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“AHHHHHHHH!” They cried and jumped a foot in the air. It was
Krista sat up, “Caleb and Justin are one and the same! majorly cool!
WOW! And he’s a prince too; this is just too good to be true, I always
knew we’re destined to be together” She thought.
“We need to set things right on our own planet!” Meredith declared.
“I hope we can meet again, in happier and more kind time.” krista
said as they hugged. Remembering a picture frame of her and Caleb
from a long time ago that her mother and father had left in
Anastasia’s possession, she picked up the copy and gave it to Karmia.
Tears glistened in their eyes as Karmia produced one just like it but of
her and Conlan.
They said goodbye exchanging hugs; finally they broke apart. And
with heavy hearts they disappeared in a whirl of glistening colored
Caleb sank onto Krista’s bed, “It all make sense!”
“I have had dreams that made no sense until now........and the
“Oh, so, how are you doing?” Krista gazed into his bright blue eyes,
concern evident.
“I think, I’d better go” Caleb said. Krista looked disappointed, “I wish
he would.....” she thought. Roslani took Caleb’s hand, “Can we walk a
little so we can catch up on old times?’
Not looking, Caleb nodded, particularly happy. An odd sensation
burned uneasily in Krista’s heart. “Why do I not want Caleb to go with
Roslani? I mean she is his sister. Isn’t she?” Jumbled thoughts, mixed
with fear swirled around in Krista’s mind.
“I can’t believe I finally have found you” Roslani was saying, jarring
Krista back to the present. Calee jumped onto Krista’s bed sheets, and
starred at Roslani with narrowed eyes. Then jumped into her arms and
Calee purred as Roslani stroked the cat.
“What a very pretty kitty,” Roslani said sweetly. Calee jumped back
to Krista, “Why doesn’t Calee talk?”
Roslani nodded to Caleb, “uh, we should get going.”
“K, uh, see you LATER, Krista” Something flickered in his eyes, as
though, almost pleading. Together Caleb and Roslani both left,
immediately Calee said, “Follow them, don’t let them out of your sight!”
“Just do it!”
As Krista ran all the way to Juicy, she called the scouts, “in case I
don’t call you in an hour come to Juicy. I’m spying on Roslani and Caleb
somethings not right. I don’t know what but.....” Astera suddenly cried
out, “A fake, the fake!....”
But Astera got cut off, “Astera?”
Krista pulled up short and peered in, squinting her eyes, Caleb and
Roslani were nowhere to be seen! Krista started to panic, out of the
corner of her eye she saw a flash of something, it was a guy and girl
going down an alley. Krista quickly followed.

“Where’s Krista?” Caleb thought.
“He’s all mine” she thought. Caleb glanced down to see Roslani
grinning up at him.

Panting Krista watched as Caleb and Roslani made their way
towards Caleb’s apartment. “ow was Caleb able to live in his own
apartment at age 16/ I mean now he’s 18, an adult, but then....?”

“The green nija is at it again”

“AHhhhhhh!” krista yelped. Brenda stepped out of the shadows
laughing, Krista’s face grew red. She stuck out her tongue, “ohh, real
mature” Brenda scoffed. Krista turned back, she gasped they had
disappeared! “Oh great.”
“To his apartment, over there,” quickly they sped off, Krista had a
sense of dread stab at her soul. As they ran Krista caught a glimpse of
a figure, “Roslani? That’s impossible isn’t it?”
“Let’s follow her!’
“Which one?”
“The one we just saw,”
Krista again caught sight of the mysterious girl, “over there” The
girl disappeared behind a building, quickly and yet silently. By the
time they reached the alley she was gone!
“Where did she go?”
“How should I know?”
Brenda gasped, a body laid sprawled on the ground! “It must be
Roslani, yet we saw her by Caleb’s apartment!’
Krista felt for a pulse, “at least she’s alive,” she sighed with relief.
The girl stirred, “w-who? CALEB!” Her scratched face turned slightly,
‘you’re Jonathan's little sister, what are you doing here?”
“What about Caleb?”
“How do you know Caleb?”
“It doesn’t matter, where is he?”
“I-I think b-basement of apartment-t”
“Stay with her,” Krista ordered Brenda, she ran as fast as her legs
would. Her face was flushed with sweat ran down her forehead.
“Please Caleb, stay safe!”



“Something’s wrong with her, but what? IS she really my sister? Am I
just overreacting?”Caleb wondered, an uneasy feeling settled over his
heart as he glanced at his sister who smiled back.
And yet the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes, not warm like before
but chilling, almost icy. “Does he suspect anything?”

Krista ran smack into the door,”ohh, owwwwww” she pulled the
glass door, and ran inside. She paused to catch her breath, then
proceeded down a hall. “Scouts, some to the Star apartments, hurry, I
think Caleb’s in danger.” Silently she said, “No, I know he’s in danger!’
Tears welled up in her eyes, quickly she brushed them away.

Brenda tended to Roslani wounds, “Please wake up,” the scratches
turned a dark red. Finally she moaned, her eyes popped opened,

Aster was talking with Akima, “Somethings, not right,” that’s when
the call for help from Krista came in. “Let’s hurry,” Akima said, as
they rushed out of Juicy after paying the bill.

Andrea was surfing the net for more information on math programs,
“ Ohhh, finally a new math program! *gasp* Yes! Finally the new
physics programming circuit is out!” As she was able to log on a cry for
help, made her hurry out of her room, leaving a quick note.

Renee sat in her room talking on the phone with an old friend, “Did
you see her face? It got soo red....”
That got Renee off, “gotta go, bye.”

“Leda Star Power!”

Krista ran right by many doors, letting her heart guide her.
Roslani led Caleb to a door marked “121” “Funny, I’ve never noticed
this room before,stop, you’re going to drive yourself crazy” Caleb
scolded himself.
They stepped inside, a sharp CRACK was the last thing Caleb heard
as he slipped into a black sea of haze.

Krista stopped at a door with the number 121, as she turned the knob
she found it locked, “how am I suppose to get in?”
“With this....” a voice answered.
Krista saw calee next to her, in her mouth dangled a dainty gold
chain. Hanging from it was a gorgeous antique key with precious gems
encrusted with gold. “This will take you/ and or, get you anywhere. It
also has many other powers, but you are not yet ready to discover
them all........ To take you some place say, “Key of time, key of place;
take me to my desirable place in time: NOW!!”
Krista nodded. “And to get you through this door simply say, “Key of

Krista held up the key, with the chain now around her neck and
whispered softly the words, “Key of ALL, OPEN THIS DOOR! OPEN!”

The golden key glowed and shinned brightly, the jewels each lit up,
the door knob turned and Krista entered. “TITAN STAR POWER!”

In the dark room, Sailor Titan noticed an orb sitting on a step.

The Sailor Soldiers met Calee who was standing by a door marked
121, “Girls, watch, Calee jumped and tapped the 121 numbers, and they
gasped as they saw the numbers fall off to reveal the “basement” show

“An orb? No, a hole, but to where?” Sailor Titan was about to get
closer when she felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck, she
heard a muffled SNAP!



“Hurry Sailor Titan went in there to investigate” As Calee declared
this they heard a muffled thumped, a groan and finally and erie
silence. Sailor Triton leaped into action, she hurried into the room,
down the first step. She stopped and listened, then looked down; she
gasped as she saw a limp glove hand disappear, “NO!” She made a wild
grab, and was able to reach the hand. The scouts tried to help Triton,
and yet they were too pulled into the hole!

“What-t , Where am I? Roslani? Ohh, my head! HEY!” Caleb cried, he
was in a vortex, “This is like something out of the twilight zone! Weird,
HEY!” It hit him hard the reason why he was lying on the floor, he got
up and brushed the dirt off his black slacks, yellow knit vest and white
sleeves; Caleb gasped in horror.

“Ohh man my arms and head hurt, what happened?” Sailor Titan
wondered as she tried to sit up. A wave of dizziness forced her to lay
back down, “oh, my......” A voice cried from far off, Sailor Titan
struggled to see who it was, the figure cam closer, closer. A familiar
face came into view.....

Sailor Titania and the rest of the Sailor Soldiers looked around, and
survey their surroundings. Sailor Triton pulled out her computer, after
a minuet of typing she announced, “we’re in a sort of vortex.” Sailor Io
had her eyes closed and she was holding onto her amethyst pendant,
her eyes flew open, she pointed to the left, “this way!”

Sailor Titan again tried to sit up, this time she realized she was
chained down, “Hey, where am I?” she called. The face glared down at
her, “it’s all your fault. Everything was going perfect until you came
along!’ Her hand appeared and slapped Sailor Titan hard. SLAP!!!



Caleb rose shakily to his feet and began walking to the right, “where
am I?” Then as he continued he heard a loud slap and painful whimper,
a moan, a harsh voice yelling and silence. Caleb drew nearer and
gasped, it was ROSLANI! Her face was all red, his eyes shifted to see
what she was looking and yelling over; his eyes grew wide and he

After another hard slap, Roslani began yelling at Sailor Titan
spraying her with spit. She tried to free herself to no avail. just then
Roslani was about to finish her off with one last hit....

Caleb grabbed Roslani’s hand, before she could deliver the final blow.
Roslani turned on him,”why couldn’t you just trust me? It could be just
you and me, happy brother and sister!”

“That’s not your sister!” A voice declared from behind them, in the
misty haze a girl in a red sailor suit stood, her dark hair with red
streaks supported a girl who looked exactly like the girl who stood
above Sailor Titan! Caleb just stood there gaping, “wh-who? wh-what?”
This was too much for him, he swayed, “CALEB!” Sailor Titan
screamed, desperately trying to free herself. Just then five figures
came running toward them, Sailor Europa leaped and was able to
catch Caleb before he fell.

The girl on the red sailor soldier shoulder, quivered, “Caleb, she
whispered. Roslani was in shock, “So you escaped!” Quick as a flash
Roslani leaped at the red sailor suited girl, who promptly leaped out of
the way.

“STOP RIGHT THERE! I am Sailor Calypso and as long as you try to
mess with them, you’ll have to go through me first!” The girl on her
arm, rushed to Caleb’s side, “please, wake up,” almost as though he
heard her, Caleb’s eyes fluttered opened, “NO! I can’t take anymore!”
Roslani, knocked the girl away, “STAY AWAY FROM HIM,” she

Sailor Calypso yelled, “ RAPID FIRE BLAST!” The fake Roslani held
up her arms as though to shield herself, suddenly she started to
......melt? No her features changed her skin turned a pale gray, her
eyes a bright green, tall and thin. The figure started to bawl, “Why
couldn’t you have just left us alone?” Her tears stopped, eyes narrowed,
anger seem to radiate from this girl.

Caleb sat up and held the girl’s hand, together they transformed,
they gazed into each other’s eyes and turned toward the thin girl.
Sailor Rose and Tuxedo star dropped hands, and Sailor Rose walked
toward the girl and held her hand, “you’re such a pretty girl, you must
get lonely though. I’ll be your friend.” The girl pushed Sailor Rose away,
and Tuxedo Star caught her. The other scouts tensed ready for battle,
but Sailor Titania also went to the girl, “hello, I too would like to be your
friend,” the girl blasted her, but Sailor Titania got up and went back
any ways.

“Is she crazy,” Sailor Titan wondered, “HEY! Anyone gonna let me
go?” she shouted. Tuxedo Star pulled out his cane, “what will he do with
that?” sailor Titan asked. He pushed something two handles popped out
from the top side, he slid out a very short sword.

“NO!” The girl screamed, she blasted Tuxedo Star, he was only able to
free one arm. Sailor Rose caught him before he fell, “Please stop.”
Tuxedo Star got up and again, continued to free Sailor Titan, as he
worked, Sailor Titan gasped, with her free arm she pushed Tuxedo Star
out of the way and took the hit. “ahhhh, ohhhh, that’s okay.” Sailor
Sailor Leda jumped into action, “ COMET ICE BLOCK!” A thick ice
sheet prevented the girl from blasting Sailor Rose, Titan and Tuxedo
Star. She whirled on the scouts, “you dare to get in my way?” she
screeched. Boldly Sailor Europa yelled, “BLACK LIGHTNING
The girl screamed, Sailor Io leaped forward and jumped in front of
the girl, “STOP!” “What?!” They cried in unison, Sailor Io slumped to one
knee, “she’s just confused, she’s a good person inside, I can see it!” The
girl had tears welling up in her eyes, “no one has risked their life for me
Sailor Io hugged her, “what’s your name?’
“Halie do you want to make more friends?”
Halie’s shoulders shuddered as she started crying. Sailor io turned
now to face Sailor Titan who was now free. “I am ready to fight,” Sailor
Titan started to make kong fu stances. “uh, that’s over, please heal her,”
Sailor Titan glowed a bright red, then nodded, “okay!”

Sailor Titan raised her staff, after a series of twirls she brandished it
and cried,

Halie turned and twirled, a bright light illuminated her features.
After the light subsided, they saw her dressed in a very pretty silver
dress that glistened, her own silver hair was pilled on top of her head,
falling in ringlets around her face.


An Unexpected Gift

Halie turned to the scouts and Tuxedo Star, her eyes were shinning,
“Thank you” From around her neck, she took off a beautiful locket,
“take it Sailor Titan, it will help you, please forgive me.”
As Sailor Titan touched the locket, a burst of light surrounding her,
as soon as they were able to see again they gasped: Sailor Titan had on
a newer sailor suit. Tuxedo Star thanked Halie, and went and held
Sailor Titan’s hand.
“It will only work if you have faith and truly want to save your
friends. To activate you must say TITAN CELESTRIAL POWER!”

Sailor Titan nodded and gazed deeply into Caleb’s bright blue eyes,
she gasped Caleb’s suit glistened. Before their eyes, his eyes turned into
his warrior armor. “ I remember it all, my past!” His eyes were filled
with amazement, his bright blue eyes shone.

Suddenly both Caleb and Sailor Titan feinted, “It does take a bit of
your energy.” A bemused smile played on Halie’s lips, her eyes twinkled
mischievously. Suddenly Krista starred hypnotically at the sky, the sun
was setting, a few clouds dotted the sky. Caleb too, starred, his eyes
searching for something, suddenly a shooting star across the sky, a little
particle seemed to break off and fall straight at them!
FLASH! A huge rock crashed down on top of Krista, a light
exploded, fire sweeping around in a circle. So hot! Astera looked
around to see everyone crying. “NO!” Astera screamed, she was jerked
out of this dream, the rock was still coming closer, with a great lunge
she knocked Krista down. Closer, closer, closer...... again she felt that
bad feeling; it hit Astera Caleb!
After making sure Krista was out of harms way, Astera got up and
ran as she fast as she could, the rock was almost about to hit Caleb. He
stood there transfixed, with a mighty leap, she pushed Caleb out of the
way. BOOM! It hit, the ground, beneath her seem to crumble.
Astera clung to the edge, bit by bit she was slipping, sweat trickled
down her back. Her brow furrowed in concentration, “Please NO!.......”
A rope slid down, a voice called, “grab on!” It was....Caleb! If she
shifted, she would fall, “I’ll have to chance it,” She moved one shaking
had after she had a firm footing. Astera’s hand slipped: she was
As Astera made a last and final grab, she felt the rope burn her
hands raw as the rope slid under her hands.



It caught! She was pulled up, it seemed like an eternity before she
was on solid ground. Astera sank to her knee, heaving a breath of relief
she thanked them, “thanks.”
Caleb picked up the rock, “ohhh, HOT!” He threw it back and forth
from left to right. “it’s beautiful,” Krista gasped.
“You think so?” Caleb thought of giving to Krista, but then he
narrowed his eyes, “it’s mine, it belong to me.” “Now, why had I thought
Finally Akima broke up the silence, “We should, uh, get some rest.”
The other’s nodded.
“How do we get back?”
Halie told them, “just link hands,” she led them through the hazy
mist, “now where did the rock come from?”

“Oh no!” Halie cried, “I just remembered, I had set a bomb to go off,”
she checked a jewel incrusted watch, “oh no! In TWO MINUETS”
They scrambled toward the opening, just as they leaped out, Krista
tripped. Caleb helped her to her feet, they were too late. BOOM!
BOOM! BOOM! Caleb grasped Krista’s hand and held on to it tightly, “I
love you,” was the last thing Krista remember as she felt her body
thrown 50 feet backwards.

“Where’s krista? Where’s Caleb?”
“Did they make it out?”

“They hole is gone!”
“NO! Princess!”
“We have to go back!”
“The only way to get out is for the people on the inside to find their
way back here. To us it is closed off, but not to krista, and Caleb.” Halie
informed them.

*Cough* *cough* “Wha-what happened? Were am I? Whoa why does
my head hurt so much?” Caleb sat up, and gently rubbed his left
temple. He shakily stood up, but he was forced back down, by a fit of
coughing. *coughing* He squinted his eyes, “all this dust is making it
unbearable to look.” He rubbed his eyes, they teared up, quickly he
wiped them away. “HELLO?” He called, “Anyone there?” Carefully, he
got up, and brushed off the dirt that was on his clothes. “I guess I must
like yellow, and gold,” he surmised. “HELLO?!”

*whimper* “Caleb? CALEB!” Krista dizzily sat up, fighting a wave of
dizziness that threatened to over take her senses. Her clothes were
scratched, her face dirty, and bruised, “Man I look like a wreck
probably. Where’s Caleb? Is he hurt? Did he make it out okay?” All
these though swirled around her, “stop it,” she ordered herself. “Got to
think clearly, okay, so I tripped, Caleb stopped to help me, then..........?”
Krista looked to her right, “I need to go that way, but why? Why not to
the left?”

Astera silently preyed, “please help me........” Purple, green, and
yellow shone, she was spinning, her purple pendant glowing brightly,
leading her, suddenly it swung in front. She saw a figure wandering
around, it couldn’t be Krista, or caleb too short, but then who? The
figure suddenly dashed away like a scared deer, running faster.
Astera saw a flash of reddish blond hair, “KRISTA!” The little figure
dashed away in terror.

“Why is someone chasing me?” The little girl ran as fast as she could,
she tripped, but got back up, crying. “MOMMY HELP ME!”

Krista was startled to hear a child cry out, “Aren’t we the only ones
in here?” She ran toward the cry, suddenly she fell forward, as she
crashed into something alive! “AH!” A little girl with reddish blond
hair tied up with a bow was lying on her side, her eyes closed. One
hand was tightly clasped against a necklace pendant. “hhmmm,” Just
then she heard a voice, “KRISTA!” That sounded like Astera, but it
can’t be, she’s with the others! I am here to guide you back, got to the
right, then left, then continue straight!

Caleb thought her heard a voice that sounded familiar tell him to go
left then right, and then straight. Okay, so he decided he had nothing
better to do so he followed the directions. In the distance he saw the
outline of a young teen and a child, the teen was carrying the child
who appeared to be unconscious or sleeping. “HEY!” 

Krista was so startled at hearing caleb’s voice that she nearly
dropped the strange young girl. “Caleb!” She cried hurrying as fast as
she could with the child. They nearly ran into each other, “do I know
you?” Krista was thunderstruck, “Who am I? WHO AM I? CALEB
“Caleb is that my name?”
“Of course!” 
“Caleb, you have to remember!” Krista laid the girl down and took
Caleb’s hand, he gazed into her eyes, suddenly a bright light like
nothing they had ever seen before surrounded them, swirling stars,
each with its own memory of a time. Krista reached out her right hand
and slid it down Caleb’s right cheek, “please remember,my love” A rush
of wind, ruffled Caleb’s hair, suddenly he gasped; overwhelmed he
slumped to the floor. “Not again......”



The girl woke up, to see a young man slump, his face was partially
covered, “DADDY?”
The young man stirred, “wha-wha”
The young girl backed away, “You’re not my daddy, where is he?
What happened? Where am I?” Suddenly she realized that there was a
young lady next to her, “Ahhhhhhhhh! Stay away!”
“I won’t hurt you, what’s your name? Mine is Krista!’
The girl sniffled, “I am Krissy.”
Slowly Caleb sat up, “I remember now, thank you. Who is this?” He
tried to get up, but Krista told him to stay still, “this is Krissy. Krissy
this is Caleb!” They cautiously greeted each other. suddenly without
warning Krissy threw her arms around Caleb’s waist, “I like you,
you’re nice”
“Well thanks, you’re not so bad yourself. How about getting out of
A bright glowing sensation abruptly caught krista’s eye, “hey what’s
that over there?” An outline of a door was shinning brilliantly. “ohhhh
pretty,” Krissy awed. Together they walked opened the door and
walked through.......... 

Akima gasped look! she pointed to the far wall, a door was opening!
“Hey I think they are back..........” her voice trailed off as she saw that
not only did Krista and Caleb come through but another little girl, she
shyly hid behind Caleb’s legs. “WE’RE BAACCCKKK!” Krista
announced as though they couldn’t tell.

“Who the kid?” Akima asked curiously.
“Her name is Krissy, and she’ll be staying with me,” Krista
announced, “She can be my cousin for now.”
“You know not many people have your hair color, Krista. And yet
Krissy’s matches yours perfectly.” Renee observed.
“It’s a family tradition,” Krissy spoke up.
They all looked at each other, “I guess we should be getting home.
Um, thanks for the help Sailor Calyp..........” Krista trailed off as she
saw that Sailor Calypso had disappeared! “Strange, she was hear just a
second ago..........” Krista, Akima, Astera, Renee, Andrea and Brenda
walked home, they left Caleb, Krissy, and Halie quietly so they could
“What do you think of Sailor Calypso?”
“Where did she disappear to?”
Krista broke the silence, “Soooooo, what do you think of Caleb’s new
suit?” she giggled. Akima and Astera starred incredulously at her, they
sighed and started gossiping. Krista placed a hand to her heart, pain
stabbed at it like daggers. Akima looked at Krista in alarm, Krista
gave her a weak smile that quickly turned to a grimace, as another
flash of pain forced her to her knees.
Aster stood ridged; a face grinned devilishly, eyes cold as steel, they
looked like they could chill steel. A dozen more faces floated into view.
Stalking her, watching her every move. “No..no....no!’ A burning city
flashed, people screaming scurrying around. “.......Dorn-kirk......!’ A
voice whispered.

Akima was calling her name....Krista was slowly getting to her feet.
“uh, I better go home,” quickly she limped home, with Renee, Andrea,
and Brenda helping her.
Akima walked with Astera to Akima’s house. As they walked
through the door, Akima’s little sister came bounding in.
“Go away,” Akima grumbled, then instantly contrite called after her
sister, “Wait!” Tearfully she ran to her room, with Akima on her tail.
“Selma, wait!” Akima called. She hurried after her as she opened,
Selma’s room she shrieked. A strange glow circled around Selma.
Selma turned her head, her bright blue eyes filled with tears as she
hugged her stuffed bunny, “What?” Akima shook her head, ‘Where was
the light?’ She scolded herself, ‘you’re just imagining things.’
On Monday June 10th Krista squealed, “Can you believe it? next
year we’ll be in High School!,” her eyes shone with excitement, “ohhh
think of all the total babes!” Caleb looked uneasy at this thought. “My
life has changed so much this past year, what will the future hold?”
Caleb’s mind flashed back to the strange dream he had last night, a
chill ran up and down his spine. The day was overcast threatening
rain, “typical weather its just like my mood,” dejectedly Caleb cast his
eyes down. Krista, noticing his expression, she linked arms with Caleb
and gave him her award winning smile.

The day wore on, finally it started to rain as if weeping for some loss.
Thunder boomed, rocking Astera's windows, she shivered. Rain pelted
the windows rhythmically, she began drumming her fingers to the
beat. “It’s just like that kind of day,” Astera sighed and turned on the

At dinner Renee picked at her food, not really feeling like eating.
Her mother’s eyes filled with concern, “are you okay?”
“Yeah.” Renee turned her eyes down cast. The next thunder rumble
almost like a laugh, Renee jerked her head up, “A laugh?”

In his bed Caleb tossed and turned mumbling in his sleep,
“no...no....no!” His shirt clung to his muscular chest, sweat trickled down
his forehead, his hair was matted to his face. “Krista?
No....no...wait....it..can’t be!” He woke up screaming!



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