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Chapter 61
Never to Awake Again?

part 3

By this time, Kristina and Jason had heard the calls and came to
investigate, “what's that?”
“You can’t see that black stuff encircled around Krista?”
“no.... wait yes! Oh. no Atalanta has her, again!”

Jason ran to his daughter’s side, and looked her over, “did any of you
guys give this to her?” He was pointing to a black teddy bear.
“They all shook their heads no.
Jason tried to rip the bear out of her hands, but it wouldn’t budge!
“She has to wake up on her own time, if any”
“I know how, but I don’t know how to contact Tuxedo Star!” Andrea
said frustrated.


Renee jumped up and answered the door,”OH, Justin, what are you
doing here?”
“I got a little concerned, Krista was supposed to call me last
night....well, she didn’t. ..........What’s wrong?” He demanded seeing the
sad look on her face, “uh, she’s sleeping and we don’t if she’ll wake up”
“WHAT!?” He pushed past her and ran to see the whole family in the
living room, bent over a still figure of Krista! “Oh no, not again!”

A Flash of green startled Krista, ‘what was that?’ Krista asked.
‘Why a mermaid, of course silly’ Tuxedo Star answered.
‘WOW! ....hey what’s wrong Tuxedo Star?’ Krista asked as she saw
Tuxedo Star, tremble, shake and transform!
“WHAT---” She was cut off as she saw he turned into Atalanta,
“Hahaha, you can’t escape now, (she raised her hand and a bubble
trapped Krista inside).. within a matter of minuets all the air will be
sucked out, and you’ll die! Unless of course the King and Queen
surrender to me.” She laughed a high and shrill cackle.

Justin backed out and yelled, “I’ll be back soon, I hope,” He hoped on
his motorcycle and sped down the street, and stopped at a 2 story house
3 blocks away. he hurried up the steps, and knocked on the door, it was
opened by a girl, he spoke a few words and she immediately left when
him. The girl gave him directions to another house, and they sped down
the drive way to their destination. The girl leaped up the steps and
walked, talking in low tones to another girl.
“I knew it, but I wasn’t completely sure” said the new girl.
“This is it Astera, the real deal.’
“I can’t tell the out come this time, Akima” Astera said distraught.
They hopped on Justin’s motorcycle and within ten minuets they
arrived at Renee’s house. The girls looked at each other, and nodded.

Krista screamed and banged on the bubble, but to no avail.

“what the---” brenda began as she saw 3 people rushing in, two were
in sailor suits, the other was Tuxedo Mask!
“I thought I should reunite you guys, again, this is Sailor Titania and
Sailor IO,”
Sailor IO knelt beside Krista and withdrew a a gold chain with a
ruby pendant, she swung it a little and closed her eyes.

A swirl of color exploded before Sailor IO eyes, wind blew her hair
around, messing it up, suddenly she was in water looking at an odd
bubble with some one in it! She swam close, oddly enough she couldn’t
feel the wetness, or temperature, Krista, she saw watched as the evil
priestess known as Atalanta taunt Krista.
Krista was slumping in the bubble, her eyes, closing. “NO!” sailor IO
screamed, and withdrew a sharp object, she slashed at the bubble and
it burst! Atalanta search for her, but she was invisible, she pulled
Krista up, and, swam to the surface with the priestess coming after
them. as she got nearer she was starting to feel dizzy, ‘come, on a little
longer,’ she pleaded.

Sailor Titania was watching, Sailor IO and Krista with worry lines
on her smooth forehead. Sailor IO slumped down, but Sailor Titania
held her up, and concentrated, ‘use my power’

Sailor IO was feel as though more power was given to her, with the
last once of strength, they broke the surface. TUG, Atalanta was
pulling on Krista’s leg, “not so fast, you’re my insurance and you’re not
leaving!” Sailor IO concentrated, and using the last ounce of will power
pulled her free and got her on the beach. Once reaching the beach, she
fainted...... and everything went black..............


Chapter 62 
Unhappy Reunion!

part 4

Sailor Io opened her eyes, to see people, mainly Sailor Titania
starring at her, “Is Krista okay?”
“Thank you...” was all Jason could say, he broke down and hugged
Krista tightly, nodding to her.
“I think it’s time to join the rest of the Sailor Soldier,” Tuxedo Star
said to Sailor Titania and Io, they nodded.
They de-transformed to show them, who they really are. The one
known as Sailor Titania had pink hair with red streaks, long pink hair,
with two curls on either side held their by heart clips. The curls were
red, and the rest pink with some red. “Hello, I’m Akima Sauble, and I
have been watching you guys for a long time.
Sailor Io had light purple hair with white streaks, her hair reminded
them of a girl who had meatballs on her head with long blond hair, yet
Io had no balls on her head, but her hair with two loops like two pig
tails on the side of her head. “I am Astera Johnson.”
Krista turned her head, “ASTERA! You moved back!” Krista leaped
to her and hugged her tightly, “You saved me, when did you move
“You know her?” 
“Yeah she’s my best best friend, from childhood until she moved
“That was your surprise, Krista” kristina announced, and Krista
was dumb founded.
“I am sorry to have to tell you this, but there is a huge battle that is
to come to pass, very soon and well, you’re going to lose 2 people you
love most.” Astera revealed.
“Who? WHO?”
“I am sorry, but I can’t tell, right now.”

“AND YOU NEVER WILL!” a voice cackled, BOOM! Their
surroundings changed and suddenly they were looking at a huge
floating castle, A beam of black surrounded them and pulled them
upward, SWISH! “AHHHH!” They screamed.

> groan<
> sigh <

“Welcome little brats, ohh, and we have the honor of the King and
Queen,” Her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Her hand went up, and a dozen robbed figures appeared and
advanced toward them, quick as a flash they transformed, and turned
to fight them. BAM! they seized their arms and held them at bay.
Atalanta snapped her fingers and five of the robbed figures released
Jason, and Kristina, they herded them into a cage. She whipped out a
whip, and snapped it at Sailor Titan who screamed in pain, the scouts
struggled to help her, and Tuxedo Star nearly broke loose, but soon,
more came and restrained him. “STOP!” He cried.
Again and again she whipped Sailor Titan, tears followed down her
face, as she knelt on one knee, nearly collapsing, but they held her up.
Finally Jason screamed, “STOP! STOP! We’ll do it, PLease just stop...”
His face was red and his eyes were puffy from crying like his wife’s,
“We’ll do it, just stop....” He hung his head in defeat. The cage
surrounds them disappeared and the triumphant Atalanta stood in
front of them, holding her hand, first to Kristina.
Kristana pulled out a glowing white crystal , as soon as Atalanta
grabbed, bright lights exploded, blinding all, and threw them all back,
“NOOOO!” She screamed in agony.
Atalanta dissolved and in her place stood a beautiful woman with
sliver hair, “Thank you Kristana, I am finally free.”
“oh, Anastasia! Yooou-your back,” Kristana said, she was wear her
queen dress as was Jason wearing his King outfit.


“The whole place is coming down!” Tuxedo Star screamed. The King,
Queen, and Anastasia looked at each other and nodded, “Farewell
Krista, my beautiful baby, Don’t forget us!” They whispered.
“NOOO! MOM , DAD! PLease NO! I need you”
Together they raised their hands and the whitest light encircled the
scouts and Tuxedo star and transported them to safety, the last thing
they heard was “TOGETHER, ON THREE, ONE.....TWO.........THREE!”

Then all was black.......

TO BE CONTINUED.....................

Chapter 63

A white feather floated down, shinning brightly as it landed on
Krista’s cheek, “was it all just a dream?” Krista wondered.

“Where am I?” Astera mumbled.

FLASH! “Ahhhh, my eyes” Krista moaned, she held up her hands to
shade her eyes from the blinding bright lights. “Krista, KRISTA,”
“Mommy, Daddy?”
Krista gasped as she saw her mother and father floating above her. “
I must have it hit my head,” Krista thought. They had wings! So white
and beautiful, like angel wings, two feathers floated down one from her
mother, one from her father. “Keep these and never forget us, we love
you so much. Anastasia will stay with you and protect you.........”

“MOM! DAD!” Krista screamed..... she sat up, gazing wildly around
her. Astera, Brenda, Akima, and Andrea were laying still all around
her. Justin was sitting right by her, holding her hand! She jerked it
away quickly, “What are you doing here?” She demanded.
His face turned a deep red, “ uh, I, uh.....” “Krista?” Andrea
gasped. Justin looked relieved at seeing everyone, one by one stand up.
The lady named Anastasia walked over, she had been watching from a
distance, “What does she want?” Krista asked herself.
“Krista, we need to get home,” Anastasia said. “Thank you for being
here,” she said to Justin, he nodded. “I can’t believe they did that just to
save us,” Justin thought remorsefully. Krista was starring at him
curiously, she looked away quickly as she saw him look at her.
“Why do you remind me of someone, Justin?” Krista silently asked. “I
am so sorry,” Andrea said, tears filling up, she went over and hugged
Krista, soon everyone was hugging Krista except Justin and
Anastasia. She just nodded to Justin, who was sad, his head hung on his
chin, a single tear slid down his cheek. He wiped it away, hoping no
one noticed.
“Uh, we should go now,”
Krista looked around, buildings in the dust, mostly destroyed, “What
Anastasia shook her head, indicating she would explain later. Krista
followed them as she led the way toward home. Brenda, Renee, and
Andrea departed not meeting Krista’s eyes. “ I am so sorry, Krista,”
Andrea said in her head, as she went inside. Brenda hugged Krista
tightly, “we’ll talk later!” Renee shook her head, “ Oh, Krista, you’ve
been through so much, if you need to talk call me.”
Uncontrollably tears slid down, Krista shook sobs racking her body,
she laid her head on Justin’s chest. Not realizing what was going on she
sank to the floor in a dead faint. Justin, nearly dropped, but in time he
caught her, he and picked her up, her arm limply hung in the air.
Anastasia opened the door to Krista’s house, and led Justin, he laid her
on her bed up stairs.” Why? why, does she have to suffer so much?
He left shortly after. Sunlight shone through the window, Krista’s
eyes fluttered open, she yawned. Suddenly last nights battle flooded
back to her in a rush, loneliness swept over her. “Hey sleepyhead,
you’re awake” A young man stood over her bed, his left arm was in a
cast. “JONATHAN!” Krista cried, she sat up and threw her arms
around his neck hugging him tightly. “Hey,hey not so hard,” he
laughed, then sadness clouded his eyes, “How are you doing?”
Krista looked away, “okay, I guess.” “ You’ve had a lot of visitors,
Renee, (holding up a finger as he rambled off the names) Brenda,
Andrea, and that guy.....Justin. He came quite a few times, I think he
likes you!” Krista blushed, “ He is probably just a little concerned.
Anyways when did you come back?” Jon looked into her eyes, “This
morning, (Krista gasped, and looked at her watch, it was 3 p.m!) You
were sleeping so quietly we decided to let sleep some more.”
Anastasia knocked and walked in she was wearing some jeans, that
were Krista’s mothers, tears struggled to surface. “Lunch is ready, and
Brenda, Renee, Andrea are here if you want to see them” Krista shook
her head, “it’s too soon, no,please,” She nodded and set a tray on
Krista’s bed.
Anastasia left, five minuets later she came back,” Sorry, but Astera
insists on seeing you,” Krista sighed, “okay, let them in.” Renee,
Brenda, Andrea, Akima, and Astera trooped in, “ Uh, Krista I have
some bad news, we NEED to discuss.” Jon and Anastasia nodded and
left them alone. “I have been seeing things, I saw a new enemy. I don’t
know what they want, but I feel like you are in danger!”
“Oh, come now, what could it be? This is so dangerous; that my life
could be in danger?” (Astera looked at Akima, who nodded, Astera
took a deep breath) “All I can really say is, we need to be prepared,
and watchful.”

The whole house shook, as thunder rocked the house, lightning
flashed, Krista screamed, “Ahhhh! I hate thunder and lightning,”
Brenda winked, “Hey I command the lightning, you’re offending me,”
Krista laughed nervously.
Akima gasped, and held her hands to her ears, “oh, no” at the exact
same time as Astera.
“We need to go, Krista you stay and rest, we’ll deal with them.”
“Them, who? Where?” 
“No time, to explain.” They ran out of the house, and ran into a dark
alley, after looking around, they transformed. Andrea tapped on her
computer, and exclaimed, “I’ve got a fix on it, where it started, it’s
rapidly moving!” Andrea led the way, jumping high and far, they
trailed behind her by a second.

A red woman, in a huge fluffy dress, and a black cape with a
horribly hideous face. She had her long arms wrapped around a boy’s
slender neck, with a girl laying unconscious near by. “HEY, you get off
him!” Sailor Europa roared. The red lady turned and dropped the boy,
she hissed,”more prey,” her arms shot out without warning. Sailor
Triton pushed Europa out of the way, “NO!” Sailor Europa cried as she
hit the ground, with a thud. She turned and gasped as she saw that
Sailor Triton, and Titania were caught in her death grip. Only Sailor
Europa, Io were unharmed. Sailor Io’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “



“Help, someone, help!” croaked the blond with brown highlights.
Sailor Europa turned, big mistake, “ooooooofff” she tumbled from the
stairs, hitting her head with a loud CRAcK!
Furious, Sailor Io screamed, 
Bright stars rain down upon the woman in the red dress. “Ahhhhh!” Io
made sure Europa was okay, but as she turns, fear runs up and down
her spine. Sailor Titania looks at her with a look of pure terror, “NO!” Io
nods. Titania yells, “They’re after Krista!” Europa stirs, “Oh my head,”
Sailor Triton helps Europa destroy the lady in the red dress; 
Together Titania and Io speed off, toward Krista’s house, Titania
shouts,” NO! They’re in her room already.” Titania’s heart clips were
blinking and screams could be heard. With a final leap they made it in
Krista’s bedroom, “What the..........” Io began......

“over here ugly,” trying to distract the monster from the retreating
scouts. Sailor Triton yelled, “TSUNAMI WAVE SUBMERGE!”

BE! I’M MELTING.............”

They stared in disbelief, as the red dress lady melted right before
their eyes! Quickly Sailor Europa snapped out of it, “KRISTA!
HURRY!” Running as fast as they could to Krista’s house................

Sailor Io was thunder struck, as she saw a girl who looked exactly
like her but with bright blond hair! Sailor Titania gasped as she saw a
girl who looked identical to her but with bright greenish yellowish hair
color; she had her hands around Krista’s throat!
“We better split and regroup,” Titania’s look a like said. Io he blond
nodded, they turned let go of Krista and flew out the window. Io
furrowed her brow did you see how the body suit of their uniforms
were black?
“HEY!” Sailor Titania called. Krista gasped and sat up, BANG! Her
door burst open to reveal, two gasping scouts, “What happened?” They
cried in unison seeing disbelief and shock on their fellow scouts faces.
“You’re not going to believe this, but two scouts who looked exactly like
Titania and Io,” krista stated,” burst in, of course, their hair color was
different. I recognized it instantly, but before I could do anything the,
the blond grabbed my throat. That’s when they came in,” Indicating Io
and Titania. They gaped, finally Sailor Europa asked, “did they say
anything?” Krista thought hard, “As a matter of fact, come to think
about it the fake Titania whispered, ‘once they’re out of the
way....Karmia can take over, the true princess......”
Krista looked confused, “true Princess what did she mean by that?”
Anastasia rushed in “Krista are you okay? A neighbor called and said
figures were jumping through your window! Ohhh..... I didn’t see your
“Um, can we have a sleep over?” Krista slyly inquired.

“Can you tell us something?”
Anastasia was nervous, “um...fire away,”
“What happened to my parents the night they died?”
Anastasia sighed, “All I can really tell you is.......in order to save
everyone they put their powers combined, and somehow saved
everyone......They used the last of their powers (sniffle) to transport and
save us all, me, you, and Tuxedo Star.” Krista although sad said, “Then
you know who Tuxedo Star really is?!” She looked embarrassed, “it
would be better if he told you himself.” They sighed, “We need to get
our stuff.”
Anastasia drove them to their houses in her mini van. It took about
half an hour, “can we get some pizza?”
“Jon has volunteer to make us dinner, so he’ll be insulted if we don’t
try it!”
“What’s he making?”
“ A surprise,” she replied mysteriously.
Krista looked worried. To their astonishment, Jonathan, met them at
the front door wearing an apron! Even more astonishing was the
dinning room, the lights were turned down low, candles burned
brightly, in the candle light they saw a girl sitting at one end of the
“I’d like to introduce Roslani,” They hulled their stuff to the living
room and settled in; half way through dinner Roslani suddenly stood
up, “I am sorry Jonathan, but I must go; family emergency. I had a
lovely time, dinner was great!” Jon was crestfallen, “sure, see ya.” He
walked her to the door and said goodbye.
Astera suddenly gasped and looked at Akima who nodded.
“um Krista can I talk to you?” Krista nodded and they left the table,
Astera whispered to her something. Krista was furious and frightened
at the same time.

“What?! Who are you? Why do you look exactly like me?
AAAhhhhhhhhhh!” A deep voice cried.

“Get your hands off him!” a high voice shouted, “Stay away!”
“Don’t worry, we’ll have another chance,” another voice declared
before disappearing.
“Hey thanks----- where did she go? Who was she?”

Astera sank to his knee’s, “He’s okay, whew” Krista felt felt as
though a hundred pounds had been lifted off her shoulders,” I’m glad.”

Renee looked mischievous.............

TO BE CONTINUED...............


“Let’s toilet paper a house!”
Krista pumped her fist in the air, “Yeah!”
Just then Jon appeared. “Hey Jon wanna take us toilet papering?”
“Sure,” They all cheered at this, “all right!”

A young man got in his car, a restored bel-air, “Can’t get her off my
mind. Who is she? Maybe a midnight drive will help.” He put it in
drive and set off with his headlights on low.

Krista piled into the mini van holding 5 rolls of T.P, each, “Hurry.”
They were all wearing dark colors, she was wearing dark green. 10
minuets later they pulled up to a large house with lots of trees in front.
“Perfect,” Renee said gleefully.
“Just call me the green ninja!” Krista whispered.
“okay, Jon drive two blocks away and we’ll be back in 20 minuets or
less. They set to work with Andrea as a look out; in a matter of 10
minuets all the trees were covered, and as they were finishing Andrea
loudly whispered, “ COPS! RUN!!!” Krista was separated from the rest,
so she headed toward the park. Exhaustedly she plopped down on the
nearest bench.

“Hey where’s Krista?” Akima asked.

A figure was sitting on another bench 10 feet away. Krista walked
over and gasped, it was Justin! “how did he get here?” she wondered,
then she saw a blue bel-air, glistening in the moonlight. She was about
to call out his name when a rustle behind her startled her.
A hand clamped over her mouth, and her head was jerked back, her
green hood fell off, her long curly reddish gold hair tumbled down,
glistening in the moonlight. Frantically she tried to scream,” Help!”
Justin turned, his eyes widened in recognition. Krista saw somebody
crawling toward him. She struggled and was able to point behind him.
WHAM! Justin was hit hard on the head, dazed he staggered back.
Krista’s hair fell over her left eye. “Well it’s miss Princess,” A familiar
voice taunted.
Justin straightened up and whirled on his attacker,” you...again!” He
threw a punch, “I have to help her.”
“I need to save him,” Krista thought.
“Let go of them, you creeps!”
“I know that voice!” Both Justin and Krista thought at the same time.

Krista stomped her foot down hard on her attacker’s foot.
“Ahhhhhh!” she grunted.
Krista whirled around and dashed through the trees. TITAN STAR
“Get your hands off him! I am Sailor Titan and the name of the moon,
I’ll make you pay!”
She launched a kick that knocked Justin’s attacker down. “Where did
that come from?” Sailor Titan wondered. “Ahhh!” She screamed as she
was hit from behind. “Noo!” Justin cried, he slid down on his knee’s and
barely manage to keep her from hitting her head on the ground.
Another figure who looked remotely familiar threw what look liked a
rose at two of the attackers. “Who is she?” Justin caught sight of golden
locks of hair as she whipped around.

Sailor Titan struggled to get up,” must....protect..him.....at all
costs.....” she mumbled. Justin was shocked, Krista was risking her life
for him, but why? For some odd reason the attackers left! “
What...the....” Just then Brenda, Andrea, Akima, and Astera came
running into view, “What happened?” They gasped seeing Sailor Titan
mumbling incoherently.
“We were attacked,” Justin went on to explain.
“We’ll take it from here,” Akima declared. “But.....I want to see if
Kr-ah Sailor Titan will be okay,” he stuttered. ‘I almost admitted I
knew who she really was!’ Astera was looking at him strangely, Justin
suddenly became very interested at his now caked with mud shoes.
Gently he laid Sailor Titan on a bench after hesitating, he got back
into his car. He sat for a minuet, then pulled out. Sailor Titan turned
back to her ninja outfit. “Wow, just all of the sudden they appeared!”

“Huh?” It was Jon, he was running over. “Are you okay?” His eyes
full of concern. “Yeah, I’m just tired, let’s go home.”

They got into the mini van and soon were on their way back to
Krista’s house. The girl’s sat up and talked, “You know, you’re brother
is kind of cute!” Akima said slyly. “WHAT!” Krista half shouted.
“Have you gone bonkers,” she hissed. “ I mean those light blue eyes?
“GROSS! You need some mental help! Here I saved the number for the
mental house just in case Jon might need it. It’s 1 800- Hel-p me!”

Andrea steered the conversation’s over to the mysterious scout, who
has been suddenly appearing. “I wonder who could she be? I mean is
she one of us?”
“Have you noticed how Roslani looks like Justin?”
“Is she a foe or friend?”
“She did help us!”
“Tuxedo Star is so dreamy,huh?”
“KRISTA!” Renee shouted, “I mean Krista, we have a major
“I can’t stop thinking of Tuxedo Star!”
“Gee, we couldn’t tell,” Brenda said sarcastically.
“Maybe we better get some sleep,” Astera suggested.
“ ’night”
“ g-night”

“AHHHHhh!” Krista screamed as she fell through a thick swirling
mass of fog. THUMP!” 
“Whoa, now where am I?” Krista squinted faintly, she saw two
figures in the fog. A girl, with a guy, she couldn’t see the girl very well.
As Krista walked closer she gasped, it was JUSTIN! No, no wait it was
Tuxedo Star! I could have sworn it was Justin, my eyes are playing
tricks on me again, Darn!
A third figure was approaching, however she looked exactly like
her! But this girl had green hair color. She smiled and wrapped an arm
around Justin or Tuxedo Star and pulled him in closer for a kiss.
SUDDENLY, she became a horrible monster and bit him! So strange,
weird. The ground beneath her started to shake and she fell through,


“Wh-----?” Krista blinked a couple of times, a face swam into view, it
was Astera! “Are you okay!?”
“I don’t....don’t know,”
“I saw---------”

TO BE CONTINUED................. 


“What did you see?”

“Never mind”


Struggling to get free from the man’s grasp, he shouted the next
thing the young man knew a hand preparing for the vicious


“uh, let’s not say anything to the other’s okay?”
Astera replied uneasily.
*Yawn* “morning already,” a sleeping Renee moaned. Krista wide
awake, nodded, looking at the rising sun. “Wow, isn’t it beautiful” she
“Hmph?” Akima muttered.
“Time to get up!” A cheerful voice shouted. A sleepy Jon stumbled
in, “Ahhhhhh!” he cried.
“Monsters! Monsters!”
“Where?” Asked Astera alarmed. Jon pointed at them?
“I don’t get it?” Krista said bewildered.
The terror in his eyes was shocking, but the corners of his mouth
twitched as he broke into a bright smile. Jonathan whipped out a
mirror, and the girls screamed as they saw their reflections. 
“Very funny,” Krista seethed through gritted teeth. 
Jon was laughing uproariously, the girls were scowling, “do we look
that bad?”
They looked at each other shocked, krista burst out laughing as she
saw Brenda’s messy hair coming out of her sleeping bag, there were
circles under Astera’s eyes as she blinked. Smudges of make up smeared
on Renee’s face.
“We do look funny,” Akima admitted.
Finally got dressed and ate breakfast, “Wanna go to the movies?”
“Nah, how about a theme park?”
“No, Park?”

“NO PARK!” krista cried.
“Let’s go....to the art museum?” Andrea suggested.
“k, then what.....?”
“We’ll decide when the time came....”
Krista talked Jon into driving them around, “hey pulled down this
street,” Krista requested.
“IT’S JUSTIN!!!!” They cried in unison. Krista turned a bright
shade of red, as though startled Justin turned and waved.
“Who’s that?” Akima wondered as she pointed out the figure of a girl
peer at Justin! They made their way to their first destination: the T.P.
Then they saw a familiar blond picking up toilet paper with a
disgusting look on her snobby face. The whole van shook as laughter
over took them, tears came to their eyes.
“now..which museum?” Jonathan gasped out.
“Moon Star Artists”
“Did you see her face?” Andrea boasted, they looked at in shock,
Krista smiled. They got out and paid the admissions fee, Krista felt a
blast of cool air. “Look at that,” Brenda pointed to a large pointing,
“The colored, nice blending. You see that mixture, brilliant.”
A few hours passed, “hey isn’t that Justin?”
“huh?” Krista excitedly spun around, she tripped, “ooofff!”
“Hey watch it, carrot head!” Justin teased as he helped her up.
“You came to see these artists? I didn’t know you liked art.”
“He knows I luv art, what’s the matter with-----” Krista wondered.
A girl with golden locks of waves, she looked a lot like Justin. They
gasped, it was Roslani! Her eyes were narrowed as she watched Justin;
Krista was alarmed. Another girl stepped up with a bunch of girls
they looked exactly like them with different hair colors. People had
now gathered around gawking at the phenomenon. “Who are you?”
Krista demanded. “You, of course” her twin answered.
Justin was calmly looking back and forth, then stepped to Krista’s
twin and hugged her!!!

TO BE CONTINUED........... 


The shock was so overwhelming, Krista swayed, then collapsed.
“How typical, such a baby,” her twin scoffed. Astera caught her, a
second later Krista stood up, “What a rush.”
“We WILL meet again,” Krista’s twin stated. Justin departed with
the twins, “Wait, why is there twins of everyone, but not Justin?”
“He’s in danger!” Roslani declared, she turned, “ I have been
following him for a long time and now I’m sure.”
“Sure? Sure of what?”
“You’ll know soon enough,”
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
Without answering Roslani pushed open the doors and glided out. 
“That was so weird, Roslani stalking Justin? Creepy.”
Andrea checked the time, “hey let’s grab some lunch! It’s two p.m!”
Krista's stomach was grumbling, “Hey let’s check out Juicy,”
“Well it is close by....”
They started walking toward Juicy, “AHHHH!”
Krista collapsed to her knee’s, clutching her forehead. “AH, why is it
hurting so much?” She took her hand away, her sign was glowing
brightly! AStera concentrated, FLASH! Justin was sagging against the
chains that were holding him. FLASH!
“Justin is in trouble!”
“My head is going to split in two,” Krista groaned. She staggered to
her feet, then back again. A paper fluttered down, “Hmmm, what’s
this?” Andrea asked as she picked up the paper, “weird there’s nothing
on it,” Andrea declared.
They passed it around, finally Krista look at it, “it says meet us at
Moon Madness’ but when?” She gasped. “NOW! just appeared.”
Directions suddenly appeared, “Well let’s go,” Brenda said.
“We have no choice they have Justin,” Astera declared.
They ducked into an alley,

“let’s go soldiers!”
They leaped from building to building, “This way” Triton shouted.

“So you finally made it,” a cold voice taunted. The silhouettes of six
girls blocked the rays of the sun. “Just who are you?” Sailor Leda yelled.
One by one they introduced themselves:
I AM SAILOR HEARTBREAKER- Sailor Titania gasped.
I AM SAILOR STORM- Sailor Europa gawked at her.
SAILOR SHADOW- Sailor Io swayed a little.
SAILOR SEA- Sailor Triton looked bored.
SAILOR SPACE-Sailor Leda was thunderstruck.
I AM SAILOR MOONSTAR- Sailor Titan was furious.

“We know who you are, so don’t bother wasting our time!”
Sailor Triton taped on her computer busily, Sailor Sea watched her
suspiciously, then tapped her earring, a visor appeared.
After analyzing the twins scouts, Triton whispered something to
Sailor Titan; who nodded. Sailor Titan briefly turned her back,
WHAM!!! Sailor Io having foreseen the attack pushed Sailor Titan out
of the way, took the hit herself. “AHH!” Sailor Titania caught Io, while
Europa caught Titan.
“How dare you attack a person from behind!” Fury seemed to be
giving off a heat of it’s own, Sailor Titan was furious,
Sailor Moonstar jumped to avoid it, however she wasn’t fast enough
her ankle got hit, “Oww.” She collapsed. Sailor Storm, in order to
protect Moonstar, yelled,”
Sailor Europa and the others screamed in agony, it didn’t seem to be
letting up!
A figure jumped in front of the scouts, taking the attacks, he cried in
pain, “NOOOO!!” It was Tuxedo Star!!! Or was it?????? Sailor Titan
started to thank him, she stopped and point blank asked, “Who are
“I am Tuxedo Rose,” He looked like Tuxedo Star, except he was
wearing a purple cape with purple roses. “Well if you can have yellow
roses, I guess you can also have purple,” Sailor Titan thought.
outraged Sailor Moonstar screamed, he turned to her, “my love, we are
going about this all wrong!” “So you decided to betray us have you?
Well don’t think for one minuet you’ll get away with it!”
Sailor Titan jumped in front of Tuxedo Rose, and took the full blast.
Her suit in the back was charred so some skin showed burnt. She
groaned in pain, Again and again she took the blast. Finally she
collapsed on top of him. So stunned her caught her and laid her down.
Enraged Sailor Moonstar kept blasting each time a different scout
jumped in front to protect them. Sailor Storm glanced at sailor Sea who
looked uneasily they both grabbed Sailor Moonstar’s arms, “What are
you doing?” She spat. Sailor Sea slapped her. “Look at what you’re
doing, you’re hurting Conlan!”
Sailor Moonstar looked shocked “I-what?”
“Sailor............ .. Titan” Wheezed a voice. Sailor Titan jumped a foot
in the air, Justin was stumbling over! His clothes torn, his face
scratched, dirty and his hair devilish. His appearance so shocking and
unexpected nobody moved. He groaned, that jarred Sailor Titan into
action, she ran over tears in her eyes flowing like rivers, he slumped
over. Sailor Titan caught him although under his weight they fell to
their knee’s. Suddenly Sailor Moonstar exclaimed, “Let’s get them while
we can! And take our rightful places!”
“You’re messing with the wrong people, you wanna be mirror! I am
Sailor Titan and in the name of love I shall right wrongs and triumph
over evil, yeah you carrot top!”
“Don’t mess with my green hair, you twit,” her eyes burned right
through Sailor Titan, who shrank back. “I guess she gets many hair
jokes,” Sailor Io whispered. Sailor Moonstar’s eyes burned right through
Sailor Titan who shrank back.
“Soon I’ll be the only Princess, and you’ll be, but a memory!”

TO BE CONTINUED.............


“”Why? What di we do to you?”
“What did you do to us? A lot Miss Priss....”
A yellow rose hurled toward Sailor Moonstar, as she thrust out her
hand to attack Sailor Titan.
“Oh, it’s you Sailor Rose, come to help your brother? Well it’s too late
now! See..”
“brother..?” Sailor Titan echoed.
“You mean you don’t even know?”
“Know what?”
“Enough of this senseless chitchat, time to make my come back!”
“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” The Sailor Scouts screamed as they
and Justin were thrown back in the air; Sailor Titan having caught the
worst of it was picked up and slammed against the wall.
Sailor Moonstar grinned evilly, “ hurt didn’t it? Don’t want me to do
that again, do you?” She taunted. Sailor Titan painfully stood up,
bravely, “ I won’t ..let....you....hurt my friends..!”
“What are you going to do? Stab me with you lipstick? Not likely
“STOP YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG!” It was Tuxedo Rose,” You’ve all
been deceived, the scouts of Titan aren’t like what we’ve been taught!
They care for each other, they risked their lives to save everyone!”
“So they’ve brainwashed you too, you’ll pay for that!” Sailor
Moonstar whirled on Titan.
Justin jumped in front of Sailor Titan and took the thrust. “NO!”
Sailor Titan screamed, Sailor Moonstar had drawn out a wand with a
sword tip and tried to stab Sailor Titan.
Suddenly Sailor Io’s purple pendant glowed, “it’s reacting to
something!” Sailor Titan too began to glow, she drew Justin close, a huge
column of green/yellow sparkles surrounded Sailor Titan, Justin, Sailor
Moonstar, Sailor Rose, Sailor Rosy and Tuxedo Rose.
“NO!” The scouts screamed their names .


Chapter 70
a new beginning

Inside the column Sailor Titan, and Moonstar transformed into
similar Princess dresses, while the injured Justin and Tuxedo Rose
transformed into their Prince uniforms.
“What the.......?” Princess Kristana grabbed Prince Justin’s hand and
held him close.
“Krista........Karmia” a soft voice called, they looked up to see a silver
projection of the late Queen Kristana and another figure who looked
like her. A light radiated from her wand and necklace that was once a
crystal orb.
“My daughter,” said the twin of Queen Kristana, “I am Kamariana,
my mother, you’re grandmother bore twins. My sister Kristana stayed
with her as I was taken to another galaxy, every member of our family
gives birth to one child or twins every other generation. I died early on
and so my sweet daughter was brought up to think evil of her cousin.
Same happened to the mothers of your friends, but slightly different.”
Queen Kristana took over,” you know him (nodding to Justin) as
Justin but his proper name is Caleb and that is his twin sister Roslani.
Don’t fight over land and powers, have peace between you all.”
They started to flicker and then disappeared. “MOTHER!” Princess
Kristana cried, a single pearly tear slid down her cheek, falling on
Caleb’s cheek.
“Princess, I remember, oh my love,” Prince Caleb held her hand as
they floated down. his gaze flickered to Sailor Roslani, “oh my sister, at
last we are reunited.” He wrapped her in a brotherly hug. The vortex
dissolved, colors swirled before Princess Kristana’s eyes dizziness
overwhelmed her, she collapsed. “KRISTA!” Caleb cried in alarm. He
gently laid her down, they returned to their normal clothes, “Please
Krista not again!”
“Caleb let her rest,” Roslani suggested
“Caleb? Who’s Caleb?” Renee demanded.
At that moment Princess Karmiana too, collapsed onto Prince
Conlan’s arms.
Sailor Rose spoke to the twins scouts, “ You’ve been deceived......” She
laid out the entire story of what happened.
Sailor Storm came forward, “We are all very sorry for the pain we
have caused you all. PLease except our most heart felt apologies.” Caleb
nodded with the scouts
“Caleb.........at.....last.......”Krista whispered, she tried to get up,
“No..stay laying down, you need to recover.”
Caleb picked her up, “You guys can follow us to Krista’s house, I
think Anastasia will let you stay.”
“you know Anastasia?”
“She’s Krista’s guardian here, since Krista’s parents sacrificed
themselves for us,” tears streamed down everyone’s faces. Krista
snugged up in Caleb’s arms, trying not to weep.
“We can take my car, (turns to Conlan who is carrying karmia) I’m
sorry I don’t have room for everyone, (turns to the scouts who are now
in their regular clothes)”
“Don’t worry, just get them home,” Andrea replied.
“We know the way and a short cut! Meredith, Andrea’s twin said.
Caleb sped off towards Krista’s house.
The girls together made their way and in ten minuets later all pulled
into Krista’s driveway. “Um, I think it would be best if you guys left,”
caleb said to Andrea.........
“Roslani can you stay a minuet?”
After saying their goodbyes only Krista, Caleb, Roslani and the twin
scouts remained.
“so what happened?!” Caleb asked.
“Well, we are twins as you can see; we got separated at birth,
someone stole you out of your crib and I never saw you again! Since I
am your twin, I know to some degree what you look like. We have a
special bond, like when you’re in trouble, I can feel or sense it and know
where to find you sometimes. Before I was going to reveal myself I had
to be sure.”
Caleb hugged her tightly, “a sister, I can’t believe it!’
“Finally you’ve found out,” a voice hoarsely whispered.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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