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Chapter 51
A Sailor Scout!

Krista looked at the mysterious wand laying on her bed, “you know I
have always had these but never knew what is was for,” you told Calee
who cocked her head. She suddenly gasped, a gold light twinkled on the
wand she looked closer and saw writing on the wand in gold. 
“Titan Star Power” Krista mumbled, “Whoa” she gasped as she
looked at her reflection. Her clothes had completely transformed into a
very stylish sailor type suit, Krista mumbled, “hum, short miniskirt
with bloomers, a bow, long ribbon trail on the back held on by a bow.
No sleeves except the see through ones barely hanging over shoulders,
nice boots not to short. Excellent, I love the green it brings out my eyes
and hair! Hey it put my hair back for me, totally cool!!! Wow I didn’t
notice these clovers that go just below my elbows, fancy!! I LOVE IT!”
“Pay attention , Krista. You’re Sailor Titan, defender over all! There
are other sailor soldiers like you, however I have not been able to
distinguish who they are as of yet.” Calee went on to explain in detail of
her past with the exception of a few very important details, like being
a princess and the final attack... the Prince and his identity, her
parent in everything.........
“Oh wowowoowowowoowow! MY CAT IS Talking!!! AHHHHHH!
I never would guessed that I am.....Oh my head is spinning”
“In order to transform use this, (Calee handed her a wand) and raise
it up and shout, “ TITAN STAR POWER!” Krista did as she was told
and was amazed to see the results. *Yawn* “Wow I am beat, time for
bed.” She returned to her pj’s 
Krista fell asleep almost immediately, tossing and turning:
Krista was walking through a crowd of well dressed men and
women, one handsome man stood out waiting for her. He was dressed
in a handsome tuxedo, he was muscular and half his face was covered.
They began to waltz, twirling in circles with everyone clapping around
them, her heart was fluttering wildly and excitedly. She felt like she
was falling and realized the ground collapsed, the man she was
dancing with grabbed her and held her keeping her from falling! From
above a figure in a white robe started to choke him, she felt her hand
slipping through his, I am gonna die this is it, she thought. A group of
girls who face was also covered fought the robe figure, however her
date so exhausted also fell through the hole with her as well as the girls
who were fighting. She screamed, “NO!”
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “Ahh!” Krista screamed as she sat up drenched
in sweat, “gross.” She glanced at her clock which read 5 a.m., out of the
corner of her eye she saw a robe fluttering outside her window!
Fluttering in the wind and then disappear! Krista sat still for a full
minuet gasping for air, finally she took a long bath to settle her nerves
and soaked for an hour. She got dressed and headed down for breakfast
, as she entered the kitchen she gasped, a figure in a robe was looking
in the cupboards! Krista felt as though 10 lb.. had been lifted off her
chest as she realized it was her mom! She sighed with relief startling
her mother. She whirled around and gasped, ‘Oh you startled me
Krista,” She took out some plates, “here Krista have some French toast!
You’re up early, why?” Krista glanced nervously around, “oh couldn’t
sleep, I guess…”
Krista hungrily gobbled up her meal, “boy that was great!” A sleepy
brother entered the room and yawned, “hey what are you doing up so
early, squirt?” Krista didn’t respond instead she kept eating. After
finishing she raced out the door with Calee at her heels, ten minuets
earlier than usual so she could stop by Brenda’s and Renee’s houses. 
She bounded up Brenda’s steps and knocked on her door, a haggard
looking brunette answered the door, “oh, can I help you?”
“Hi, is Brenda home?”
“And you are?”
“Oh, pardon me I am Krista Parker, I met her yesterday.”
“She.....she’s not home She never came home last night…” She broke
“What? How can this be? She left my house around 5 pm last night
with my friend , Renee!”
“Did she say where she was going?” She asked frantically.
“No, just home.”
The woman became hysterical, “oh I just know something has
happened to her!”
“I’ll ask around to see if anyone has seen her, don’t worry.”
“by, the way my name is Stephanie.”

Krista ran all the way to Renee’s house, and pounded on her door, a
haggard looking brunette answered the door, “oh, can I help you?”
“Hi, is Renee home?”
“And you are?”
“Oh, pardon me I am Krista, I met her yesterday.”
“She.....she’s not home She never came home last night…” She broke
“What? How can this be? She left my house around 5 pm last night
with my friend , Renee!”
“Did she say where she was going?” She asked frantically.
“No, just home.”
The woman became hysterical, “oh I just know something has
happened to her!”
“I’ll ask around to see if anyone has seen her, don’t worry.”
“by, the way my name is Stephanie.”

Krista ran all the way to Renee’s house, and pounded on her door,
Mrs. Melton answered the door, “ Why, Krista! Have you seen Renee?”
Krista was thunderstruck, “you mean she didn’t come home either?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well Renee and this girl I met yesterday, Brenda Jensen left my
house around 5 p.m., and she didn’t come home either!”
“I’ve called the police, but so far nothing!”
“I’ll keep an eye out for them,” Krista promised.
Krista ran to school and hurried to class, with Calee at her heels, out
of breath. The teacher shook her head, it was someone she didn’t even
know, “late again Krista? I think you must have set a new world record
for the most tardies. You know what that means “ She held out a pink
slip for Krista to take. Krista groaned and took it, then she sat down in
her assigned seat.
“Wait, how did you I am always late, you’re new! What happened to
our old teacher?” Krista demanded suspiciously.
“She found another job that paid more,” the teacher answered.
The day proceeded uneventful for Krista, after the last day of school
she inquired if anyone has seen the missing girls. So far nothing, after
two hours of searching she came to her favorite juice stop. She plopped
down in the big comfy chairs at JUICY. She was about to give up,
when a sudden prompting made her go and ask the cash registerer.
“Excuse me, but have you seen either of these two girls?” Krista
asked showing pictures she got from their parents.
“I’m sorry, no” Krista was about to turn and leave when a familiar
voice yelled, “WAIT” startled she turned around to see Justin! In an
“I saw those girls, you’re talking about!”



Justin wiped his hands on a towel he had been carrying, “they
dropped by, and had a drink. After they left I glanced out after them
because the brunette was kind a cute. I saw them cut through the
construction site.” He pointed across the street, where a new mall site
was supposed to be built. “I am just getting off, if you would like some
protection I will go with you, is that okay?”
“sure,” Krista said blushing a deep red. “My marshal arts class and
gymnastics aren’t till much later, come on!”
Krista stepped out of the warm restaurant into the chilly wind with
Justin, he put his arm around her casually to protect and keep her
steady. With his other hand he grabbed her hand and held it tightly
while leading her around a crowd, then helped her cross the busy
“GO, GO!”
They ran after looking both ways and finally stepped onto the
sidewalk, and carefully entered the construction site. Krista realized
that Justin was still holding onto her tightly as though he was afraid of
letting go.

Man, I feel so safe and warm with her, Justin though as he held onto
her, he looked into her beautiful warm sparkling blue green eyes. 

“This just feels so right,” Krista thought blushing a deep crimson, as
Justin gazed into her eyes. She hardly realized that Calee was trailing
behind them, studying Justin every so closely. “This way,” Justin led her
through a maze of lumber and steel, with Calee running behind them.
A shriek split through the air, “What- what was that?” Krista
whispered. Justin looked ahead, his gaze hard scrutinizing everything,
and passage. 
“Some one is in trouble, we better get some help. You go back tot he
cafe,” he declared finally turning back to her. He dropped her hand
and coldness swept over krista.
She ran to one side, “Krista transform!” Krista gasped, “Oh you
scared me. Here goes nothing!”
Krista thrust her hand in the air with her pretty wand brandished
After a sequence of moves, Sailor Titan took her attack stance: right
foot pointed out with the left one turned sideways pressed up against
the heel of the right, her right arm folded over her stomach with the
left elbow resting on it and her left hand cupping her chin.
“Over there,” Calee hissed, pointing a paw to a shack.
Cautiously Sailor Titan pushed open the door, and walked in…
“WHHHOOOAAA!” Sailor Titan screamed as she felt like the ground
had swallowed her up, “Ahhh!” She cried as she fell through the
darkness. THUD! Sailor Titan’s feet connected hard with the surface,
her feet started to throb. “Hey what is going on here?” Sailor Titan
shouted, she was in some kind of class cylinder! She banged on the glass
until her hands hurt, “oww, hey ANYONE? HELP!!”
Fear gripped her heart, she panicked; a group of people surrounded
her glass cage. “Sailor Titan!” Calee shouted down, she jumped across to
the other side.
“Ahh,” Sailor Titan cried as she was shocked, she slumped against the
glass, her hopes fading. She gasped, in a corner strapped to a table
Brenda lay, unmoving. “NO! BRENDA PLEASE WAKE UP!”
Brenda slowly opened her eyes and moaned, Calee dropped
something, “Sailor Titan yell ‘ WHITE LIGHT FLASH!’”
Sailor Titan grabbed the exquisite treasure, “This was your wand
you transformed with, now it is a weapon!” Calee informed her.

Crack! The glass splintered, but didn’t break. “If I kick this, I could be
cut,” Sailor Titan realized with dismay. ZING! CRASH!
BBBBBBOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!! A yellow rose broke through the
glass, Sailor Titan jumped clear of it’s deadly shards.
“HELP ME!” Brenda shouted, a symbol formed on her head that
looked like a lightning bolt on her forehead, and a burst of energy
erupted upward, destroying the nearest robbed figures. Calee jumped
down and landed gracefully; she looked up in surprise to find that the
energy blast had come from Brenda. Calee hurried to Brenda’s side as
fast as her tiny legs could carry her. She ripped off the cords binding
Brenda down; she threw her a pin and yelled, “Say EUROPA STAR
Brenda held up her pin did as she was told, “Whoa, nice outfit! Um,
now what?” Calee sighed.“ Now shout BLACK LIGHTNING STRIKE!”
Sailor Europa waved her hands around and shouted the words.
AHHH! The robbed figures screamed,”We’re not finished with you yet!”
“Let’s get out of here,” Sailor Titan yelled, together they tried to flee
the building. “Where are we now?” Sailor Europa shouted, Sailor Titan
panicked, “They’re catching up!” They could see light getting brighter
and brighter.
“OVER HERE!” A voice yelled, Sailor Europa was unsure. Sailor
Titan however, followed the voice with Calee and Europa trailing
behind. “Strange I feel comforted just hearing that voice,” Sailor Titan
thought. “THIS WAY!” The deep voice called out, they hit a door and
threw it open. Calee sighed with relief as they were welcomed by
A shadow flew overhead, Sailor Titan caught sight of a cape as the
figure disappeared.


A row of figures in elaborate robes bowed before a figure on a
“COME here, Adolph! What do you have to report?”
A man shuffled out of the crowed, “A girl in a sailor suit freed one of
our captives. The other one is still here.”
“You better not lose that one! And I want that Princess found! Don’t
fail me again, I warn you!”
The figure slammed down her staff against the ground; bats flew all
around in a frenzy.
“Yes my priestess.”


Sailor Titan and Europa returned to their normal clothes, “Who was
that mysterious and creepy guy?” Krista wondered out loud, “We must
find Renee!”
“I need to get home, my parents are going to worried sick!” Brenda
nervously said. “You better be in school tomorrow, and don’t tell anyone
of today’s events! MAke up where you were!” Calee warned Brenda.
“OOH, my gosh I have to find Justin!” Krista dashed around the
street to Juicy
“Is Justin here?”
Krista rushed back to the construction site and called his name over
and over, “Justin? JUSTIN?”
“Over here Krista!” Justin called from the alley. Krista hurried over,
“I am so Glad you’re okay, I was worried about you!”
“No need carrot head, i’m safe”
“Don’t call me that!” Krista cried angrily.
“Sorry, it’s a habit.” Justin apologized, then looked at his watch,” Oh
man I’m late for gymnastics and Martial Arts. Bye Krista” Justin
called over his shoulder as he hoped on his motorcycle.
“Whoa, a motorcycle!” Krista gushed, Calee sighed, “oh brother.”
“YIPES! Mom’s gonna freak and kill me.” Krista ran all the way
home nonstop, she gasped for air as she entered her house.
“Krista is that you? Kristina called.
“yes, mom, sorry I’m late.”
“I made your favorite, spaghetti!”
“Thanks, um can I eat up in my room?”
Kristina poked her head out, her eyes full of concern, “Well okay, I
guess. Are you okay, hon?”
Krista faked a smile, “of course,” she fibbed. Krista grabbed a plate
of delicious smelling spaghetti with home made ranch, and garlic
bread. She pounded up the stairs to her room. “Hey, what’s going on,
why are you so loud? Some of us actually have homework we do!
Krista banged her door closed after her, and she set her food down
on her king size bed, and picked up her phone, and dialed Brenda’s
number. “Hullo?” Brenda’s voice floated over the wire.
“Are you alone?”
“Okay, so tell me what happened after you left my house.” Krista
“well, after we left your house, Renee suggested that we take a short
cut through the construction site. AS we entered, I was grabbed from
behind, and a sweet smelling cloth was held against my nose and that’s
the last thing I remember until I woke and saw you in the glass
“We have to save Renee, who knows what they’ll do to her!”


“Her good energy should be enough to help find the Princess. We
must destroy her, so our priestess can finally take control!”
A man in a red robe advanced toward Renee, as he got closer to her,
a bright gray light forced him back, “WHAT, the... Could she be the


A man was practicing his gymnastics when a bright energy shot
towards the sky. “Hey, I’ve seen that somewhere before? Someone’s in
trouble! Hey that’s by the construction site again!”
The man hopped onto his motorcycle and sped off toward the energy

Krista’s head snapped up as she saw the energy burst, “get to the
construction site ASAP!”

The man called Diamon was eliminated for not succeeding. “let that
be a lesson to you Adolph! Go and secure the captives.” The evil
priestess shouted.
Adolph gasped, the girl had a glowing symbol on her forehead! He
advanced closer, then froze.
“STOP RIGHT THERE! How dare you hold the girl against her will! I
am Sailor Titan, and n the name of the moon, Titan I will right wrongs
and punish you!”

“I am Sailor Europa! I too will punish you on behalf of the planet

The silhouettes of two girls clouded Adolph’s view, “not you two
again. You two show up like a bunch of pesky bugs! COME FORTH!”
A group of snakes slithered towards them.
“EEeek! I hate snakes!” Sailor Titan shrieked. Sailor Europa narrowed
The snakes hissed and laid their limply. Shadows encircled them, as
they were about to back up. “wha- what do we do?” Sailor Titan
quivered, even sailor Europa was speechless.
Suddenly they were seized from behind, “AHHH! HELP!” Titan
cried. Their hands were bound behind their backs, oh no, they couldn’t
They whispered among themselves on the situation. Adolph held up
his hands for silence, “ I have made my decision; we’ll offer them up as
sacrifices! surely they have the right energy.”
FLASH! The cords fell off of the scouts hands, a yellow rose struck
Adolph on the hands.
“ I won’t let you touch these girls! So BACK OFF!!” A tall man
emerged from the shadows with his face partially hidden from their
Sailor Titan and Europa jumped to their feet, “Release the girl you
Calee slyly found Renee and began to tear the ropes with her teeth.
Renee began to wake up, Calee gave her a pin and whispered onto her
ear. Renee nodded and slipped from view.
“Hey you, yeah you, I am talking to you bubba! I am Sailor Leda and
in the name of Leda I will vaporize you!”
Adolph blocked the attack, but was thrown off balance and fell to the
floor. The masked man disappeared! Leaving the scouts to battle him on
their own!
“You’ll pay for this you Sailor Wimps!” With that Adolph and his
followers left.
“That was way too easy!” Sailor Leda stated. RUMBLE! CRASH! The
whole place was shaking, boulders fell, and rocks plummeted towards
the scouts!
“We have to get out NOW!” Calee yelled.
“I can’t see,” Sailor Europa cried.
Coughing Sailor Titan felt along the walls, “Hey over here! I think
this is the way out!”
Stumbling the scouts made their way to Titan and were amazed to
find that Titan had found a hidden cave, “Come on!” Sailor Titan
pushed them on through ahead of her, “Hurry” Sailor Titan was about
to go after them, but she jumped back as a boulder crashed and blocked
the passage! “Ahhhhhh! HELP!!” She screamed, she was trapped and
there was no other way out, was there? Now she was all alone in a
collapsing room!

“Ahhhhhh, she’s in danger I can feel it!” He thought, “I never should
have left her!”

Sailor Titan crowded into a corner covering her head and face, tears
streamed down her face. A hand grasped her and dragged her out, it
was the masked man! He gently picked her up and jumped as high as
he could, with Titan on his back. He reached the top and climbed out.
As they got out moonlight made it possible to see his face, to her dismay
it mostly covered by a mask!
She could hear the shouting of scouts below, as they were debating
what to do. “Sailor Titan” they screamed as they saw her with the
mysterious masked man.
“NO!” Sailor Europa screamed, her eyes growing wide and her face
turning a deathly pale color as she pointed a shaky finger behind them.
“AHHHHH!” Titan and the man cried as they were blasted from
behind. Sailor Titan landed on top of the man and he groaned with


Chapter 54
Masked Man

Sailor Titan jumped up, “How dare you attack us, I have had enough
of this!”
“Oh shut up you twit,” Adolph snapped.

“Is that the best you could do?” Adolph taunted as he easily deflected
the attack.
“I am Tuxedo Star, and I don’t like being hit from behind you creep.”
The masked man introduced himself. Sailor Titan blushed, “wow what a
hunk. so dreamy and romantic.”
“NOW Sailor titan!” Calee hissed, “Use your 'white light flash’”
“here it goes, WHITE LIGHT FLASH!”
This time Adolph couldn’t dodge it, “Ahhhhh” he screeched as he was
“ You’ll pay you Sailor Stupid stars!” He left.
Sailor Titan turned to Tuxedo Star, “Who are you?”
He smiled, “ For now that must remain, a secret. Titan, Europa, and
Leda you must fight these jerks for the future of this planet depends on
it! Farewell!” with that Tuxedo Star leaped into the twilight.
“See ya tomorrow,” Krista yawned.
“I still can’t believe it,” Renee gushed.
“Remember tell no one!” Calee ordered.


“I warn you Adolph don’t fail like Diamon did, or you’ll end up just
like him!”
“Yes my priestess,” Adolph bowed.
“FIND ME THAT QUEEN, only she stands in the way of my taking


“KRISTA SCHOOL!” Kristina shouted, from down stairs. Krista
dragged herself out of bed, showered, got dressed, then ate
breakfast..........” Hurry Krista” Calee urged.
“Another day at school,” Krista sighed. “I hope this isn’t a daily
occurrence,” Renee sighed as they got to school. The whole school was
buzzing with the news of more disappearances.
They gasped, and one thought raced through their minds, “Adolph
was behind it all!”
Renee’s eyes narrowed, her lips were tightly pressed together. She
nodded to Krista and Brenda, signaling them to say nothing. Mrs. Fuji
looked at the role sheet, “has anyone seen Rob, Chris, Beth or Ami?”
Krista shook her head sadly, “Man, Beth has been gone for a week, I
am getting really worried.” Krista whispered. “You don’t think THEY
have her do you?”
“I think hey have all the missing kids.”
“You know what this means don’t you?”
Krista sighed and nodded.
Both Renee and Krista jumped out of their seats, the teacher was
standing right behind them, without them realizing it!
“So you find my class, boring do you? Well perhaps you’d like to stay
after and help me improve.”
“Great,” Renee grumbled.

After everyone had left, Renee and Krista made their way to the
teacher’s desk.
“So do you guys have any idea where the missing kids might be?”
No, both shook their heads regretfully. Renee’s knees were shaking
with nervousness.
“you may go, oh, Krista please stay after for a second”
Renee hesitantly left and waited for Krista to come out, when she
did she had a dazed look on her face.
“What?” Renee demanded, snapping Krista out of her trance.
“What did she say?”
“ Um, keep an eye on mom and dad! She said I was very fortunate to
have them!”
“Hm, I don’t like that. That very weird!”
They walked toward Krista’s house where they met Brenda.
“Wanna come over with us to Juicy?”
“Sure” Brenda replied smiling.
They entered he busy cafe and ordered 3 frozen yogurts, strawberry.
“What’s wrong?”
“uh, nothing”
Renee hurriedly reported to Brenda about the teacher’s comments to
“That almost sounds like a threat!” Brenda gasped.
“My thoughts exactly.”
“Anything else for today, girls?” A deep voice purred.
“No, not at this moment, thank you.” Krista looked up into Justin’s
face smiling at her, only! Her face flamed a bright red and she lowered
her eyes.
“If you need anything just give a holler,” With that he walked
confidently back to the counter.
They finished the yogurts, and Krista invited them over, to talk
more. Renee sadly declined, “I have chores to do, sorry.”
Brenda gladly accepted; reaching her house Krista had a rather
hard time with the door knob, finally she opened the door. She gasped
to see her mother’s ash white face starring at her. Kristina forced a
smile, “hello girls, if you want I have a snack for you.” Brenda looked
oddly at Krista but she only shrugged her shoulders. After an hour,
Brenda announced that she had to go home. Krista walked her to the
door and opened it.
“AHHHHHH!” Krista screamed as a body fell on top of her laying
still. Carefully she picked herself up.
“It’s Beth!”
Kristina and Krista picked up Beth and ran over to the couch
laying her carefully down. Kristina got a cup of cool water and made
Beth sip it. 10 minuets passed, and finally Beth was able to open her
“Help! No, no go away!”
“Beth, it’s us, it’s okay, Brenda and Krista!”
“Wha-what?” Beth broke down in sobs, Krista wrapped her arms
around her, Beth was shivering uncontrollably!
“Shhh, shh, just tell us what happened.”
“I was sleeping in-in m-m-my room, w-when a f-figure grab-bbed me
and took me o-out. T-t-then I-I b-blacked o-out!”
Krista and Brenda calmed her down some. 
“Do you know where you were taken?”
Beth debated this, “Over in an abandoned warehouse,”
“What was it by?”
“uuumm, I-I believe it-it was-s b-by the old d-dentist building.”
“You ran all that way?”
“It’s not that f-far.”
Krista nodded to Brenda, who slightly nodded back, understanding.
“I need to make a phone call,” Brenda said.
“Go ahead, you know where it is,”
“Beth you stay here, my mom will phone yours.”
Then after Brenda finished she hurried back, and together they left.
Krista took out her wand and shouted,” TITAN STAR POWER!”
“Hey, my pin turned into a bracelet!” Calee jumped out of the kitchen
window,”it does that after acquiring your DNA, now transform.”
After they finished transforming, they used their amazing ability to
jump high and far to reach the building 5 minuets. They caught site of
another figure running toward them. Sailor Titan, and Europa
prepared for battle, taking up their positions.

TO BE CONTINUED............

Chapter 55
In Need of Help?

“Hey you there!”
“Sailor Titan? Sailor Europa? It’s me, Leda!”
“You gave us a scare!”
“Hey----” Sailor Europa was cut off as she tripped and fell, ropes
bound her tightly.
“Sailor Europa what------” Sailor Titan as well was bound tightly.
“Stay back, Leda or you’ll get caught.” Her warning came too late, as
they saw her fall foreword.

“HAHHAH! Well if it isn’t the Sailor Babies! It looks like you’re all
Tied up! HAHHA!” A man laughed.

“Just who are you?” Leda demanded.

“Who am I? Why, I am Adolph don’t you remember from our last
match? Well prepare to----”



A yellow rose sliced through Sailor Titan’s ropes.
“I am Tuxedo Mask, how dare you bind up such beautiful girls!”
“Shut up you clod! Robin come forth, and teach these meddling fools a

Adolph covered himself up with his robes and disappeared. From out
of the shadows a blue robin perks up, and she is wearing tights and has
wings that are blue.
“Quick untie us!” Sailor Leda yells, as Sailor Titan and Tuxedo Star
starts toward them, a horrifying screech fills the air.
“Ahhhhh! What’s that racket?”
Tuxedo Star falls to the ground, rolling over with his hands over his
ears. They were about to give up when........
“Ahhhhh!” The Robin screams she is bowled over by a gush of hearts!

“You should always remember that Sailor Soldiers travel in packs!” a
high singsong voice yells.
The figure leaves, and the Robin lady stands up and starts to fly
toward Sailor Titan, who promptly jumps out of the way.


The Robin screams and again shoots off for Sailor Titan!

Tuxedo Star throws himself, as the bird lady flies to Sailor Titan,
knocking it away from Sailor Titan. Robin turns on Tuxedo Star, who is
dazed from the collision, she clamps her claws on his arms and shoots
up toward the sky!
“NO!” Sailor Titan screams.


“YES!” The mysterious scout was able to block Robin from going any
higher. In a fit of rage she hurled herself toward the ground, with
Tuxedo star, at a Break neck speed.


Sailor Europa threw a circle that acted like a cage and prevented
Robin from going anywhere. Sailor Europa lowered them onto the

The cage shattered, and Robin broke out, dragging the unconscious
Tuxedo Star behind her.
“You let him go!”


Robin was thrown backwards with Tuxedo Star against a wall! As
impact was unavoidable, Sailor Titan jerked Tuxedo Star out of the
wall just in time!
Sailor Titan collapsed, on the ground from effort. Tuxedo Star awoke
from his dazed state in time to see Sailor Titan risk everything just to
save him. As she collapsed he caught her and held her until she was
able to hold herself up.

“NOW SAILOR TITAN!” Sailor Europa screamed.

Sailor Titan took out her wand and it transformed into a staff, she
twirled it,


The robin shrunk back to it’s original state and merrily flew around
Sailor Titan and Tuxedo Star singing a lovely song.
“THANK YOU,” Tuxedo Star said.
Before Sailor Titan could say anything, he ws gone! Sailor Europa/
Leda having finally freed themselves and hurried toward her. Calee
stepped from behind a trash can, “seems like you’ll are getting the hang
of it! Now if only you would work as hard on your homework!”
“Oh, Calee” They all laughed.
“Sat you guys wanna go to the mall, tomorrow?” Brenda asked.
“Cool, so we’ll meet at my house tomorrow at 3?”
They nodded. As they left, Krista remarked,” we need to save all
those poor people who were also kidnapped,” They all agreed.
“While I was there I was terrified,” Brenda replied, “ I feel bad for
those who weren't able to escape!”

“Why do I feel such an attraction to that girl?” a young man wondered
as he shook his hair loose from under a top felt hat.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Chapter 56
New Student; For better or For Worse?

Brenda nervously looked at her bracelet, “wow, its very pretty.”


Brenda scrambled from her chair and opened the door,
A bunch of people in masks were reaching for her! Quickly she
slammed the door shut. What? She heard faint giggling, she peeked out
a window and saw Renee, and Krista pulling off the masks!
Brenda threw open the door, “How dare you! You guys of all should
know that’s not funny! I’ll teach you guys to scare me! Renee, you
should know what’s its like to sneak up like that! You’re lucky I didn’t
call the police!”
Brenda calmed down, and stared into their eyes indignantly. They
wore guilty expressions, “HUMPH!”
Together with CAlee they walked to the STARLIGHT MALL, Renee
and Krista apologized ten times. Finally Brenda accepted them.
“I need a new purse!” Renee declared.
“Humph, I need a new backpack!”
Brenda and Renee, and Krista sighed.
‘Hey who’s that?” Krista indicated a girl on the other sidewalk. The
girl had long braids hanging down, with sparkling eyes and a dash of
freckles. she was wearing a nice pair of denim overalls.
“She’s very pretty,” Renee observed.

They spent three hours window shopping and finally grew tired and
started to walk home.
“The wind is sure picking up, and blowing really hard!” Renee yelled
over the howling wind, she had to hold onto her hat, so it wouldn’t be
blown away!
“LOOK!” Brenda yelled , pointing to the girl they had seen before.
She was struggling to keep her bags from crashing to the ground and
into the street!
Krista and the girls ran to her aid, “Can we help you?”
“Why thank y’a! Su’e, than’s a bunc’.”
Gratefully the girl handed them each a bag.
“I liv’ o’er h’re,” she pointed to a newly constructed house that was 2
stories high.
“Tha’k y’all,” After carrying in the bags they said goodbye.
“She seems really nice”
They separated and went home, Renee laid in bed thinking about the
girl that they helped, “I wonder who she is, we forgot to ask her!”
As she fell asleep, she had a strange dream: “NONONONO! HELP!”
A voice screamed, through the thick fog. “Hello?” A figure was
huddling on the floor crying. A bright flash blinded her as the figure
was thrown backwards.
Renee gasped and sat up drenched in sweat, after that she couldn’t
sleep, so she grabbed her mirror and looked in it. “Oh, I look like a
mess,” she sighed.
Sunday came and went; after another restless night Renee got up,
and dressed in her uniform: a blue miniskirt with orange knee high
socks and a blue quarter sleeve shirt with an orange star in the middle.
As she walked toward Ocean View junior high, she met up with
Brenda, and Krista.
“So who do you think that mysterious scout was?” Renee asked.
“I don’t know, but it seems like I know her from somewhere! Hey, you
know , how about that Tuxedo Star?” Krista gushed.
“Oh man,” Renee sighed.
“Not you too!”

“Hey there’s that girl we helped, and she’s in a uniform. That’s ours,
she must go to our school!”
Krista hurried over with them trailing behind slightly, “HI
remember us? I am Krista Parker....... this is Brenda Jensen (she
waved)..... and that’s Renee Melton (she too waved)! Well see you
They waved and they walked a little faster, suddenly Brenda
exclaimed, “We didn’t get her name!”
The bell rang,” Come on or we’ll have another detention!” Krista
yelled running to the classroom.

“Good morning students, we have a new student, a real treat! PLease
stand up and introduce your self.” The teacher asked.
“My name is Andrea, Andrea Anderson, and I ‘m fro’ Louisville,
Some of the boys snickered at her slight accent, Andrea reddened.
She sat down somewhat timidly. Krista gave her a dazzling smile, “talk
to ya later” she mouthed,a and Andrea nodded.
As it turned out, Andrea is a real brain when it comes to math and
reading. Renee just gaped at her as she answered a very difficult
question, that even the teacher was having a hard time at!
“YEAH!” Krista pumped her fist in the air as the lunch bell rang, “all
right class you may go,” giving Krista a disapproving looked as she
raced out of the room. Krista was the first out with Brenda and Renee
just behind her. Andrea hung back still a bit shy. They grabbed a table
and hungrily began to eat their lunches; Andrea walked up to them,
“MAy I sit with you guys?”
“UR,” brenda replied through a mouth of baloney sandwich. They
really got to know each other over the next 50 minuets. At last they sat
through the last of 2 more hours of school.
Brenda yearned to go out side it was a beautiful day, the sun was
streaming through the windows, bird chirping. Renee’s thoughts
drifted to her strange dream from a couple of nights ago.
Andrea nervously played with her pencil as if it were a wand.


TO BE CONTINUED..............

Chapter 57

Brenda, Renee, and Krista jumped high out of their chairs, as the
teacher snapped a ruler on Renee’s desk.,
“Yes ma’am, sorry,” they recited together.
Nikki, a snobby girl, laughed a really high pitch annoying giggle. She
flipped her blond hair over shoulder, anger flared up in Renee, she
gave Nikki her most venomous glare, which shut her up fast. Finally
the last bell rang, and they all pilled out into the warm sun.
“Hey Andrea, wanna come over with Brenda and Renee to my
“I’d reckon that would be okay” Andrea replied.
“I’d reckon,” a voice mimicked Andrea. A few nasty boys made fun
of Andrea’s accent.
“You want to make something of it?” Challenged Renee. Andrea,
near tears whispered,”thank you kindly.” “Come on,” Krista urged,a
gut feeling wanted her to be home ASAP! They hurried to her house, as
they walked in her brother was lazily sitting on the couch, in baggy
blue jeans, munching on an apple,” Hey squirt, Mom’s in the kitchen if
you need her.”
“Oh, be quiet Jonathan! Don’t call me Squirt, I get enough from
“YOu guys have to see my room,” Krista gushed trying to get rid of
the dread turning in her stomach. They raced up the stairs,and Krista
threw open her door, “OH WOW!” Andrea gushed, dazzled by the
bright lights reflecting off a disco ball that hung from the ceiling in the
middle of the room.
“KRISTA! I have a surprise for you!”
Krista screeched, “KOOL!”
“But you’ll have to wait till tomorrow!”
Krista slumped her shoulders.


“MOM!” Jonathan screamed, then they heard a THUD! “OOF!”
Krista thundered down the stairs with Brenda and Renee right
behind her.
“MOM! NOO!” Krista screamed as she saw her mother struggling to
break the choke hold, she was against 4 ROBBED figures, “STAY
BACK, KRISTA! get your father--”
They disappeared right in front of their eyes. Jonathan was
unconscious against the back of the overturned couch, “oh, what
happened, Jonathan?”
Renee dialed 911 and spoke to the operator who promised to send an
ambulance. Krista was faint with shock, “....can’t ...be...no......no.” She
fell to the floor. “KRISTA!” Andrea shrieked as she rushed down the

Chapter 58
Sailor Triton!

Renee rubbed Krista’s wrists, “oh..my....Mom!” Krista sobbed. Her
eyes narrowed dangerously, “oh they’ll pay dearly, mark my words!”
“CALEE” Brenda cried as she saw the crumpled heap. by the door,
Krista sat up and cried harder as Brenda laid the still cat in her arms,
“I....tried,.... Krista ...I tried.....”
Andrea was shocked, “your cat just spoke”
The door burst open and ambulance attendants carrying a stretcher,
they carefully laid the still form of Jonathan on the stretcher and made
their way back and drove off.
“KRISTA! KRISTA! WHAT HAPPENED?” Her father came rushing
in, his face was a ghostly white, “ a neighbor called, she heard
screaming.” He gathered Krista in his arms, “t-t-ther t-took Mom!
Robbed f-figures d-did it-it, a-and the-e-y hurt Jon! A-also Ca-l-lee!”
Her father slumped against the wall, “so they found out and have
finally come for us.....”
“Um, we better go” Renee said, nodding to Brenda and Andrea.
“Sure you’ll be okay?” Andrea asked concern. “Yeah,” Krista forced a
smile that turned out like a grimace.”
“Why would th-they t-take her?”
“Sit down, you need to hear this,” he said gently, then straightened
two chairs.
“your mom and I are the King and Queen of Titan, as our daughter
you’re a princess, we actually adopted Jonathan when he was a baby,
but don’t tell him that, please.” he took a deep breath, “At your
birthday party, with your friends, who were all Princesses of their own
planet, sworn to protect you. Calee is your advisor, well at the start you
were dancing with your lover named, Caleb; an evil group attacked,
destroying mostly everything, with the help of your powers your
mother, Queen Kristana was able to reject the evil and cleanse Titan
and we’re reborn, sorta speak. Caleb, is here somewhere, but you two
are destined to be together and we’ll find each other sooner or later!”
Krista’s head was swimming, Princesses, Queen, King, lovers.....
whoa! “Now I have to go after them and save Kristina, referring to his
wife, I don’t want you to do anything, please just stay safe!” Her father
looked sad,” I love You, always remember that, no matter what
happens. Here” He handed her a glowing orb, like a crystal ball,” no
matter where you are you can contact us, press this button and it turns
into a locket to keep with you everywhere you go. Never lose this!”
Tears welled up in both their eyes, “I have to go now, stay at a
friends house from now on, until I come for you, okay? Take Calee and
your things and go now, I need to go.” He kissed her on her forehead,
and left.
After he left, a head poked through the front door, “Krista?”
“What?” Startled, she realized it was Justin!
“oh, hi” Tears streamed down her cheeks.
“OH..my...I just heard , I am soo sorry, If there is anything I can do,
just tell me. I’ll do it!” His concern was real, his eyes were so warm.
Krista went upstairs and packed, “If you want you can help me
pack, also will you be able to give me a lift?”
“Sure” Justin said without thinking.
Together they packed her stuff, she took care of all personal
accessories, and they trudged down the stairs sadly.
He helped her onto his motorcycle, and had her hold, her suitcase.
He handed her a helmet, “where to?”
Krista gave him directions and soon they were speeding towards
Renee’s house. After stopping and helping her down, he looked into her
eyes and sighed, “if you ever need anything, call me, my number is
(563) 555-9944, k? See you.” Krista went up the steps and knocked, she
turned and saw Justin watching her with a funny expression. After
being emitted she saw him drive off, “He wouldn’t leave until he saw I
was inside, ohhhh”
“Renee we are going to find them, no matter what,” Krista declared
and told her everything, her father had told her.
“let’s get the scouts together, come on.” Renee dialed Brenda’s
number and told her to come to her house ASAP.” As she ws about to
hang Krista exclaimed, “WAIT! what about Andrea, I think she should
“I don’t know, ask brenda to pick up Andrea, we’ll make it a sleep
over okay?”
Renee hung up the phone, “There must be more Sailor Soldiers, but
how many? How are we going to find your Mom and Dad?”
”I’ll tell you when everyone arrives.”

Five minuets later, they were altogether at Renee’s House. “Okay I
have some new and startling news........” Krista began as she told them
of their past life, Brenda and Andrea gasped many times, and the
water works began to stream down everyone’s faces as she finished the
“My father gave me this...(held up the crystal ball).. it’s suppose to let
me see my parents no matter where they are! So let’s see if it works--”
“Wait a minuet, doesn’t any of this sound strange to anyone besides
me?” Andrea exclaimed. Calee walked over to Andrea an d a beam of
light connected from Calee’s Star to Andrea’s forehead.......
“Ahhhh! We have finally found are Sailor Triton!”
“WWWWHHHAAAATTT???” They all exclaimed.
“Yes that’s right, I wasn’t sure when I first saw her , but now I am
positive.” Calee handed Andrea a pin and as soon as she touched it it
turned into a bracelet with her sign glowing.
“Now if you all would look at your bracelets, you’ll notice they have
your signs on them; no one but you can take it off, or use it, or they’ll be
severely injured!”
Calee jumped on Renee’s bookshelf, jumped off and did a series of
flips and out of the shiny stars came 3 compacts, and 1 mini computer.
“These will allow you to talk to each other, and Andrea, yours is
special, it’s a computer/ calculator, if someone other than you tries to
use it, they’ll only see a calculator. That is why it has your symbol on

“Okay let’s find my parents!” Krista shouted. “Use your orb” Andrea
suggested still with an amazing look on her face.
Krista held up the orb and whispered, “please show me where my
parents are....” 

The Orb glowing brighter and brighter, with music softly playing in
the background, they gasped they saw her mother laying on a table her
clothes had changed to a beautiful dress, and an evil woman was
poised over her, chanting. They saw her father burst threw the room,
wearing, a nice outfit, obviously for a king. He jumped over and
knocked the lady away. Then he turned to his wife, (GASP, DAD
LOOK OUT!) As if he heard her, he turned in time to see the lady
stretched forth her hand and shock him. He was knocked against the

“I know where they are,” Andrea announced, they turned and saw
she was busily typing on her mini computer, they’re only 5 blocks from
here, let’s go!”

“MOM, we’re going to the mall to get Krista’s mind off things!” Renee
called upstairs.
“OKAY, THANKS” was the reply.

As soon as they were out of the house.......

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Chapter 59
A Courageous End!

Part 1

Safely out of the house, “Transform!” Calee shouted to them, first
went Brenda, “ EUROPA STAR POWER!”
Calee turned to Andrea, say Triton Star Power! 

They finished their transformations and nodded for Krista to go,
Krista held up her wand, and started to yell, “TITAN-----”
Krista was choke off, as a hand from out of nowhere grabbed her
neck and pulled her into a black hole!. “NO!” They screamed and tugged
on Krista, however they were shook loose and Krista disappeared.
“Hang on you guys, I have a fix on her,” Sailor Triton said as she
tapped on her computer, “Ah yes, over there, come on!”

“Can’t breathe someone help,” Krista gasped, as she was losing
consciousness rapidly. 
A blast of pure white energy, erupted from, Krista as her symbol
appeared on her forehead, the hand loosened briefly, enough so Krista
was able to take a deep breath of air.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” A man yelled, as an intense wave of pain, made him
bend down on one knee. “She’s.....in....trouble....but where?” The man
tapped his coat and pulled out a beautiful yellow rose. “Time to save
my beloved, why did I just say that?”

“KRISTINA! Are you okay...?” Jason asked, softly, he grimaced in
pain as he pulled himself up to face the evil priestess. “LET HER GO,
You sick COW!”

“HAAHHA! And what are you going to do about it you weak, little
king....?” She grinned wickedly.


“You don’t remember, little king? I am Atalanta, High Priestess over
all Cult of Corruption! And you are to become that but a memory! You
will surrender to me”

“Yeah, in your dreams”
“I thought you might say that, so I got this as insurance,” Atalanta
waved her hand and showed Krista unconscious in her Princess dress,
in a cage.

Anger boiled in Jason, her father, he shook his head remorseful. “You

“JASON, NO!” Kristina finally awoke, with tears in her, eyes, “No
matter what you mustn’t give in!”
“But they have Krista!”
“No, NO! It can’t be, she still has her whole life ahead of her. YOU
LET HER GO!” Kristina screamed.
“HAHAHA! Fat chance, now I ‘ll ask you one more time! Surrender
or your daughter will pay the ultimate price!”

They sighed in defeat, “oka--” Jason was cut off by the sound of
crashing. “wh--what the----”

kidnap our friends and parents. You’ll pay!” The silhouettes of three
teen age girls could be seen.
“Stay back, you fools. I have your friend.” Atalanta declared and
showed the picture again, “WHAT!”
Krista was no longer in the room! Jason starred in disbelief, Kristina
cried tears of happiness. Atalanta screamed in fury, she struck, Jason,
and he flew against the wall, but before hitting it, Sailor Europa cried,”

Jason, was stopped in mid- air and gently set down, against the wall.
“YOU MEDDLING FOOLS!” Atalanta screeched, she knocked them
all flat against the wall, they groaned in pain. “we must
protect,......the...at..all..costs.......!” Sailor Triton gasped out.
Atalanta stretched forth her nails to finish them off...


Atalanta was thrown against the table, still holding Kristina, “where
did that come from?”

“I did it.” declared the same singsong voice from another fight. “You
better leave the King,Queen, and Princess alone, or you’ll have to go
through us first!”
“Gladly,” Atalanta turned to go after them, PING!
“NOW WHAT?!” She snarled.

“I am Tuxedo Star, sworn protector of the Royal Titan family,” The
man declared after stepping into the light,” On behalf of the Royal
family you will pay!” He opened his cape to show Sailor Titan there!

“WHAT another one!?” PING! A yellow rose, set Kristina free! “Oh
NO, you don’t,” Atalanta, grabbed Kristina as she tried to get away.
“MOM! NO!” Sailor Titan screamed, sending the biggest and and
brightness beam of light ever seen, blinding Atalanta. WHOOSH!

“WHERE DID THEY GO?!” She screamed in a fit of rage.


Chapter 60
Together at last!

part 2

WHOOSH! THUD! BOOM! “oohhhh”

The sailor scouts lay in a heap, next to King Jason, and Queen
Kristana, father down lay the still form of Tuxedo star and Krista.
The sailor scouts stirred and, were shocked at how they go here, last
they knew they were about to be destroyed then the blinding light.
King Jason, awoke and kneeled beside Queen Kristana, “my love ,
please don’t leave,” “Jason? Is that you?” Kristana faintly asked. “yes,
it’s me,”
Slowly she got to her feet nd surveyed the area around them.
“KRISTA!” she screamed and ran over to where Krista and Tuxedo
Star lay, unmoving. “No, no, please, NO!” tears of sadness slid down her
cheeks, one tear fell on Tuxedo Star. “Wh-what? Oh, my head” He shook
his head a little, and opened his eyes, to see a group of eyes starring
down at him, he started to sit, up and noticed them looking away, all
teary eyed.
“What’s wrong?” Tuxedo star turned and saw what made his blood
turn to ice, beside him, Krista lay, still. “NO!” He cried and bent down
and held krista close, “no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”
He turned his head so the others wouldn’t see the tears sliding in rivers
down, “Krista, please, wake up!”
The sailor scouts were startled to hear him use her real name, he
must know her from somewhere. Tuxedo Star laid her head on his lap,
then after thinking a moment, he held her up, and softly kissed her on
the lips. As he pulled back, he felt her stir, “ohhh, what happened?
He sighed in relief then abruptly stood up and helped Krista to her
feet, “I must go, se you around.” With that he disappeared into the
night. “What a hunk,”
She looked around to see everyone starring at, her, then she realized,
“MOM! DAD!Oh I’m so glad that.....” she left the sentence unfinished.
She ran into their arms and hugged tightly. “Who were those
mysterious sailor soldiers?”
“There is still a lot we must tell you all, but for now....can we stay at
your house Renee?”
Sailor Leda nodded her head quickly. “Thank you.” “No problem.”
Quickly they returned to their normal clothes, each had some bruises,
and cuts, but mostly all right. “I wonder who he is, that Tuxedo Star?”
Finally they reached Renee’s house and went inside, Renee showed
the parents their room, which would farthest away, so they wouldn’t be
They said good night and went to their own room. Brenda asked, 
“so what was it like?”
“You KNOW”
“I don’t know what your talking about.”
“Getting kissed!”
“Ohh, it was, well,great...”
“ He seemed to know you.”
“What? Now who could that be? Justin? NO, way. David? Alex?”
“Hmm, this tricky, I’ll start making a list of what he is
like......starting now he’s about 17-20 yrs., old.” Andrea guessed.
‘You know I am going to start calling you Athena” Krista said.
“You mean the Greek goddess of wisdom.....and stuff like that”
“ Yeah her, “
“I’ll tell you one thing, nobody messes with my family, friends, and
future boyfriend and gets away will it.” Fire burned passionately in
Krista eyes. “Going to start on your homework yet, Krista?” Calee
“yes, Calee, gosh I was nearly killed and all you can think about is
“Well you’re here now, so you can do your homework.”
They all laughed. “Boy that felt good, thanks guys”
“What are we going to do about this Atalanta?”
“I think it’s time for confrontation, but after we find out who the
scout are!” Andrea suggested.
“How do we find out who they are?” Renee asked.
“hm, I am not sure yet, but I’ll think of something.

They left that at that and fell asleep, Krista lay in bed, drifting off
into the dream world. She imagined she was dancing with the
mysterious Tuxedo Star, doing a waltz, swinging around, a bright
chandelier overhead, illuminating the room.’ Let’s go outside’ Tuxedo
Star suggested. ‘sure’
Moonlight lit up a path for them, they stood on the cliff viewing the
ocean below, ‘ohhh, Tuxedo Star’ Krista sighed. She leaned her head
back for a kiss, and closed her eyes. Tuxedo Star took her hand, and
lead her closer, Krista leaned her head on his chest, wishing the
moment could never end. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ a deep voice
‘be careful what you wish for’
‘what's that suppose to mean?’

“Krista come on, wake up! KRISTA!” Andrea shouted shaking just a
little bit, the splashed some water on her.

‘let’s go swimming’ Tuxedo Star said.
‘I didn’t bring my bathing suit’ Krista objected.
‘then what do you have on?’
‘huh?’ Krista was wear a one piece bathing suit that was navy blue
and the colors gradually changed to dark, green, bring out Krista’s red
curls. They plunged into the warm ocean below, Tuxedo Star stripped
down to some swimming trunks and went in after Krista. Krista saw
him, and to her dismay, he still had half of his face covered.

“NO!” Andrea screamed, really shaking her hard, “Why won’t she
wake up?” TO BE CONTINUED.......

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