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Teiyoo Mugen

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Bishoujo Senshi Saa Ultra and Teiyoo Mugen are fantasystories, written by the group HOSHI 
(star in Japanese)

S- Sarah

T- Tonya, King (Tamsin)

A- Andrew

R- Rebecca

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Many years later some tine in June 2010

After 10 long years I was contacted by Rebecca and it was great to hear from her again.  This is her email below:

Hey Kathy,

Some online friends and I wrote a sailor moon story about 10 years ago. We recently discovered that Geocities closed down and thought our story was lost for good. I found it on your ILOVE SAILORMOON server. its the HOSHI story. Wow! so exciting to find something that meant so much to us 10 years ago still out there.

We have now made proper copies. Thanks for leaving it up for so long!


I was very happy to hear from my long lost Sailor Moon friend! Next I heard from Tonya, and it's been ten years!  She gave me an update and wants to revise their stories.  But, there is something special about the way they are written in this version because they were written from child stars!  So, I hope we can keep this version and have a new version too so we can see how much they grew in Sailor Moon :-)  Here is a picture of Tonya as she looks today. Click here to see her site! Tonya's letter below:

Hi Kathy!

My name is Tonya and I am one of the original creators of HOSHI.  My friend, Rebecca, wrote to you recently, thanking you for keeping our stories. I have to agree with her.  Thank you so very much.  We thought it had been lost.

I don't know how Becca feels, but I, personally, would love to eventually update our stories and allow you to host the revised copies as well, if you'd like.  We've been re-reading the original and it's frightening (not really in a bad way, though) to see the work we did back then.

I still have, and draw, my Ultra Draco, if you're interested in seeing what she looks like.  You can find her in my Deviantart Gallery. 
I hope to draw Centuri at some point in the nearish future.  But, anyway, again, thank you very much.  you're more than welcome, as well, to update my name on our stuff.  my last name is no longer Houser, but King. I was married two years ago.