
Calypso nodded, slightly embarrassed. Sailor Moon shrugged.
Concentrating all their power they could muster they shouted,
“TELEPORT” With more power from the other scouts they were finally
able to teleport. They drifted through dimensions and space. 


Darien looked woefully at Caleb, and was about to speak when he
was interrupted by the cruel voice of Scorpiana, “You’re little sailor
twits are on their way. Straight into my hands.” She laughed hard and
cruel. Darien cringed, Caleb’s eyes were blazing. 

Caleb’s eyes blazed with hatred. He shot a look out at Darien in the
next ball. He was equally mad, his head slumped to his chest in defeat.
“Don’t give up!” Caleb shouted. Darien looked at him and tried to smile
but it came out as a grimace. Caleb shook his own head, and tried to
block out the evil laughter of Scorpiana. He tried to mentally send a
warning to Krista, not knowing if it would do anything. As he finished
he looked at the evil being. Scorpiana narrowed her eye’s not wanting
them to warning them, with a quick snap of the fingers she gagged and
bound Darien and Caleb. 


Eternal Sailor Moon looked around the misty room, she shivered.
“Just like the nightmare.” Sailor Calypso nodded her head to Sailor
Titan indicating, that they should not separate. Sailor Titan advanced
but Sailor Calypso stopped her, and shook her head. Sailor Calypso
walked ahead of them, slowly she took every step with caution. Above
them a voice shrilly laughed, they spun around trying to find
Scorpiana, Sailor Moon searched for the voice. Suddenly her intuition
told her to be on guard. Something made her think of Darien, now she
had more courage to fight. She stole a glance at Sailor Titan she was
thinking the same thing. Something rustled behind her, she turned with
the quickness of a cheetah. The others behind her unaware of a
presence. Without uttering a sound Scorpiana pounced and Sailor
Moon gasped. She tried to defend herself, but her efforts were useless.
Scorpiana knocked her down. She flew through the air without a sound.


Chapter 37
Stand Off 
part 4

Sailor Moon heard a voice shout “NO!” As she hit the hard concrete a
mass of star exploded before her eyes, she laid still for several stunned
moments. As she started to collect her wits a shadow loomed above her.
She tried to focus, but everything was blurring. She closed her eyes.
Scorpiana looked at the pathetic scout below on the ground, all
sprawled out, like a rag doll. She smiled with satisfaction. Immediately
she kicked the back of Sailor Titan who knew nothing of the attack on
Sailor Moon. This time Sailor Titan screamed as she was jerked
forward from the impact. “AHHHHHHH!” Sailor Calypso turned in
time to see Scorpiana punch her in a swift upper cut. Her chin snapped
up and she fell to the floor unconscious. By this time Sailor Moon was
able to stealthy tip toe up behind Scorpiana and deliver a swift bone
crushing kick to her knee. Scorpiana cursed as she felt the pain shoot
up her leg. She turned around and shot out black lightning and hit
Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon screamed as she was shocked, Scorpiana
smiled devilishly. As Sailor Moon slumped to the floor she took this time
to present them with her prizes.
“If you know what is good for you , you won’t come any closer. That is
if you want to see your boyfriends again.” Sailor Moon hesitated as
Scorpiana announced that. Sailor Titan and Calypso were able to
stand up once again. They were about to double team when Sailor
Moon screamed, “Don’t! She has Darien and Caleb!” That stopped them
dead in their attacks. Scorpiana took out the fragile glass balls. Sailor
Moon could see the helpless Caleb and Darien. Tears welled up in her
eyes as she whispered, “Darien” 
“I have a proposition for you. If you give me your power crystals, and
the sliver cosmic necklace!” For a second Sailor Calypso looked sacred
then regained her composure. Sailor Moon declared, “We aren’t going
to give you are crystals!” Scorpiana frowned and shrugged, what is she
up to? Sailor Titan wondered. Carefully she looked over Scorpiana. The
balls looked like glass, I wish the other scouts were here. Sailor Moon
thought wistfully. 
Scorpiana held out the balls containing Darien and Caleb. She let out
a blast of energy, They could hear their tiny voices scream from the
pain. Sailor Moon cringed. Sailor Titan looked at Sailor Moon and
nodded. Together they took out their crystals and de-transformed.
They held out their crystals for Scorpiana. Here eyes shinning,
Scorpiana took the crystals and laughed, “ Finally I did what no one
else could do! Hah!” Serena and Krista look weak, and pathetic. 
Darien and Caleb shouted and pounded on the balls, “NO!” They said
together! Tears streamed down their faces, likewise down Serena’s and
Krista’s. “We let them down” Serena sobbed. Krista held Serena as they
sank to their knees. Sailor Calypso looked on in horror, “I can’t believe
you did that” she cried. “We had to” Krista gasped out. 

“FOOLS, you actually thought I would let them go? Ha! Now you’re at
my mercy!” Scorpiana boosted.

“Please let us see them one last time,” Serena begged. Scorpiana looked
at her scornfully, “How pathetic” However she granted their wish.

Scorpiana withdrew Caleb and Darien for one last reunion, “before
you can see them I want her crystal as well!” She pointed to Sailor
Calypso. “NO WAY!” She shouted back. Serena looked at her pleading
please. She walked over to her and spoke, she grabbed her hand.
Finally she shouted, “Don’t you know how much we care about them?”
Sailor Calypso looked contrite. Finally she consented to. She too gave
Scorpiana her crystal. 
“HHHAAAA” Scorpiana yells. And let Darien and Caleb go
forward, they went into each other’s arm sobbing and stroking their
hair, whispering things into their ears.

All at once they turn around and faced Scorpiana, “I don’t think you
understand how good we are at our job” Serena said and with Krista
and Shreena they transformed!




part 5

“How in the world did you do that” Scorpiana yelled, she looked at
the crystals and threw them to the ground, they shattered. Sailor Moon
proudly said, “When we first got your note we planed to deceive you
with the fake crystals, the ones you had. I had an extra one and when I
pleaded with sailor Calypso I actually gave her the last crystal! HA!” 
Scorpiana stormed, “I don’t care if I go with it, as long as you go to!”
She withdrew the bomb she was going to use previously. She let it grow
Sailor Moon looked on very scared, their eyes grew huge. As she was
about to throw it when a bright chain hit the bomb into the air. Sailor
Moon turned and shouted, “Sailor Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter!” 

As soon as the bomb was high enough, Sailor Jupiter threw her
lightning and blew up the bomb. They squinted under the heat and
pressure. Scorpiana was in a rant, and was raving. Behind the scouts
everyone else that was a scout ran up behind them. Sailor Uranus
stepped in front of Darien and said, “No offense but you better stay
behind us” Darien nodded. And moved to the back out of harm’s way.
“HEY! REMEMBER ME?” Scorpiana had now gathered all her
energy and was about to throw it at them. Sailor Moon pushed the
scouts and everyone out of the way and jumped in front of them with
Sailor Titan. “NO!” They screamed, then concentrated and yelled, “lend
us your powers!”
They transformed into their Princess dresses and concentrated
ignoring Scorpiana’s taunting. “She’s Got the Power” played above.
Together they shouted, “STAR LOVE REAWAKENING!” 
Using all their powers they blasted Scorpiana with one huge blast.
Scorpiana screamed as the bob exploded destroying her and blasting
the already weak Princesses. “Ahhhhhhh!” Then abruptly stopped and
de-transformed, and fell into a coma. After the smoke cleared, the
scouts rushed over to Serena and Krista. Their clothes were burned
and they had scraped and cuts all over them.

Darien and Caleb tried to push their way through the mass of Sailor
Scouts. They were afraid to see what happened, as they neared they
could see tear streaked faces of Sailor Mars and Io who were holding
the limp Serena and Krista.
They stopped in horror as they saw Serena and Krista. Darien fell to
his knees beside Serena and picked her up. He tried to arouse her
without any avail. Caleb just stood there in shock, finally after Sailor Io
snapped, “are you just going to do something or what?” Caleb shook
himself out of his trance and also kneeled beside Krista and lifted her
up in his arms and made his way back to her house, with Darien and
the scouts trailing behind. Gently he set her down. And Darien did the
same, he held her hand and brushed hair out of her closed eyes.
Serena’s face was deathly white, Darien leaned down and kissed her.
He pulled back, hoping that would work like before, but to no avail.
Caleb stood there, hoping for some change. Yet Krista just laid there,
not moving. Finally Shreena stepped forward, and asked to see them
alone. Darien and Caleb looked at each other and nodded, everyone
left, but Shreena. She stood over Serena and Krista, she moved so she
could touch Krista’s hand. She withdrew a beautiful locket, and placed
it in Krista’s hand, she stepped back.

A bright light erupted from the locket and formed a winged girl, and
bright shinning stars shone above the still Krista. As they came down
they touched Serena and Krista. 


Will that be enough to wake them? Stay tuned for the exciting
conclusion to this 6 part chapters! By Heather Sauble 

Chapter 39
The Owner!

Part 6

Serena laid there, and after 2 minuets she slowly opened her eyes,
and waited for her eyes to adjust to the bright light surrounding them.
Krista too opened her eyes and sat up. She rubbed her eyes and gasped.
“How did this beautiful locket get here?” She turned and yelped as she
finally saw Shreena. “Oh you scared me” “Sorry” Shreena said. Serena
looked questionable at her, “Where did that come from?” Shreena
looked at them and took a deep breath, and began “It all started
thousands of years ago, a powerful queen made a necklace out of gold
and precious stones. She died and her spirit went into the body of the
chosen one, who could use the necklace for good. Since only the queen
could use it she had to be reborn and her spirit went into the chosen
one. She was very beautiful and she had wings, she could use only in
the gravest conditions. It is said she will be revealed before a great
battle will take place.”
Shreena looked straight at Krista, “I believe that is you!” Krista
gulped, “ME?” she squeaked, as Shreena nodded, “You are the owner.”
You wouldn’t have been healed if you weren’t”
Now everyone enter the room and was very happy to see Serena and
Krista out and about. Darien and Caleb were visibly happier than the
rest. Tears streamed down their faces as they hugged and kissed.
Finally they pulled away and Darien said, “I think we should let them
rest and regain their strength” Caleb winked at Krista and said, “of
course me and Darien will need to stay and make sure they’re safe.”
With a twinkle in his eyes.
Serena and Krista blushed a deep crimson, and they looked away.
They all exploded into laughter, and after a while it subsided. Serena
wiped a tear from her eyes.

Before they could get some rest a loud explosion rock the kingdom
and they were thrown from their beds and hit the walls with such a
force they fell unconscious. TO BE CONTINUED.....

Chapter 40
A New Enemy Revealed

Mina felt like she was floating on air, she realized, “Whoa!” She was
upside down! ; )! She tried to flipped over and tried to stand, however
her legs were stuck under piles of rubble! Ugh! She looked around and
saw a horrible scene before her. The whole room was basically trashed!
Tables were upside down, chairs broken, even a cracked window! She
moved her hands under the rubble that pinned her down, and lifted up
with all the strength she could muster. She groaned as it lifted 5 inches,
wearily she set it back down. She started yelling,” HELP, CAN

Darien stirred for a second then sat up, he rubbed his eyes. His vision
began to clear, he saw that he was propped up against the wall, “Why
am I here? What happened?” Suddenly the horrifying memories floated
back to him. He grunted as he stood up, he carefully surveyed the
room. In the corner half covered with debris was Serena and on the
other side was Krista! He stumbled over loose debris, and finally
reached Serena’s side. Darien moved the stuff off her and shook her,
“Serena are you okay? Please speak to me!” Just as the words came
tumbling out another blast shook everything. Darien protectively
threw himself over Serena and hoped Krista would be okay. Then the
ceiling came down on top of Darien. 

Shreena got out from beneath the table she had dove under just as
the blast knocked everyone else down. Good thing I saw that before it
happened. I wish I had been able to warn the others. She gasped, a
vision shot through her thoughts, “Oh no, not another one.” Some were
starting to stir, she quickly yelled, “Hurry cover yourselves up! GET
READY!” Another blast crashed, and she fell to the floor hard.


“I wonder if Scorpiana ever did anything right,” A hissing voice
asked. He shook his head, such a pity. “Wait she might have done
something all right!” He saw the whole building just collapse. “I guess
the bomb worked.”


Serena opened her eyes, her head felt like someone had stuffed it with
cotton. “Oh man” She groaned. Then she gasped, Darien was laying on
top of her, his eyes were closed. His face was bruised and scratched,
“oh he saved me…” her voice wobbled with emotion. She gently turned
him over on her lap. She brushed the hair from his eyes, and softly
kissed him on his cheek. Then laid him carefully on the floor as
smoothly as she could. Serena stood up shakily and went to Krista’s side
and shook her, “Krista come on, come on!” Beside Krista Caleb was
buried under a foot of ceiling tiles. Krista opened her eyes and moaned.
The she gasped, “Caleb!” Krista sat up and started pulling the rubble off
Caleb as fast as she could. Serena helped her, until a shrill cry for help
came to Serena’s ears. She stopped, “That sounds like Mina!” Serena
turned to Krista, “I have to go help her, can you manage alone?” Krista
nodded. Serena hurried to the sound of Mina’s voice. Finally she came
to Mina’s room and was horrified to say the least. Serena closed her
eyes and prayed that the hand sticking out of the debris was not


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