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Chapter 41

Mina stirred, pain shot up her injured leg, “oh” she moaned.
Suddenly she heard Serena crying, “Serena?” She called. Mina saw the
meatballs hair style rise above the mess. Her face was streaked with
dirt and tears. “Hey you going to get me out of here or what?” 
Serena had tears streaming sown her face, in joy. “She hurried to
Mina stumbling over everything. She cried, “MINA! I though you were
gone!” Mina shook her head, then immediately regretted it. Ouch.


Krista desperately tried to reach Caleb, she threw aside all the
debris, and finally reached him. She took his head and gently placed it
on her lap. After what seemed like hours, Caleb stirred. Krista stroked
his hair affectionately. Caleb slowly opened his eyes. “Hey what’s going
on “ he murmured. “Ssshh” Krista said quietly, “You have a nasty bump
on the head.” Caleb groaned softly. Finally mustering all the strength
he could Caleb sat up, dizzy. He looked around him and spotted
Darien. He hurried as fast as he could to him, He moved the heavy
stuff covering him, he pulled Darien out and laid him flat. Caleb looked
at Krista, “Where’s Serena?” Krista looked at the floor, “Um, she went
to find the person she thought was Mina, she was crying for help Mina
was.” Caleb looked down at Darien who was unmoving. “I have to go
find Serena, she needs to be here.” Krista nodded, pushing back the
thought of jealousy. 

Caleb scrambled through the mess, helping everyone on the way.
Finally he saw Serena bent over a figure, it was Mina! He rushed to
her side, but before he could reach her. Mina stretched forth an arm
and encircled it around Serena’s neck in a choke hold! “WHAT are you
doing?!” Caleb shouted. Mina just looked at him, and started to change,
she snaked out to be a viper snake! Caleb took immediate reaction he
extract a yellow rose and started to change, but before being able to do
that, the viper knocked him against the wall. He fell down unconscious.
“He would be a nice prize for the queen, (He looks down at Serena
struggling in his arm) I don’t have time.” He bends down and slips a
card into Caleb’s pocket and disappears taking Serena with him.

Darien is walking through a mist, “How do I get out of here!” He
shouted to no one in particular . Just then a window pops out, he looks
through it and sees Krista gently soaking his forehead with a wet cloth.
She looks up and the expression of horror over comes her pretty
features. POP the window dissolves. “HEY!” Darien yells. Another one
pops out and he see Mina putting a choke hold on Serena, then Caleb
tries to help but is knocked against the wall and Serena is taking away
still trying to get away from the viper snake! Darien is furious and
kicks the mirror, it shatters one piece striking him on the shoulder. He
shrinks back in pain. He grimaces, and tries to make sense out of what
is happening. A gust of wind starts to pick up and Darien is thrown
against an invisible wall!


Chapter 42
Why Serena?

Krista is soaking Darien’s head when she looks up at the sound of
footsteps. She gasps at the sight of a devilish Caleb struggling to make it
in the room, he is carefully holding his ribs. She gently set Darien down
and hurries to Caleb, concern heavy in her eyes. Caleb attempt to grin,
but fails, “Just a little sore” Krista wraps a bandage around his chest.
She had torn her shirt to make the bandage. “Careful, I am going to
need more bandages, soon you won’t having any shirt left” Krista
blushes and grins back, “then I’ll just have to go with out it, if it means
you’ll get better.” Caleb looked serious again, “A monster posing as
Mina took Serena as I arrived.” He shook his head regrettably. 
Caleb looked at Darien, “How’s he doing?” Krista was sad, “not a
change for the good or bad.” Caleb turned back to Krista, “I don’t know
what’s going to happen.” Caleb shook his head, “Why Serena?” Krista
did the same, “I was wondering that too, I mean I have something they
want more,”

Darien gasps as air exploded out of his lungs, he sucked in more to
try and clear his head. Darien struggled to get up, and saw an ugly
creature slithering toward him. It was the VIPER! “You filth, what
have you done to Serena?” He just kept coming never breaking his
rhythmic slither. Anger and hatred blazed in Darien’s eyes, he rushed
forth as fast as he could, the snake just kept coming. He launched a
round house at the snake, he just kept coming. At the point of contact,
Darien just went right through the snake. He landed with a thud. The
viper never even turned around. ‘What is going on here?’ Darien
muttered to himself as he got up. ‘I should just follow him, maybe I can
question him later!’ Darien decided.


Serena began to struggle again, but the snake man just tightened his
grip. Desperately she thought of Darien. “I am sorry Darien, I should
have been better to you.” Pretty soon Serena couldn’t breathe, I am
losing it....... was Serena’s last thought as she went limp in Viperan’s
arms. he nearly dropped her, so he shifts his weight to get a better hold
on her. ‘She is kind of pretty’ he said to himself.

Darien followed Viperan as long as he could. Suddenly he came to a
door, “the snake just went through it so here it goes........ Darien pushed
the door open and was momentarily blinded. As soon as his eyes
adjusted to the sudden brightness of the room, he was appalled at the
sight in front of him and it made him very angry. Darien saw Serena
tied to a table in a tight fitting blue dress. She wasn’t moving and
Darien feared the worst. He crept closer, hoping no one would notice
him. Strangely enough they acted as though he wasn’t even there. He
made him way to Serena, as he reach the table he saw her stir. Serena
tried to move and gasped as she realized she couldn’t. “What the.....”
Serena muttered. “HEY! What’s going on? Where did these clothes come
from? Where’s Darien and Mina?” She demanded. Darien went to her
side and grabbed her hand. Except it went right through her hand,
Serena didn’t even notice! He was mad, how could she not...... then
Darien realized, “oh no!” He tried to grab her hand again. Serena was
really struggling now, “Somebody, ANYBODY! HELP!” Now tears stung
her eyes and blurred her vision.

Darien felt as though he was falling down, the last thing he thought
was, “I have to save her!”



Caleb walked in to where Krista is sitting and asked, “ any change?”
“Regrettably none so far-” She stops in mid sentence as she soon
realizes, Darien is moving. She knees down beside him pressing the
damp cloth on his forehead. Darien moans, and opens his eyes. He
shouts, “Serena!” He sees them and their bewilder looks. “Serena is being
held captive by some viper guy right? All we have to do is find where
he went and I know where!”
Krista and Caleb were thunderstruck, as to how he might know that
Serena has been captured. Dumbly Caleb asked, “How did you know
about that?” Darien looked at him and replied, “I saw it happen while I
was unconscious and I saw where she was, sort of!”
Caleb looked at him impatiently, “Well where is she?” Darien looked
at the ground, “I don’t know how to get there, but she is in a room with
a viper and he changed what she was wearing to a tight blue dress!
And he had her strapped down!” Anger flared through Darien’s nose.
Caleb stepped back a little, “What is he going to do to her?” Darien
sighed, “That’s when I woke up.......” 


Serena was scared out of her wits, “What is this maniac going to do to
me” she wondered. A shadow loomed overhead, casting a shadow over
its face, the person had a needle! “What are you going to do with that?’
Serena shouted, her eyes widened with fear.
“Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing” He assured her. “I-I hate
needles” Serena declared. The needle inched closer and closer until she
could feel the point against the flesh of her arm! She screamed with all
her strength. This only maddened the person , the person slapped her


Darien’s head snapped back, he covered his ears with his hands, and
swayed. Caleb grabbed him and set him down for a moment. “What’s
wrong?” He demanded. Darien was as white as a ghost, “I heard
Serena and she was screaming!” Caleb and Krista were dumbstruck.
The rest of the scouts entered after freeing each other. Mina was
holding on to Lita for support. Shreena stepped forward, “What’s
wrong Darien?” Caleb looked at the ground, “Serena is in terrible
danger,” Shreena gasped.
Astera withdrew a ruby necklace and held it up with two fingers, as
she concentrated it started to move on its own. It suddenly stopped and
she opened her eyes, “I know where she is, she’s in a castle.”

Darien squeezed his eyes shut, and massage his temples, he groaned
in defeat. I have to find where she is! Darien relives all his happy
memories of them dancing, her in a pink dress with flower trimmings.
He is in a the usual tuxedo. Tears start to slid down his face, he bows
his head and says a silent prayer.


With a great deal of effort Serena opens her eyes and looks around,
“oh my head” She moans. A voice quietly said, “I am sorry if you have
and discomfort.” A shadow looms overhead, a man with the body of a
snake and the upper part of his body looks human enough, but he is
yellow with black diamonds and his head has a weird looking thing
about it, his head looks like a cross between a cobra and a human head.
Serena was trembling visibly, “Wha-at do you want with me?” He just
looks her up and down. “oh no, now not again,” Serena moans. As if
reading her mind he unstraps her and gently helps her up, her legs are
wobbly after not using the for sometime. She gives him a weak smile,
“So what are you planning to do?”


Darien’s head snapped up and he looked around wildly, Krista
asked, “Are you okay?” Darien shook his head, “That was weird, I
heard Serena calling to me!”
Krista looked alarmed, she looked at Darien concerned, “Did she
saying anything else?” Darien narrowed his eyes, “actually she said,
‘help me’ in a floating castle! ’” Mina looked around and said, “well
let’s go save Serena!” Andrea watched everyone very closely, “I wonder
if we can tract her the way we did with the other scouts. Well I have to
try.” Mina nodded and encouraged her.

TO BE CONTINUED...........


Serena looked at Viperan with terror Viperan slithered toward her,
she shrank back in disgust. “He is no Darien.” AS soon as he was close
to her he replied, “From the moment I saw you, I knew we’re destined
to be together.” Serena was horrified, another person was after her, she
shook her head, when will it stop. She realized what this meant,
suddenly she smelled something horrible and she was slipping away,
she thought, “Darien, save me”

A man jumped out and attacked Viperan with a quick thrust he
defeated Viperan, and with one look at Serena he walked over to her
and murmured , “So sweet, and beautiful.” He gently picked her up and
disappeared, as he vanished he sprinkled some power on Serena’s eyes.


Andrea look confused, “Serena is moving, ----what-t” She has vanished
into thin air. What is going on? Oh, wait, got you!” Triumphantly she
raced to where Darien had retired for bed. After knocking and
waiting for an answer she pushed open the door and was alarmed to
find Darien gone! She hurried toward Krista’s room, “KRISTA!” She
shouted, “Have you seen Darien? I can’t find him anywhere!” 
Krista was shocked and jumped out of bed in her nightgown, “We
have to find him he may be in danger!” She quickly put on a robe and
together they awoke the sleeping scouts. After they were all ready they
went out in search of Darien.
3 in a group they went throughout the kingdom calling his name.
Andrea’s group surveyed the garden, as she was about to leave she saw
a figure bent down, and not moving! Hoping against hope she ran full
speed toward the figure and was relieved to see it was Darien, he was
praying. He looked up startled, and sighed, he picked up a pretty rose
and held it for a moment. “She has been gone for 2 days, how long can I
go without her?” Andrea was sympathetic, “I got a fix on her, that’s
why we came to find you.” She took out her watch and called the other
scouts and told them where they could find Darien. In ten minuets they
were all gathered in the garden all with solemn faces. Grief stricken
Darien broke down and started to cry, Krista put her arm around his
shoulder, but she couldn’t reach him, she whispered to Caleb, “Lift me
up a little” With his help she was able to hug Darien and talk some
comforting words to him, he smiled through his tears.

Serena woke up staring into the face of Darien, “Oh you found me.”
She lifted her arms up and allowed him to pick her up. “I was worried
you’d never find me.” Darien looked at her and smiled, “How could I
not rescue my princess?”
Serena kissed him on the cheek, as she did she got this weird feeling
like she had betrayed Darien, yet he was with her now.


Darien looked at Andrea, “How much longer before we can go get
her?” Andrea replied, “It will be at least a day, I have to set a
coordination's, this is unfamiliar territory and I have to research it”
Darien sighed, “I hope your mother get home fast, maybe she can help
us.” Krista nodded, “I haven’t heard from them in over a week, I am a
little worried.” She admitted. Darien nodded sympathetically, “I know
how you feel.” 
Darien went done to bed so he can rest up, but instead of the usual
room he slept in they all had to move to the summer house they had
since Krista’s house as destroyed by the bomb. He plopped down and
sighed, “oh Serena be careful, you’ll always be in my heart!”


Since her rescue Serena hasn’t had a single moment to herself, always
with Darien. Now she jumped on her bed and laid down, “what a day”
She rest her head on the fluffy pillow and closed her eyes, she felt
Darien close, she the words in her heart ringing, “Oh Serena be careful,
you’ll always be in my heart” Why did I hear that? “If Darien was with
me shouldn’t I be happy, but I am not What does this mean”


Chapter 45

Krista’s heart went out to Darien. “Please Darien you need your
sleep, you’re going to need it.” Darien just shook his head sadly, “I can’t
believe she is just gone after all we have gone through together. Oh
Caleb reasons, “A battle is coming, and we aren’t going to win it if we
can’t even stay awake!” Krista agrees, “Come on.”
Darien drifted off into a fitful nightmare.............
CRYSTAL TOKYO! ‘Hey it’s the future,” Darien exclaimed, as he
looked around. The mist cleared and he gasped, the once beautiful
Crystal Tokyo was now bare! “Hey what is this? This can’t be right!” A
voice very familiar called out, “DARIEN! THERE NEVER WILL BE A
Behind him a scream pierced through the air. Darien turned and
saw Mina being attacked by a monster. Darien withdrew a single
rose, he gasped as he saw the rose wilt . Nothing happened! “Oh no,
MINA!” She fell down and laid still, he ran to her, “Why didn’t you
transform?” Darien mumbled. Mina gasped out, “What’s the point,
without Serena, why fight? Already lost one person, why fight?”
All around him there was chaos, fires raging out of control, lightning
splitting through the sky. Wind blowing the trees harshly. The ground
started to quake and gave way beneath him; as he fell he saw Serena
reaching out toward him, “DARIEN!” She screamed. With a shudder
Darien woke up to find himself drenched in sweat. He groaned, “Oh
man, I’ve gotta find Serena!”


Serena sat up from a terrifying dream. ‘What does this mean?’ She
pressed her fingers to her temples and massaged them vigorously.
Dreams don’t mean anything, she reassured herself!


At six a.m. Darien finally got up to eat some breakfast, there he
found both Krista and Caleb. He avoided their eyes, as he sat down he
noticed a paper on his chair. After looking both ways he opened it and


Darien folded the note and stuck it in the black jeans he borrowed
from Caleb. He caught Krista staring at him, he nodded. She just
looked at him questionably. The day dragged on, what seemed like an
eternity, uneventful. At approximating 7 p.m., he went back to the
rose garden, where he bent on his knees and silently said a prayer.
Darien looked up at the stars and felt a certain closeness to Serena; the
moon was so bright and full. The wind ruffled his hair, and he breathed
a sigh.
Darien staggered and fell down with a moan.
ZZZZZAAAAAAAPPPPPP! Hot blinding pain shot up his leg. “What?”
above him a figure floated, “you’re early no matter!” 
Darien yelled, “Who are you?” The figure scoffed, “Well duh, I am
Daemon! King of the Dark Forest, and you’re about to become just a
memory in Serena’s mind.” “What!?” Darien shouted. He lunged at
Darien and was about to hit him when Darien threw a rose and
stunned Daemon. Darien scrambled to get out of the way, as he rolled
to the side he saw a flash shoot out above him! He stood up to see what
was happening, his eyes widened as he realized Sailor Venus standing
beside him, “Thanks”
“No problem,” She turned to Daemon, “you may think I’m just
another pretty blond. Looks can be deceiving like in my case. V is for
victory! I am Sailor Venus!”
Daemon looked bored and looked up startled, “oh are you done yet?”
She sighed. Daemon disappeared, however Sailor Venus didn’t relax,
she stood alert. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him and jumped
out of the way, but not before crashing into Darien. “Sorry”
Missed she gasped as Daemon went for the unsuspecting Darien! “NO!”
She cried as she jumped in front of Darien, and took the full force of
the blows.


Chapter 46
You Saved Me!

Sailor Venus fell on Darien who turned and neatly caught her as she
fell. Sailor Venus struggled to get up, “No I must fight for Serena. She
would have wanted me to protect you!” Daemon yelped and
disappeared, they turned around startled. Sailor Neptune asked, “Are
you okay?’ Sailor Venus nodded, then her knees buckled and Darien
caught her again! “Really I am fine, just shaky.” Sailor Venus, Neptune
and Uranus returned to their normal selves. Amara put an arm
around Mina’s waist, “Come on let’s get you back!” With the help of
Michelle they entered the breakfasts room and were immediately
surrounded by friends.
Michelle turned to Amara, “Can you feel it? The ocean is in turmoil!”
Amara replied, “Yes big trouble is brewing.” They looked into each
other eyes affectionately, the spell was broken by Mina’s voice,
“Where’s Darien?”


Serena walked through the door leading to the kitchen, behind her
she heard a groan. She turned and gasped, Darien walked in holding
his side, and his left eye was swollen. She rushed to him, “Darien you’re
hurt! What happened?” Darien replied, “I was ambushed and barely
escaped with the help of Mina from Daemon, King of the Dark Forest!
He is the one responsible for your first disappearance!” Serena was
very angry, “ I’ll teach them to mess with my Darien.”


Darien retired to his bed, and laid down thinking of the note he
found. “Was this a hoax? Should I go? As midnight rolled around,
Darien went to meet the mysterious writer. A shadow stood alone, next
to the fountain. Darien braced himself for an attack, and waited for
the figure to make the first move...........



As the figure stepped into the moonlight his features were
illuminated. Relief washed over Darien as he recognized the
figure............... it was Caleb! Caleb monitored for Darien to follow him
to a hideout, Caleb spoke first, “We must find Serena! I might know
where she is.”
Darien looked astonished, “How? Where?” Caleb looked Darien
straight in the eye and replied, “ I have been having these strange
dreams: I see Serena on a faraway comet that is speed up closer, and
closer.” Darien was alarmed, “How and can we get to her?” Caleb
looked uncertain. “ I have heard Krista speak of some sort of time
portal, but I don’t know how it works,” Caleb admitted.


Darien turned to Serena, “ I need to go to my room and rest.” Serena
was not very happy to hear this, “ awww Darien please we need to talk
.........” She was interrupted, “ Another time please.” Darien pleaded. “
Well okay .... I guess” Serena mumbled, tears welling up, Darien gently
wiped them away. Serena felt a cold chill as Darien wiped her tears
away, ‘ what does this feeling mean? I usually feel warm but something
just isn’t right’ Serena thought in her head. He limped off to his room
with Serena quietly following him behind at a safe distance. “What is
up with Darien?” Serena wondered. She was shocked to see Darien
disappear by holding some crystal up. “Now where is he going at this
hour and in his poor condition?”


Caleb and Darien were discussing how to rescue Serena. “I think
that---” Darien stopped in mid sentence, Caleb heard the rustling too.
SNAP! POP! Darien motioned to the trees; Caleb fell face forward in
the dirt with an oooff! Darien twisted to find himself face to face with
the KING OF THE DARK FOREST! Daemon grinned and stretched
forth his hand and a burst of energy threw Darien against the wall!
Daemon was going to finish him off when........
PING! A yellow rose shot through the air and struck Daemon’s
hand,m “AHH!” he growled and stumbled backwards. His eyes grew
and glowed a bright red; at that second the Sailor Scouts ran to help.
Sailor Titan rolled to one side to escape the blast, however the other
scouts weren’t as fortunate as she was.
Sailor Titan staggered and finally stood up, rage started to boil up
inside of her, “How dare you hurt my friends. I am Sailor Titan and in
the name of the moon TITAN, I shall punish you!”
Daemon looked at her with loathe and contempt, but she wasn’t
ready to back down or give up yet.”
Daemon nimbly dodged the attack, however he landed awkwardly,
therefore stumbling. This giving Sailor Venus, who was the first to
recover, the chance to attack.
Once Daemon all tied up Sailor Titan rushed to Tuxedo Star’s side
while Sailor Venus went to Darien’s side, but before reaching Tuxedo
Star, Sailor Titan heard a crash. Just as she almost reached him, an
arm encircled her neck choking her! Tuxedo Star, still hurt, cried, “Let
her go you psycho!” With a sharp edged cane he stabbed at Daemon,
but he was too quick. While pulling Sailor Titan with him.
“I can’t breathe!” Sailor Titan realized as Daemon tightened his grip
on her throat. “Come forth ‘Monkita’!” From the trees a hairy female
emerged and lashed out with her tail. Sailor Titan breathless collapsed
in Daemon’s arm, surprised Daemon nearly drops her; nevertheless it
gave Tuxedo Star enough time to wrenched Sailor Titan from Daemon.
Monkita’s tail tripped Tuxedo Star as he carried the motionless Sailor
Titan, she flew from his grasp and landed 10 feet away. Sailor Venus
pulled her to safety,

Monkita jumped onto a high branch, but not before getting hit, “You
cursed Sailor Scouts. I’ll teach you!”

Sailor Titan coughed, getting the attention of Monkita, her eyes
narrowed she focus her full attention on Sailor Titan, not noticing the
quivering branch below. Monkita whipped her tail and aimed it at
“Ahhh, “ Monkita screamed as Darien jumped and crashed into
Monkita knocked them both out of the trees. Darien landed gracefully,
while Monkita hit the ground hard, her aim foiled.
Sailor Titan jumped up and shouted,

Monkita screamed as Sailor Titan destroyed her, Daemon was
furious and was about to destroy them all when Tuxedo Star grabbed
him from behind. In a rage Daemon blasted him backwards forgetting
the Sailor Scouts.

The scouts linked hands and concentrated, Daemon shriek as the
massive blast severely disabled him. Now Sailor Titan used her attack
to finish him off.

She transformed into her Princes dress and gracefully brandished
her staff to finish him off. Princess Kristana using large amounts of
energy began to weaken bit by bit. She groaned as she held on as long
as she could. With most of her energy, nevertheless she thought of her
friends to give her more strength. Tuxedo Star stood up and
transformed into his Princes’ suit and went to support Princess
Kristana, he held on to her as she tried to destroy all of the Dark
Suddenly Princess Kristana cried out as the crystal shattered!



Sailor Titania shouted, “I’ve got it I know where Serena is!” Excitedly
she rushed to Krista’s side. “Come on Krista! We have to save Serena!
We need your help.” Tuxedo Star felt a weird sensation as Krista
started to glow, nevertheless he held on to her. Krista started to rise up
into the air, with her locket glowing! Stars sparkled all around her, and
the scouts gasped as she opened her eyes! Darien most of all was
shocked because he had experience something similar to this yet
Serena didn’t rise up like that! He stared in awe, however Sailor
Calypso voice broke the spell, “her new locket has given her more
energy and more powerful attacks!” Krista said, “ Hey what’s going on?
Whoa that was weird . Let’s go save Serena!”


Serena’s stomach started to growl, “ I guess its time to eat!” She took a
few out a few item from the cupboards, “I wish Darien would hurry
back.” She began eating heartily, “um, this is good.”


WHAT?! Serena’s head snapped up, “Where di that come from? Am I


She heard her name called again, “Where is that coming from?”


“Ugh! What in the world, this is driving me crazy!” Serena yelp, “AH!”
as somebody behind her called her name. She stumbled back tripping
over a chair. “She always was clumsily.” The man in front on her
sighed. IT’S THE KING OF THE DARK FOREST! Serena realized!
“We've come to rescue to you! Serena!” He pointed to all the people
behind him. Serena gasped, they were all the villeins she helped destroy
form the past! “NO!” She ran to her bedroom and locked the door behind

Darien pounded on the door, “What’s gotten into you Serena?” Sailor
Triton did a quick scan with the help of Sailor Mercury, and gasped,
“There is negative energy surrounding her and this whole floating
Sailor Jupiter was about to kick in the door when Tuxedo Star
stopped her, he put his finger to his lips and jiggled the knob.

Serena was so scared she transformed in to Eternal Sailor Moon and
prepared for a battle! The knob turned and she took her attack stance
and as soon as they came into view she started her routine intro, “ I am
Sailor Moon and in the name of the Moon, I shall punish you! I don’t
know how you came back from your evil grave, but I am going to send
you back!”

Sailor Mars groaned, “Here she goes again, with her ‘ I am a super
hero’ give me a break!”

“So you think you’re funny huh?” 


“NO!” the beam was directed at Darien. Tuxedo Star jumped in front
of Darien, taking the full impact of the blast! Darien fell down with
Tuxedo Star and carefully laid Tuxedo Star down. “That’s it I have had
it with you Sailor Moon! First we come to save you and you repay us
with an attack? I won’t stand for it!” sailor Titan yelled, 

Sailor Moon cried out, “AH!” Darien unable to watch her in pain ran
over to her and grabbed her hand. WHOOOOOOSHH! Blinding bright
stars glistened around the couple and MY ONLY LOVE played in the
Sailor Mars grumbled, “I am going to find out where that music is
coming from sooner or later!
A bright pink light swirled around Prince Darien and Princess
Serenity’s hands forming a pink crystal! Prince Darien grabbed it and
transformed into Tuxedo Mask! Now sailor moon looked into his teary
eyes and smiled, “Oh my Tuxedo Mask finally you can transform again!
Thank you for setting me free.” Tuxedo Mask tenderly kissed Sailor
Moon on the lips.
“HEY, you love birds let’s blow this pop sickle stand!” Sailor Titan
yelled as she supported Tuxedo Star. “I am so sorry, “ Sailor Moon
apologized to Tuxedo Star.
“It’s okay,” he grimaced.
“You’ve had a rough day, here.” Tuxedo Mask said as he picked up
Sailor Moon and held her close.

They linked hands and concentrated



“Finally” Serena sighed, they were all together in a large room
saying their good byes. “Well I guess this is it,” tears welled up in
Krista’s eyes. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room, after a round
of hugs and kisses Krista led Serena to a secret room, “Nobody knows
about this, but a few,” Krista led them to a weird half circle with gold
encrusted gate. “Just pass through here, I have already set the
coordinates for Earth.”
One by one they entered, last was Serena and Darien, Krista
embraced Serena one last time and they disappeared. “I’m going to
miss them,” Krista sobbed. “It’ll be okay, don’t worry,” Caleb comforted.
Suddenly Amber exclaimed, “Oh...my...gosh!” We have to prepare for
my birthday party!” 
Suddenly the gate started glowing! “Whoa what the--? MOM, DAD!”
Krista cried, stepping through the gate was a beautiful red head with
gold highlights and cat like green eyes, her curly red hair glistened
under the light. After her a man with golden brown hair, and clear
blue eyes, with a very cute black and white with a star on it’s forehead.
“OH, Calee!”
Krista ran and hugged the cat, “Please Krista it has only been a few
weeks.” Krista hugged her parents, “you’re back in time for my
birthday party!”
“Of course we wouldn’t miss such an important day!”
“Oh I have to decorate, they’ll be here in one hour!” Krista exclaimed.

Krista with the help of Brenda, Andrea, Astera, Shreena, Akima,
Renee and Caleb
she was able to decorate the entire palace beautifully! She hurriedly
dressed in a beautiful green dress, with sparkling rhinestone! Caleb was
handsomely dressed in a tuxedo, finally the guest started appearing
and dancing music played and they started to dance a waltz.
Without warning lightening flashed, thunder roared. Beams of
electricity destroyed parts of the palace. Caleb transformed into
Tuxedo Star and everyone except Krista transformed. Tuxedo Star
stood in front of her, protecting her from any and all harm.
ZAP! BAM! “Ahhhhh!” the Sailor Scouts screamed as they were
thrown against a wall. Tuxedo Star withstood the blasts and protected
Princess Kristana. Figures in robes surrounded her and Tuxedo Star,
closing in with each passing minuet. A tremendous blast destroyed
most of the palace. Together the sailor scouts, Tuxedo Star, Queen
Kristana and the King faced the intruders. Queen Kristana used all of
the scouts power and her own to banish the intruders from Titan
forever. With the last ounce of everyone’s power Queen Kristana sent
everyone to a new cleansed planet including herself and her husband.
Beams of pink, green, blue, purple, gold, and sliver shone from all
directions with sparkling stars as bright as the sun glistening.
“FOR A BETTER FUTURE!” Queen Kristana shouted...... TO BE



* yawn* “Why do I have to get up so early?” the sleepy red head
groaned, she rubbed her eyes and slowly got up. She managed to get
dressed in her uniform and started her last day of the 7th grade. Her
cute uniform a blue quarter shirt, with the symbol a red star, red
miniskirt with blue knee highs and black shoes.
The red head made her way to Ocean View High, however it is for
7-9 Th. grade. As she made her way to the school, she saw a brown
haired girl cornered by three big ugly guys. “Hey Stop right there! You
leave her alone!” She shouted, ‘ why does that sound familiar?’
“What are you gonna do about it?” One guy with spiky hair said, as
he advanced toward her. Just as it was going to get ugly, a handsome
17 yr... old man stepped in between the guys, “Why don’t you guys just
take a hike?” The red head thought, ‘ wow, Justin is so hot!’
The three guys ran at Justin and he tossed one over his shoulder
with a judo flip, the next one was thrown to the ground. The third man
picked up his friends and the three of them fled. “See ya later carrot
head.” The red head’s face grew a flaming red. Justin walked off.
The brown haired girl turned to the red head, “Hey thanks, I am
Brenda Jensen, thanks for the help!”
The red head shook her hand, “I am Krista Parker, glad I could try
and help.” Brenda asked, “Wanna walk together? I go to Ocean View
High.” Krista was surprised, “wow so am I , weird I never noticed you
before.” As they walked they really got to know it each other. “Hey
carrot head!” The handsome man who had saved them before called.
“That’s not my name, Justin! It’s KRISTA! K-R-I-S-T-A!” She yelled.
The brown haired man with gold highlights just smiled, his clear blue
eyes sparkling.
“Hey you know the guy who saved us?” Brenda gasped, Krista
nodded her head. “Just some guy I have known all my life, it seems
like,” Krista replied. “He’s cute, “ Brenda giggled. “Yeah and
annoying,” Krista said dryly. They finally reached their school and
went inside.

After school Krista, Brenda and a friend named Renee went to
Krista’s house for some soda and rice crispy treats, on the way she
introduced Brenda to Renee. Once home Krista introduced her mom as
her mom suddenly rushed out the door, “Bye girls, feel free to help
Brenda was amazed, “Wow your mom is a splitting image of you, but
older. What’s her name?”
“Her name is Kristina, and you can call her that too!”
A black and white cat with a star marking on its forehead snuggled
up with Krista, “this is my cat Calee” Krista explained.
“ohh, how cute.” Brenda gushed, Renee scratched Calee’s ears.


“We have to tell her,” Krista’s mother said to her husband, Jason. “I
know Kristina, but that would change her life. No more security and
happiness, full of danger and crime.” Jason replied.
“But we can’t defend them at our age, were getting old.” Kristina
declared. “Fine, but wait till her 12th birthday!” Jason pleaded.
“That may be too late!” Kristina cried. Jason sighed, “After her
friends leave, Calee can tell her.” Kristina looked relieved, “Want to get
some lunch?” Jason shook his head, “I have to get back to work.”
Kristina kissed him long and tenderly. “BYE”
Kristina hurried back so the girls wouldn’t be alone till her son came
back from work.

Krista said, “Did you hear Courtney broke up with David?”
Brenda gasped, “NO WAY? They were so happy and I was sure they
were so happy and they would always be together.”
Renee giggled, “I hear Caleb is also free” Krista’s face turned a beet
red, “ yeah so what?” Renee wiggled her finger, “So are you going to ask
him out?” Krista was aghast, “No way, why would I ask that annoying,
cute guy?!” Renee just smiled, “Oh I don’t know, maybe because you like
“that’s why you write about him in your journal!”
“I do not!” Krista yelled.
“HEY, what’s all the yelling about?” Kristina asked as she walked
through the front door. “Oh nothing, mom, uh, Renee was just
suggesting something totally outrageous. Brenda stifled a laugh.
Kristina giggled, “don’t tell me about... Caleb!?”
Krista gasped and turned a deep crimson, “wha-what? How did you
“I’ve seen the way you look at him, you’re face just glows and you get
this dreamy space case look in your eyes.” Brenda and Renee couldn’t
hold it in much longer, they both busted up laughing so hard that their
stomachs hurt. “MOM! Stop I- I don’t like Caleb, really,” however
Krista’s face was turning purple. “um, more Sprite anyone?” This sent
them sprawling over with laughter once more. “STOP! STOP! oh, my it
HURTS!” They continued giggling. BBBRRRRRIIIINGGGGGG!!!! “AH!”
They screamed startled by the phone, “Hello?” Krista’s mom answered.
Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the phone nervously.
“HELLO? Is anyone there? HELLO?” she shouted, this quieted everyone
one down. All Kristina could hear was the heavy breathing of the
person on the line. The a voice whispered, “I know who you really are”
CLICK! The phone went dead, Kristina face was ash white, her knees
trembled. She gulped and forced a smile, “um, wrong number I guess.”
She fibbed, and giggled nervously. “Anyone want some more?” Renee
and Brenda stood up, “I have to go before my parents get all frantic as
to where I am.” “Me too” renee agreed. “I live over by...” “Wow so do I”
exclaimed Renee. Krista looked at her watch and gasped, “whoa it’s
5:30 pm!” They ran out the door calling, “BYE, THANKS!” Krista lazily
did her home work, ‘YA! finished finally.”

“DINNER!” Kristina called from the dinning room. Krista hurried to
the room, where her brother, Jonathan already had started eating.
“hey squirt!” He said happily.
“Stop calling me that!” She cried angrily.
“Lighten up, squirt.”
“Ummm, pizza, my favorite!” Krista sighed, she quickly wolfed
down her meal, with her brother looking at her with disdain. Krista
stuck her tongue out at him.
After finishing she ran up to her room nd plopped down on her bed
and closed her eyes. “AHH!” Krista groaned as she felt something jump
on her stomach. It was her cat, Calee!


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