Quality is critical, especially in today's zero tolerance levels.  Our procedures operate under Mil I 45208A system requirements and sampling frequency to Mil-STD-105E. We are ISO 9000 aware and have SPC capability.

Sometimes it isn't enough to intend to make a good part  You need tools.  Recently, we invested in an electronic Starrett comparator. 

Our quality control department is fully equipped and evaluates incoming jobs for necessary inspection requirements.  It follows through with 1st article inspection, frequent in-process inspection, planning, job travelers, comprehensive record tracking and certifications and final inspection audits.

During a customer source from Circle Seal Controls, the quality department head mentioned he would like to bring their vendors on site to use SCIATEK as a topographical model.

And finally, meet Wiz.  Take a good look at this guy.  Nothing gets by him. It's his spirit that lives in our team players at SCIATEK.  Our motto is:  "If in doubt, ask."

Quality tracked - it's no wonder SCIATEK operates at ZERO rejection.


Major Approvals

  • Hughes Aircraft
  • TRW
  • Garrett
  • Rockwell International

SCIATEK Industries