There's not much you can't do with our Okuma lathes.  These puppies hold critical tolerances of .0002 or less.  The repeatability is absolutely amazing.  For example, look at the part shown to the far right.  The part is over a foot long with three journals.  Each journal has a tolerance of .0002 held to .001 T.I.R..  When you consider that any vestige of taper over the entire length would throw the part out of tolerance, you begin to appreciate the machine's capability.  In this instance, our customer was delighted since we were able to eliminate the grinding process reducing cost and time delays.

Let’s shift gears for a moment and look at our Takasawa CNC lathe.  When we bought the gem we decided to lay out some extra bucks and hook it up with an LNS Hydrobar feed.  The added feature pushed our capability to deliver parts quickly up to the front lines since cutting the individual parts on a saw is a thing of the past.  To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at this brass part. It normally ran on a Brown & Sharpe screw machine.  After figuring the expense of cam design, cams, combination rough drills, special reamers, front, rear and vertical tools, the end result is enough to make you gasp. Push all this aside and step up to the Takasawa bar feed.  You'll save the extra expense and we'll get the job.

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